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  • Burlington Coat Factory Corporate Office Headquarters

Burlington Coat Factory Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Burlington Coat Factory Corporate Office Headquarters

Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corporation
1830 Rte. 130 N.
Burlington, NJ 08016 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-609-387-7800
Fax Number: 1-609-387-7071
Customer Service Number: 1-888-223-2628

  • Hello,
    How are you? I am contacting you to get a better understanding of why Burlington is not more aware of servicing the needs of the seniors. We have seniors that come into our store but are unable to shop because they have not riding carts. Granted we have a large building but not much merchandise and we always look as if we are closing but the ones that are frequent shoppers for Burlington are the senior. We have a lot of empty space in a store that can be used or put up walls so the store does not look so empty. I know in the Cuyahoga county area there is a listing of Senior friendly stores and Burlington is not on that list.
    In the store we deal with the customers daily and decision are that is made by corporate really slows down the daily operations. Processing a customer takes longer because of the receipt method that was implement, it should ask for the phone number instead of receipt type. Most of our customers have had a layaway and the email address is already attached to their phone. If it worked in this order:

    A) Method of payment
    B) Phone number
    C) Would you like your receipt….Printed…Email….Printed/Email
    D) Please verify this is your email address Yes or No
    E) If No type your email address

    By doing this we would not have to ask the customers so many question and they will not become irritated with the cashiers on front line.

    Thank you for listening. Please let me know what you think.

  • I was wondering if anyone of heard of a mark up in price, I bought a thin jacket that was gray an pink with the word love up the side, I thought the clearance tag read 10.99, cause the Original price was 15.99 but it ring up 19.99 plus the description on the tag said fur jacket. So I took it back and the manager said it was right, it was a mark up. I told her I worked in retail for many years and never heard of it. Then she said well you heard of it now. So I didnt get the jacket for clearance price, so I went and check to see if there were any others and there were others in a different color for 10.99 but not the size I needed, again the manager told me that they were different types of ones, but the only difference was the color. And she wouldn't let me compare the sku number from the jacket I returned. Had anyone else ever heard of such a thing, I'm almost sure she didn't want to go thru the hassle of fixing it for me. It was at the store on Old York rd, in Jenkintown, pa.

  • Whenever I hear someone say this store is great or this store is the best I always comment that you cant say that until you run into a problem and THEN see how the store handles it. Well I have shopped at BCF for years and today I tried to return an item that was 3 days old and I got a hard time over it. The clerk actually said to me,’ We are no longer accepting broken item returns”. I couldn’t believe it! I of course replied, “Well I certainly didn’t break it just to return it and I am exchanging for another one anyway; which of course there would be no benefit for me to break it if all I want is to get another one. That means from here on out if you buy an item from BCF and there are any defects what so ever you just eat that bill?! Then when I checked out there was a stack of 10% coupons and I picked one up and handed it to the clerk and she says you can use it next time but not on this purchase. I explained that in the past week I have made 3 large purchases of $200 and up and I always forget the coupon. I even had the receipts on me to show her and still I couldn’t use the coupon. Well after 20 years you just lost my business now! I believe in the principle of things; I would rather give 100 dollars to someone that needs it then 10 dollars to someone that does not! It really makes me think about stores like Sears and Toys R Us going out of business and I believe BCF is next!

  • a co worker of mine is with child and the hiring manager only gives her one day how can someone be so cruel she complains about not having enough hours this is at the Montgomery area, they call from several different numbers on your day off the management works employees like slaves for very little pay something has to change or Burlington will loose all its great employees

  • Made a recent purchase from your roanoke,va location. Head phones won't work. My daughter took back to store and they refused to give back a refund because they couldn't pull up the reciept by the phone number. WhicH is what your employees promote as you check out. Bought 7/25/16 took back 8/15/16. I called the store to see why they couldn't locate the item by the phone number first employee obviously didn't know how to resolve the issue or simply wouldn't take the time… another employee came to the phone and worked very hard checked everything that she knew how and found 0 under my phone number….I have a hard time with your employees actually promoting the fact if you don't have your receipt we can just look it up under your phone number and then poof nothing under the number….nothing was what I was told….nothing….Hmmm ok well I see first hand at how you do business…lesson learned..shop else where…I'm done. You will not be getting anymore of my business. Plenty of other places to shop that treat customers with respect.

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