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  • Boost Mobile Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Boost Mobile Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Metro PCS USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

9060 Irvine Center Dr.
Irvine, California 92618 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-949-748-3200
Customer Service Number: 1-949-748-3272
Boost Mobile is famous for smart phone and cell phone service that is pay as you go. The company is one of the largest pay as you go mobile phone and internet providers in the USA.
Boost’s main competitors are Metro PCS, Cricket and Virgin.
The companies toll-free customer service number is 1-888-266-7848 or 611 from your phone. The firm does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website for customer support.



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  1. I looked into joining my wife and son on the Boost family plan. A number of agents confirmed that it would cost a total of $100 for all of us. But, when I went to the Hollister, CA office to complete the transaction, I was told that everybody I had spoken with was wrong, and it would cost $130 plus $71 in additional fees to switch over my BYOP. She even said this after calling her boss (I assume). When I pointed out that she didn't know about the promotion and had to call someone else, plus no-one else had mentioned these additional costs, she firmly stated that she had worked with Boost for 5 years, so she was right and everybody else was wrong. On top of that, I got three different versions by telephone agents of how to transfer my account to Boost. Obviously, Boost lost this customer. Is it really so hard to properly train your employees?

  2. My husband and I have been loyal boost mobile customers for over a decade, and recently we have had many issues resolving problems with data resetting for an additional phone we added to our plan. This issue has been ongoing for over 3 months now. The generous sales rep from a Boost store in California spent so much time on trying to resolve this issue for us despite the fact he was reprimanded for advocating for his customers. Had it not been for him persistently working to resolve this issue, we would still be waiting for data to reset. I greatly appreciate all of his efforts! We are still working on and waiting for monies to be added to our account for this inconvenience. If it is not added soon as promised, we plan to leave Boost for another service provider.

  3. how do I activate my phone on my xfinity network? How can I communicate with these ppl when there is NO email address available? I have NO phone connection and the only way is through email and I don't see that available.

  4. The service is terrible my phone have not been working properly for 3 weeks I have contacted Boost mobile and technical support for approximately 3 weeks almost every day they telling me I need a new sim card no one wants to send me a SIM card they claimed they do not have 1 in stock my serves is not work in I can receive said for a calls text messages. They have been troubleshoot my phone reset my phone almost every day still it's not working They 1st told me in might be tower problems in my area I ever there was not the case it constantly says emergency cold and I keep explaining that said them over and over terrible service I would not recommend them very very very disappointed

  5. My iPhone SE crashed on me and boost sent me to Apple. So Apple sent me a replacement now the replacement wont connect to their network because they need to add the imei number to it. But they wont and claim the phone is locked and keeps bouncing me back to Apple and Apple keeps telling me the same thing. Im sick and tired of all of this and no help from anyone.

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