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Chilis Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Chilis Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Chili’s Grill & Bar a division of Brinker International, Inc.


6820 LBJ Freeway

Dallas, TX 75240 USA

Phone Numbers:

Corporate Phone Number: 1-972-980-9917

Fax Number: 1-972-770-9593

Customer Service Number: 1-800-983-4637

Chilis Corporate Offices
  • I am a concerned local restaurant owner but also appreciate all of the chili’s menu!! I’m sure y’all have seen the article about your manger Kassie in tyler tx at this point. I wrote this message 10 times and talked myself out of sending it each time. That article was spot on!!I’ve sat in every corner of that restaurant and every time Kassie is the same. I could use this platform to complain about the short comings of another manager but that is not what this is about. I am not a easy customer, I’m picky and I’m particular. I work hard and I have high expectations and I know if I see Kassie in the dining room I will always get what I need!! But do y’all know what type of employee you have on your hands? I’ve seen her come from the kitchen covered in food from cooking to help a covered up host then move to greet tables and get a server out of the weeds, get yelled at and degraded then gracefully slide behind the bar to make drinks and engage with a full bar top and have the whole bar belly laughing while calling most of them by name before she heads back to the kitchen again. I have offered her jobs, my colleagues have offered her jobs because that girl is tired & she deserves more than working every position in the restaurant only to sit in her car and cry alligator tears after her shift. Yes, I’ve seen that too. That is what prompted me to send this. I think she is close to her wits end. If she will not come work for me, the least I can do is make sure upper, upper management has some kind of clue of who they have working for them because something tells me Kassie is not going to toot her own horn. Everytime she steps to the back you are underutilizing this gem of an employee. I do not know the positions throughout Chili’s/Brinker but I know this employee is beyond exemplary. There has to be some kind of public relations or motivator of other employees or other managers type of position. While she is fantastic at the restaurant level you would, with all due respect, be an absolute fool to leave her there. She needs to be in multiple restaurants. I WANT HER IN MINE! I do not know if this will ever reach the proper persons of interest because Im going to leave this on multiple platforms but in the case that it does, I hope all the loyalty Kassie has shown is paid back to her ten fold.

    Be blessed!!!

  • I am not normally one to complain, but this was the worst experience EVER!! My family and I always go out to dinner after we attend Saturday night church. Since we live in between this location and the Lewisville location we decided to have dinner at this one. Big Mistake! At first, we were told that it would be a 45 min wait and we were pleasantly surprised that we were seated within 15 and it went downhill from there. Our waitress came immediately and then we waited for 20 mins for her to come back with the drinks. We let her our intent to get the 3 for 10.99 (we had a family of 5) and she was even nice enough to give me a sample of enchilada soup when I couldn't decide whether to get that or the potato cheddar. That was very nice. She came back and I let her know we were getting 3 potato soups, 1 enchilada and 1 salad and then waited for almost an hour for it to come. Once the soups came out, they were all cold as if they had been sitting there for that hour and the salad was made from old brownish lettuce. We attempted to complain but were afraid that if we spoke too loudly, we would have to wait another hour. I finally had to flag the waitress down AGAIN and let her know we needed to place our main order, she had already told us she would get to us in "a few" and that all of this was taking way too long! She stated that they were very busy, but I also pointed out that there were 2 tables (at that time) that came at the same time we did, and they had already left. As she was leaving our table my husband whispers to me "that this damn place needs to be closed." "All of this is ri-damn-diclous!" The next thing we know we had a little kitchen manager coming to our table telling my husband "This is a family place" and to watch his mouth!" We stated that we have been waiting two hours! To which he said "sorry, but the kitchen is extremely busy" and I explained to him that people were coming and going all around us and we still didn't have food and as for it being a family place, the only other kids that were in the restaurant were across the restaurant. He then said, "that there are teenagers behind you"! Honestly! We had teens with us 13 and 14 as well as our younger child (who as about in tears because she was so hungry) because she refused to eat her cold soup, what about them–these kids have been waiting now for two hours. And the only thing he (Tony Garlando) cared about was that my husband had said a swear word. He never responded to the fact our family got cold food, and then got zero entrees, had waited for two full hours, that there had been 3 parties sat at the table next two us that had come and gone, he never said anything when I told him our drinks were never refilled, customer service was zero. The table of teens behind us, came in about 30 mins after we were, and they were eating their meal and we were still waiting but "the kitchen was busy" and "your husband needs to watch his mouth" literally were the only two things that he said. When I told him we were going to corporate because this is now right, he said "DO IT and I will give you my name". Unprofessional at best and in desperate need of Bar Rescue. My children were embarrassed, hungry and I our time was wasted and as a longtime Chili's patron I am very upset and very disappointed, and your place of business was not represented well at all. We normally go two Chili's at least 5-7 times a month but I will never go back to the one in Flower Mound.

  • I am having a problem with a visit – I was charged twice for my meal. I have been dealing with it for over a week with the manager to no avail. I need someone from headquarters to contact me. The phone number at headquarters for customer service keeps saying they are unavailable. Not even able to leave a message.

  • Yes, I have been trying for 3 weeks now to get ribs at the Kingman, AZ Chili's and their oven has been working for 3 weeks, probably longer, so they have no ribs. They tell me that they keep sending emails and nothing is happening. When is that oven going to be fixed? Losing a lot of business here! Thanks

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