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Red Robin Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Red Robin Corporate Office Headquarters

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Inc.
6312 S. Fiddlers Green Circle Suite 200N
Greenwood Village, CO 80111 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-303-846-6000
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: n/a
Email: online only

  • The restaurant at 43530 Yukon Drive in Ashburn, VA 20148 is poorly managed. The General Manager, Bridget Perez consistently accuses employees of not performing up to the standard without recognizing that the people she has appointed to train you on the standard, don't know it themselves. She is quick tempered and believes in bullying and yelling at employees. Her Regional Manager Bryan has been observed with her talking about employees so when he was contacted for a complaint he has failed to respond which make me believe, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Then I called corporate to complain about poor management practices but there is really no one to tell. They have 3rd party people answering the phone and only forward messages to the right people whom you NEVER hear back from. Poor management practices seems to be trend at Red Robin so they ensure you can't make an effective complaint. Unlike most other reputable restaurants, there is someone you can share your complaints with but not this company. I have started a complaint with the EEOC and the Office of Civil Rights/ADA since I am also disabled. I hope they will hear my complaints and investigate this company, because someone should!

  • Entered a multi-complaint comment about my (our) experience on both food and service (just really, really poor) in Twin Falls ID sometime back. After a couple of weeks, I had heard nothing in reply, so called the corporate headquarters and left a message. Now, two weeks later again, I have heard nothing. I will do my best to dissuade anyone I know from patronizing this underperforming chain food service.

  • Just curious why the Red Robin on Riverside Parkway in Tulsa was closed last Wednesday, February 24th at 11:15am. I knocked and I called, no answer. This Wednesday, March 3rd when I went to visit I called ahead of time to make sure they were open before driving over there. The girl who answered thought it was weird that I called to see if they were open. I explained why. Her response was, "oh we had some issues going on last week."

  • After a long busy day in Denver with family members we wanted a sit down dinner before we continued on for a long drive to our final destination for the evening. We decided on Red Robin in Castle Creek, Colorado. We arrived at 8:20pm and was seated approximately 15 – 20 minutes later because we had 7 people in our party. Finally, after being seated we were finally acknowledged about 5 min later with the waitress taking our drink order. After drinks were brought to the table, we waited another 15 min for our food order. We then waited till approximately until 9:20, after the waitress waited on other tables and was off singing happy birthday to three other tables. We had to flag down other wait staff to get drink refills. Two other tables of four had entered, ordered and was served before our food was brought to us. Finally, after getting our dinner brought to us by another wait staff person, half the food was not even warm at best. Our waitress avoided our table for most the time we were there and was not polite or caring. Rather than to wait and talk to the Manager, staff was not sure of the Manager's name on duty or of his whereabouts we decided to get back on the road and continue our trip for it was nearing 10pm and we had a 2 hr drive. For a highly rated chain restaurant, it was the poorest dining experience I have experienced. We will think long and hard before returning to any Red Robin restaurant. Hopefully this matter will be reviewed and the restaurant will be addressed, and not swept under the carpet. Will accept hearing from Red Robin. Phone# 970-201-8623. V

  • i was hired at the red robin in missoula montana at southgate mall.. i left a job for red robin because the pay was better. so i have my orientation and im impressed at how professional they portrayed the enviroment… i had one day of training and my manager jess said to check our schedules on hotscheduals.com to find out when we work next ok so one week goes by im NOT on the schedule i figure OK that's fine i was hired on with 6 other people an they need time to train and whatnot. 5 weeks gone by and STILL NOT ON SCHEDULE SO I CALLED MY BOSS ASKED HER WHAT IS GOING ON SHE SAID SHE WOULD CALL ME BACK 8 ALMOST 9 WEEKS LATER still nothing no call and still not on the schedule so now im out looking for a job when i shouldnt have to RED ROBIN IS A SHAM AND SHOULD TAKE BETTER CARE OF THEIR EMPLOEES!!!!

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