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  1. Stay away from ACURA!!! This is a pure scam!!!

    This location has the most ignorant people to get service from. I lease Acura MDX2020 and immediately after leasing the vehicle i have started hearing window noices from 4 sides. The car has been assembled badly or this car has a defect. I had taken it to the service twice. But, surprisingly it has been documented as once. The dealership I leased the car from a group of ignorant people including its manager Mostafa and a sales guy Eugene. I have tried to reach the manager within a month but all i kept hearing from the receptionist was that he would call me back. Which he never did. Finally, I decided to walk in myself and came across that the manager was very busy with having a breakfast at his table. Although, it was 9:10 am the receptionist asked me to sit and wait until Mostafa would finish his breakfast. Regardless of me asking why shall I wait to finish his breakfast as the working hour had just begun the receptionist answered " This is the manager's wish and he makes his own schedule". I have never met such an explicit ignorance from the dealership in my life. The receptionist also threatened at me that she would call a police in case if i keep asking the questions and etc. I was shocked to find out that instead of finding out what the issue was, he calmly continued to finish his food. Then he approached and told me that he has nothing to do with the issue so from then on I must contact the manufacturer. I tried to be nice to them but all they care was money. They don't care once you own the car. As to the service itself, Rodney is a manager at the service center. He didn't dare even to document when the car was there second time. It is not just in the system. I called him all day to reach out and left a message and he hasn't even got back to me. I feel sorry for signing with Acura. The worst customer service plus the worst quality control. In addition, even the clients relations in California are the bunch of lazy people alongside the manager who refuses to speak on the phone. I urge everyone to restrain from this dealership and from Acura MDX cars. They might look good but they definitely have a bigger issues and a defect. It has been almost two months since i started driving this car and all I am doing is to reach out personnel there to get it fixed. In a nutshell, customer service and a management at the Head Quarters are all frauds and unprofessional!

  2. DO NOT purchase a car at the Temecula DCH Acura. The GM, Anthony as well as the finance managers are corrupt and bring in potential buyers with an offer and then back off when you go to sign. They are the most unprofessional dealership I have ever dealt with and will never purchase a vehicle from them. They are known to practice in this manner so buyer beware.

  3. The service at Acura dealerships is atrocious. People are getting up for requesting service. Especially at David McDavid in Plano My Bloody Thumb

  4. I have a 2009 Acura TL that I bought in 2010, Just this year(yes I know it is up in years now) the rubber molding from the door to the window is melting away and the mold rubber stripping is starting to come off from every location on the outside of my vehicle. From the rubber around my front windshield around the chrome molding that is on top of the car to the rubber molding that is around all the door windows. It melts so bad that if I put my arm out of the window rubber gets stuck to my arm and melts off the door. I am scared to wash my car due to the gaps between the door and windows for fear of water draining straight into the door and shorting out the electrical system in the door or car. I keep my car in the garage away from the elements the. I have contact the dealership and Acura care but they advised me due to the age of my car they cant do anything for me. At the dealership the service manager took pictures of my vehicle but come to find out when talking to Shannon at Acura customer Services they were not submitted to them and they still refuse to do anything. I am not looking for them to do anything for free but some kind of assistance would of been nice. I have purchased 4 Acuras in the past 10 years and to see that a repeating customer has no value has pushed me to turn away from the brand all together. I have a 1998 Ford F-150 that stays out in the elements 365 Days of the year that doesn't even have this issue. This is very disappointing and I will never buy Acura again since they dont stand by the quality of their product.

    Unsatisfied Customer
    Frank Delgado

  5. I am very displease with the Acura corporation and case manager rep. I own a 2015 acura TLX and have been having several issues with the fan and all system lights coming on stating mitigation system problem, changing lane problem, brake problems, transmission problems, all system problems. This has been going on for some months and the issue has yet to be resolved. Every time it is taken in it is supposedly fixed if the are lucky enough to duplicate it. The lights where actually on the last time it was taken and it was supposed to be fixed, but they came on the next day while I was driving it. Anyway return the car to service, but they couldn't duplicate the issue, so so far the lights haven't came back on (just a matter of time) but in the mean while my fan has been acting up at same time as the lights. ( if its not the lights, then the fan acts up and if its not the fan then the lights acts up. The is not good for a 2 year old vehicle with about 35,000 miles on it. Acura needs to stand behind there products and but the person out that has been having this issue and that have owned 4 acuras purchased directly from acura dealer and 2 others ( 1 purchase from Honda and other from a private owner). This is no way to treat a loyal acura customer. All they have to do is check the car fax at the service location (that is what I told them and they can see how many issues I have been having with my car). I must say this is the only acura that has ever given me problems out of my other previously own acura's. maybe its time to try Lexus.

  6. I am unhappy with my 2016 TLX rattling, jerking, no real horse power, transmission issues. Dealer already telling me I need to replace rotors REALLY….this car is still considered brand new but I guess I bought trash 32k what a waste. I'm going to file a complaint with the State Attorney's Office (Consumer Fraud Division) and I encourage all of you to do the same. Acura needs to reimburse their customers for these faulty vehicles. I'm very disgusted and will NEVER purchase another vehicle from Acura.

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