TJ Maxx Corporate Office Headquarters

TJ Maxx Corporate Office Headquarters
The TJX Companies, Inc.
770 Cochituate Road
Framingham, MA 01701 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-508-390-1000
Fax Number: n/a

Customer Service Number: 1-800-926-6299

  • I work at TJ Maxx in Sherman, TX and we are currently hiring which makes no sense because employees hours have been cut down due to “no payroll”, so most of our cashiers are only working 2 days a week. If we don’t have payroll to pay our employees, why are we hiring? Why not give the employees the hours they keep asking for instead of hiring more people? Most have been there 6 months and longer and are now only working 1-2 days a week. The. They wonder why people keep quitting. Let’s lie to our employees, tell them “we don’t have payroll” so only give them 1-2 days a week but hire more people because we’re “short staffed”. Sherman TJ Maxx stays so busy that there shouldn’t be any reason we don’t have payroll and there’s no need to be short staffed.

  • I would like to compliment the manager(s) and employees at the Hammer Lane TJMaxx in Stockton, CA. Only recently have I become acquainted with this particular store and find it exceptionally clean (a far cry from other department stores in Stockton.) It is truly a pleasure to shop in your store. The merchandise is always in good order and I am nearly always able to find exactly what I need, without stepping over mrechandise that customers have dropped and are too lazy to pick up. I have purchased pet toys, children's books, a ring, purses, and other items, all of which have been in very good condition. Being only two days from Christmas, there was a long line at the checkout counter, but there were enough clerks at the registers to keep the waiting time at a minimum.
    Thank you for maintaining your Stockton Hammer Lane in such a prestine condition. I will be back there to shop soon.

  • I was recently in the Beaufort SC store when a person, an employee, collapsed while on the check out line. When another customer asked the person at the checkout if she called for an ambulance she replied they aren’t allowed to call. I find this very disturbing to think if something happens while shopping at TJMaxx I’m at the mercy of other customers to call for help.

  • I wrote about how bad your customer service is at the Holiday Dr. location in New Orleans and it did not post. NOT writing it again AND will NEVER SHOP THERE again either.

  • Exactly how employees are treated at Rockwall TX location. MANAGEMENT ONLY CARES ABOUT MANAGERS!! Never take responsibility for anything blames the employees especially the ones that dont kiss their ass.

  • Since I am pretty sure no one from TJ Maxx will ever read or follow up on this, I'm not even sure why I'm going through with it. I think everyone that ever comes to this site for information should know that not only do they treat their customers like crap they also treat their employees like crap. Every manager that has ever been encountered at the store which is located at Short Pump in Richmond Virginia has been rude and hungry with power for some odd reason. One manager in particular, Katie R., has made numerous rude comments and accusations then when confronted lies. The one comment that really stands out since I'm African-American descent was the "you people" comment. They don't listen to their employees they don't go by their availability especially when it's been changed but when it's brought to their attention it's always your fault. And the key carriers who aren't even managers act like they own the store. Worked for this company for a year and a half changing from one store to the newest one that was built which is the one in question and they promoted the girl trained over me. Their turnover rate is outrageous as they can't keep employees because of the management. I came in to do a job let me do that job and stop treating me like I'm two years old. The constant badgering about getting customers to sign up for credit cards which obviously they don't want is ridiculous. Coming to this new store I thought would be a better opportunity since the store I was working at right down the road on Broad Street was in shambles. When it rain the entire floor flooded all the time. The parking lot has no lights and they refused to fix the lights or the leaking roof. It was just disgusting to work in.

  • Dear Sir Madam,
    I am a 60 year old man . I live in Brooklyn with my wife who enjoys shopping at TJ Maxx. The other night I had occasion to accompany her on a visit to your store here in Bay Ridge Brooklyn. Now I have to say that I am not one for shopping but having lived in the city my whole life I have visited many a department store throughout the years.
    When I walked into your store I could not believe my eyes. I was in a state of disbelief. Everywhere I looked I saw clothes and various merchandise thrown onto the floor. Honestly, it made my 15 year old teenage daughter’s bed room look immaculate. Total chaos. As I stepped over various articles of clothing and apparel I turned to my wife and asked her what this was all about. There is no order.
    This brings me to the subject of this letter. But first let me state here that have nothing to gain from writing this letter nor do I seek any refund , free gift, prize or anything else from you. I simply want to bring something to your attention.
    So, Let me start by putting this simple question to you. Do you have any regard at all for your merchandise? What do you think people must think of it when they see it thrown all over the floor! What message are you sending your customers on the integrity of your store.
    After we left your store we went to Century 21. No mess in that store. Then on to Victoria’s Secret, No mess there either. So what is the problem with your store? Don’t tell me that in this economy you cant afford to hire five minimum wage people to keep your merchandise in order and off the floor. I really don’t get it. And again, I really have nothing to gain from this letter. I mean only to do you a service by pointing out a problem that I am sure is costing you a great deal in sales or maybe this is just the way you do business . Look, don’t take my word for it. Why not have your one of your CEOs take a walk into your store here in Bay Ridge Brooklyn and see for themselves. Honestly with the condition your stores are in, I am surprised your still doing business.
    Coming back on the R train I kept repeating the word disbelief over what I had seen that night at your store. My wife turned to me and promised she would never take me there again.

    Thank you,

    Michael Mastrogiacomo

  • Hello, This is Joanne and Michael Trimpe. WE have closed our account with you for the following reasons. Terrible customer service, questioned about the smallest returns and not given a refund but a gift card. I have tried to call every idiotic number that they pass on because they do not want to take care of the problem. You have much trouble in dealing with customers whom want to pay the bill, but we cannot do so since we cut up our cards. I wanted you to know that I have obtained a lawyer and his recommendation is that I will pay you a 1/3 of the amount due because of your unprofessional, rude and not knowledgeable service rep. I have called you 15 and you may check your awful recording system in which they do not understand anything they say. This is a contact to let you know that I will be sending my 1/3 payment to the closed account in which I do not know it since I cut up my cards never to return. My last 4 ss are 9787 and my husbands are 3957. I do hope to hear from someone with some intelligence that can help me with this situation. Sincerely, Mrs. Joanne I. Trimpe

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  • Hello,

    I am writing you today to let you know about an experience I had at the Marshalls in Gaithersburg, MD. About two weeks ago i purchased two shirts from there. I wore one for the first time and while wearing it a friend noticed it had a tear on the neck line in the back of the shirt. I went today to return both. I went up to the register and i handed the receipt and the tags to the lady. I informed her i wore the one shirt but it had a rip i couldn't see because of its location and the other shirt i did not fit. She called a manager because she said both tags did not match the items i was returning. A manager passed by after a couple minutes later and she asked her to come to the counter. The manager replied to her very rudely and shouted"Nobody can understand what your saying" She did have a bit of an accent but not too bad. Either way i found that very rude to say to someone in front of a store full of people or eve at all. That same manager proceeded to assist us and was very rude and aggressive to me. She said they did not sell either of the items in that store. Knowing 100% I bought both from there i wanted an explanation. She was just rude and refused to do so. I proceeded to ask for another manager. A gentleman came up and was nice but at this point i was highly upset. He said one item did match and the other item they sell at the rockville store so he would make an exception and give me a store credit. While he was talking to me the other manager that was rude started talking to him on his walkie about me thinking i couldn't here her. He quickly turned the volume down as he realized it was not something i should here. I left the store highly mad and without any apology for how i was treated. I find it very unprofessional how they dealt with this situation over a $24 shirt. I shop at that location about 5 times a month and will never go back again.I know by the way she treated me and the employee i will not be the last unsatisfied customer. Please feel free to email me back with any question.

    Thanks Jamie

  • I was in the Norwalk Home Goods and I don't think I will be going back. I saw a customer verbally berating one of the associates. From what I could understand he was irate because he was not happy with the discount she was giving him on a damaged item. Where was management? The girl was verbally beaten. She was gracious and did not fight back but again where was management? What kind of store is this? No one deserves to be treated like that. I just find it hard to believe that management was not present.

  • I went through hell and I water to request a credit limit increase, Bank that TJ Maxx used is very rude Nelson in particular supervisor. I remove a credit freeze a week ago and every time I called bank to have a increase their was always a problem. They couldn't pull my credit, they couldn't verify my number. I asked about how often do the review accounts for increase I was told by Nelson that he could give me that information on my own account. This Bank is taking my personal information and using it against me. What a crime to have to indulge in such fraudulent reasoning behind denial of a increase. I will be closing this accounts.

  • January 21, 2016
    I am rewriting my post again because I don't think my first one took.
    I would like to mention that I have been shopping at the same TJMaxx for years and spend thousands of dollars yearly and never had a problem before.

    Today, January 21, 2016 I went to the Southlands TJMaxx store in Aurora, Colorado (6352 South Central Street Unit B) to return an item I bought on January 20, 2016, the day before. I brought a shirt (TJ Maxx tag reading "$29.99") back in the same bag (TJ Maxx) with the original receipt the employee handed me (TJ Maxx-showing the item purchased with the price of "$29.99 + tax and a cash payment"). The clerk said the tag does not read in their machine, nor does their receipt. She called over the manager who told me that the tag does not ring up and this is not the proper receipt. I told her that is the TJ Maxx receipt given to me by your employee, showing the purchase, how paid and the clerk's ID. The manager refused to give me a refund. I told her to go get the employee and she said she is not here. The manager kept telling me I should have saved the receipt. I kept telling her that I did save the only receipt given to me by your clerk. We went round and round; a long line of people formed and the manager finally said she would give me store credit. I said that is fine because I had several item at the counter already that I wanted to purchase.

    As I was leaving the store, I saw an employee (coordinator, who has been wonderful over the years) who knows how often I shop there. I told her I would never come back again and proceeded to tell her what happened. The store manager came running over, bombarding our private conversation, and told me I need to save all my receipts. We then rehashed everything again, making another scene. I asked her if she was calling me a liar, because I did save my only receipt that the employee gave me, and she said again, "You need to save all your receipts." This was a personal conversation I was having with an employee that has rung up my purchases for years and store manager did nothing but make matters worse.

    I will never, nor will my 3 daughter shop at your store again. This was a store or employee matter that was blamed on a customer of many years. It is not my fault that a TJ Maxx receipt reflecting the exact purchase shown on the TJ Maxx tag is somehow not right.

    I immediately came home and called corporate headquarters and spoke to Jim who said he will look into the matter.

    I will inform all my friends of this matter. I do not want this happening to another customer, who, due to the store's inability to hand over a proper receipt (remember, this receipt had the TJ Maxx logo with price, tax and how paid) can't return an item with proper tags and ONLY receipt given to them by an employee. This is pretty pathetic to say the least.

    Due to your management handling the situation so poorly and letting a line of customers witness another customer with a receipt and attached tags not be able to make a simple return, your store made an unwanted scene. Another customer said she is afraid to shop there anymore after what she witnessed.

  • Was in tj maxx store in aiken south carolina this morning. Asked a manger for help. Beleive mrs. morgan, tall black women, She had a really nasty attitude as well as the women on the register pat was on her name tag. Never returning there again.

  • Three cheers to TJ Maxx closing on Thanksgiving Day. Your employees deserve a day off before the big Christmas rush. More stores shoud do the same.

  • I am absolutely digusted and frustrated with the lack of customer service. Calling customer service you wait on hold for an hour but emailing. You NEVER receive a response back. You would think that this company would have TOP NOTCH customer service. All they care about is that you spend your hard earned money. They don't actually care to give customers any service.

  • I shop at tj max in Jordan landing, slc. There is a manager there I think his name is John. He is a horrible horrible person. I have watched him single out one employee multiple times and just be flat out mean. It's embarrassing to me to pay a person management pay just for being a bully. I feel like it is hard enough for kids to get out there into the work force with a positive attitude only to get bullied by the person in charge.

    Tj max you should really pay more attention to you management.

  • Your website advertises that your Waterville, Maine store opens today at 9am…but I drove FROM OUT OF TOWN because of the advertised time, just to find that the store, in fact, doesn't open until 11am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Three websites are incorrect! I want to be compensated, or I will close my account and never shop TJMaxx again.

  • it's Monday October 13 2014 i was about to enter your store to purchase my grand children some outfits to wear and a fight started in your store in Syracuse New York Destiny USA, with one of your employees and a customer that said she was pregnant, and i believe he was the night manager not sure but he started swearing at me, asking me why i Didn't break it up, and i said to him that's not my job that's your employee you should have more control over them, and there was a heavy set woman that works there to and she was swearing at me also because i wouldn't get involved I'm 51 years old I'm not gonna get hurt there was other people standing around that was a lot younger than me , why didn't they swear at them all i wanted to do was to buy my grandchildren some clothes to wear, and they told the security that they didn't want me back in the store because i ask what there names were and that i was going to call their manager. p.s i hope something get's done about this because I'm closing my account as of tomorrow with you guys.

  • I tried to upload to send this message through marshalls website through the message form but it didn't work with error. As I couldn't find any email address for Marshalls custormer service or employee management, I'm leaving the message here.
    This is about a store manager named Chris V. The Marshalls store located at 5895 Lincoln Ave. Buena Park, CA 90620.
    I hope my message will send to employee management or Dept. of Human Resource Management.


    As I was so hungry, I stopped by starbucks where is in the same mall with the Marshalls. I got a venti size-caffe latte after waiting a long waiting line with my baby. (It's really hard to stop by, wait, and get a coffee at starbucks with baby). Then I walked straight into the Marshalls.
    As my baby wouldn't sit on shopping cart, I let him walk. While I look men's shirts, my baby started to crawl. So I put my coffee on the ground to hold my baby and put him in a shopping-cart seat. Then I turned back to pick my venti size-latte where was next to me. My coffee was gone! Holding him and putting him in shopping cart took only a few senconds; within 10 seconds. So I asked one of staffs and found it's in staff's trash can located inside of cashier line and for staffs. I was so baffled that one of staffs or manager discard the new venti-size coffee without any asking/saying, right behind my back.

    The staff told about this to the manager who was near there. The manager, named Chris V., disrespecfully said like she doesn't care above my situation at all. she saw my coffee on the ground. No matter what, it's a matter of course to discard drink on the ground becasuse of other customers' safety. Plus, she advised me that just more care of my baby instead of saying/complaining it here.
    I was really frustraited because she made me ugly-mom in front of many people around there, and i felt ignored due to her totally disrespectful and chilling answer. So, the manager cares much about one did not happen yet for other customers but she doesn't care at all about the one happened already to me? I'm not a customer??? I couldn't believe she is a manager of a store. In addition, it's a common sense and manner, especially to staffs and manager, to ask/say, 'Is there someone who put this on the ground?' before discarding customers' things. Say Again, I was next to there where I put my coffee on the ground to hold my baby. It tooks only a few seconds. It was venti size-full and fresh new coffee (I drank just one sip). If the staff would ask/say so, then I could hear that and pick it up right away. It doesn't make sense if employee throw the big and new coffee away without intention, even I was next to there. I was upset because of this point when i found my new coffee in employees' trash can, and I was shocked and more upset by the 'disrespectful and I don't care at all attitude' of the store manager. She,Chris V., seemed me not a customer, or maybe she wanted my baby and I to go out…
    I want the store manger, Chris V., to apologize.
    I'll wait for your reply.

    • I want to remove this article that I uploaded. I received an email from the tjx customerservice team that the #240 store manager Ray want me to call and talk. He is the actual manager of the store. (He was off on that day) He nicely explained about the position of the female- assistant manager, understanded me from my situation, and appolized indeed about what she did wrong. So i want to remove it, but it can't be removed; there's no button to modify of remove T.T Anyway, Thanks Ray manager for saying that gently.

  • I too was treated very disrespectfully by Michelle at your Cleveland, TN, location. When I walked into the store, no one was in line and she was at the first service counter with her back to me. I stood there for several minutes while she pretended not to see me. I cleared my throat a couple of times. While I was waiting, a couple came from the back of the store and got in line. She finally turned around, looked over my head and asked "Who's next"? I said I was. She countered that I didn't go through the aisle. I said there was no one here when I walked in. She continued to maintain that I was not first and I told her that the couple came up after I came in and that I had been waiting for several minutes. Then I said, "Why are we having this conversation"? Her reply was that she didn't want the other people to be upset that I was there first. So now, thanks to Michelle, I am cutting up my card for all three of your stores, and will not use it again. BTW, I'm not finished with Michelle; I'm also going to write to your corporate offices with this info as well. People like her should not be in customer service positions. Bad Michelle, shame on you. BTW again, I'm 69 years old, so I think she was discriminating against me based on my age.

  • Very disapointed with TJMax merchandise i bought apair of boots and wear them ones and the zipper broke, they will not exchange merchandise with out the tag who will wear anything with a tag on it, I will not shop on any of you stores including Marshalls, we use to spend good amount of money every month. so long tjmax and company.

  • I recently visit your TJ Maxx store at 2350 S. Parker Road, Aurora, Colorado and was very disrespected by one of your cashier. Her name was Annalisa, she was very rude and disrespectful as an employee to a customer. I would have not posted this email, however I think TJ Maxx would appreciate knowing who they have representing them, plus when I asked for her name, she said she didn't care about losing her job because this was a second minimum paying job, I was really taken away especially since so many people need jobs these days. As I totally enjoy shopping at TJ Maxx with great experiences at other locations, I will never shop at this location again.

  • I just moved to Granbury, Texas from San Antonio, Texas. I miss TJ Maxx, The Home Goods Store, and Marshall's. Is there any way the you could put a store in Granbury, Texas? Your stores are where I do all my shopping, and having to go to Ft. Worth when I could do my shopping in Granbury, Texas would be wonderful. I have had many comments that it would be wonderful, as the two retail shops that they have here are more for old people and fashions that me and my friends would not be seen in. I miss not having your stores in our town.

  • Hi

    I recently visited your store in Cuyahyoa Falls Ohio. I was looking for a bathing suite. I chose one that was hanging on the rack together top and bottom. I tried it on in the dressing room perfect fit and come to find out it was a Jessica Simpson. I loved it on me. The top fit perfect. I proceeded to the register and the lady at the register said we don't sell separates. I looked at her dumbfounded and said no really I want the top and bottom. She said no the bottom is a large and top is medium. I said that is how it was on the hanger. You see I am a breast cancer survivor and it takes a long time for me to find a perfect fit in a top for bathing suites or anything for that matter. I loved this suite and I told the lady obviously someone switched the sizes but I want this one it fits perfect for my top. She informed me, no we don't sell separates. I was very disappointed with this store. I will not shop there again and I hope others with breast cancer will do the same. I will make sure my friends and family know about this. Bye the way, the lady said, I can hold it for ten days to see if someone brings the other size back. Are you kidding me, that is what they did to get what they wanted I did not. Very disappointed customer.

    Paulette from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

  • Hi,

    I recently visited your store located in Fresno and was treated very rudely. I was embarrassed by one of your associates who basically insinuated that I replaced a price tag on an item I was purchasing. He had an associate double check on the price and when he confirmed that it was incorrect instead of apologizing and saying that one of his staff might of tagged it incorrectly he said “are you sure you didn’t switch the tag?” Then stated that it was weird that the only one that had a different price was my item. Are you kidding me! I do not steal, nor do I do anything that would be dishonest. I was very offended by this and hope that you train your employees on how to handle these situations. I’m not sure if I’ll be going back to shop with you.


    Very hurt!

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