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Yahoo corporate office headquarters is located in Sunnyvale, California. As a pioneering figure in the internet industry, Yahoo offers a wide array of web services, including a search engine, email, news, and financial information. This post provides comprehensive details about Yahoo, highlighting their corporate address, contact information, and an overview of the company’s services and position in the digital world.

Contacting Yahoo Headquarters HQ

Yahoo Headquarters: An Overview

  • Yahoo Corporate Office Address: 701 First Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94089, USA
  • Yahoo HQ Phone Number: 1-408-349-3300
  • Yahoo Main Office: 1-408-349-3300
  • Yahoo Customer Service: 1-866-562-7219
  • Yahoo Customer Care: Accessible via their website
  • Website: yahoo.com

Yahoo Corporate Office

Maps and Directions To Corporate Headquarters

Yahoo’s Role in the Internet Services Industry

Yahoo is an iconic brand in the internet services industry, known for its web portal and search engine, as well as a variety of other online services such as Yahoo Mail, Yahoo News, and Yahoo Finance. The company has played a significant role in the evolution of the internet, providing users with a gateway to a vast array of information and services.

The Competitive Landscape of Internet Services and Yahoo’s Position

In the highly competitive internet services market, Yahoo competes with other major technology companies like Google, Apple, Comcast and various emerging internet platforms. Despite facing stiff competition, Yahoo has maintained its relevance through continuous innovation, a user-friendly interface, and diversification of its service offerings. Other internet competitors include VistaPrint, and Groupon.

Yahoo Corporate Office Complaints, Reviews, and Feedback

We encourage you to share your experiences with Yahoo’s range of services, including their search engine, email platform, news content, and financial information services. Your feedback in the comments section is invaluable, providing insights that help others understand Yahoo’s operations and commitment to user experience and service quality. Whether it’s a compliment, complaint, or suggestion, your perspectives contribute to a broader understanding of the company’s performance in the digital industry.

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Yahoo Email Issue

January 19, 2024

Yahoo trying to make its users pay for its service!

I tried to access my Yahoo email account only to receive a message asking “Is it really you?” and the only options were to 1. send a code to a recovery email or 2. cancel. When I reached out to customer support I was given a link to pay for help.


I went back in thinking maybe my finger hit a different number in my password. Nope! Same message. So I screenshot it. Then, I went in and deliberately entered the wrong password and received a different message. Please see screenshots! The first one shows I obviously entered the correct password. The second one shows the incorrect password.

K Reed

Yahoo Email Issue

January 21, 2024

Yahoo should be ashamed of their “Customer Service”!

My mother is 75 years old and has problems remembering things. She recently left her phone on top of her car and drove away, destroying her phone and requiring her to purchase a new one. She was trying to install her Yahoo email on her new phone, but couldn’t remember her email (Her old phone automatically logged her in). I was visiting and was trying to help her with installing it. We went to the password recovery section of Yahoo. It stated that it would send a text to her phone – the problem was that she had to change her phone number, so she could not receive the text from Yahoo Recovery. We went in and tried to change the phone number on file, but it required a password – which she couldn’t remember. We tried everything, we went through all of the suggestions given online, but everything circled back to either the text to a phone she didn’t have or a password she couldn’t remember – we spent 3 hours trying everything. The website then told us that we needed to call an 800 Customer Service number for help and gave us a six-digit code that we were required to give them to identify her account. I called, with my mother next to me, and spoke to a customer service representative. We explained the situation. We answered all of their questions to verify it was my mother’s account (had to call twice because the first woman I spoke to hung up on us during her “I need to put you on hold for 1 to 10 minutes to access your account”). They agreed that it was our account and that they could help us change the phone number on the account…. however…. we would have to pay to have it changed… Yes, that’s right – to be able to change a simple phone number on my mother’s account – after having to call and talk to more than one person and them verifying that they had to account open and verify the old number – they COULD NOT SIMPLY CHANGE THE PHONE NUMBER WITHOUT GETTING MY CREDIT CARD NUMBER AND GETTING PAID TO HELP!!!!!!!! What kind of scam is this??? When has a free account – that gets paid by companies advertising – demand payment to change a phone number so that we can change a password? Is this how you make money – by scamming little old ladies who can’t remember their password and need help? Is this what your company has become? Sadly my mother needs the email because doctors and medical demand to do everything via email now-a-days.

I demanded to speak to a manager regarding the payment requirement. I have had my email for 24 years and my mother has had her email account for 16 years. We could not believe what we were hearing! The representative placed me on hold. He kept coming on telling me that “he was looking for a supervisor”. He did this for 20 minutes. He then got on the phone and tried to tell me that he was the supervisor. I notified him that his voice and accent was exactly the same and that he was the same person. He told me that he was not. I requested his employee/representative number and the employee number of the person I had been speaking to (which once asked, it is required by law to give), he refused and told me that his name was Christopher and that was all I needed to know. We went through all the verification process again and verified the old number with him. We asked him to change the phone number on the account. He then notified me that we would have to pay to go any further. I explained that we just needed to change the phone number – a simple click, click, click from him while he was already on her account. He stated that we were already told that we would be required to pay to have them make any changes to her account. He stated that it said so online. I read what was online and it just told us that we had to call Customer Service and give them the code, it didn’t say anything about paying and that we shouldn’t have to. We had already spoken to Amazon and Gmail and had gotten their help with her accounts FREE OF CHARGE! I demanded to know why Yahoo thought they were so special that they could not help without charging and why they were trying to take advantage of people that just needed a simple change to their account! He told me that was how it is and that if I didn’t want to pay now, “I could call back at a later time to pay them to get us into my mother’s account!” I requested to speak with a manager. He told me that he was the manager and that I would have to pay or they couldn’t help. I again asked for his employee number and that I be switched to a manager. He told me I had to pay. I demanded his employee number, notified him that once being asked he had to give it to me, and that I wanted to speak to a manager. He then told me that I would have to call back and pay and then hung up on me! 38 Minutes of my life with him and the 9 minutes 34 seconds with the first person that hung up on me while “pulling up the account”… so almost ONE HOUR of our day and NO HELP!!! Is this what Yahoo has become? A true lack of Customer Service! My mother is now upset over the entire situation. I have set her up on Gmail, but she has everything under her Yahoo email, including my brother’s email – who is overseas in the Navy – which she doesn’t know his email and cannot easily call him to get it. All of her doctor’s, medical, banking, etc go through her Yahoo account. This is a pitiful display of “service” and Yahoo should be ashamed! I can’t believe that they are requiring $12.99 to change a phone number on an account. The phone numbers are suppose to help with security… I guess they were actually put there to make it harder for people to get into their accounts and so that Yahoo can steal money from helpless elderly people and people that need help. Congratulations… your company has become no better than a scam! PITIFUL!

(I have put my name and email on this complaint since my mother doesn’t need your company trying to scam her – you can go through me instead!)

BonnieJean Grady

Attn Yahoo Corporate Office

December 13, 2022

Problems with multiple Yahoo email Accounts:

I have several yahoo email accounts for well over 15 years. I use them for different purposes (family, general, etc depending). The other day (just like another posted comment below mentioned the same problem), — I tried to log into a key Yahoo email that I use for getting info from the town and a few family and friends, and So, I entered both user name and password correctly. BUT, then faced a CHALLENGE I have never seen before that I needed a CODE to input in order to go past (where THAT CODE was sent to my recovery email address that was also a Yahoo email address…) So, I quickly went to that recovery email and logged in, entered user name, password correctly, and to my surprise ONLY to arrive at the same CHALLENGE screen as the other address ASKING that I go back to the 1st one that wanted the code, to get a code to login in order to login? Both email addresses have each other as the recovery email. SO, I could not get a code from the second (recovery email for the first) due to the same challenge that I was REQUIRED go to for the first email address, to get a CODE to get into the second (that I could not get into due to the CHALLENGE)… This is called an impossible to solve Catch 22 LOOP (created by YAHOO). FREE SUPPORT had no solution AT ALL. So, on a lark I clicked on the other way to Fix option, listing that I call into the support option phone listed on a screen — OH and there was a second option, listing a 6 digit code on that same screen with the phone number too… BUT, found out that I needed a PAID support plan for a problem that YAHOO caused. AND that the 6 digit code was useless. I am sure that Yahoo has not anticipated that recovery email addresses would be YAHOO ones… If I had GMAIL or other as a recovery email, then I would be fine. BUT I do not have anything other than a few Yahoo email addresses that were set up so many years ago that I can not remember my profile info (per se) – I also have Asperger’s (Autism Spectrum) and I could not sleep since this problem that YAHOO caused popped up. I have emails that are urgent that i receive and respond to (medical, others). Online CHAT was a machine that could not answer (and told me so). THIS IS CRAZY. I am very stressed due to a YAHOO created LOOP (that they want ME to pay YAHOO to get fixed). THIS if it is not a mistake in YAHOO, might be seen as a shakedown to get money (oh, I have no credit card for 20 years, no paypal, do not make online payments or purchases of any kind. BUT, I do need my email, and have trusted YAHOO for many years. I am sure you have made a mistake creating this LOOP problem… AND I can not give you an email address below THAT WOULD be a YAHOO email address BECAUSE I can not get into it due to the LOOP problem. Since I read below someone with the same problem… and many are affected. THEN what does that mean. Please fix ASAP.

cc please contact and open my accounts that I have had for years

Yahoo Premium Account

December 13, 2022

I was told that having a Premium account would solve my email problems. Is that really the case? It seems like Yahoo is withholding my email because I don’t have a premium account. This is why I don’t have one with Yahoo. Please consider this issue.!

Kim jasper
Corporate Office Headquarters