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Ross Dress For Less Corporate Offices

How to Contact Ross Stores Dress For Less Corporate Office Headquarters

Ross Stores, Inc.
5130 Hacienda Drive
Dublin, California 94568-7579 USA
Complaints, Feedback and Customer Support: 1-925-965-4400

Website: Ross Dress For Less

Stock Symbol: ROST
Fax Number: n/a
Store Locator: 1-800-945-7677
Online Gift Cards: 1-800-605-9722

Website Help: 1-800‑335‑1115
Customer Service Email: customer.service@ross.com
Ross Dress For Less Contact Page: Contact Ross

Ross Dress for Less has been on a mission to bring high-quality clothing at extraordinary savings while providing an easy, fun, and organized shopping experience. From their humble beginnings in 1982 as a single store,  today they are the go-to multiple store chain where you can find everything from casual wear accessories to business attire.

  • Had an argument today with a "teenage" manager at the Ross in Hamilton, New jersey. Jessica is young enough to be my great grandchild. I purchased a pair of shoes today…found a nicer pair elsewhere, and went to return the pair to Ross. I was told that COMPANY police is to get ID if you return the same day. The back of the receipt does not mention this. I asked this "kid" to over ride the need for ID, but she would not. Others at this store have done it for me. She was more than confrontational, even with other customers waiting on line. It would have been easier to appease me, rather than hold up the line. Maybe Ross needs to hire people who are older…more mature…and can use some common sense.

    • The name Tom Bass maybe a name with the 813 area code is a Florida Tampa area code there's no way that's in California so whoever wrote this you should be ashamed of yourself piece of s*** place

  • Went shopping at Ross on 158th Ave & Pines Blvd in Pembroke Pines, FL and I will never return again. Poor customer service from the associate Yarda also the store manager Gina. Yarda has a bad attitude including arguing back and foward with a customer and yelling so loud making a scene… Then says she needs her job…right! When complaining to the so called store manager Gina she hardly stops to listen to my complaint just continues picking up things from the poorly kept store floors and walking around as I'm talking to her. I literally had to walk behind her to explain what was going on. Gina gave me a number to a district manager Luz which I've tried calling twice and was asked to leave a message. The mumber given seems like someone's home number because this person never identified themselves as a representative of Ross. I mean what's really going on?! Is this really how Ross treats their customers?! I will definitely Never return to a place that is rude and treats me or my family like crap. Please treat your customers with at least respect.

  • Ross is a fun store to shop at and I am appreciative of the service and all of the great deals. But, as a loyal $$$$$$$$$ customer whom does not cause any problems in any of the stores. I am surprised how sometimes, I am treated by customer service. The behavior of employees needs a new policy. All I want to do is have a pleasant time walking in and a pleasant time leaving. Thank you,

  • I agree regarding the Hiram Location, the managers are so rude, and unprofessional. I have witness how they treat some of their PT employers. Mainly those that are very professional and have awesome customer service skill. Ross does not realize that they have a good group of Part-Timers that really cares about the customers and how the store looks. It's so sad how they do this one lady that is very professional with awesome customer service skills. She never stir the pot, and she really works hard coming from one job to her 2nd job. I have overheard the loss prevention lady talk about this part-time employee to the manager, and I do believe that they had it out for her due to jealously. So sad to say, but Ross Corporate office you really do need to address this concerns, (Employment Discrimination Act)… Managers are horrible and does not play fair.

  • Ross managers in Hiram Georgia are so unprofessional, they are rude, evil and mean spirited. They do not appreciate their hard working part-time employers that goes above and beyond. As well as committed to the days you are scheduled to work. They hire all of these new employees that are young and does not have any responsibilities, and does not care about keeping the stores cleaned, putting the garments, accessories, and etc… In the right places, they stash clothes in all area of the store, they called out, and they do not last long when they realized the work is hard for less pay. In addition, when payroll is cut the manager(s) will take a person(s) that has 4 hours for the week away from her/him if they don't like you. Yes, they take it very personal if you work a full-time job, and drives a nice vehicle, and if you are educated with a degree. There are employees that does not need the part-time job, but we doesn’t display that attitude. We work harder and smarter, but the managers does not appreciate the hard workers, they will penalized you if they do not like you, are shall I say if you are not one of their favorites employee(s). The loss prevention lady, she is so messy that she plays both sides, and she also lies on the employees that she is a threat to her. She’s constantly telling the managers that the employees does not do their job, and our hours should be cut. In addition, there’s a male hiring manager, if he does not like you, he will cut your hours as well. Someone in the corporate office should come to investigate these managers at the Hiram Georgia location, they are incompetent with no people/manager skills. This is the worse store that treats their good employees like crap!!!!!!

  • On Sunday morning, March 8th, 2015, customers were shopping at the Ross store in Silver Spring and overheard the security speaking with another store employee about "shooting up" or "spraying bullets everywhere" in regard to a customer. Apparently, a male entered the store and there was some issue and he left or was asked to leave. Is it acceptable for security in the store to resort to violence? I'm sure customers were uncomfortable knowing that the guard is violent and they're shopping in an unsafe environment. Security should be properly screened and respectable persons who have a goal of customer safety and behave in a professional manner at all times. Please discuss this with the security personnel as this is unacceptable. The value of merchandise or the guard's ego does not override the value of the life of a human being. Security cannot act violently towards customers. The police are available to enforce the laws and they should be trained to understand that, otherwise they should not be employed.

    Ross is a store frequented by many families with children. Please speak to the staff about this. Thank you.

  • Former employee at Ross in Round Rock, Texas, is a horrible store to work at. Managers are inexperienced, staff is lazy, no respect for employees, frequent call out and when co workers do come in they avoid work. I've never experienced a manager asking an employee what they wanted to do and an employee telling a manager what they didn't want to do…and a lot of stealing…..it's ridiculous. If Ross doesn't clean up their store staff…..sales will fall due to inadequate Customer Service and Favoritism amongst employees….

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