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  1. I worked at IBM for almost 29 years and I retired in April 2011. I appreciate that I have a pension check every month but in those nine years we have not had any cost of living increase or additional assistance with medical bills. Everything has gone up so much it would be wonderful if IBM could perhaps increase the pension to meet todays cost of living.

  2. I am grateful to IBM for having been moved overseas in 1961 due to my parent's research in the UK. I wish we never had to return to the US because the school were excellent. However, at the time IBM was not a family oriented kind of corporation.

  3. I feel your present TV ad is very condescending. I am sure you with such an emphasis on "thinking," but so lacking in true humility and caring beyond the dollar, could have thought of something less socially offensive.

    Surely you have heard of, and most probably have chosen not to take into any consideration, the saying in the 70's that IBM means "I've Been Moved" and / or "I've Been Married." So sorry to see you raising your arrogant heads again!

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