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  • Yahoo Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Yahoo Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Yahoo Corporate Office Headquarters HQ


701 First Avenue

Sunnyvale, California 94089 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-408-349-3300

Fax Number: 1-408-349-3301

Email: info@yahoo.com

Stock Symbol: YHOO

Yahoo is famous for internet search, portal sites and internet advertising. Yahoo one of the world’s premier internet companies.

Yahoo’s Customer Service Phone Number is 1-866-562-7219 . Also, they do offer technical support and help through forums, email and the internet.

Yahoo Corporate Office
Yahoo Corporate Offices


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  1. My spouse and I have had separate Yahoo.com email accounts since 1998 and the early 2000s respectively. At some point, Yahoo linked our two accounts together without asking us and put each other's email address as a method to recover our email accounts. We did not have a mobile number to provide as another recovery method. We mainly have been using our accounts from the UK but on 5 June 23 we arrived in the USA. Since then, we have been unable to access either of our accounts since they want to send a verification code to the other's address, neither of which we can access! We've been in this endless loop for 3 days and are still unable to access our vital emails that we are expecting including medical test results and financial information. We travel back and forth regularly and have NEVER had this type of problem in our 25 year history with Yahoo. We are desperately trying to find a Yahoo Customer Service phone number to call but keep getting only a number that requires payment!!! We are not paying for problems that Yahoo has created by linking our accounts in the first place. We just want to access our emails!!! Can you give me a phone number for Yahoo customer service for individual email users? Thank you.

  2. I was told that having a Premium account would solve my email problems. Is that really the case? It seems like Yahoo is withholding my email because I don’t have a premium account. This is why I don’t have one with Yahoo. Please consider this issue.!

  3. I would like to know why yahoo has seemingly banned any and all of my comments and I'm not referring to ones they consider "offensive to some". I'm talking about everything, including polite comments and kudos.

  4. When will you open article comments again? It seems to me to be a concerted attempt to deny differing opinions an ability to respond to some of the obviously biased and untruthful articles and editorials published on Yahoo. I agree that decency prevail, but not allowing discourse is detrimental to all. Thank you.

  5. My computer has been affected (by Yahoo malware?) where any google search being changed to Yahoo search and the results are in Spanish not English. How can I change it back???

  6. I have issues with the stories they present for that matter any search engines homepage. I if I can not read their news stories in two pages or less its not worth reading. I GET feed up with "NEXT", "NEXT", "NEXT", "NEXT", "NEXT", "NEXT", "NEXT", "NEXT", "NEXT", "NEXT"…. either tell your story on two pages or stop writing you are wasting my time and many others as well.

  7. I have to agree with Donna. I signed up back when Yahoo first came out and have never, let me say that again NEVER had any issues accessing my email from any location. Two days ago I tried to login and got “Sorry, we don’t recognize this email.” and from the Trouble signing in part it gives me this error message “Sorry, we don’t recognize that email address or phone number” I opened a ticket and 17 hours later received an email from (Mr. KrishnaHari) on my gmail account asking to provide the following information: Name at least 5 folders you have created for your Yahoo Mail account. – List 5 companies, groups, or organizations whose emails you subscribe to or that frequently send you emails. (Facebook is not accepted) – What are 2 email addresses of 2 people you emailed in the last 2 weeks? – What are the subject lines of 2 emails you sent in the last 2 weeks? which I tried to answer all but could not remember all like what companies,groups or organizations. The questions are justifiable but if I think someone (hacker) has gained access to my email what actions are taken to prevent them from spamming my email contacts? If I want to delete all my information remotely how can I do it? if my access has been blocked due to someone (hacker) trying to access my account multiple times, Denial of Service, how would I know? If they reset my security questions how would I know? what kind of Security Operations & Control Center (SOCC) are you running? End-to-end protection platform? I can imagine that all or some are run by credited third parties.
    I am probably going to move over to Gmail only

  8. I am overwhelmed at trying to get assistance with an email problem which is causing me not to received my extremely important emails. I have contacted ATT for weeks, and they have been unable to resolve this problem except to tell me to contact Yahoo. I have spent numerous hours trying to contact Yahoo, this is a big problem for me and I need a resolution short of contacting the CEO. My emails are being hijacked by Yahoo.

  9. i think it's sad, that you treat people this way. some of us have very important content, in our emails, that we need. your company is huge and used by millions of people. why don't, or why won't you help? My password was saved to my account. the only way, it could have been disrupted, would be through your company. what a way to damage the reputation, of such a great company.

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