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Reach National Grid Corporate Office 

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The National Grid corporate office is located in London, United Kingdom, with significant operations in the Northeastern United States. Below are comprehensive details about National Grid headquarters, including their address, contact numbers, and a brief overview of the company. This overview includes its competitive position in the energy sector against major companies like E.ON, SSE plc, and Centrica in the UK, and Con Edison, Eversource Energy, and PSEG in the US.

How To Contact National Grid Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

National Grid Headquarters – Overview

  • National Grid Head Office Address (UK) – 1-3 Strand, London WC2N 5EH, United Kingdom
  • National Grid Main Office Address (US) – 160 Newton St, Waltham, MA 02453 USA
  • National Grid Head Office Phone Number (UK) – +44 20 7004 3000
  • National Grid HQ Phone Number (US) –  1-781-907-1000
  • National Grid Customer Service Number (US) – 1-800-642-4272
  • Customer Care: 1-800-930-5003
  • Hearing/speech-impaired: 1-631-755-6660
  • National Grid Website: nationalgrid.com

National Grid Corporate Office

Map and Directions To National Grid Headquarters HQ

A Snapshot of National Grid’s History

National Grid, established in 1990, plays a pivotal role in the energy sector, primarily focusing on the transmission of electricity and gas. Competing with companies like E.ON, SSE plc, and Centrica in the UK, and facing US competitors such as FPL, Con Edison, Eversource Energy, and PSEG, National Grid is crucial in managing and supplying energy to millions of customers.

The Energy Sector and National Grid’s Position

National Grid operates in a highly competitive environment, with its primary role in energy transmission setting it apart from utility providers and energy suppliers. The company is key in ensuring the stability and efficiency of energy supply in the regions it operates, contributing significantly to energy security and sustainability.

National Grid’s Strategic and Sustainability-Focused Approach

National Grid is committed to playing a central role in the energy transition towards more sustainable sources. The company focuses on innovation in energy transmission and infrastructure development, emphasizing sustainability and reliability to meet the future energy needs of its customers.

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