Red Robin Corporate Office Headquarters

Red Robin Corporate Office Headquarters
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Inc.
6312 S. Fiddlers Green Circle Suite 200N
Greenwood Village, CO 80111 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-303-846-6000
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: n/a
Email: online only

  • !
    About an hour ago At Red Robin Gourmet Burgers in Clifton park
    My sister who can’t move her arms, legs, can’t even straighten her head or move without help, who is bound to a wheel chair and completely dependent on care was denied service due to not being able to wear a mask tonight while out with her aide. When I got the phone call I called to speak with a manger who called himself Mike. He told me that he offered her Togo food so he didn’t deny her service but he couldn’t let her come in the restaurant. It’s 10 degrees outside! he Proceeded to tell me that I wasn’t there and that he wasn’t going to “do this with me” whatever that means! Then he hung up the phone on me. I have worked in the restaurant industry my whole life and I have never seen someone treated this way! Unacceptable! this man needs to be held accountable!!

  • The restaurant at 43530 Yukon Drive in Ashburn, VA 20148 is poorly managed. The General Manager, Bridget Perez consistently accuses employees of not performing up to the standard without recognizing that the people she has appointed to train you on the standard, don't know it themselves. She is quick tempered and believes in bullying and yelling at employees. Her Regional Manager Bryan has been observed with her talking about employees so when he was contacted for a complaint he has failed to respond which make me believe, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Then I called corporate to complain about poor management practices but there is really no one to tell. They have 3rd party people answering the phone and only forward messages to the right people whom you NEVER hear back from. Poor management practices seems to be trend at Red Robin so they ensure you can't make an effective complaint. Unlike most other reputable restaurants, there is someone you can share your complaints with but not this company. I have started a complaint with the EEOC and the Office of Civil Rights/ADA since I am also disabled. I hope they will hear my complaints and investigate this company, because someone should!

  • Entered a multi-complaint comment about my (our) experience on both food and service (just really, really poor) in Twin Falls ID sometime back. After a couple of weeks, I had heard nothing in reply, so called the corporate headquarters and left a message. Now, two weeks later again, I have heard nothing. I will do my best to dissuade anyone I know from patronizing this underperforming chain food service.

  • Just curious why the Red Robin on Riverside Parkway in Tulsa was closed last Wednesday, February 24th at 11:15am. I knocked and I called, no answer. This Wednesday, March 3rd when I went to visit I called ahead of time to make sure they were open before driving over there. The girl who answered thought it was weird that I called to see if they were open. I explained why. Her response was, "oh we had some issues going on last week."

  • After a long busy day in Denver with family members we wanted a sit down dinner before we continued on for a long drive to our final destination for the evening. We decided on Red Robin in Castle Creek, Colorado. We arrived at 8:20pm and was seated approximately 15 – 20 minutes later because we had 7 people in our party. Finally, after being seated we were finally acknowledged about 5 min later with the waitress taking our drink order. After drinks were brought to the table, we waited another 15 min for our food order. We then waited till approximately until 9:20, after the waitress waited on other tables and was off singing happy birthday to three other tables. We had to flag down other wait staff to get drink refills. Two other tables of four had entered, ordered and was served before our food was brought to us. Finally, after getting our dinner brought to us by another wait staff person, half the food was not even warm at best. Our waitress avoided our table for most the time we were there and was not polite or caring. Rather than to wait and talk to the Manager, staff was not sure of the Manager's name on duty or of his whereabouts we decided to get back on the road and continue our trip for it was nearing 10pm and we had a 2 hr drive. For a highly rated chain restaurant, it was the poorest dining experience I have experienced. We will think long and hard before returning to any Red Robin restaurant. Hopefully this matter will be reviewed and the restaurant will be addressed, and not swept under the carpet. Will accept hearing from Red Robin. Phone# 970-201-8623. V

  • i was hired at the red robin in missoula montana at southgate mall.. i left a job for red robin because the pay was better. so i have my orientation and im impressed at how professional they portrayed the enviroment… i had one day of training and my manager jess said to check our schedules on to find out when we work next ok so one week goes by im NOT on the schedule i figure OK that's fine i was hired on with 6 other people an they need time to train and whatnot. 5 weeks gone by and STILL NOT ON SCHEDULE SO I CALLED MY BOSS ASKED HER WHAT IS GOING ON SHE SAID SHE WOULD CALL ME BACK 8 ALMOST 9 WEEKS LATER still nothing no call and still not on the schedule so now im out looking for a job when i shouldnt have to RED ROBIN IS A SHAM AND SHOULD TAKE BETTER CARE OF THEIR EMPLOEES!!!!

  • Where did the Bonzai Salad go? This was one of the very few options for(almost)gluten free dining in the Red Robin Rest. that didn't require a bad gluten-free bun. Please switch to gluten-free teriyaki sauce also.

  • December 9, 2017 at 5:45

    Based on our experience at the Red Robin in Lincoln, CA we will never go to this location or any pother Red Robin. Service was extremely slow, food not hot and a very long wait between giving our order and receiving the warm food. Complained to the server but was told that I am doing my best. Raised issue with Manager and did get a hot entrée and fries. Ordered a choc shake and never received it again raised complaint with manager and did finally receive the shake. Explained to me that they were "slammed" tonight and could not keep up.

  • Your mall of nh location needs help with the staff. A lot of the servers are clearly drinking on the job and that is not only very unprofessional but very dangerous for its employees driving home at the end of their shifts and for those whom are sober driving next to them with their family's. Something needs to be done asap. I will never go to this location again!

  • October 6, 2017

    Our dining experience at 23318 Mercantile Parkway in Katy, Texas this evening was excellent. Linsey,our waitress, did a great job even though it was extremely busy. However,another employee, Daniella, was especially attentive and friendly. She took care of bottomless fries without hesitation and seemed cognizant of everything that was occurring at our table. A manager trainee, Dave, was also very helpful in assisting us to make our "burger night" the best yet. These workers need to be commended for showing the positive attributes that make repeat customers as well as happy customers. Thanks!

  • I am absolutely appalled at the Red Robin in Beaverton, OR! My daughter was so excited to get a job as hostess to have a part time income while attending college at Portland State, and all was going wonderfully until after 3 weeks of working, she started the Fall quarter of college this week! She found out that one of her classes interfered with her work schedule and when she told her Red Robin Manager his reply was incomprehensible! He actually told my daughter that he expected her to DROP THE COLLEGE CLASS THAT INTERFERED WITH HER CURRENT WORK SCHEDULE!!!! WHAT!!???!! I am still in shock! What happened to being supportive and flexible with your PART-TIME employees THAT YOU KNEW WERE COLLEGE STUDENTS WHEN YOU HIRED THEM??? Now of course she is being forced to quit because she is certainly NOT dropping a CORE class for a part time job that was meant to supply a little extra income for living expenses while she is earning the degree that is necessary for her future career!!! Now all the part-time jobs in the area have been filled by the other college students a month ago when my daughter found this one! I cannot believe this is the common practices of this business and you can be sure that I will be telling this to everyone of my 600 Facebook friends, and anyone else I know, to boycott all Red Robin's and tell everyone they know to do the same and why!

  • I was at the Red Robin In Altoona Pa. We had a female waitress take our orders, and it made our stomach turn because she was wearing a big nose ring at the bottom of her nose near the holes. How disgusting is that for being professional? I mean really? is there no dress code? Its enough today having to see all the tattoos, but now to have a waitress sport this gross nose ring and having our stomachs turn to eat? This needs to be addressed. I don't know who the manager is that runs the Altoona Red Robin, but I don't think any servers should be wearing nose rings where it looks like there is crap coming out of the nose. Also, I ordered the garlic parmesan fries, they were laying in oil and soggy!!!!! I shall never go back to that store again.

  • You need to send someone out to your store at 1307 W. Sunflower in Santa Ana, CA. We were there tonight, the soda pops we ordered tasted nasty, our server was very good, she took them back and got us new ones. They had tasted like sewage, the first batch. Then, there was yelling and it looks like the manager was yelling at a server and we heard her say something about the drink station in the kitchen needs to be closed until it gets fixed because it smells and tastes like sewer water! He yelled back that he was going to write her up if she didn't drop it, and said that they'd had someone out to fix it and no one could fix it! WTH? She told him they need to close that one and not use it until it's fixed and said it's been like that for weeks. Another server girl was trying to diffuse the situation, and finally got them to break it up. Totally unprofessional, but if that's the manager, you need to fire him on the spot. The server was angry because he wasn't addressing an ongoing problem and having them serve US, THE CUSTOMERS something that could make us sick?? I would suggest NOT letting the manager know you know, but sending out someone from corporate to inspect the restaurant immediately. I don't think the servers involved should be written up or fired for protecting you from lawsuits. If this isn't addressed immediately, I'll be calling the health department and letting them know what we witnessed. We have been eating here at this location for decades, and this is the first time we've had a complaint on it. I'm declining to give my name and contact information. Just fix the problem on 8/16/17. A call to the Health Department will be made on 8/17/17 after we go to that store again and order soda pops and food. This has got to be addressed NOW. Thank you!

  • Went to Red Robin Turlock, ca. It was my grandson's birthday. On a Tuesday, there were only 5 tables in use. Waited 35 minutes to be seated, 25 minutes for waitress to notice us and when food came, my grandson and my spouse's food was cold and my food had never been put in. We offered to pay for the drinks and then we left and went to eat at the Sizzler next door. They were very nice even though it was 2 minutes before closing. The manager at Turlock was not and left my grandson crying on his birthday. Maybe you should get people trained better. We will not be returning and will make sure as many people as possible know about our experience. Shame on you Red Robin. Thank you Sizzler for saving the night. Red Royalty 30384 0016 59205

  • May 21, 2017- Maumee, Ohio – We just came home from nearby Red Robin. The franchise owner or your company hasn't put any money into this unit. Would you like to eat at a table so used that the wood is raw, in need of sanding & refinishing? These tables cannot be sanitized because they are raw wood. UGH. We didn't even want to put our hands on the table. Our waitress was very nice.

  • We went to the Red Robin here in Oklahoma City (Edmond) Oklahoma 2 days ago on Black Friday around 1:00 PM. After we waited 15 minutes to get seated our server took our drink order. I will be 100% honest here……We waited 10 minutes for our drinks (just water and lemonade). After we got our drinks, he took our order. We all ordered a meal with the unlimited fries. He brought out 1 basket of sweet potato fries which I only ordered. He didnt bring out regular steak fries for the other 3 people at the table. I asked our server for some of the garlic dipping sauce. Waited 15 minutes and noticed either a manager or server walked by and I asked him for the garlic dipping sauce. He said he will be right back. About 10 minutes later, no dipping sauce. The fries aren't hot at this point and we only have 1 basket which the others dont like sweet potatoes anyway so there hungry and just want fries before there food comes out. At this point, it's 25 minutes and still no dipping sauce. Another server walked by who wasn't taking care of us, and I asked her for the sauce. She brought one back within 2 minutes and apologized as we told her the issue. We then got out food which we waited at least 25 – 30 minutes for. He gave us our food and the server then walked away. We got the order but…..1 burger didn't have mayonnaise, my sons CHEESE burger din't have any cheese and he didn't refill our waters. Our sever was nowhere to be found. Needless to say at this point it's 2:00 and it's not that busy. There were at least 7 tables empty and within our entire section I only noticed 2 servers working and our waiter was incognito. We then asked the other server who gave us the garlic sauce for the missing ingredients. I then asked her to bring a manager over. When the manager got over to our table (10 minutes later) it was the same guy who never brought us the garlic sauce. The manager who we just requested ignored us earlier and never brought the sauce. Manager apologized and said he will take care of the issues. He then brought over the missing cheese/mayonnaise and more fries. This time, He brought out steak fries which this is the very 1st time the other 3 people at the table received. Doesnt Red Robin have "Bottomless Fries" ? I know i've seen it all over the menu. Needless to say, we only received 1 order of fries for the others. After we got done eating, our original server came over and not once made eye contat with anyone. Gave us the check and said "have a good day". We were there in total 1 hour 45 minutes and he came over to our table 2 times. 1) For the drinks 2) for the food. This was the WORST waiter and management i've ever dealt with. When the "manager" told us he would take care of it, Nothing was done about it. We werent looking for a free meal but maybe take off the Cheeseburger without cheese (mind you it was a kids menu burger….$5 maybe). We didnt get anything for not only the inconvenience but a very stressful & Irritating lunch.
    This is the LAST Time anyone in our family will be going there. The server needs to have a lesson in customer service and prioritization. I understand people have bad days, I get it but others around us weren't happy either. The table behind us also had to speak to a manager because they needed a to go box and the server never came back with it. They said they waited 15 minutes for it. The manager had to bring it over as the server never did.
    I hope they read this and make some changes at that location. What a terrible experience

  • My gosh, does anyone from Corporate read these comments, From what it appears, most Red Robin's should just be closed up. We live in Visalia, CA. I WILL NEVER, EVER, EVER GO TO RED ROBIN AGAIN !!! I have tried giving them chance after chance after chance to get better. Either the service is horrible, the food is cold, the host/hostess is rude or it takes forever to get your food. Had Dinner with my Nephew, his wife and their daughter last night and it was horrible. First we had to wait to be seated, no one was there. Then our food took over an hour to get. Then the Manager we complained to said "It always takes at least an hour to get our food out", but then told us she was upset when she learned we had complained about how long it took, and went back in the kitchen to see what the problem was. Then didn't even offer to take anything off or bill, I had to ask for it. NEVER, EVER AGAIN !!!!! They will be getting a bad review from me with corporate office as well as Yelp. Save yourself the money and time….Go elsewhere !!!! We have several other places in our small town to get good burgers….will be heading there from now on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pharr, Texas location
    It seems to be the norm from what I read for bad service. Tonight I took my husband to dinner at the restaurant in Pharr, TX. Server dropped our menus and never returned; the girl behind the bar took no only our drink order but also our dinner order. When our dinner came out, the girl dropped the ranch dressing on my lap and didn't even appear concerned about it… and didn't return with another serving of dressing…. bottomless fries… where cause we didn't see any. Sad for a non busy night with only my husband and I and another couple in the bar area of the restaurant. For what people pay it seems we deserve better service. — PGarcia, Texas

  • Greetings!

    I have been a Red Robin customer in the Seattle area since 1979. Recently both my wife and I have noticed a significant decline in both the quality and preparation of the food served at our local Red Robin restaurants. We now reside in Enumclaw, Washington and would frequently visit any one of a number of Red Robin restaurants in the area. We have found this decline to be occurring in all of the locations we have visited. It also appears that they are frequently short-staffed, resulting in a noticeably frenzied pace. This is often evident with the hostess, wait staff, kitchen staff and servers. Further exacerbating the negative experience is the substantial increase in prices.

    As a result of our negative experiences, we recently visited a competitor- Hop Jacks- and found every aspect of the experience to be substantially better than our recent experiences at Red Robin restaurants. The food was better quality, prepared properly and served in a welcoming environment. We felt relaxed and appreciated during our entire visit- from the greeting to the sincere "thank you" as we departed.

    I hope that you will reevaluate your priorities and return to your previous customer-centered approach. For now you have lost us to your competitors.

  • After reviewing the "pages and pages and pages and pages and pages of complaints about Red Robin I almost decided not to add mine to the list. But what the hell.
    I am a entertainer and was in Phoenix for a show. My part was done early and it was my birthday. So my wife and I found a Red Robin close enough that we could dine there. Besides I had a free Red Robin burger for my Birthday.
    We arrived at the Phoenix Red Robin location and were physically standing at the hostess stand at 9:45on. Closing time was 10pm. There was nobody in site employed by Red Robin and maybe 6 dining guests in the restaurant. We stood at the front unnoticed until 9:53. We were greeted by a server named Michael who had that look in his eyes of "No! Not another customer. We are getting ready to close". Although he had that look and was moving 1000 mph, he was courteous and professional.
    After being seated he handed us our menus and went to grab our drinks. When he returned he asked if we were ready to order and informed us that the kitchen will be closing in 2 minutes.
    We put our order in and as offered by the server we ordered 2 burgers with bottomless fries. The server verified the Royalty Rewards for my Birthday and within 3 minutes literally, he brought us our food.
    My wife and I were looking at each other wondering if the burgers had even been cooked on the grill? We were hungry and with the food being covered with condiments we didn't hesitate to begin the devouring.
    We did notice that we received a very small amount of fries with our order.
    The burgers were "raw", which my wife loves although it is against the health code to serve hamburger raw. Again, with the food being covered in condiments and Red Robin signature flavors, our hunger and being rushed, we just ate it.
    I had finished my fries immediately after they were served to us and I put my metal fire holder on the edge of the table to let the server know that I wanted more fries. When he did return to the table he ignored the fry holder so I told him that I would like some more fries.
    He went to the kitchen and returned to the table to inform me that they have no more fries and that the kitchen closed 20 minutes ago.
    Needless to say that was the wrong answer and now my Birthday meal experience was being ruined over some fries.
    We did tip him 25% of the total Bill before the Royalty Rewards burger was deducted, but that was not the right way to handle a customer.
    Here is a thought. They know they want to leave and we ordered the bottomless fries as offered by our server. So why not make extra fries and put them on our plate so there would be little chance that we would ask for more? Makes sense to me.
    Raw Burgers + No refill on the bottomless fries = -2 customers.

  • Your new location in Queen Creek, AZ is uncomfortably too SMALL. You feel

    like a canned sardine. We waited 1 hour to be seated and couldn't enjoy

    our food because of how small you guys built this building. Rather

    disappointing! I will continue to drive an extra 10 miles to other Red

    Robin to feel comfortable in a much larger building!!

  • I will never return to the Colorado Springs restaurant after having been assaulted by an employee. I remain fearful of what an employee might do in the future with all the crazy stuff that happens in Colorado my sense of heightened fear is extremely high. I reported the incident to the manager and wrote a statement but it was clear the employee had mental issues (I honestly feel for the person that needs the mental support) but the fear of my family and citizens that a person with mental issues that had already had a prior encounter with an employee was allowed to remain in contact with customers is very worrisome. The manager obtained my statement but failed to collect statements from other witness's at neighboring table’s worries me that this might be covered over. The meal was not charged but we could not eat anyway because of what had happened. The waitress was also assaulted by the same person as she attempted to push the employee back. The manager offered a $60.00 gift card to share among the four customers which was so offensive that it was left on the table for the waitress along with a larger tip for her willingness to be assaulted as she put herself in the way of the assault. Although I don't desire to see a young man that I though was between 16-18 be charged with a crime, I do believe that the police should have been notified so it’s on the record and they could help the young man get medical help since employees stated that they knew he had issues and had been hospitalized for these issues. The manager claimed she never had any issues with the employees while other employees stated that he suffered from anxiety and depression and was extremely sensitive leading me to believe that management should have known and prevented this incident from being able to occur. If your concerned with protecting your customers request a copy of the incident report I gave the manager.

  • My Daughter called the Red Robin in Greenville NC ahead of time because there would have been 10 or 11 of us going and wanted to make sure they could seat us. We get there and was told a 15 minute wait which turned into 30 minute wait so Ok no problem! We finally got seated at a table placed our Drink orders which took another 15 minutes to get so OK on that. Well we sat there for over a hour waiting for our food with only three other tables with people there. We still didn't complain. They finally brought our food after a hour!!!! My brother who was sitting in front of me starting getting stuff out of his mouth. It was bones in the prime rib sandwich he ordered!!! I went and ask to speak with a manager and told him what was going on, He was like well I am sorry I will email the vendor. I said no a accident report needs to be taken !! Duh! My brother said the bones hurt his teeth and mouth. I told the manager that after over 1 hour waiting for the food not counting the wait before we got to the table this was just not right! He said he would discount the food and ended up giving me my burger for free just because it was my ruined Birthday. My daughter in law ordered her burger a certain way and she didn't get that right either. They took her burger back and scraped it off and brought it back! After all that went on I didn't even eat but one bite of my burger. We live in a Highly respected Medical community and word had already gotten around that the service is not good and I just wish someone had warned me before I went. The only positive part was the waitress she was a trooper!

  • I recently visited your restaurant in Gainesville, Florida. I frequent there often, but this time there were customers all around me and they were waited on and the manager even came over to the table behind me and took care of a check for the customer when it was a problem. Our waitress came over when we sat down and said she would be right with us and never came back to even ask what we wanted to drink. This waitress was at the other tables, but we sat there for about 10 minutes when the waitress asked the hostess to take care of us. I said no thanks and asked for the manager. The manager came to the front and I explained it to him and he said that they were busy and they will take care of us. I left and said I've been in there when they were busy before with people waiting to get a table and never had to wait to even get a drink. Needless to say, I will never go back there again.

  • We've been to the Red Robin in Chattanooga at Hamilton place mall several times and my husband ordered the royal red robin burger that has an egg on it you can order the egg any style so he always ask for over medium that's the white done the yellow running because the purpose of the egg to him is to run on the burger like a condiment they have never gotten the egg right the make it over well. The last time we tried this the cook argued with our server about the egg then sent it out to us over easy very easy. He just told the server never mind he didn't want it so the manager took it off but never came to our table to apologize or anything it was very upsetting. We didn't go back for about 2 months we went back today same thing over well egg so we will not be back to a Red Robin.

  • Visited Red Robin last nite in aurora Colorado (cornerstar shopping center) (5-18-16) while the food was ok I am still appalled @ the price I paid for 2 fish & chips and 1 Arnold palmer & 1 water.
    I could have gone to red lobster and had choice of soup or salad and got Cole slaw for the same price. I cannot believe my bill was $38.+_ for 2 measley fish & chip order's…..I am so upset that I had to send this message. Looks like last time for me……

  • We ate at the mason, Ohio store last night. Took my daughter and 2 granddaughters (ages 5 and 10mths). We were seated and my 5yr old granddaughter immediately grabbed the game that was placed on our table, all lite up ready for use. Not one time did anyone bother to explain to us there would be an entertainment charges for the use of this game tablet, nor did it block my granddaughter from using it until and adult verified it was ok to charge us for the use of this. It's great you have something for the children to play with while waiting for their food, and to allow adults to pay their bill on it…it is not great that you are not made aware of any charges that will be added to your bill at the end of your meal. I asked our waitress about it and she just kinda oh sorry but you have to pay for the use of the games. Very poor customer service…post it on the table, do not allow a 5 year old to just begin using it with an adult, whom is paying the bill, to verify it is ok to charge them for this!! I have spoken to numerous family and friends to earn them of this potential charge,….I will not make this mistake 2 times….very poor way to treat ypu customers.

  • ours in bonney lake Washington, have ate there a few times and was bragging about there fish and fries, got husband to go finally and they were so crisp the fish was hard inside almost burnt, and the fries were so salty you have to wipe them off before you could even eat them. now if know my husband that will be the last time he will ever go back, one chance for him and that's it, was not happy after spending good money and almost not being able to eat I had to throw all the outer breading off to even eat what fish was good. so sorry be done with that place. be a long time before we try again if ever

  • I just had lunch at your cedar hill, Texas location. Overall it was a ok. Not what I think corporate offices would like. First, the franchise owner is obviously going renegade on the corporate item specs not offering what other locations are mandated to serve. Second is the quality of the ground beef. The ground beef being the tired CAB label is dry and lacking the real beefy flavor at mid rare. I don't mind paying a inflated price as long as I know what I am paying for. Just food for thought, maybe try using a prime, wagyu or even a blend to keep your gp in line while offering the consumer a eating experience that will create a wow. Or you can stay the route on what you are ordering now paying the extra .15 lb on a item tha doesn't create the wow In the burger you claim to be gourmet. Just my two cents run your business the way you feel. Good luck and God bless you.

  • Went in to eat after Church on Sunday. Waiter first argued we didn't all need forks. Then Proceeded to tell us how we HAD to use the tablet to order and pay.. Then my son who is in a wheel chair asked to use the bathroom. He cant get in the stall he cant use the sink he cant reach the soap or the paper towels. I on the way out asked to speak to the Manager when I brought up my concerns about ADA he reply was.. OH ya this building is old we don't have to comply.. Ya thank you Red Robin I wouldn't piss on your building if it was on fire. Meridian Idaho.. I would stay away from this place for sure!!!

  • Went in to eat after Church on Sunday. Waiter first argued we didn't all need forks. Then Proceeded to tell us how we HAD to use the tablet to order and pay.. Then my son who is in a wheel chair asked to use the bathroom. He cant get in the stall he cant use the sink he cant reach the soap or the paper towels. I on the way out asked to speak to the Manager when I brought up my concerns about ADA he reply was.. OH ya this building is old we don't have to comply.. Ya thank you Red Robin I wouldn't piss on your building if it was on fire. Meridian Idaho.. I would stay away from this place for sure!!!

  • Very disappointing that my email comments were not allowed to be sent to any of the executive team. I guess I will have to send by US mail.

  • I work at the one at the Tuttle mall in Columbus ohio. I'm from the south and I had some ideas that would hit off really well and all my servers love the food ideas that I've made up and they always ask me to make them when they get there meals. Its fried broccoli and fried pickles. this would be a great idea for the JS singles or the JS doubles. My crew love them and I think the customer would love the too.
    My name is Jessica I work the cold side of the line and can contact me anyyime .

  • We've been RR customers, happily, for about 18 years. Spent many dollars there and enjoyed it. But, WHY, oh WHY did you (1) Get rid of the diapers on the burgers, so they had to be held with two hands, and at the same time (2) replace one-hand salt shakers with those ridiculous grinders? One or the other, maybe, but that was really stupid. And when asked if the restaurant has a regular salt shaker, the servers/wait staff says, "No. Sorry." I get your upscaling the place, but for cryin' out loud, why did you replace the diapters with those ridiculous huge toothpicks that probably cost twice as much?

  • Every so often you receive service that is so bad there is no other option to let the general public know in hopes that management will get a clue and fix what is so obvious to everyone, except them.

    I arrived with one guest at 8:45 pm. Our dish that was to accompany our burger was served first. A few minutes later our appetizer was served. Then came a cold Baileys and coffee. I hate cold coffee. We had ordered a specialty burger and asked our waitress to hold the Jalapeno relish as I am very allergic to peppers. It arrived at 9:15 except it was not the burger we ordered. It took one bite and realized something was very wrong. What came was the burnin love burger made on Jalapeno bread with chipolte spread. We called our waitress and we waited 10 minutes for her to arrive. It would have been nice if we had the water we had asked for 15 minutes ago to take away the taste. Our waitress came and expressed her apologies and said it would be a couple of minutes, 10 minutes go by,15 minutes later our waitress stops by and tells us our burger is made with a big patty and it is going to take a bit longer ??? 9:45 PM our waitress returns and tells us the burger cook walked out. There was all kinds of excuses one which turned out to be a lie. None of which a customer should have heard or quit frankly should care about. Our waitress then asked would she like me to take the burger off my bill ?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME ?? The our waitress states she was going to comp our meal which at this point consisted of a cold coffee, a Ice- T small stack of onion rings and the new pallatine(sp?) smothered potatoes. She returned 7 minutes later and states I took everything off except the Onion rings, Ice T and the baileys and coffee. which left the Pallatine potatoes comped.

    The point of this is not to have comped the remaining $15 of my bill, the point is we came to a restaurant for a reason and it was close to Barnes and noble. A late dinner and a walk across the Parking lot should have been very simple. We left hungry, betrayed and lied to at 10:00 PM, when our dinning experience ended. Erica Stone the Mgr on Duty, you had a responsibility to come to our table and apologize for your colossal fail. This was not the responsibility of the waitress. Luis Hernandez GM if this is the best you can do my professional advice is quite the restaurant business.

    The service was terrible.
    We were served a hot beverage cold.
    You lied to your customer at least twice.
    You tried to Poison use with food we told your staff we were highly allergic to.
    I can go on and on the reality is there can and will be things that can go wrong in a restaurant. You fix them and move on and attempt to leave the customer feeling this was just a bad day. Erica and Luis you failed at even the basic rules of a restaurateur.


  • This restaurant is the worst eating establishment in Brevard County. Please take all the negative Yelp comments seriously. The food was cold and had no taste. It is way too expensive for hospital cafeteria food. The food at Red Robin is definitely is not gourmet. Our waiter Mario was the worst waiter I have ever had. In addition for a new restaurant this one is very dirty, especially the restrooms. Now I will expand on this. It was a 20 minute wait with limited seating in the hostess area and the exterior of building. Once seated it took 15 minutes for our waiter Mario to take our drink order and at the same time my wife ordered a french onion soup. Since Red Robin offers a kiosk system at their tables, I felt Mario should have taken the time to explain how it worked. The french onion soup came out with our drinks and the onions were hard and uncooked which was bad enough but there was a large piece of onion skin in the bowl as well. A disgusting way to start a meal. It took 15 minutes before Mario returns to our table to take our order. And then the wait began. 34 minutes later, Mario strolls back to our table and ask us if we wanted dessert. "Dessert I said, I want our meal" which still had not come out to the table. Not only did Mario not have a clue that we never received our food, he actually never came back to check to see if everything was correct and to ask if we needed anything else. Let's get to the "gourmet" food now. The kids Kraft Mac & cheese was ice cold. My whiskey burger had no taste, was cold as well, and came with 6 steak fries. I should add that it was not much bigger than a slider. You would get a better burger at White Castle or Krystal's! Where is the endless basket of fries they advertise famously on television? Because I over heard the lady sitting at the table next to ours complain about her fries being cold, I requested that for mine to be well done so they would be hot which they weren't. As for my wife's chicken sandwich, I will stick to Chick-fil-A next time. What I think happened is Mario forgot our food in the window and by the time he was told by us, it was cold. Instead of re-firing the order, Mario chose to serve it anyway. No one during this entire time stopped by our table, not even a manager. Finally, the hostess walking by heard us talking and asked me what was wrong. I told her everything that that happened and she did offer to have the manager come over but I just wanted to leave at that point. 2 minutes later I heard our waiter Mario comment to one of the other employees that we could go find better service next time at another restaurant. He said this at a distance I could hear him and in front of other guests. I then decided to speak to the manager, Kim, because enough is enough and Mario crossed the line with his comment. I plan on calling the corporate office tomorrow with regards to this experience. This location is so bad I would not recommend taking your worst enemy there to eat.

  • I have gone to the S I MALL NY and eaten there AND the last 3 times the burgers were over cooked and luke warm and the fries were cold and old and BAD – I am done !!!!! I sent in an email – I complained to MGMT and I get ignored SO will you RedRobin !

  • A Huge Thank You to Bitsy from Bend, Oregon! She gave a fantastic tour to my daughter's first grade class. Bitsy was so warm and kind with all the children. She made the field stop a hit! The children loved it and learned a lot. They can not wait to get back to Red Robin! Thank you, Bitsy.

  • What does the initial franchise fee cover? Does it include a starting inventory of supplies and products?

    How are the periodic royalties calculated and when are they paid?

    Are all trademarks and names legally protected?

    Who selects the location of your business?

    Are you assigned an exclusive territory?

  • What does the initial franchise fee cover? Does it include a starting inventory of supplies and products?

    How are the periodic royalties calculated and when are they paid?

    Are all trademarks and names legally protected?

    Who selects the location of your business?

    Are you assigned an exclusive territory?

  • I am a regular at the Red Robin in Lake Havasu and have been going there since it open I always have the same waitress who knows we order the same thing every time we come in. We love the Fish & Chips but it seems the quality or perhaps the coating has changed. We have seen all the changes since corporate has taken over and while there are pros and cons I prefer the way it used to be. I know there is nothing you can do about this and I miss the table touching by the previous owner whom I understand retired and I respect that, but you should have a talk with the current managers. I never see them and we come in at least 2 times a week its nice to see a friendly face who knows their regulars. I must admit we were their on Friday 11-6-15 for lunch and we sat close to the kitchen area and heard a manger or someone with authority yelling at an employee which was very unkind and he was very rude to his employee. All we could hear was I am sorry but the supervisor or whoever he was just kept hammering on this poor person. Makes me not want to come in knowing how poorly the employees are now being treated. Just sayin!!

  • We had a bad experience with your Westland, Michigan Red Robins location.Two weeks ago, my sister, her hubby, my hubby and I went to Red Robins for lunch. We paid our bill of more than 65 dollars with a RB gift card and a 100 dollar bill. The server came back returning the gift card and change of $30+ and told us that there was still a balance of $40 on the card. I told my sister to ask the server why she did not use the card and let her ring our payment again so she can have her 40 dlrs back. My sis decided not to and would just use the card in a later date. We went there yesterday and when I paid with the card, they said it had 0 balance. We complained to the manager and the manager investigated and later said she can't do anything because the server is no longer working there. After a lengthy argument, I told her I will go to the social media to post our experience.She still insisted she cannot do anything and not responsible for what had happened and even offered dessert to appease us. When we turned down the offer as I was already so upset, she finally said she would see what she could do.She gave a discount, not the whole amount stolen by their employee. What kind of manager is she when she could not handle a situation like this, where emphasis should be customer service and satisfaction. We swear we will NOT go back again to RED ROBINS!

  • to the CEO, upon visiting your Lansing Red Robins, I have a serious question for you, why are all the Handicapped parking slot on the sides of your building and far away from the entrance?? you do know the meaning of Handicapped don't you. All the front spaces in front of the entrance are for "To GO Orders" and regular parking??? Now I did talk to the Manager of this Red Robins and a very nice friendly individual, all he could say was he would talk to those higher… so I took it upon myself to see what you are going to do, and I hope this is not common to all RED ROBINS
    Mark A Bankus RET USA,

  • Today, I was more than dissatisfied with the service my family received. After not getting what we ordered, 45 minutes after we initially ordered it in Tikaknu location Anchorage Alakska, the waitress argued with me instead of apologizing for not listening to my order. I have waited table for years and get it. People make mistakes. Them the manager comes to the table and backs the waitress, no apology, just another 45 minute wait. I had an infant and a toddler aside from my entire family there. With non meals other than the mac n chees for the toddler which was finished a well over an hour before we got the food we order to begin with. I had to leave the restaurant with my screaming toddler and an infant embarrassed and left the waitress with my credit card for the meal which I asked her the pack to go.. I honestly expected at least an apology, but got nothing just a $90.00 charge. My family has had EVERY family birthday gathering there for the last few years… Spent well over a couple of grand there, so it's not about money but service. I will now be going back after this. I am so upset. The manager working the lunch shift Thursday at this location made a poor choice in arguing, in still tipped VERY well considering the insult l, but I'm sad. This was NOT COOL RED ROBINS!!!

  • I have politely spoken with 2 managers at the RR KATY TX about cold soggy undercooked fries. Both have said they would talk to the staff to change the timing and cooking length. I have seen no change. So tonight I asked for extra crispy fries which they did …great taste and texture but too greazy. They seemed double cooked. I also ordered a BLT and the bacon was completely raw. I hate coming to a restaurant where I have to show them how to cook

  • Since I tried to register but once I did not complete the process I am unable to use my red robins reward. My phone number is in the system I don't have the original email address that I used to join

  • I visited your Restaurant at 20 E. Chicago in Chicago.I go there once a month after my visit to the doctor .I enjoy eating there,however on 8-12 -2015 at 12;pm I asked to use the restroom to wash my hands before my meal the Manager named Ray told me the restroom is for paying customers only.I asked Ray do he thinks I just wondered in from the street just to wash my hands.Ray said again it is for paying customers .Ray told me that most people pay first and then ask can they use the restroom.I informed Ray that I am not aware of what most people do.He finally gave me a key .If this is the policy of your store there should be a sign posted.I am a Veteran of the armed forces I should be able to come downtown and enjoy a burger without some Manager trying to figure out if I want to use his restroom without buying his burger .I am 59 years old and even if I didn't want a burger as a courtesy I should have been able to wash my hands

  • On or about August 4, 2015 my wife, daughter, grandson and I ordered food form your Red Robin restaurant located in Temecula, California. My daughter and grandson ordered hamburgers and my wife and I ordered the chicken Caesar lettuce wrap.
    Despite the restaurant not being crowded we waited over 30 minutes to finally receive our order.
    After eating I paid $76 to include a $10 tip. As soon as we left my wife began having stomach pains and needed to be rushed to the bathroom. When we arrived home I began getting hard stomach pains also and had to use the bathroom. We both were in different bathrooms of our home vomiting, diarrhea, and having a severe stomach pain. We both felt like we were going to die. This was the worst pain that we have ever experienced.
    The weird thing is that my wife and I did not eating anything the entire day. I believe either in the preparation phase, or prior to serving phase of the making of the wraps was the issue. I believe the item was not prepared correctly for human consumption or it sat a long period of time waiting for prior orders. The bottom line is that it only takes one time to get sick and we never want to eat out again.
    My family, friends and I will never eat at any Red Robin ever again. Every time a restaurant has the pleasure of providing an above level of service it should be committed to do everything in their power to reach that standard every time. This was not the case at Red Robin. Terrible experience.

    Harold Stewart
    August 5, 2015

  • Red Robin's menu tries to accommodate people with gluten problems, but it's no use when managers are so poorly trained and too lazy to look at the list of ingredients. The Red Robin in Miami's Falls Shopping Center on SW 136th street had such a dinner-time "manager." I asked if either of their vegetarian burgers was gluten free, and he confidently assure me that the Boca Burger was, but "…don't touch the Garden Burger." I ended up with the worst stomach ache I've had in years, and I haven't been well for the past two weeks. All he had to do was read the ingredients on the box for me. When I checked online, Boca Burgers use wheat gluten as one of their main ingredients. Too bad I can't bring myself to ever go back, but I urge Corporate to do some real training. Their managers could use quite a bit of training (or firing). The waitress was smart. She said she didn't know, but she thought I shouldn't eat it. It was the over-confident arrogance of the manager that has made me sick.

  • Your managers are rude and ignorant and speak to their employees how ever they want at the SOUTH PLAINFIELD location in NEW JERSEY

  • It was by far the worst visit ever to a Red Robin. We we greeted and seated promptly. The rest of the dinner service was horrible:
    – One of the drinks came in a dirty glass;
    – We ordered food which took long coming out and once came out we were not asked by our waitress or a manger how it was or if we needed anything else until we were 90% of the way done eating. The manager and waitress walked by our table too;
    -Why do you have all you can eat fries when we could not get a refill? also no refill on drinks? No one cared to even ask.
    -The food quality was good. However, we needed a side of ranch for fries and more fries. I had 7 fries given to me on my plate. I was done them in less than a minute.
    -I also realized our waitress spend more time at another table and completely ignored us. She was African American and so was the other table, and we our Caucasian. I am very disturbed to be treated like that and not offered service because of my race.

    I am highly offended by the service and plan to send an email to corporate and put reviews on restaurant sites as well as file a complaint with the BBB. I got out to eat at least twice weekly and never had a waiter(ess) not check back on my food or ask if I need anything else.

    With soooo many restaurants in the White Marsh area to get burgers (Five Guys, Red Brick Station, Della Rosas, ZBurger, BWW, TGIFridays, Green Turtle, etc,) you can kiss my business good bye, and I hope others read my message and go to other establishments that respect guests and provide equal service to people of all ethnicities.

  • was recently in Seattle for 3 days with daughter, granddaughter and her friend. In the three days of restaurant meals the last one was at Red Robin store #100 on the waterfront for breakfast. We were some of the first people in when they opened. Our server was Anthony Ramirez and he was beyond excellent. He was a memorable bright spot in our trip. He was friendly, cheerful, and very efficient. Of all the meals in those three days he made that one by far the most pleasant. He is a definite asset to that store and the Red Robin corporation. Can't say enough good things — had us all smiling and laughing as we headed home from Seattle:)

  • got to restaurant at 10:55, they open at 11. had to wait for host. He said they were not serving yet. by the time he told us this , it was already 11am. He said he would have to check with the kitchen to see if they were ready, so we left. Never felt so un welcomed anywhere. Location is at the Mall in Baton Rouge, La.

  • Your new commercial about four friends around a table discussing how they are "Terminator" fans is offensive and insensitive to the brave men and women of our military. To make it seem that the biggest fan at the table is the one with the "Terminator" arm and that she has done it voluntarily is in bad taste AT BEST! Our US military heroes come home from conflict with their arms amputated as they defended our freedoms. …Did ANYONE in your marketing and management offices stop to think this through?! …Won't be spending anymore of my money at your restaurant.

  • I would like to tell you about our experience in one of your resturants, it was not pleasant.
    While we were patronizing your resturant at least twice a month, we will not be returning to any of them. In the last three times we have eaten there, there has been numerous problems either with under cooked (RAW) burgers coming to table, Cold sweet potato fries being served and had been sitting in kitchen, because they were all shrivelled up or waitress coming for drink order and not returning for burger order.
    This is unacceptable to me, when my bill is usually $100 or more each time. I have given your establisment the benifit of the doubt, several chances per say, no more. I had gift cards given to me because it was one of my favorites, no more! My experience was the last time I will eat at Red Robin, ever.
    We ate at Frederick Md on Sunday June 14,2015 and the place was packed, we waited 40 minutes to be seated and then,it fell apart. The waitress was enjoyable and efficient, but food was horrible. My burger was not even 1/8 inch thick,very small, tastes like old meat,asked for well done, got med rare, not quality hamburger, and the fries were cold and my husbands burger didnt fit the bun ,it was small in shape and bun very stale.Oh, I forgot to mention, we never saw a Mgr the whole time we were there.
    I find this unacceptable to pay $9-$10.00 for a burger that is not resturant quality and you at Corpoate should be ashamed to serve this to the public.
    It would please me to be refunded for the whole meal, as I feel I could have used that money for a better acceptable meal elsewhere, just not happy with your establishment at all,
    overpriced for undercooked!

  • On June 11, at 5pm, I took my family to Red Robin on 95th St., in Overland Park, Ks (5people) to celebrate my wife's birthday.

    The lady took our order. I ordered a mushroom burger, with creamy horse radish sauce on the side. They brought the burgers, however the sauce was not with the burger. I waited about 10 minutes and the waitress came around and asked if everything was okay. I said I had ordered the sauce, and my hamburger had sit there for 10 minutes getting cold. She apologized and said she would bring it. 10 minutes later she was no place to be seen. Finally I had to get up and go back to the kitchen and find the waitress. Never did. Some other person asked if he could help me. About 3 minutes later I got the sauce, while every one else had finished eating, I had a totally cold burger and they had to wait while I ate it. The mgr., Tim came by and said if everything was okay???? Obviously I was not happy, but did not want to make a scene. On the way out I stopped the manager, and asked him "is that it"? He said, well what would you like for me to do? I said, hey, you are the manager, you should do what ever you think you should have to do, but you should have done it a long time ago. I told him you should have not charged me for that cold burger I had to wait 30 minutes to eat. He said, sorry, I will give you a gift card. I said no, you should have not charged me, I don't want a gift card. Very poor service. We have gone to Red Robin several times, but will not ever go there again.

  • I would like to voice my anger hoping someone will either read this and do something about, or tell me I need to just shut my mouth and continue doing my job. So here goes, you see I currently work for red robin at the North Riverside location and being that I have been in the business for 35 plus years I have never been part of a team, that has no clue what a team stands for. It really makes me ashamed to say where I work when asked. For one being the location dictates how much money you will or wont make. And the latter of the two is what rings true.I bust my butt at work, and I feel its all for nothing. I realize tips are suppose to be given in reflection of the type of service one receives, but I know I do an excellent job,and still get barely ten percent, now if that isn't something to make one lose their drive, I don't know what is.We the server represent the restaurant,but the kitchen also is a reflection of how good or how bad things can get.And if they are not up on their game we pay the price,again. From what I see and from what I experience they all need to be retrained. Not just in food handeling but in attitude towards co workers. Iam one of the most easy going people around, and by no means do I deserve to be spoken to with such disrespect as those few in our kitchen. I understand when people get stressed out , our store is one of very high volume, but step back take a breath if you need to, don't treat me so rudely that I want to get my things and walk out, if everyone felt like I did the restaurant would just go under. So I guess what I am trying to say is can someone from corporate please look into this matter before it really gets out of hand. thank you Anonymous

  • Night time closers are the worst at Monroevile mall . Management lets them leave trash everywhere. They do not supervise employees on how to clean up at closing time. Water is left under the bread racks and puddles of grease under the fryer. Maybe management needs too learn how to clean up at closing.

  • I would like to comment on how sloppy and unprofessional Red Robin busboys behave. I visited the Red Robin at the Brandon mall in Florida, I was completely appalled by the lack of service. My husband and I arrive at the restaurant an was sat at a table that clear hand not been cleaned properly, so I asked the busboy Wesley could he wipe our table down again . Instead of him doing so, he proceeded to mumble vulgar comments under his breath stating " this some bulls***, I need to just sit my a** down". After about 5 minutes of this guy mumbling under his breath he finally wiped the table off. After he passed by I could clearly smell weed and alcohol on him as if he woke after a long night of partying and just came to work. Throughout the night ,I did watch to see how this busboy interacted with other customers, an I was shocked to see him take tip money that had clearly been left for waitress. This guy should never be allowed to work in a restaurant with the type of behavior he displays, Wesley Parker is not a good representative of Red Robin and I will not be visiting this business any longer

  • With all due respects, I would not recommend employment by Red Robin Gourmet Burgers to anyone. The treatment I received while employed by the company was bigoted and did not correlate with company's four core values: Honesty, Integrity, Seeking Knowledge, and Having Fun. The two years employed with the company was one of the worst examples of management I have experienced. I enjoy helping others and strongly believe as long as the guest is happy, we're happy. The management at the location I was employed at; based scheduling solely off of sales criteria and favoritism. Secondly, my sister, who was also previously employed with the company, called Human Resources to complain about the management system being practiced. She left a message and never received a phone or even an email in response. Since I am happily no longer with the company; I thought I would let you know that I am doing a research project on the past history of complaints and mistreatment of employees by your company.

  • I felt that this review of Red Robin was warranted, not for there food or service, but for their hiring practice and logic of not offering a job. I recently applied for a job at the Red Robin on Bowles Ave in Littleton,Co based upon the Craigslist advertising that the establishment was hiring part time with flexible hours. As a full time student this seemed like the perfect job opportunity. When I was contact by the General Manager_ Greg Adams, I specifically stated that I was in school full time with limited availability, none the less an interview was arranged.
    At the interview, first met a Manager named Noel and went through the whole process and Q& A and after several question, noel mentioned that my availability might not match what they where looking for, but he wanted to double check with Greg, for he didn't flatly not offer a job based primarily on my availability. A few minutes later, another Manager named Brent in believe came to do another Q & A interview. He went into details that in his "past experience" people with my available could not perform to the standards to which servers are graded. According to him, servers have score cards, and working my schedule wouldn't allow for me to meet the so-called goals of the Restaurant. He also stated " I am not saying you personal, but from my experience, I don't thing you will be able to meet the goals" based upon generalization, preconceived notions, and biased viewpoint, I was declined a position.
    The main issue I have is that the Management knew from the outset what my availability was, and yet had me come in for not one but two interviews only to tell me that my availability was not a match to meet predetermined conditions. I wouldn't have had an issue if Noel, or Brent had just stated the my availability wouldn't work, but to be told that I couldn't do something based on preconceived notions in insulting. In the process I also became aware that this establishment does have part-time workers who are in school or have another job, so the reasoning for my lack of an offer is more insulting.
    What is interesting is that this particular restaurant seems to get constantly low reviews on Yelp for poor customer service, thus making the hiring Managers argument contradictory, for he continued to state that service was a high priority. After this interaction, I would have to disagree, it would seem that they do not want a person with a wealth of experience-(15 years of waiting tables). This establishment also continues to advertise via Craigslist of hiring part-time with flexible hours. After this encounter, I will never set foot into Red Robin, particular this location. The company should be more clear on what they are looking for, or at the least Management should have not offered an interview knowing that my availability would not work for them. Didn't appreciate the wasted time on a token interview

  • Last week my husband and I took our three kids to Red Robin on Uwchland Ave in Exton Pa for dinner. This was our very first time eating at Red Robin. When you first enter the building you are hit with this overwhelming scent of mothballs. My husband and I ordered French onion soup, after about thirty mins of waiting for our soup it finally came and the cheese was rock hard and appeared old and there was not one onion in the French onion soup. I also ordered a crispy chicken salad which the lettuce appeared to be brown and soggy and the chicken had a freezer burnt taste to it and the honey mustard dressing they gave me had a ridiculous amount of poppy seeds in it. My husband ordered a wrap and the wrap was rock hard and it didn't taste right. Our kids ordered Mac n cheese, hamburgers and chicken fingers and all three of my children were violently vomiting the very next day. When I asked the server (who was rude and just behaved as if she didn't want to be there) if I could please speak to a manager she put the check down and said that she will see if he has a moment, so we waited and waited and no one came back to our table so we left. I made several attempts to contact the manager via phone and no response. This evening I contacted corporate headquarters and they're asking me for information that was printed on my receipt and after I look closely I realize that we were charged for items that we didn't order. The gentleman I spoke with from corporate said that someone will be contacting me within the next two days. I'm not happy with the service that was provided nor was I happy with the food. We will not be returning to Red Robin ever again.

  • Red Robin in Chambersburg, PA. Very very rude manager. My server was rude and brought me barely cooked burger. Then when I asked for another cooked burger the server told me I should eat some place else if I didn't like how it was cooked. The lady manager in the store would do nothing about the rude and psycho employee and told me I shouldn't order burgers then.!! You need to fire both of them. John Musa

  • The only reason any of you are complaining is so you get something for free. It's just burgers and fries people, get over it.

  • Hello,

    I'm writing a complaint regarding the service that I received yesterday at the Red Robin in Cascade Station in Portland, Oregon. Yesterday, UNFORTUNATELY, I choose to go to Red Robin for lunch. All I order was 1 order of fries. I thought it would be quick, orderly, and easy to pick up as I only have about 30 to 45 minutes for lunch. After waiting for 40 MINUTES for 1 order of Fries, I decided to consult the store employees and explain to them that it was not fair nor exceptable for a customer to wait 40 MINUTES for 1 order of fries. I just hate to think of how long it would have taken if I had ordered a burger with fries. It may have been a few hours until that order arrived to me. Tiffany was the waitress for us. I was not satisfied with the service I received and I will visit other stores for my lunch as I'm sure they can get fries to me in less than 40 MINUTES.

  • My sister and I go to red Robin 101 W. Main Street Newark, De 19702 at least once a week if not more. I have never seen a waiter as good as Taylor he remembers everything and is always doing 10 things at once. I wish all waiters wre like him. On another subject we both have Royalty cards she has had many new ones they never work, I still have the older one which always worked now it hasn't worked on my last 3 visits. What's up with that? When you e-mail them they say it's because we don't open our e-mails that's bull it should have nothing to do with wheather you open your e-mails Even though we both do open them.

  • I went to the red robin in Gaithersburg,MD today my waiter was great her name was Kelly but besides that I had hair in my food when I told Kelly about it she told the manager and both managers were no help all she told me was I'm sorry about the hair in your food but besides the hair is everything ok I said yes and again she says ok well sorry again about the food and have a good week and the other manager named Brian lied to my waiter and said that he had came over and talked to me about the situation which he did not. I WILL NOT BE BACK TO EAT AT YOUR RESTAURANT AGAIN TO NASTY FOR ME.

  • I visited your Appleton, Wisconsin restaurant for the 1st time ever today (11/15/14) with my niece and nephew and all I can say is "DISGUSTING." Do you people never clean? The vent up front above the claw games was just covered with dust, like it has never been cleaned since the restaurant opened how many years ago. One of the ceiling vents near the entrance was splattered with something red, the faces/screens of the games were dirty, and when I was sitting at my booth, I noticed the long, black wire coming down from the ceiling to the light above the table was just caked with dust. Gross, gross, gross! Kind of have to wonder how clean the kitchen is if this is the condition you keep the rest of the restaurant. I will never, ever return to this place- just totally disgusting.

  • I currently am an employee of a Red Robin in Billings Montana however my last day will be next week. I have noticed over the last year of working there that the management treats their staff very poorly and shows no appreciation to them. The threats that are made to the employees are absolutely ridiculous. They threaten to fire people if they do not have doctors notes when they are sick, however not everyone can afford to go to the dr. I have chronic migraines and can not afford to go to the hospital every time I have one to get a doctors note. I do understand that people abuse being sick however not everyone does and I find it horrible that they would threaten to fire people constantly for that. They would rather you show up for work puking sick so that you can prove to them you are sick. I know if it were me i really do not want someone around my food who has been puking or running a fever. No thank you! I also had a recent death in the family and i needed to go out of town…..i called to let them know what was going on and was informed by one of the managers that there was a possibility I could be fired if I did not come to work. I was absolutely disgusted. This to me was completely out of line and i do not believe that is how a business should be run.
    I think that it is horrible that the managers are getting away with this. I filed one complaint about a manager to our owner and nothing ever happened. Why is that? There is not accountability for how these managers are treating their employees. Its a revolving door of threats being made about getting shifts cut or getting fired and it has made it to where people are constantly walking on eggshells when they are at work. That is not how a place of employment should be by any means. I think that corporate should probably be taking a look at how this store is run. I have been told by guests that they will never come back, been told by friends and family they will never come back, and that is a very large problem. Managers need to be held accountable for their actions and not be allowed to degrade or treat any of their employees badly.
    I hope that the corporate offices will be taking a look at this and do something about it. Like I stated before next week will be my last week and I can say that this is the one job that I look forward to leaving because of the poor treatment I have received.

  • Hello. I want to start out by saying I very much enjoy Red Robin. That being said about 8 months ago I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. This means I now have an allergy to gluten. I went through many months of pain and digestion problems. I have been feeling better due to a strict gluten free diet and healthy lifestyle.
    Last night I met a friend at Red Robin in Exeter Township. Our server was Diane. I ordered the Bruchetta Chicken on the gluten free bun, which is amazing, and gluten free garlic fries. My friend ordered a steak sandwich with the garlic fries. Our orders came out, my friend had her garlic fries, but I did not have mine. I just let it go and didn't say anything. She came back after a long time and asked if we wanted more fries. I said yes, can I please have my garlic fries and my friend said the same. She said I will just put them together in a big basket. I said I need mine to be gluten free. She's like oh that's right. Our fries came out very quickly which I thought was odd because I know mine need to be made fresh in the gluten free fryer. I ate them and was feeling ok. When I got home I got severely sick. A lot of stomach cramping and sharp pains. I did not choose this disease, it chose me. I do not want to cause trouble, but this is the second time I have had Diane as my server and I feel as though she is not educated on what gluten is and just brushed me off as if it was no big deal. I do not go out very often anymore because I feel as though I am a burden and I do not want to take the chance of getting sick. Celiac is an allergy like any other except it is a chronic disease. I do not blow up instantly into a bubble and can't breathe, but it does literally rip apart my digestive system and affect my muscles and joints. I am still feeling the affects today and I hope it will be better soon.

    I do not think I will go to Red Robin again anytime soon. I was very disappointed.

  • The management at Red Robin in Greece, NY is horrible to their staff. They don't know how to run an operation or how to treat people. The first several months after the opening in January was great. After that it has gone downhill! The owners or people in charge need to come back in and talk to the staff! When they find out they are loosing money that will perk ears up.

  • We recently dined at the Red Robin (RR) in Selinsgrove PA. I did not ask if there were smaller portions available. That was my mistake. My Whiskey River BBQ Chicken Salad was HUGE and I could not take it home due to the distance we had to travel. The food would have spoiled.

    I suggest that RR provide on the printed menu the ability to order 1/2 portions. It is obnoxious that I had to waste food and I believe this reflects poorly on RR and upper management. They are not tuned in to the world at the proper frequency.

    I also believe that RR is well on the way to pricing themselves out of reach of many Americans. Their revenue yields may be rising with higher price points but when there is no one inside eating, the rev numbers will speak for themselves.

    Ordering a Whiskey River BBQ Chicken Sandwich for $9.99 plus tax and tip drives the base meal cost to $12.60 including sales tax and tip for server. Again, the price points are no longer sustainable for many Americans.

  • I have been a fan of Red Robin for years. I enjoy both Issaquah and the Seattle locations.
    I recently visited a franchise in Yakima, Nob hill location. My wife and I sat for a long while before a very nice but obviously over worked waitress took our order. We then waited in excess of 35 min. without any conversations about the delay or wait time. I was also disenchanted by the fact that others, seated after us were served their meals.

    We left the restaurant without waiting any longer and visited an Artic circle and enjoyed a wonderful burger and fries that we received in roughly 10 min. That waitress actually thanked us for waiting. Huh! I hate tell you this but you actually ended up competing against an Artic circle and they out performed you in every aspect of customer service. What A SHAME. We were originally interested in a nice atmosphere but were equally pleased with our second choice for pleasant people doing a good job and really caring. Good luck.

  • I would really appreciate it if you could take the "to die for" commercial off the air. The woman cuts the pineapple top off with a machete and the machete goes flying through the air. It's so not funny with all of the problems in the Middle East and the journalist that was beheaded by Isis. I am sending a letter to your corporate offices to back up my appeal.

  • As a parent and 4 time Grandparent and a member of National association of
    Realtors, California Association of Realtors and Victor Valley Association of
    Realtors, I am greatly disappointed in Red Robin's new "That's One Damn Great Burger" ad campaign. Red Robin is replicating a form of media that is intended to be vulgar and catchy, but it should be avoided if a company is concerned with its reputation as a "family friendly" Restaurant.

    As a parent and Grandparent, I do not want my children and Grandchildren
    repeating this slogan. Offensive ads like Red Robin's cause parents to lose
    their respect for a restaurant that claims to be family-friendly.

    As a consumer, I urge you to immediately discontinue "The D.G.B." marketing
    campaign and any plans for future ads that include profanity and rename the
    newest burger on the menu with a more decent option instead. My entire Family, My 2,000 member church and people I talk with
    will now refuse to eat at Red Robin until the "DGB" Ad campaign is discontinued. I will wait till the end of June to see if this Ad campaign is discontinued before I send out a blast email to the National, State and local Real Estate Associations I am a member of. I Intend to aggressively campaign a Boycott against a company that continues to promote vulgarity to our children, they are exposed to too much as it is!

    I look forward to hearing from you regarding my concern.


    Al Calvert

  • Please for me and most of America get rid of Melanie Paxson …she's so annoying. I just can't go to a restaurant with such an annoying spokesperson.

  • How sad in Exton Pennsylvania. On May 18th 2014 our experience just shows how Red Robin Customer service ,value ,and quality of food and experience continues to deteriorate. The manager Kenrick was abrupt arrogant and rude to start with. The food took over an hour to be served and was cold overcooked etc etc. If it weren't for our server Dylan (sp?) and the other manager Brian who tried to "save the day" we would certainly never return to our once favorite family restaurant. Inferior management and food together certainly does not constitute a good experience.

  • I just had lunch today Thursday May 15,2015. I have been a customer at Red Robn ever since the Ba Red Robin opened. My daughter was a hostess there, when she was 17 she is now 43. I have always enjoyed the service until today, the management is in need of revision, he did not seem to care about the customers. My sister who is 78 requested a crouisant for her sandwich for easier chewing, waiter did not inform het that it would be a dollar more. The service was very slow. The waiter was nice but as far as I could the manager had understaffed the resturan. He was completely out of it when it came to service. I had the worst experce I have ever had in a Red Robin.

  • Management must have changed at the Wilmington, NC. Red Robin location in Mayfaire. I have always enjoyed going there with my family, but our last two experiences were bad enough that I don't want to go again. I didn't bother with a review the first bad experience because it might have just been an 'off' night for them, and like I said…never had a bad experience there before. But last night I went there with my 2 year old son and the experience was awful from the start.

    My 2 year old and I were taken to a very small table, but I don't like asking to be reseated because I've worked in restaurants before and know that they often seat according to sections, etc… So we both squeezed onto one side and were content (although the table was wobbly and I had to put the drink menu under one leg to keep it steady). To make a long story short, I asked for napkins halfway through out appetizer and didn't get them until halfway through the actual mean (someone other than our waitress brought the food and I assumed she was still on the way with them so I didn't re-ask the person bringing the food). The two napkins were dropped off quickly eventually (and I had a Bonzai burger…messy), so when she passed by again I asked for silverware (didn't notice we had none until my son started to eat his side salad). We didn't get silverware until we were finished with the meal. Literally. So my son ate his entire side salad soaked in ranch dressing with his hands. My iced tea sat empty from the appetizer on. No offer of refill, no 'How is everything', nothing.

    So nothing but ice in my glass the entire visit, no napkins and no silverware even after asking for both. The only time we actually saw the waitress for longer than her rushing by the table was when I was clearly pissed off and asked her to please bring us the check. In her last ditch effort to still land a tip she says "Can I get you anything else?" when she drops off the check. A little too late. We had planned on ordering milkshakes and having a great night…but I just wanted to get out of there by that time. Oh, and important sidenote…it was 6:30 at night, the evening rush hadn't even begun so they weren't busy yet.

    I'm a schmuck, so I still left 20%…but I also left a note on the back letting her know I generally tip 25-30% and that I wasn't happy (no tea, no napkins, no silverware, no service). So now when my son asks for Red Robin, I'm going to steer him in another direction.

  • I just had the worst experience off my entire life at the Boston Road/ Wilbraham Massachusetts location. I am not one to ever complain but something should surely be done about this. My best friend and I decided to try red robin because I am gluten free and I noticed the gluten free menu offered. I walked in and the was seated after that the waitress came over took our order I ordered a soda and my best friend ordered a strawberry drink and I got a salad and my friend got a burger . We finally got our drinks after waiting a long but tolerable time with a bucket off all you can eat fries. Our drinks and fries had been done for a long time before the waiter came back to check but when she did my friend ordered another strawberry drink and I ordered another soda and we got more fries she came back to give us our stuff. We waited an hour and half for our food and never got it so I put 10$ to pay for my 2 sodas and the fries because besides that all I had was debit and I never saw our waitress again and my friend put down 20 for her 2 drinks and we left…..clearly we over paid and that useless waitress probably pocketed the money. I never saw our waitress or got my food not even a bill NOTHING!the worst part is everyone else that came in after us was served!

  • I read a remark about prices on Produce going up and I laugh because that is the excuse they all use to raise prices when this is not true. The Red Robin Contracts it's items just like all the other big Chains do so they know what every item cost is but they don't tell you that. The Red Robin Cry's how Produce prices go up and then they raise the Burger prices when they don't have to. Chains like Red Robin Buy Cheaper Produce to keep the cost of the Burgers down so they can make more Money. Next time you go in there notice how terrible there Tomatoes are but they want to blame the Produce when it's there Buyers who buy the worst and don't understand that the customer just wants the same Burger all the time at the same price and not have to here why they have to raise the price because Red Robin is not doing there Job Right? The customer doesn't go in to Red Robin and say I am working less hours can you lower my price, no they go in and pay what ever the price is and should get what they pay for and not have to here them complain why they have to put less lettuce or tomatoes because the price went up. As for me I stopped going to Red Robin with my family of 6 because I can see that there Quality has gone down and there prices have gone up and I can get a better Burger and experience some where else in my area. In California I think they will fade out unless they change there ways there is to many places to get a better Burger and for why less Prices and better Lettuce and Tomatoes.

  • Why is it that the servers get tips and the cooks do not. At other resterounts the cooks get an equal share of the tips. Not at Red Robin. The cooks have to do a lot more work then the servers. They have to prepare every thing. The server just takes the food to the table and takes the order. And the DMO has the hardest job of all. The gigantic mess that is left over by your 30 or 40 top ends up being handed to the DMO. You think that guy gets a tip? The answer of curse is no. Red Robin you need to tip your kitchen staff. And pay the servers better the they will be able share the tips equally. Thanks for nothing a cook at Red Robin.

  • On 04/16/2014 while on the way back from radiation oncology, we decided to try Red Robin for lunch, 7050 Carpenter Rd, Skokie, IL 60077.(847) 674-7050 . My cancer journey started over 2 months ago so a friend of mine, being afraid I'd be lonely through this journey, sent me a Flat Stanley to be at my side always, and as you know you must photograph him everywhere. So, we're seated and the waitress comes over to take our drink order and she's me taking a pic of FS next to the Red Robin spice bottle on table, wanted everyone to know where he was 🙂 As to not look like a fool I casually tell her Flat Stanley in my partner in fighting cancer and he goes everywhere with me. We order, I gad the greatest burger ever. Time to leave, I g to the restroom and when I come back my partner has a weird look on his face??? He said the manager came over and asked how everything was. Then the waitress gave him the check and the restaurant was picking up my check, their way of helping me fight cancer. I was stunned, emotional and thankful. Red Robin and staff, you made an incredible first impression, one that I shared with my many friends on FB. You guys paid it forward and now I will pay it forward. Thank you, Hal.

  • The other day the wife and I were trying to find a place for the family to eat on Seattle's waterfront. We were going to go to Red Robin but changed our mind after a skinny black guy in what looked like a managers shirt threatened to beat me up in front of my family over the way I parked. There were also a few other employees out there smoking, One of them told me, "that's Phil, he's like that. Sorry" I'd hate to be working under him let alone have to confront him with a complaint about my food. NOT A FAMILY FRIENDLY PLACE. Other than Red Robin, There was no place that we could take the kids, so we ended up going to McDonald's. How sad. We used to really enjoy this place.

  • Me and my wife had the opportunity today to eat at the restaurant that recently opened in Staten Island, NY. We had been salivating for a good burger. Service was good, the burgers were good, but the sides left much to be desired. The humus platter was served with soggy chips, and the baby carrots were rubbery. The cold slaw was tasteless and the side of sweet potato fries was all shriveled up (like it had sat in the kitchen too long). I hope this is not representative of all your franchises because NYC is a tough market place with lots of good food choices.

  • The commercial where the woman is cursing is very unprofessional. This is not a family based restaurant. I will NEVER go back to one of your restaurants because of this commercial. That commercial was outrageous. Very uncalled for.

  • I hope this comment gets the attention it deserves. The assistant manager in Collierville, TN, Jerry Wardlow, is MY hero and a tremendous asset to Red Robin. Let me explain. Tuesday night I was enjoying a hamburger and onion rings with my husband and friend when I began to choke and could not breath. My husband and another customer tried to help me without success. My friend called out for someone to call 911, which someone did.

    The terrible thought in my mind was that I would not last long enough for the trained paramedics to help me. Words cannot express how extremely scared I was. I just retired and was looking forward to traveling with my husband and friends, spending quality time with my grandchildren and doing things I've never had time to enjoy. As these thoughts were going through my consciousness, I felt some behind me and suddenly realized, I was able to get a little air in my lungs and then in seconds I was able to breath.

    Since Tuesday I have heard stories with fatal or bad endings. Again, I can't express my relief and profound gratitude to a young man who stepped up and performed the Heimlich and to my belief, saved my life. This young man was the assistant manager of Red Robin. When the paramedics arrived and checked me out everything was good. Although I gave Jerry many hugs and expressed my gratitude, I want to express to you that this young man is an impeccable employee and deserves more than I'm able to do for him. If Red Robin has any type of Bravo Zulu or award for going above and beyond, I would like to recommend that he receive this award. I will say it again Jerry is MY HERO. Please ensure he is given the accolades deserved.

  • Our favorite go to place, in Milford, CT. I can safely leave my teens there, for great food and an enjoyable experience. The wait staff and management are excellent, as is the food. Much to our dismay, when I took them last night, it was closed. No notice, no nothing. What happened?!

  • What is with this new commercial you have with the profanity. It is offensive and uncalled for, especially with children on it. You are a family restaurant and there is no need to drop to this level of advertising. You should fire your advertising company over this.

  • I, too, am very offended by your new commercial. There is not a need for cursing, especially when children are involved, on television at all. You would be smart to pull that commercial. I hope you receive many, many complaints!!

  • I am appalled at your latest commercial, I can't believe you would use such profanity, I though this was a family restaurant….

  • I am objecting to you latest commercial. It is jot necessary to use profanity yo sell your product. Obviously it is not promoting a family atmosphere

  • I am not a prude but why do you feel it necessary to use profanity in your commercial with children? It's not cute or funny. It is highly offensive. I have always believed that those who use profanity have very poor vocabularies. I tend to believe this is the case. Would not eat at Red Robin for this reason.

  • To whom it may concern,
    I am not normally one to make a complaint about a commercial for I think I have a very good sense of humor. However, in this case I will. I have been to your establishment numerous times with my wife and my kids. I thought that this is supposed to be a family restaurant and after seeing the last commercial where the lady covers the little girls ears then uncovers them and says a bleeped out cuss word, my wife and I our very disappointed in your marketing strategy. In NO way does that make me want to ever bring my family back in there. Especially how excited my kids get when I even mention the word of going to Red Robins house then having to explain to them what she said on your commercial. Again, I am one that is not easily offended but in this case I am extremely disappointed. Also FYI, my wife is in marketing and advertising and she says that is not the kind of attention you want to attract to your family oriented business. I hope this letter is taken into consideration when making your next commercial.

  • I totally agree with the previous published comment. I too, am very disappointed in Red Robin. NO WAY, is foul language in any form, whether disguised or not appropriate in any commercial. Let alone for a family oriented restaurant. We will be rethinking our patronage as well.!!! Shame Shame!

  • I always thought of Red Robin as a family oriented restaurant, but after seeing your new commercial I am going to have to rethink my position. What kind of a commercial is that? Using foul language in front of small children is supposed to be funny? That's disgusting, and it's media like that that is contributing to the decline in our children's morality and respect for others. Shame on you, That was a very disappointing thing for you to do.

    • I agree. I use to consider this a "family" restraunt. Well, no more. When the advertisers make the moronic decision to try to sell using filth in their dialog, suddenly, I don't feel like eating, let alone bring my family there. Bye, Red Robin. Someone needs to be fired….

    • Disgusted by your commercial- where the "f-bomb" is dropped. Not amused at all. it is disgusting. You WERE our favorite place, but knowing that this corporation thinks that this commercial is appropriate for a "family " restaurant, well, sorry, you are wrong. it is not. My family and my friends will not be back. I have already shared my views on my FB page, and I have encouraged all of my more than 1,500 friends to follow suit….trust me, they are sharing this disgust with all of their friends. sickens me the way that you seem to think this is all so funny!

    • Please come into the real world all of you. Red Robin has been trying to leave the family atmosphere for a couple years now, hence new commercials and promotional drink menus and Super Gourmet burgers. Your children probably know that word. It among all the other "bad" words are used everyday. Please wake up.

  • My husband and I have had great experiences with red Robin but today was the first time I ever had to walk out of a restaurant. We had waited almost an hour to receive our food and when we did it was cold. The waiter completely forgot about us and when I mentioned to him that our food was cold he did offer to get a new meal for us but I was not going to spend almost $35.00 for horrible service, cold food, and on top of it all as we were leaving we ran into the manager and we mentioned the service we had he says "so did you guys eat everything". He never apologized for the service never offered some sort of discount he never made us feel good about being there and as we were leaving her was apologizing to another customer. The waiters were nice but under that management no wonder what's horrible service is going on there. This was at location #2365 in Arcadia. As loyal customers I will go to that red Robin again