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Chilis Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Chilis Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Chili’s Grill & Bar a division of Brinker International, Inc.

Chilis Corporate Office Address:

6820 LBJ Freeway

Dallas, TX 75240 USA

Chilis Contact Phone Numbers and Website:

Corporate Phone Number: 1-972-980-9917

Fax Number: 1-972-770-9593

Customer Service Number: 1-800-983-4637

Website: Chilis.com

Chili’s is a casual dining restaurant. Their Competition includes Applebees, Ruby Tuesday, Hooters, Outback Steakhouse and Olive Garden.

CorporateOfficeHeadquarters.com is not associated with Chili’s. This website is for information, reviews, feedback, ratings, and complaint purposes only. Information was verified by a live person on April 2023. Please report any errors to the webmaster.


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  1. Went to Chilis yesterday, used to love the 3 for menu, they really don't have anything worthwhile for $11. The pasta and anything else that used to be on that list is no longer available for that price, everything else is a couple of bucks more, we may not be going there too often anymore.

  2. To Whom it may concern,
    I been going to your Restaurant for quite a long time. Today I visited your location in Stewart Florida, Store #1355. I'm very accustomed to ordering this dish. Today I was served the most disgusting version of The Santa Fe in my life. The server brought it to me saturated with RANCH DRESSING. The dish is supposed to be served with a dressing of your choice. So I figured she was going to bring me several dressings. It looked like a slop bowl. We had our Great Aunt with us, and she is 86, so I didn't want to cause any commotion. The dish had no slices of Avocado no Tomatoes just drenched in this white slop. The Chicken looked like it came out of a bag and was thrown in the microwave. Grilled chicken has grill lines on it. This was soft and soggy. Total rip-off. this is disgusting. I had to tell the server that the chicken was not well-done grilled, she insisted it was, told her that there is supposed to be Avocodo in, she laughed and walked away then showed up with BLACK over-ripened avocado. Now I'm feeling very ripped off and dissatisfied I Lot of money for this crap SERVER WAS Kelly

  3. No problem with the food or our waiter, however when the bill came the recommended tip was 22%, $9.76, paid on the table kiosk I selected 22%, but the receipt showed
    22%, $10.45. So tell me who gets the extra $00.69 ?

  4. Chilis used to be our favorite restaurant and it’s a darn shame how the quality has went down in every area. No hostess, lots of tables available but still a 20-30 min wait unless we sat at the bar. Sat at the bar. No drinks for 15 mins. after ordering food. Food delivered and no check back. No silverware no condiments, had to get a manager and still, poor service. When we checked out, we had to walk to the other side of the bar to pay. No employees around to pay. The waitress came out of the kitchen with a mouth full of food, chewing and telling us how she hasn’t eaten all day. Still, made us pay on a disgusting filthy app. machine! Restaurant was filthy and everything was sticky too. Our favorite restaurant, we will not be returning!!! So sad to see this!!!

  5. I am very disappointed with the management and service at the Ponca City , OK site. We have always love Chilis and my wife likes to get the Salmon, the last four trips it was brought out raw . Today topped it off , obviously it was raw , we sent it back and they brought out another plate of Raw Salmon , at this point we asked for the manager , note I'm already done eating when she arrived at the table and the first words out of her mouth is ( we'll comp the salmon ) I told her that was ridiculous they couldn't figure out how to cook salmon . She said (it was probably frozen ) not I'm sorry and what can I get you. I asked to get the name and number of the area manager , at this point she left and we never had any other correspondence. The pad wasn't working to pay , so we flagged down the waitress to get a paper ticket to pay ( left a 25% tip ) not the waitress fault. Very poor management , Doubtful me and mine will ever eat at another Chili's.

  6. Our grand daughter picked up chilis for us today! We always went before Covid and had not in 3 years. The meals she brought were exceptional ! Just as if we were there in person! The staff at 7 ave and Bell in Phoenix AZ should be awarded for the great meals as I know how hard it is to make to- go meals look and taste great! Thank you! DARrie Tackett

  7. My mom and I ate at the Chill's located at 401 S. IH35 in Georgetown, Texas on Thursday, March 30th, 2023. We ordered an appetizer and the waiter brought the queso dip and chips but no plates and walked away. When he came back to ask for our entre order, we had not decided but asked for a (2) plates. He said ok and would be back. The plates never arrived. He came back a few moments later asking for our decision on our entre order we placed our order and asked again for our (2) plates to eat our queso dip that was now cold. He said ok and would be back and walked away. He walked back into the dining hall and spoke to another table and turned around and looked back at us, and said, "You have 2 plates". We looked at him perplexed and said, "How can we have 2 plates when we are waiting on your to bring them. He held up his finger and wagged it around and said, "Ooookaaay, I will get you your (2) plates just hold on" in a really condescending and nasty manner. Mind you, he was at least 6 ft away from our table and talking where everyone could hear him. I was angry. He brought us the plates, and I asked for the manager. The manager came, and I told him what had happened and requested that the waiter not serve us anymore. He said he did not have anyone else, so I requested that the manager serve us. The manager ignored us, and the waiter came back with our food. I refused to be served by the disrespectful waiter. He took the food to the back and had the manager bring it out a few moments later (about 7 min). The manager was nonchalant about the whole encounter and was aloof and dismissive. I told him we didn't have to spend our money in his restaurant and it was a choice. We did not deserve to be treated the way they had treated us. I won't be back. Server was named Garrett. Manager was named Ryan. They wrote on the Order: "Don't Make" There was no receipt number, but there was this number across from Guests: 2 3020114, I have pictures of my receipts and don't mind sending you a copy.

  8. On 03/26/2023 my husband and I visited your Chili’s establishment at CAMP CREEK
    3660 Camp Creek Pkwy SW, Atlanta, GA 30331-6261. Ph: (404) 629-0113.

    My Receipt # 980198. My Order # 17163390872961025.

    We placed an online order via the chilis.com website for curbside pickup at 8:43pm. We received a text that stated our order would be ready between 9:06pm and 9:11pm. We were already in the parking lot when we placed the order. At 9:15pm I had not received a notice about my food, so I went into the curbside entrance and waited another 10 mins with two other gentlemen before anyone even acknowledged our presence. The purpose of curbside is so that I do not have to get out and that was not the case at this establishment. When I asked the young lady about my order, she stated the establishment was out of food. While we were told there was no food, a really bad hail storm came through and then we were trapped in the chilis for another 15 mins due to the golf ball size hail, heavy wind & rain that damaged our vehicle. So not only did I get poor service and no food, now I have a damaged car, which we could have been home before the storm came in had they just simply told us there was no food to serve!

    So of course, this was disappointing because we have lost over 50 mins of our time that we can’t get back and we were hungry. The cashier then stated she was going to cancel the order so we can get a refund. The order was never cancelled, and I had to come back into this establishment on 03/27/2023 to ensure the refund was processed on my break time from work and to make matters worse, I was not even offered anything for my time or inconvenience even after I went back up there to rectify your employee’s mistake. I waited to ensure the refund was processed which took about 30 mins and the manager did not even offer me a drink of water or tea.

    This experience was very disappointing because this could have been prevented by simply not taking any more orders. The cashier stated they were out of everything. How can an establishment such as Chili’s in a high traffic area run out of food? The manager on duty at the time I went back to Chili’s on 03/27/2023 stated the DM did not order enough food and this was known as of this past Friday (03/24/2023). So that was even more disturbing knowing this establishment knew it was running out of food two days before.

    I work for a government agency nearby and we frequent this establishment for lunch. This experience has changed my opinion on the service this establishment provides, and I will tell my fellow co-workers about this experience.

    Customer service is lacking at this facility and needs to be addressed. This was a horrible experience and service.

  9. On March 25, approx 1 p.m., myself, my granddaughter, her husband and baby went to your restaurant at Battlefield Blvd and Cedar Rd, Chesapeake, VA. When we went to pay the check at the table a game opened on the tablet and I was charged a 2.99 table entertainment fee. No one in our party played that game. I would like a refund for this erroneous charge. I have been to Chili’s 4 times in my life and this is the second time I was burned. Not sure I want to trust it again

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