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  • Comed Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Comed Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Comed Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Exelon Comed’s Parent Company

Official Address:
10 S Dearborn Street

Chicago, IL 60603

Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-334-7661

Fax Number: n/a

Email Address: info@comed.com

Comed is famous for utility services in the Chicago area. The company is an Exelon Company. ComEd’s customer service phone number is 1-800-334-7661. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on its website.

Comed’s competition includes Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison, FPL Florida Power & Light, Georgia Power, Dominion Energy, DTE Energy, Duke Energy and Consumers Energy.


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  1. It's a disgrace they rush they ass out to my house to disconnect my lights after me an my wife tried telling them that we have a disabled child in the home an that we understand that it has to be paid,An we agreed to pay it….But when we went to get the money they sent someone out to cut it off….then we goes to pay it,An they tell us they will get around to it,An if not it will be Monday as if our child breathing machine was gonna work off solor power….U guys should be ashamed of yourselfs because any person with God in they heart does not do something soooo freaking cruel to ah child,Especially a disabled child at that!!Now I'm not justifying that it was cool to not pay the bill,But if we telling u guys to give us a chance to go get it an pay it,Why would u send someone out to cut them off with a disabled child in the home,U guys have no heart at all,As of now I'm getting documents to take to my lawyers an I'm calling every news station in Chicago including the mayor's office about this situation….

  2. this company is the worst company on earth they treat their customers like crap and when you asks a simple question they get all aggressive because its not ok to ask a question

  3. This company has THE WORST customer service!!! Called last year to have my service disconnected and set up a new account under our new address when we bought our condo. 1 year later I get a call from a collections agency telling me I have an overdue bill of $363 from my previous address because they didn't disconnect my service as they promised they would when I requested the disconnect. I called the customer service line to discuss this with them, having proof that I paid the final bill for my old address and the payment for the new bill on my new address. They say it's my fault that the service wasn't disconnected because there is "no record of a disconnect request". How about you never initiated my request???? I asked to speak with a manager and have now been on hold for over an hour. This is ridiculous! Way to treat your customers ComEd.

  4. I use to be the one defending comed not anymore poor poor service starting june 30th until today july 4th, and I will find a way to cancel you for my service, I would not recommend to a DOG

  5. Keeping customers when services are deregulated seems to me to be extremely important, however ComEd misses the boat. Here's an idea: 1. LISTEN to your customers when there's a problem. 2. Empathize. 3. Don't regurgitate your policies to the consumer. We don't care. We want answers or action. If you can't provide anything but "uh huh", your business won't be doing well in the future. 4. Don't expect that I'll be happy to wait TWO MONTHS to get a reading and then have to file more paperwork (and wait for you to process it) to try to get resolution of a possibly faulty meter. Really? When is the last time you were willing to wait a few months and graciously overpay?

    It's a competitive world, and you fail!

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