VistaPrint Corporate Office Headquarters

VistaPrint Corporate Office Headquarters

Hudsonweg 8
VENLO, 5928 LW Netherlands
Corporate Phone Number: 31-77-8507700
VistaPrint North America
95 Hayden Ave,
Lexington, MA 02421 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-781-676-7310
Customer Service Number: 1-866-614-8002

  • This company was supposed to deliver an order by the 24 of November, by the 30th I never received it, I called to find out where it was, they said my patriot logo design with the American flag was flagged as inappropriate and guilty of hate speech, they never let me know they wouldn't print it and DI NOT REFUND MY MONEY. they took my money and rendered no services.
    Am in the process of fighting this

  • I have been charge $167.00 a year every January for 4 years. I am embarrassed to admit I only noticed it this past January(2017) when I received a notice of the charge from PayPal. This is the first time I ever received this notice regardless of it having been done 4 years previously. I contested the charge and asked what it was for. It is now February, 2017, and Vista Print has still not had the courtesy to inform me what the charges are for. I feel like Alice in Wonderland. They were made to refund the 2017 charge by Pay Pal, but not the other four years worth of charges. I have given them tons of business in the past, but apparently I am not a 'valued' customer and undeserving of any response I sent documentation of all my orders from them to corporate headquarters, and it was returned to me unopened!!!

    Maybe you will have a better experience, so here is the address (USA and Netherlands):

    CEO Robert Keane
    95 Hayden Avenue
    Lexington, MA 02421

    Vista Print Corporate Office Headquarters
    Hudsonweg 8
    VENLO, 5928 LW Netherlands

    Good luck!!!!!!!

  • We've been very pleased with VistaPrint service in support of our new, not-for-profit pediatric specialty medical group practice. I'd like to know where we could share our story and request support for our upcoming STRIDE FORWARD 5K Run/Walk and Family Health Fair fundraiser here in Virginia. Who can I call or email?

  • The WORST company and customer service on the globe. Warn others far and wide and complain to online Better Biz entities as I am.

  • Ordered product, probably Philippines. Next day my card was hit for 250 for shoes. I called asking to speak to America. Was refused. I said the problem started with your call center. She said shed get me a manager. Told her a manager took my order! I am pissed! America does not answer the phone, BTW. They just don't care.

  • The website service super sucks…ive lost potential thousands and possible accounts because the submission forms dont work. There are over 27 issues with my mobile site alone. Try calling the corporate number and nothing happens, it doesnt ring! 2 years now and still my website is having the same issues as 2 years ago. They gave me a $24 dollar discount awsome…NOT!

  • I resent the fact that I have to talk to someone in Jamaca for some customer service in America. I want to talk to someone who understands me.

  • I find your company to be run by complete morons. As usual, my company website is not functioning again today. And, the support personnel are idiots. I started my own consulting business in January of 2012. So, I did some research to find a web hosting company, and, I found one which also does small business marketing materials. I thought I was lucky; until, I had to start dealing with Vistaprint. Although the key chains and refrigerator magnets are nice and cute, I have a website with Vistaprint. Apparently, this is where most of the stupidity and ineptitude with Vistaprint resides. My website/blog has been inoperable for many times before – usually for weeks at a time. That costs me money and costs me business. Apparently your tech staff cannot figure out the problem. That does not come as a big shock. Every time I call the help desk in Jamaica, I usually speak to a person who probably doesn’t know what day it is. Last time I called it sounded like there was a huge party going on in the background. Must be nice. The woman I spoke to last week even thought my problem was a joke and was laughing. When I have called before, for other, multiple problems with my blog, those problems are not fixed or they are addressed incorrectly. It took me 15 minutes to explain to one of your techs that I was talking about my blog, not my email. That has become the standard for your company in my opinion – idiocy and ineffectiveness. Every time I email your company about my complaints, I get a computer generated response. That system generated email says I will be contacted in 24 to 48 hours. That never happens. Not that I get contacted outside of the 24 to 48 hour window – I NEVER get contacted. Usually, one of your managers says she'll call me the next day – that also never happens. Again, that was either a lie or just negligence or both. Earlier this morning, I was on hold for about 20 minutes – even though the outgoing recording said the hold time was two minutes. Typical. I could go on and on with stories about Vistaprint, especially the web services and customer care, but, those stories would disgust most real business men. So, you all either don’t care or can’t function properly or both. That’s my assessment. Before I close my account, and find a more competent and reliable web hosting service, would you be able to recommend a company that I can count on? Perhaps one of your competitors? Any company who can’t handle these simple customer service tasks is bound for disaster. Unlike your organization, I can certainly promise that I will never use your services again and I will ensure that anyone I come upon will be told not to waste their time or money with your firm. Feel free to contact me with any questions. I’d provide you with my Vistaprint Webmail address, but, since you all cannot make anything work properly, I’ll provide another email:

    I wish you the best of luck with this company. You’re going to need it if my experience is any indication.

  • Good morning,
    I've been a customer for several years. I'm and very disappointed with the service lately. I have a website business that I run and every time I call your customer service I have never gotten a direct answer. The most recent issue was that, I received an email advising that my account was closed. I did not get any prior emails advising that my payment was about to be due. They charged advising credit card that was on file, (this card belongs to my husband ,when he asked me about the charge I did advice him that I didn't use his card) therefore he dispute the charge. Instead of your company trying to contact me whether by, snail mail, email or phone they just decided to close my account without any notification. I'm not sure what policies are, but I think that any business that appreciate their customers would have reached out to their loyal customers.

    Sincerely dissatisfied customer.

  • Stop spamming my email account. I have forwarded a complaint with Google Mail twice. Unsubscribe me immediately. Next its the FCC complaint center.

    I never signed up for this crap…

  • I have NEVER in my life seen such incompetency!!!! They screw up my domain transfer and now say I have to wait 5 days for it to transfer. Two weeks before Thanksgiving and my most BUSY time…I am losing thousands of dollars and they could careless.. The only one I could get hold of was some guy named Cordel in Jamaica, REALLY!!!! THEN I tried calling both numbers listed for their Headquarters, both disconnected. THEY SUCK 50 FEET UNDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OMG I had the exact same experience about them trying to rip me off for tax on shipping. That is enough to make anyone furious. They don't TELL you that they are doing this so most people just pay it and never even know they are being ripped off. This just proves that the company has gotten so greedy and is trying to make a few extra dollars anywhere they can, at the customer's expense! Little things like this can really pull loyal customers away. BIG MISTAKE Vista! In my line of business I must order products from hundreds of different companies from all over the world – from my own state as well as from multiple countries and I have NEVER been charged tax on shipping. SHAME ON YOU VISTA PRINTS! Appalling!

  • Have used this company for years and they do have great products at a great price but with customer service being located in Jamaica everything has gone so down hill. I was FURIOUS to find that even though Vista Prints has no office in my state they were insisting on charging me sales tax, and not just on the cards I was ordering but also on the SHIPPING costs too. RIDICULOUS! I pulled up a few pages on the internet that proved that is was not right to do that and that there was no code or law that said this was required but the manager I spoke to kept telling me that they were REQUIRED to do that by law and that they were never going to change that policy. Charging state tax on SHIPPING when they aren;t even operating in my state (California)…..come on, how petty and greedy can you be???? Cancelled my order and will never buy from them again! Plus the manager that I was speaking to was short and rude with me!

    • I agree. Customer service no longer exists here. They hide the tax until after you have agreed to pay. Then customer service pleas innocence. I think complaints should be made to state tax agencies to insure that they are in fact sending this tax to the state. I suspect they will have a hard time doing business in many states after a few complains are lodged.

  • Wow. I used to be such a huge fan, and a religious customer for more than a decade. But boy has this company gone downhill….

  • Why has your company decided to stop supporting military/government members and their families overseas? You do realize that the APO boxes are our 'physical address' and the only way of getting mail yes? In order for any of us to give you a physical address, we either have to give you a foreign address which will cost a ridiculous amount…OR a family member's address (if they have any family to reach out to) who will in turn have to send it to the member which doubles the cost of shipping to the member. In either case the military/govt members/families will be out of a lot more money.

  • I was charged twice and when I called them about it I was told and I quote: "we will refund you for your purchase and the other charge is a pending charge and will fall off" ok fine but after a week it didnt i went through my account I contacted them again and they told me it should not have gone through that they show it as a pending charge and asked me to fax over documentation, I did TWICE and I was told that it was a pending charge and the bank should have reversed it, even after I showed them documentation that it was NOT A PENDING TRANSACTION!!! I spoke with Orrett a "manager" who belittled me, yelled at me and then hung up on me when I tried to explain. I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN AND BELIEVE YOU ME I WILL GET MY MONEY BACK!!!
    I am not one of those people who tries to get refunds by any means thats just not me but when I'm told that I am being refunded for my purchase and the other charge will "drop off" that is what I expect to happen and to be treated so poorly by them I'm angry and outraged and I will get my money back!

  • called because I found a flaw on your website long story cut in half
    Im a long time customer that spent 5 hours on the phone and instead of someone at listing to me I got hung up on , I was told I was crazy ,, I was ignored and then my order never got placed and i was insulted by a manager not supervisor a mgr…so my order isnt placed and I guess I go somewhere else for trying to do something I would hope someone would do for me if my website was found to be that way……..thanks vistaprint for the well you get my point no one cares havent heard from anyone…….

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