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Metro Corporate Office 

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Metro corporate office, formerly known as MetroPCS, is headquartered in Richardson, Texas.

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Metro by T-Mobile Headquarters: An Overview

Metro By T-Mobile Corporate Office HQ

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Metro by T-Mobile’s Competition

T-Mobile competes with other prepaid service providers like Cricket Wireless, Virgin, Boost Mobile, and AT&T


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Metro Corporate Office - Customer unsatisfied

Rated 1.0 out of 5
September 3, 2023

MetroPCS customer service is unprofessional and disrespectful to customers. My phone has no service and I have done all the troubleshooting on my end askedI ask for a supervisor the supervisor transferred me to a customer… a customer can you believe that Metro by tmobile. Please only deal with people in America because they don’t care about us like we do

Jamon powell

Metro By T-Mobile

Rated 3.0 out of 5
May 8, 2023

My name is Angela Pettaway I went to Metro PC T-Mobile to get a internet I’ve been paying this bill I called these people to pay the bill and they going to tell me I have an open phone I know I paid $50 a month I went to the store to pay the bill I don’t know if he charged me $70 or $80 my bill is not that high first of all I don’t even have a telephone he did not tell me I need to be connected with Metro before I could get the internet he did not tell me that cuz if he told me that I would never put out my money $167 for internet and come to find out every month I have a problem paying my bill because I have a problem every f****** month paying a bill that I paid $100 something dollars for and I can’t even pay it online cuz I don’t even have a phone that’s connected to this thing whoever showed me got a phone in my name and I can’t get no information I go to the f****** store and they can’t give me no information so y’all need to investigate this customer your workers down on Broadway because I’m giving a call turn Affairs I’m getting ready to take you to court cuz you did some under the table s*** and I’m not going to pay your telephone bill and I ain’t got a phone in Metro PC I told him I’m with boots he said don’t worry about it I got you I’m paying his bill every f****** month and my in my in my internet every month no I’m getting ready to take your to court and I’ll get ready to report you all to turn Affairs and let them know what you’re doing beating people out their money like you beat me out my money every month so is anyway you can help me my name is Angelina Pettaway I paid $160 something dollars to get this internet I only know why it was that hot it might have been more than 60 something 160 something dollars I believe it was you have workers in that store that’s beating people out their money and he could have told me I couldn’t get the internet without a phone he did not tell me that I told him I didn’t have MetroPCS he said don’t worry about you I got you so I’m paying for his bill every month and my internet my bill is supposed to be $50 I paid $75 or 80 something dollars you’ll need to check your workers cuz you know what I’m getting ready to go to court on your you better you got to fix it or whatever cuz you know what they doing some some sizes stuff at the store and right now I want to go to the main coping store and let them know what they doing to people cuz they did it to me I’m not going to keep paying $77 a month and my bill not selling some dollars I’m paying for a phone that don’t even have for another person to enjoy daytime answering the phone something got to guess you’re going to be I don’t know how you going to do it you know what you need to figure out something cuz I’m getting ready to take you out of court

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