Arbys Corporate Office Headquarters

Arby’s Corporate Office Headquarters
Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc.
1155 Perimeter Center West, 12th Fl.
Atlanta, GA 30338 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-678-514-4100
Customer Service Number: Online Only

  • To Arby's Corporation my name is Margaret Piazza Franklin I was just at Arby's to get my it's lunch time here in Scottsbluff Nebraska our ZIP code is 69361 I took a picture of my Fry's I was going to try to send that to you they are so burnt and so dried up it's like they had been sitting there forever one of the favorite things you have is your curly q fries they've got a bunch of girls running it and they're giggling and laughing instead of doing their jobs I don't know what else to tell you except that is kind of a shame they are going to ruin your reputation here in town if you don't get this straightened out with whoever owns that franchise and their help my phone number is 308 641 99-88 if you care to talk to me I have always enjoyed Arby's but I was very disappointed today and I will not be going back until this can be straightened out thank you for your time and attention

  • Arbys in Choctaw Oklahoma DT393 is horrible! Their telephone doesn't even work, you can't call them so I had to drive the 10 miles BACK to the store just to hand the empty sandwich back to them for my refund. The clown put lettuce and tomato but NO MEAT in the sandwich. When I walked in I told the girl whoever fixed this sandwich should have their behind kicked, that was mean. (I love this sandwich but this service stank). People should double check their own work.

  • The Arby's restaurant in Corydon Indiana has no customer satisfaction survey, and now I know why. Because it's horrible. They said they would call my name when it was done; didn't here one name. after about 15 minutes, I went up and stood there another 5 minutes and wasn't even looked at. I saw a bag just sitting there while others got their order and finally spoke up. Come to find out that was my food, and it must have been sitting there awhile, because it was all cold. Tells me a lot about a place and it's management when you can't give a customer review. I think all franchise managers should be forced to have to read the truth about their service.

  • I truly enjoy eating your food at Arby's, but this is no longer the case, because I have celiac disease, a genetic disorder that precludes me from eating gluten products. Please note: that you have lost a devoted costumer
    who had in the past spent quite a bit of money at Arby's. Is there some way that you can make changes to accomodate people who have celiac disease.

  • Is Arby's cancelling the contract of Buffalo Wild Wing with Buzztime ???
    That is a lot of customers that might move to another location

  • Please get rid of that idiot on your commercials who cannot pronounce words correctly. The word is SANDWICHES not SAMwiches. That is very bad English and the presenter and Arby's should be ashamed. You will be losing more customers very soon so please get rid of the idiot.

  • I just came back from Arby's from ordering 4 Ruebens on Douglas Ave in Racine, Wisconsin. They were not busy and it looks like they put the sandwiches together too quickly, messy anyway I asked for the receipt and of course they said it was on the bottom of the bag. When I got home it wasn't there and that's not the first time. We like Arby's and will probably go back. Just wanted to let Customer Service know.Thanks, would like to talk to Customer Service.


  • The Arbys in Reno is a disaster, filthy, and the help doesn't have a clue. Arbys better get a manager there quick, because this store is really hurting your brand. I will not go back to this one for sure, and possibly no other ones.

  • After sending a letter to Corporate twice asking them why ARBY`S was rated a "F " in their meat by the Consumers Report I only wanted to know why they were given this rating,and they did not reply.ARBYS WE HAVE THE MEAT! But if it is rated "F" you can be my guest and eat it!

  • You have lost our business as well for two reasons.You dropped Laura Ingram and Consumers Report gave your meat a "F "rating.You might "have the meat" but we do not want to eat meat with a "F" rating! I sent a question to Corporate and asked them to explain but did not get a reply.

  • We have been loyal Arby's customers for years but, sadly, no more. Your decision to withdraw your ads from the Laura Ingraham Show shows an unacceptable bias against traditional conservative values. Unless you change your position on this matter, we will no longer patronize your restaurants.

  • I am contacting you regarding your corporate decision to remove your advertising from the Laura Ingraham show on Fox. I will no longer purchase any of your products, much as I enjoy them. I am an adult and I do not spend my hard earned money purchasing from a company that allows a 17 year old to dictate their policy. You've lost my business. By the way, he is a whiner.

  • I will no longer spend my money at Arby's.
    You have the right to pull your advertising dollars (FOX/Ingraham)
    and I can spend my dollars elsewhere.

  • DISASSOCIATE YOUR ADVERTISING WITH FOX we are watching in the next five business days for you to do this, based on the horrific representations of Laura Ingram vs David Hogg PARKLAND STUDENTS I have been a lifelong customer but will never see you again if you do not and I will encourage 5000 other people to do so also. The good thing is, all of your corporate employees and stores are completely safe against any shooter, like mcdonalds has always been, right? Shooter enters large building and YOU ARE IN IT ! I want YOU to go home safely tonight, SO do THIS FOR ALL OF US !!

  • I have enjoyed Arby's all of my adult life but I will begin to boycott the organization if it continues to support Laura Ingram (sp) at Fox after she attacked the young man who who survived the shooting at the Florida school.

    Arby's should stop all of its advertising with such hateful people.

    I will pass this information onto my friends and associates.

    Michael J Contos, former news reporter, public defender and Vietnam veteran opposed to assault weapons in America

  • Your commercials remind us the ARBYS,"WE HAVE THE MEAT" however why did the Consumers Magazine give your meat a "F"?

  • I work at an Arbys a samll town and i am a 1st assistant manager there and there is this 2nd Assistant that treats me like i don't do my job right i have been there 16 years and she has only been there 3 years and she treats everyone like they are little kids and some times so hard not to tell her off but i know if i do she will run to the general manager and tell her but the general manager treats her employees like little kids too and she treats me the same way and i know everyone in the little town knows how she is that is why she cant keep anyone working there.

  • Arby's Radcliff, KY – 4 cars in front of me in drive-thru and it took 35 minutes. The girl could not handle more than 1 customer at a time. When I get back to my office my order is wrong. My lunch hour was ruined.

  • Dairy Queen closed in St. James City, on Pine Island, Florida, 33956. Food wasn't good, poor value for what you spent.The building is for sale as a resturant. Putting an Arby's there would be great for business. We have to go over 15 miles to eat at Arby's and a lot of people rarely leave Pine Island since they work here. No doubt Arby's would make a profit and make the resident's happy. I know there's a lot involved with picking locations but this may be a good mine. Would be great for me so I can get my Arby's fix close by.Less money spent in gas, more money for food! Our only take out is pizza and so-so Chinese. Please consider us as a location.

  • Whatever happened to 5 for $5? The prices at Arby's are now so outrageous that we can no longer afford to go there. This, besides the fact that you wait almost a half hour for your order at the pick up window.

  • My wife and I visited the Arby's Unit # 1129 in Cleveland, TN on 06-07-2017 @ 08:30:37 PM. We found the employees to be rude and inconsiderate, the dinning area and bathrooms to be nasty and the food to be burnt, old and cold. Customers be aware this location is a must avoid.

  • I live in a small town in Okla. And if we won't Arbys we have to drive over 40 miles was just wanted if you ever though about a arbys in Seminole, Okla. it would be great for the one's that live east of Seminole like Wewoka, Holdenville and other town.


  • I work at the west Hamilton location ( 0948 ). It's sad that a large company such as Arby's only pays their crew minimum wage. Shouldn't outstanding employees be rewarded ? No wonder employee turnover is so high.

  • the television commercials that you have been running over the past few months are awful. I turn the volume to mute when ever I can. Time for a new spokesperson and new may have the meat, but you don't have the commercial

  • I want to let you know that I am very disappointed in your 'new' Philly Cheese Steak sandwich. I would order the Philly Steak meal every time I would go to Arby's and I loved it. I have tried the new one with the fire roasted peppers several times and just can't say that I like it. The peppers are too sweet. A Philly steak sandwich is supposed to be with onions and green peppers. Please bring back the original!!!!


    Rebecca C.

  • I went to Arbys on Nilles road in Fairfield Ohio. Ordered a beef and cheddar and 2 small pepsi's. The pepsi tasted like bitter water, both of them and the beef and cheddar was the size of a white castle.Fast food has gone down hill and I will not go to arbys again.

  • Just left Arbys in Somerset KY.early there was a commercial on TV 2 for 5 dollars for buffalo chicken.Drove up and ask if the buffalo chicken is 2 for 5.response give there is no sale That is mis-leading

  • who ever does your comercials fire them 10 year old can do a better ya pay some one to do them maybe i should do that job cant be any worse

  • Went to the Arby's on Howell Mill Road in Atlanta, Ga. Spent $27.00. The fries were cold, got a slider instead of a Jr. Kids meal, no drink with the meal, the punch was out so we got colored soda water, the dr. pepper taste like diet, just horrible! Wasn't going to turn around and go right back because had to take my son to work in a couple hours. Two hours later I took the drinks back, and all of my fries and half of my sandwich, all of my daughters fries, and the kids meal. I asked for a manager "Crystal' came out. Told her our story, she apologized and offered us new meals. At 11:00 pm I did not want a full meal. She asked if she could give us coupons for free meals at a later time. That was a very nice gesture and very pleasant. I appreciated her desire to do her best to rectify a very bad experience. Thank you Crystal. Your customer service is right on point. Will definitely return cause stuff happens, so hopefully she will talk to her staff and the next experience will be what I am accustomed to at Arbys.

  • Last night at at Arby's, Pottstown Center, Pottstown, PA. Upon ordering our sandwiches, we also ordered 2 milk shakes. The clerk took the 2 cups in her hands but instead of holding them outside the cup, she put 3 fingers inside the cup to hold it……….VERY UNSANITARY!!!!!!!!!! And disgusting! Then 3 or 4 of the girls started laughing hysterically and loudly for about 10 minutes, flailing around, this went on and on. Soooo unprofessional not to mention very annoying. The store itself is dirty, lots of food and debris on the floor; chairs need to be reupholstered as there are many tears on many of them as I looked around. I am sure you would like to know how one of your franchises is being handled; all people there seemed to be teenagers or so with no management; in fact, probably one of them WAS a manager. Really gives Arby's a bad name.

  • when are you planning on re-opening the arby's in mount pleasant sc on johnnie dodds blvd that had a fire last thanksgiving day. to date there has been no action on that site

  • i recently went to arbys on black river blvd in rome but I will tell you it is a expensive place to eat andi expected nopthing but the best regaurdless..clean lobby and bathrooms and work space and all and not only did these kids forget items I my order the backsplash to the soda fountain was layers filthy everything was dirty tables sauce area windows bathroom and the female worker had black long fingernails and was hopping from register to food wrap and prep without washing hands or even putting gloves on…do you know how dirty money is and the register and so on and just wrap my food up and bag it….the person who put my sandwich together was mopping up a mess he made so she took theliberty of wrapping my food herself thinkimg I couldn't see what she was doing she was sadly mistaken she was rude and I told her I was calling corporate so whenwe returned for missed items she demanded recipt back and than threw it out ..gave us our missing food but said call corporate now upon going to website required a receipt # that I no longer possessed so I called and explained my situation and the lady seemed appauled and shocked and said she would send me a 40.00 gift card in the mail and look into the mistake they made as far as gloves said it woyuld take 7-10 business days for gift cardand its been 3weeks I called corporate agin and no response …..orreturned phone call……

  • Follow-up to Portland, IN. serving electrical parts with there food. After asking someone to speak with me over this I have not heard a word from them and the store knows my name and phone number. This just shows a lack of customer care they offer at Arby`s. I cant think of any reason someone would not contact me and If they think they have one I would love to here it. If they don't contact me with in 1-2 weeks I will take part to heath Inspect and see what they think. All they had to do was admit the mistake and make it right and that would have been the end of it.

  • I would like to know why suffolk county on L.I. dont have an Arbys store we use to have them years ago. And my friends and I miss them. Please put one out here. Thank you Joan Arena

  • Your Arby's Store in Biloxi Mississippi…has two managers in it that are dating l assume a black mail named kennyand an asian female by the name of christina now l believe christina clouds the judgement of kenny because l witness her insult a customer and he kenny made excuses for her to the customer another is when l witness christina call a co.worker or possibly a customer harrassing them over the phone saying something like…l tried to let your know my boyfriend is going to fire you by informing your boyfriend to let u know but never again… Now to my understand no management should be discussing company business with an outside person over termination info that should be discussed amongst only management and the worker they are speaking of firing…so l ask you corporate look into this matter before your business go down or you end up being suide. Your management are mistreating customers and wrongful firing worker illegally.

  • I purchased a Biscuit and Gravy and when I began to eat it a bit down and found a 120vac ground stub form a appliance that had fallen into the gravy. When I reported it to my local Arby`s they laughed and said I could have a free breakfast? They did not take this foreign object seriously. This piece of metal is 1 inch long and could have seriously injured someone and Arby`s response is oops we give you free breakfast?
    At a min they should find the appliance missing the ground plug and fix it
    and insure nothing like this ever happen again. I don't think Arby`s will be on my family menu anyone. It really upsets me that I can not speak with someone at Arby`s Corporation about this matter and yes I still have you 120vac plug ground here at home and would give it to then if they would go find the damaged machine and repair it and make this right with me.
    This happened at Portland, Indiana. and they have my name and number if someone from corporate want to speak with me.

  • The new Arbys in Ona WV is the worse run store I have ever seen. I was fired for giving away a 20 dollar order, but seeing how the registers all quit working and Mary, the General Manager was called numerous times without calling back to correct the problem. When she finally did show up she gave me an 800 number to call but was not answered at that time of night. She was more worried about getting home to watch the Voice on TV then fixing the registers. I had been named a manager in training only a week before this night. I was trying to do the right thing, cause in my mind when the customer sits at the window waiting for 16 minutes while we tried to get hold of Mary, with no response and was not able to fix problem myself, I thought it was the right thing to do….it got me fired was all. But when Morgan, who was fired for giving away numerous orders(2000 Dollars worth according to JT the owner) to friends and employees from the gas station next door, Mary gave her a "heads up" and let her work for another week. I was told many times during my 5-6 nights closing without anyone to train me what a good job I was doing….and I get dismissed for a 20 dollar order…that is BS!! Mary can falsify temps on the sandwich bar, when the temp reads 55 and she puts down 40 degrees…witnessed by me…is not very good management!! When they did fire Morgan they came to me for what I had seen I told them and then they verified it on tape and she was let go. Mary is spineless and a horrible general manager that is more concerned about the Voice then helping a newly named manager fix a register problem….and I get fired for it….nice management Arbys!! When I was a regular employee, scheduled to work on Saturday mornings and I was to be there at 8am…and had to sit for over an hour on 2-3 occasions for her to show up and she gets there at 9 AM…she just fixes the timesheet to show us both there at 8 AM ….nice example Mary!!

  • To whom it may concern,

    On March 5th, 2016 I went through the Drive Thru at the Bedford, Indiana Arby's. I ordered a Big Italian and a Pepsi. My order was taken and I was waited on by a very polite young man. All was well. I parked in a nearby parking lot to eat while my 7 month old slept in his car seat. I was three fourths of the way done eating my sandwich when I bit into a bite and felt something hard between my teeth. I was startled so I spit out the contents as fast as I could to examine what it was that I had bitten into. To my horror I found a piece of glass. The glass was amber in color and was about the size of a large pea. I immediately called the number on my receipt. The lady sounded young. I told her what had happened and she apologized and offered me another meal for free. I wasn't looking for a free anything or even for my money back but I was concerned that where the was one piece of glass there may be more. I let her know my order and asked that she thoroughly check the food stations for further contamination. In my haste and disgust I threw the purchase away, along with the piece of glass. I had no intention of sharing this information further until a friend of mine mentioned taking her younger daughter to the same restaurant for lunch. I kindly discouraged her as best I could for fear there may have still been contaminated products. I used to work in the food industry and know first hand that accidents can happen. A hair could have just as easily fallen in to my food as the glass. My main concern is that another unsuspecting customer may have a similar experience. I couldn't imagine what would have happened if I would have ingested the glass and the thought of anyone, especially a child having gotten my meal instead sends shivers down my spine. I hate that this happened not only because it was unsettling but because Arby's was one of the few fast food places that I would eat. I have sworn off other food chains for fear of the quality of products that they serve so I'm saddened that this establishment has been marked off my list as well. Please look into this issue further and make sure the source of the contamination is found. Thank you!

  • Just a positive comment about an Arby's employee in Urbana, IL. DMontre H. in the Arby's at 509 North Cunningham is outstanding. He's always friendly and smiling and very helpful, speedy and careful to get the orders right whether manning the drive-through or in-store. Thanks DMontre! You make the world a better, full-of-sunshine place!

  • I think that the current TV advertising is false and deceptive. Have you seen the amount of beef in those sandwiches on TV? And that HUGE plate of smothered fries? My order at the store looked like the kids meal compared to the product featured on TV.

  • Sue of Arbys E-Club Support advised me to contact you in regard to my complaint. The problem was I was supposed to update my profile, but whenever I attempted to enter my conclusions, the survey insisted I put down a restaurant location, but failed to provide me any alternatives beyond –, so my survey was refused every time I tried to enter it.

    I also took issue with the survey questions, as not having enough options to make the survey responses really indicate one's preferences. One I entered garden salad, but my real side preference was potato cakes, which was not included (though I see it has since been added as an option). I really dislike curly fries, and never order them unless they're named a free prize in a Detroit Tiger promo. What I really love (and always have since going to Arbys since the 1960s) are the potato cakes. It wouldn't be so bad, if straight fries hadn't been eliminated some years ago, leaving curly fries as the only fry alternative to potato cakes. If you don't want to offer them anymore, then couldn't another alternative be acceptable? Like potato wedges, steak fries, sweet potato fries, or other fry alternatives offered by your competition (I liked it when you offered bake potatoes too)? The options on desserts were very limited, why not alternatives like apple crisp, pie slices or puddings offered as well? The meat selection could have included feedback on other options like pot roast or gyros. It also doesn't deal with the thing I detest most about your sandwiches now. You used to primarily feature beef sandwiches with nothing added but your Arby's or horsey sauces. Now you add cheese to just about everything. French Dip subs used to be one of my favorite, I've quit getting it since you added cheese to it (melted cheese and au jus are a disgusting combination). If your lineup of cheap mini-sandwiches are supposed to keep it simple, then simplify things more by getting rid of the cheese. It may be fine with sandwiches with lettuce, tomato, onion rings, mayonnaise, etc., but in meat-only sandwiches, keep it limited to just the beef-and-cheddar will you? Again, none of that was covered in the survey (nor were drinks except for shakes–I tend to like only the jamocha anyway–under the desserts options).

  • Soo funny commercial "remember the coffee lady" imma old enough to!!!! That's a good one..laughed hard and still smile when I see it!!!

  • I was a visitor at arbys in gordansville tn yesterday November 20 2015 around lunchtime and as I was orderin I noticed a toddler runnin around behind the counter wher the emoloyees are I think this is very unprofessional and the manage whis name tag said karen wright even told the girl she needed to keep him outa stuff I don't know exactly what he was in to but her as manger shouldn't have allowed that and then when I was waitin on my food I overheard her just bein rude and talkin down to an employee about another employee and she was bragging on how corporate was gonna start running "her" store but they already knew who was boss cyz they asked her who should stay n who shouldn't well my opinion is she should b first to go… get that negative woman out and I bet ur employees would b grateful

  • I was a visitor at arbys in gordansville tn yesterday November 20 2015 around lunchtime and as I was orderin I noticed a toddler runnin around behind the counter wher the emoloyees are I think this is very unprofessional and the manage whis name tag said karen wright even told the girl she needed to keep him outa stuff I don't know exactly what he was in to but her as manger shouldn't have allowed that and then when I was waitin on my food I overheard her just bein rude and talkin down to an employee about another employee and she was bragging on how corporate was gonna start running "her" store but they already knew who was boss cyz they asked her who should stay n who shouldn't well my opinion is she should b first to go… get that negative woman out and I bet ur employees would b grateful

  • From the looks of all these comments Arby's should not be in business. I know my daughter works for you in Davenport,Iowa and she has had very bad experiences with management there. She tells of how people are forced to work when they are so I'll they are vomiting in trash cans. If they say they are to I'll to work ,they are threatened with their jobs. Several people are fired then rehired on the same day,only because management was upset about something. So from what she has told me along with some of these comments I am beginning to think this must be how the corporation let's their management run their stores. Does not sound like a good place for anyone to work who actually wants to give good work ethics. Don't they understand if your employees are not treated respectively,your management or business gets none in return. I don't think I will be recommending anyone to apply.

    • I am currently a shift manager. Very new to the company. I have been seeing red flags since day 1. I am extremely uncomfortable working for this company because I actually have morals. Upper management is the issue so nothing will change bc all complaints are ignored. After reading these comments I see there is no reason to file my complaint. I must simply quit. That goes against my work ethic. I am torn. Morally I can't work somewhere I know I won't make the least bit of difference. The good ppl are forced out by the corruptness of it all. I did not sign on for this…

  • We went to Arby's today on Wilcox in Kingsport TN today. And as we sat there we saw this elderly lady attempting to enter the restaurant. In the process of closing her door. She fell back against the car and then fell very hard on the asphalt. We ran over and my husband ran inside to tell whomever she was with that she fell, and I ran in to ask for a first aid kit. She was really hurt, skinned up both arms and put a gash in her head that was dripping blood. One of the employees came out with me and tried to help. And another employee came out seen the situation went back in and got gloves and some more bandages, and sat down next to her in the car and talked to her. And helped her with bandages. I didn't catch the names of these two employees. But I believe these two went above and beyond to help that little old woman and her husband. These two employees should be found and commended somehow. This is the kind of workers I think should be in all businesses. People that actually seem to truly care about others. #Faith in humanity restored

  • I am a Shift Manager at Arby's. I've been with the company for 7years. I've been a manager 5 of those years. I have been through 5 different GM's. It is just a horrible place to work for. They don't care about their employees. There is no benefits or incentives where I work. They won't even do direct deposit because they think it costs too much. I barely make more than minimum wage. I have no one to confront about this. The GM I have is new to the company, only just got hired this year. He just basically runs the back end stuff like paperwork. He's not working with the crew, he won't listen to any of the managers. The moved one girl up that had only been working there less than a month, just because he wants to sleep with her. Because it's definitely not because she is a good worker, or highly qualified. Arby's training sucks, the employees are not trained properly. We have this HUGE labor thing, where we have to make people leave early all the time, and that always leave my night shifts short of help. I had to close a position pretty much every night this week. It's just so ridiculous! I've never worked somewhere where I didn't get raises, or benefits, or even maybe a paid vacation or paid holiday pay. Arby's, you should be ashamed of the way you treat your employees, not to mention how customers are treated. How are employees suppose to be happy and nice to customers, when they are treated so poorly!!!! Shame on you!!!!

  • My family and friends WILL NEVER EVER EVER eat at Arby's again. That little asswipe Davenport should have immediately fired. And we all, and there's a lot of us, are encouraging everyone to do the same. Gee, if one of you at Arby's needs to call 911, just call that disgusting piece of schitt Davenport instead. And you can thank Davenport for your forthcoming loss of business. I hope you go bankrupt.

  • I just read the comments that people have submitted about the Arby's worker who didn't want to serve a police officer. I did not see one comment that agrees with what you did. Does that tell you anything? The worker must go!!! I am among the people who will never eat at Arby's again. That is, unless you change your mind and fire him. It's your choice.

  • Let me get this straight. Your employee (Who just happens to be black) refuses to serve someone because they are a police officer (who just happens to be white). You are sorry he did it and say so. Do you fire him on the spot? Of course not. If the race of the two were reversed I wonder what you would have done. It looks to me like you are not interested in business from white people. So I, as a white man will not be stopping at any Arby's again. If I am wrong, you can prove it by giving him his walking papers today.

  • You fired that stupid FL manager, now it's time to fire that ignorant, black 19 year old who started the whole thing with the white police officer. But I guess since he is black, you are too "politically correct" to do the right thing. No more Arby's for me, there are many more places to eat.

  • I am a retired police officer and hope you listen closely to what I have to say regarding the employee who didn't want to serve the police Sgt. We all know it was wrong and so do you. You went to a great pains to tell the world how sorry you are that it happened. Then you show it by suspending the employee for TWO WHOLE DAYS. Well, that just don't get it. My wife and I have been regular customers of Arby's for a long time. We will never be back unless you do the right thing. By that I mean, FIRE HIM, the sooner the better. There are just too many other places I can buy fast food. I don't need you, you need me.

    • Thank you for your service and I am one of those peoples who has our local policemen's back sir. We have excellent local police.

  • I am sorry to say I will never eat at another Arby's! I am appalled at the situation at Pembroke Pines. So you fired the manager and gave the employee a 2 days PAID SUSPENSION?

    In my opinion, with all this anti-police sentiment going around, I can pick and choose where I desire to eat and Arby's will not be the place to go!!!

  • It's amazing how some people simply can't handle the truth when it comes to a work place issue. They blame everyone else as long as responsibility is shirked to another. The truth of the matter is fast food restaurants are plagued with drug use which is why nothing is done about it. If people were fired or not hired for drug use, nobody would be working in these establishments.

  • How would it gel with the world if white employee refused to serve black cop? There would be looting and rallies I'm sure. Best response from Arby's would be to fire the manager and the disrespectful employee. Guess we'll see.

  • We take the family for dinner just about every Thursday night to Arby's over on Sunset. But not tonight. Until you guys fire both that manager and the employee who refused to serve the female cop over in Pembroke we will not be returning to Arby's for dinner. Instead, starting tonight, we'll be looking for a taco or burger place.

    • I agree, I will not be going to Arby's until I hear the scummy employee is fired. I read the owner fired the manager. But it sounds like the manager refunded the money and did the right thing. So I am in shock that this ignorant employee was not fired. Shwew, we almost went to Arby's for lunch yesterday but ended up at Potbelly's.

  • Count my family among the many shocked to hear that a member of Florida law enforcement was denied service.

    You owe a very public apology on this one and the employee in question needs to be fired. Until that occurs, we will be dining elsewhere!

  • Arby's you should be ashamed of yourselves how that officer in Florida was treated. You should fire that employee and the manager!!!!

    Maybe the police should refuse to serve you the next time one of your stores are robbed or maybe not serve that employee and manager outside of work. Seems fair to me.

  • I will never eat at Arby's again after the police officer in Florida was refused service. I eat at Arby's very often because of my work. I would rather do without than to spend any money there from now on…..

  • I was disgusted when I heard about the police officer refused service and when Arby apologized, they made the comment about the "isolated incident". This is reflective of a corporate culture and the change needs to start at the top and a simple statement is not acceptable. While I like Arby's food, they have lost a customer until they make an effort to restore faith in them. In the meantime, I am going to buy gift cards from McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's, Jack in Box, whomever, and donate to the local police so they have options.

  • Refusing to serve Jennifer Martin, a police officer in Florida, is despicable and I believe the employee should be fired. They have enough to deal with each day while protecting us and it is shameful for one of them to be treated this way. This will be shared to millions and we will be waiting to hear what Arby's has done about this injustice.

  • We will no longer eat at Arby's. Refusing to serve a police officer because he is a police officer was not too smart. I see many, many people refusing to frequent your restaurants because of this. Who will you call when you experience a crime to your businesses? I see anarchy on the horizon because of this nation becoming too politically correct. Arby's should have left the cultural wars alone. I've told every family member and friend what Arby's did to this police officer and asked them not to ever go to Arby's ever again. Sincerely, a disgusted former customer of Arby's

    • I will never eat at Arby's again. I guess if they don't serve police offers then I'm sure they won't serve white people either.

  • I have worked in restaurants for many years you alway treat the police with respect!
    Who do you call when there is a problem???
    your to expensive anyway!

  • I am a small business owner in Chicago Illinois and I often treat my employees to food from Arbys. After reading the article about that employee refusing service to the police officer, I am stopping all purchases from your company. I will also request all of my neighbors and people who do business with my company to do the same. This is insulting to are men and women who place their lives on the line every day.

  • I am extremely upset with the fact that at one of your establishments your employees refused to serve a Law Enforcement Officer. Just so you know we are the ones who respond to your businesses when your alarm goes off, when you have unruly customer, when a crime is committed against the business or an employee. Even if your employees refuse to serve us, unlike your employees we will always respond and make sure the patrons and employees are safe and go home safe. We call that professionalism. It is sad that your employees can not show the same level of professionalism. I have enjoyed eating at your establishments in the past, but because of this incident I will no longer visit or purchase any items from any of your establishments as a customer, but rest assured that if dispatched to your business I will respond and be professional even if your employees can not.

  • Sept. 1, 2015 the manager of the Arby's in Pembroke Pines, FL 11755 Pines Blvd. refused to serve a uniformed police officer. It is an official report now on Pembroke Pines police facebook page. Local news agencies have been informed as has Fox News. No response from corporate headquarters as of yet.

    • Arby's Careers page states" We're hiring people who want to work for a company that values innovation, trust and respect.". Sounds like they need to revise their hiring goals or remove the employees that don't meet them. Its obvious the supervision in the Pines Blvd. Pembroke store truly isn't on top of their employees actions, …………….. or were they!

  • I'm curious why a fast food restaurant would do away with the kid's turkey meal especially in todays society when there is so much childhood obesity. The only way Arby's offers their turkey now is in those outrages high calorie sandwiches and on the turkey market place salad. I don't want my child eating the fatty ham, roast beef, or fried chicken. You need to bring the turkey sandwich back!!!





  • Arbys gives a 10% discount to Seniors 55 or over,, DONT BELIEVE IT,, IT'S NOT TRUE.. All you will do is embarrass yourself by asking.Thats because the FRANCHISE OWNERS ARE DICKS..

  • attention Media officer: the Arby's We Have The Meats is quite annoying and bothersome. It's not the actor that delivers the voice over … it's the WE HAVE THE MEATS ! Guess what … i have the tv channel clicker.

  • So I was at Arbys in Conyers GA on hwy 138, they forgot the sauce for the french dip. That wasn't the problem. But when I went back to get it, she took the food while I was in the middle of a sentence, and ordered another one ignoring me the entire time. She came back with the new food, I tried to continue what I was saying and she just said have a nice day in the middle of my sentence. This doesn't seem that major but this use to be the place I went to for good customer service. Not anymore.

  • I went to Arby's in Lavale, MD yesterday. I mistakenly forgot my coupon in my car. Instead of making me go get my coupon the manager allowed me to get the coupon price. She was very nice and I complemented her on how her store was very clean, she replied, that's what we strive for, cleanliness and customer satisfaction. You are very lucky to have someone who feels so strongly about your company. Great job! This is now my favorite place to eat.

  • Today, I went through the drive thru at Arby's located in Dunn, NC. After, I paid for my order, the young lady asked me to pull forward and she would bring me my food, because she had just dropped the jalapeno hushpuppies. I pulled up and in a few minutes she brought me my order. I then started looking through the bag, only to discover my potato cakes were missing and the sandwich that I asked for the Thousand Island Dressing to be placed on the side, was actually put on the sandwich and then wiped off. I backed up to the drive thru window, since no one was behind me, and I was in my pajamas and did not want to get out of my vehicle. I beeped my horn to get the young lady's attention, only to be ignored by her and her co-worker. The young lady that had taken my order, went into the dining area and was talking. Her co-worker just kept taking customer orders for the front. I had to go in the restaurant. I was surprised that the co-worker actually acknowledged me and asked me what did I need. I informed her I wanted the potato cakes I paid for, I didn't even get into it concerning my Rueben, that was not like I requested it. When I said that, the young lady that took my order asked what was wrong. Her co-worker stated that she forgot the potato cakes. I feel that it was absolutely ridiculous that two of your employees ignored a customer, and did not come to the drive-thru window to ask what was needed. I also feel that it was even more ridiculous that because of being ignored I had to go inside the restaurant, sick, in my pajamas no less, to even be acknowledged, (which is very embarrassing). The receipt that the young lady had gave me did not even print-out correctly, all you could see was the customer number on top. These ladies are in serious need of training, or they should find another career.

  • Thats simply not true,yes its based on projections but if you see that beef is below projections you still put beef on,takes 3 hrs to cook @250 Someone forgot to put beef on

  • Arbys in Garner Nc is the worst ever!!! The store MANAGER ALISON IS A BIG ASS BULLY SHE TALKS TRASH TO HER EMPLOYEES AND RUDE TO THE COSTUMERS WHO GETS UNDER HER SKIND. not to mention she smokes weed and comes to work. If you make her upset she cuts your hours and just bluntly rude. I have worked at this location for plenty of years. Never have i seen so many people come and go. not to mention management they let her do the things she does.

  • Since when ha s SPANISH become the official language of ARBY'S?? We live in America, our language is ENGLISH, if you can't speak it or don't want to, GO BACK WHERE CAME FROM!!!
    It would be different if we lived in a Spanish speaking country because their attitude is WE DON'T CATER TO ANY OTHER LANGUAGE!
    Only in AMERICA can people of other nationalities dictate to us about language and we let them and in some cases, help them to do it.
    AMERICA is the laughing stock of the world because of all the stuff other people get away with here. We need to be more like Mexico or Russia. What the government says is the law. Like it, go to jail. or get out of the country!!!

    • It sounds like your issue is not with Arby's rather it is with the rest of the world! You sound very angry and help!!

  • Arby's will just sell off the underperforming stores and write them off their taxes. They could care less because their getting their BIG paychecks all the time.

  • Well it looks like CORPORATE could care less about any of it's establishments!! by all the comments it sounds like every place is the same, I recently visited the Manistique Michigan on US 2 and the place is horrible, the help is a bunch of inconsiderate young kids who throw tantrums, I see in the comment below how the manager is a absolute looney well it must be a requirement of Arby's for manager and inexperienced DO THEY NOT TRAIN THEIR HELP????? or do they not tell them in the consumer business that you have to deal with people everyday and this is your job, a place I will never eat again!!!!!! not just here ANYWHERE!!!

  • Your Fish patty commercial is unappealing.
    follow this and see
    Dressing – That awful synthetic Tartar sauce. Some people might not like it.
    Green- preferable dark green ( Romaine)
    – Iceberg is bloating for most
    Then with Fanfare – The FISH patty.
    The bread should be square like the Patty,
    Everything has to do with Presentation. Your Promoting and or Advertising Department can do better.

  • I usually do not have a problem with Arby's, but I got a coupon via e-mail to get the KH Deluxe Fish with the purchase of a small fry and drink. At this location which is in Yadkinville the drinks are 99 Cents any size, which is great, so I proceeded to order gave them my order along with the coupon, I was told to drive to the window for my total. When I paid my for my purchase the bill was for $3.92 I looked at it and added it up the small curly fry was $1.69 and the teas was supposed to be 99 cents so when I asked about the lady at the window said that she would have to ask the Manager, she came back and told me that it was because I had the coupon, well that is just wrong, and deceitful to the customer, if you sign specifically states for any size 99 cents then it should be 99 cents coupon or not, so I am not happy with this, and Arby's is high enough, sot the next time it would probably be better for me to just disregard the coupon and just go to McDonald's or next door to BK or KFC or Taco Bell and even or Bo Jangles. Sorry but this is just crazy to me when what their sign says is not honored then why should I go by Arby's to just get cheated. The the manager looks at me as says, it that ok not it is not ok come over to my place and let me cheat you and then see if it is okay with you, I can gaurentee that it wouldn't be alright with you, unless you got more money than you need and you got it running over and it probbaly wouldn't bother you to get cheated, but with me we live pay check to pay check so every penny counts so when I thought that I was getting a great deal I really wasn't: A GREAT LET DOWN BY ARBY'S!! So I will be telling everyone what has happened to me so they will know that they really aren't getting a good catch of the day after all with Arby's!!

    • I actually wrote this today' I was upset, and whished that I hadn't posted the previus, just ignore the previous and forgive me for doing so, and I would apprecite if the previou could be remove, I do appologize for it and ask for forgivness.

  • how does this work south sioux city, ne, arby's my daughter is pregnant and 17 and working for them she hasn't felt the baby in like 22 hours but the manager refuses to let her leave until she gets a replacement even though her doctor wants her at the hospital now, but yet the managers can sit in the back or be outside smoking instead of doing their jobs. Lets top it all off with the fact that they actually put her scrubbing the trash area with bleach on her hands and knees. talk about a worthless corporation

  • The Arby's in Storm Lake, Iowa has terrible management and staff/employees, they were teasing/bullying a disabled young lady that was an employee. Two customers attempted to help her and they too were treated unfairly. They do have what is called the American Disability Act, Iowa Civil Rights as well as the ACLU for starts to which this young lady as well as the customers could take some legal action. I know I wish I knew who they were as I would certainly help them out. I just hope they read any and all comments that not only I, but others have left on Facebook and other social networking sites as well. I would strongly consider talking with the management, if not firing any and all staff/employees at this Arby's. The disabled have rights as do the customers.

  • I visited the Arbys in Lavale, MD and I must say that it was amazing! The staff was very nice and joked with my family, the food was hot and tasted very good and the restaurant itself was so clean. The employee who was cleaning the tables spent a lot of time making sure everything was clean and she even stopped by our table and talked to us. Arbys should be very proud of this restaurant. I could tell the staff has put alot of work into satisfying every customer, we sure were.

  • My sister just went to the Greenville Texas location to see if she could purchase some Arby's sauce packets to send to my nephew who is currently deployed with the USNavy. They denied selling her any packets and allowed her to have 6 packets. If Arby's can't support the US military then I will not support Arby's. Shame on you.

  • The food that i was served at 971 W.S Blvd was very nasty lettuce brown food smelled awful Manager Sabrina had a very bad attitude with me employees clothes were dirty Sabrina yelled at me and threw my food out the window

  • Manager Hillary at Arby's #5421 was very rude, has a terrible attitude and doesn't care who knows it. She needs to be fired immediately before she runs off more of you business. I will never return to this store or any other Arby's because of the way I was treated!!!!!

  • I was a manager at Arby's restaurant in Yadkinville however on July 18th I was harassed by a coworker's husband while he was there doing an interview/new hire paperwork then he came back while I was taking out the trash where he cornered me in the trash area alone..I told my (incompetent) general manager (Carmen Brooks) the details of what happened and that as a result I did not feel safe there. She said I was "over-reacting". So I talked with the district manager he said he "was sorry that happened" and that he would "transfer me to the Statesville store with same hours I had before". Yesterday I'm told I need to fill out paperwork. Today to my disbelief im informed that I have basically been fired from the Yadkinville store, now they're taking my manager position and lowering my pay rate!! I can't help but feel this is in retaliation to my harassment complaint. I know there's laws that protect (whistle blowers) people in my position. ..please help anyway you can.

  • I visited the Arby's in Lavale, MD while on vacation. I must say that this establishment is the cleanest I've ever been in. The employees were very friendly, smiled and even joked around with my family. The service was amazing and the food was hot and delicious. I look forward to stopping by next year!

  • Went to Arby's #6291 at 7:30 pm this evening. It was my husband and 12-year old stepdaughter's first time going to Arby's, since they lived in a small town that didn't have one nearby. I have been going to various Arby's for many years and have never had such a horrible experience. We had to wait over 10 minutes for our food at a nearly empty restaurant (there were two tables occupied of people that already had their food)…during which time, when whom I assume was the shift manager (the honestly trying young lady is listed as "Brenda" on the receipt) was trying to figure out what orders the cook was putting down the slots, I heard her ask why a chicken sandwich was wrapped as "Special" and was told, loud enough for myself and my family to to hear, several feet away, "because it's a special order, you b*tch."
    When we finally got our food, my order was read out to me wrong, but at this point, we were pretty uncomfortable after listening to more verbal abuse from the cook, so we went to the car and my husband checked the bag, only to find that we were down an order of fries. My husband went back in, the fries were pretty much thrust into his hands without an apology. When we got home less than five minutes later, my roast beef sandwich was lukewarm, one order of curly fries was lukewarm and gooey, my husband's crispy chicken sandwich was soggy, my stepdaughter's chicken fingers tasted like dirty grease and were also lukewarm; her onion rings were tasteless and greasy. They asked me how I considered that good food at all, and when I explained that was not at all my previous experiences at other Arby's, my husband told me he hoped not, because what we had just eaten was not worth $22.45. I agree. I don't think I will ever be returning to this location, even though it is 2 miles from home.
    As an aside, since we were all extremely hungry at that point, honestly didn't have the money to go to another establishment and did not want to return to the restaurant, we tried eating our meals anyway. My husband has been in and out of the bathroom ever since, my stomach is extremely upset and my stepdaughter is trying to sleep off her upset stomach. I am certain I won't get any response from this, but am willing to provide an email address if by some chance, someone out there is willing to address these issues: There is no manager listed on the receipt, no information on whom to contact about any issues or concerns.

  • I am a Mt Orab, OH employee. My manager Ethan Adams is sexist and treats me completely horrible
    What do I do about this?


    • I agree. I currently work at Arby's. I do not plan to be there much longer. I came to send an anonymous complaint thinking it would help but these comments have my stomach turning. These issues have been ongoing for years & in so many different places!!!!! My complaint won't help at all sadly…some things just can't be fixed clearly.

  • Store number 7349 in Louisville, Marty is a rude manager and never smiles. I heard her complaining about one of the younger kids work performance and instead of talking down about him she should have been professional. Where do y'all find the management? The ones that should be manager aren't but y'all have this lady who is in a mid life crisis as management. You guys need to do something about Marty and how she treats the employees.

  • Barbara Jackson works at store 7349, I'm a regular customer at this store. Today was not a good day the manager Marty was very rude to Barbara, Marty snatched the headset off the young ladies head and was yelling, Marty is out of control and way out of line and what makes matters worst Is Jason the general manager never stepped in. Barbara serves me everyday and is always making my day as well as others. To days incident lets me know that those managers do what ever and say what ever to those employees and for some one to be violated in that manner makes no sense at all. Marty had no right snatching anything off that young lady, no right to touch her. It was a violation and someone should do something.

  • Just was at the Lander and Mayfield Arby's. Lashonda is outstanding. Friendly, smiling and efficient. GIve her a raise.
    Emily Kohl

  • I am sorry to hear that you no longer sell the Horsey Sauce in the 11.5 bottle. It is my favorite to put on a sandwich. Hope you will reconsider this decision.

  • My husband is the only male manager in your Okmulgee Oklahoma store. The other managers Arby's and the crew treats him different because he is doing what he was trained to. He goes by what the book says. His crew are constantly trying to get in to trouble since he will make them work. The crew will go and tattle to the store manager because of this. The crew there is also very unfriendly to the customers. The District Manager will NOT do anything about it. He has also asked to be transfer to a different a different store and was told that he couldn't because they have him the way they want him to be. I think some one from either the head quarters needs to come down and watch them. I also think that they need to get all new managers and crew in that store. Maybe if someone from the head office comes down and does something about it because the district manager sure isnt to consider about losing employees. There is also a girl who thinks just because her uncle is a district manager for another area that she doesn't have to work and can play one her phone and not pay attention to the custumers. She only has her job because of him. The crew are also getting together and telling the store manager thinks that (didn't happened) they are saying it happened 3months to 4months ago. If it happened why are they waiting so long to say something. They don't like him because he will make them work and not play around. They are also telling him he needs to watch his hour but since they him closing every single night his crew takes for every to get their stuff done. He has even asked if he could have a few openings and they well I will have to see. They have a store manager who will not close, one who says she can't close because she has to get stuff done at night (she goes to school twice a week) so she can close on Saturday night. One manager who only works one day a week (one eight hour shift). The District Manager is also pushing me into becoming a manager for your Henryetta Oklahoma Store. I have told her I am going to find a job here in the town i live in (Okmulgee Oklahoma). That way I am close to my 10mon old son. They also was not going to let him leave when I had him back in May 2013. They said well can't you finish your shift first. You are losing customers because of them. I REALLY WOULD APPRECIATE IF YOU WILL DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE MANAGEMENT AND THE CREW THERE. I am getting tried of them treating my husband differently because he is the only male manager. Since the district manager won't do any thing about it. I am going above her head and go to the head quarters and Corporate office out of tulsa Oklahoma and having you do something about it.

  • I visited the Arbys on Atlanta Hwy./Dalraida on 3/3 @ 11:37 am and the girl on the drive thru intercom was very impatient she literally rushed me to order. I get to the window she says( $6.26). I told her I had a coupon and she sighs in a grumpy way you should of said that at the speaker. I told her if you'd listen and not rush me I was
    going to tell you that. I asked to speak with a manager and she replied, I am the manager and lifted her name tag and I saw her name Marshelle.
    She was very rude and lack customer experience.

  • I observed some disturbing incidents at the Arby's on 7222 I-40 West on Friday, Feb 21, at about 4 o'clock in the afternoon.