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TracFone Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. tracfone is a service that i never in my life want to ever do business with again. 4 days and over7 hour on the phone with them. i am disable and need my goverment phone and min.

  2. I have been trying to get a refund for unused time (26 days left). I have been hung up on 9 times by the company. They pretend to be switching to someone else, but while you are on hold, they hang up on you. This is dishonest.

  3. lost all my data text and phone minuets Nov 6th 2021 did manage to get some back not the 2.5gb or 11973 text or the thousands on minuets that I paid for over the years loved the service until Nov 7th when I got a portion back.

  4. My airtime was going to expire at Midnight on July 10th, 2019. I called to refill my airtime and told me they already had deactivated my phone, and I said I would like it reactivated and had till midnight to do so. They outright flatly refused to activate my phone telling me I would have to purchase a new phone. My husband & I have been with TracFone for several years. When I called in the first time, it took me 5 transfers to get to the United States. I've already contacted HSN & QVC as to what is taking place. I believe the reason they wanted to get rid of me is because when I purchased my phone, I had triple minutes for the life of the phone. It still states on their website that double & triple minutes stay with the life of the phone as long as you own it. I've been trying to reach the Manager at TracFone for the last couple of days, and all I get is a voicemail. I can't always fill my airtime ahead of time as I'm a widow and have to wait on my husband's S/S check. So, so sad. TracFone Customer Service has reached the bottom and don't care about their customers or their loyalty.

  5. Won't go into the nightmare..
    all I can say… is Tracfone is the very definition of Racketeering and Organized Crime..and they should be in a similar prison cell as Al Capone…

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