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  • FPL Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

FPL Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact FPL Corporate Office

FPL Corporate Office is located in Florida. The address and phone numbers are listed below.

Florida Power & Light – FPL’s Parent Company is NextEra Energy

New FPL Florida Power and Light Corporate Address and Contact:

4100 Kyoto Gardens Drive

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410 USA

FPL Corporate Phone Number: 1-561-694-4000

Fax Number: 1-561-694-4999

Customer Service Number: 1-800-226-3545

Website: Florida Power & Light FPL

FPL’s competitors include Duke Energy, Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison, Comed, Consolidated Edison, Georgia Power, Dominion Energy, DTE Energy, Xcel Energy, and Consumers Energy.



Where is Florida Power and Light Located?

Florida Power and Light also known as FPL, is located in Palm Beach County Florida. Their current office is in Juno Beach. They are moving in 2023 to Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

How do I contact FPL?

The easiest way to contact FPL is to call their customer support phone number at 1-800-226-3545

  • I have to laugh how poorly corporations know anything about their customers. Today a representative from FPL came to my house and wanted to know if i was interested in surge protection for my home. I told him I already have the service. If this person would have taken the time to look up my account, he would have seen Im already a subscriber. Instead, he interrupted my conference call with my employer, to try to sell me something I already have. Another case of a corporation not knowing what the right hand is doing. Pure ignorance!

  • I just want to thank FPL for managing to steal my $75 monthly Social Security increase with their outrageous rate increase!! People are financially struggling enough with price increases in food, gas, health insurance premiums, etc., and I guess you had to get in on the thievery, too!! No one seems to really care about senior citizens and struggling families who are having to make hard choices every month on what basic necessity do they cut back on or do without in order to keep their homes heated in cold weather! People can only cut back on groceries, medicine, and gas just so much! I don't know how FPL's officers and associates sleep at night as they continue to line their greedy pockets with the money of hard-working, struggling Americans. We don't want to hear how much you care about your customers because it would show in our power bills if you really cared!!

  • i have been calling the constructions office for the coral springs area for almost 2 months with not a single return call. have left at least 15-20 messages. I have my local FPL's Engineer (mike Keightleye) and his new future area engineer (suna Zaidie)and also have been leaving them message on their direct phone numbers and again not a single call back for either one of them. i have been getting the run around and my power is scheduled to be disconnected on 8/11 and not sure what to do at this point.

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