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  1. I work at TJ Maxx in Sherman, TX and we are currently hiring which makes no sense because employees hours have been cut down due to “no payroll”, so most of our cashiers are only working 2 days a week. If we don’t have payroll to pay our employees, why are we hiring? Why not give the employees the hours they keep asking for instead of hiring more people? Most have been there 6 months and longer and are now only working 1-2 days a week. The. They wonder why people keep quitting. Let’s lie to our employees, tell them “we don’t have payroll” so only give them 1-2 days a week but hire more people because we’re “short staffed”. Sherman TJ Maxx stays so busy that there shouldn’t be any reason we don’t have payroll and there’s no need to be short staffed.

  2. I would like to compliment the manager(s) and employees at the Hammer Lane TJMaxx in Stockton, CA. Only recently have I become acquainted with this particular store and find it exceptionally clean (a far cry from other department stores in Stockton.) It is truly a pleasure to shop in your store. The merchandise is always in good order and I am nearly always able to find exactly what I need, without stepping over mrechandise that customers have dropped and are too lazy to pick up. I have purchased pet toys, children's books, a ring, purses, and other items, all of which have been in very good condition. Being only two days from Christmas, there was a long line at the checkout counter, but there were enough clerks at the registers to keep the waiting time at a minimum.
    Thank you for maintaining your Stockton Hammer Lane in such a prestine condition. I will be back there to shop soon.

  3. I was recently in the Beaufort SC store when a person, an employee, collapsed while on the check out line. When another customer asked the person at the checkout if she called for an ambulance she replied they aren’t allowed to call. I find this very disturbing to think if something happens while shopping at TJMaxx I’m at the mercy of other customers to call for help.

  4. I wrote about how bad your customer service is at the Holiday Dr. location in New Orleans and it did not post. NOT writing it again AND will NEVER SHOP THERE again either.

  5. Exactly how employees are treated at Rockwall TX location. MANAGEMENT ONLY CARES ABOUT MANAGERS!! Never take responsibility for anything blames the employees especially the ones that dont kiss their ass.

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