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Subway Corporate Office Headquarters HQ – 2 Phone Numbers 

Subway New Corporate Office

Subway is a popular US sandwich chain. Subway HQ is located in Connecticut USA. More contact information is listed below.

How To Contact Subway Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Doctor’s Associates (Parent Company of Subway Sandwiches)

Subway Corporate Address:

Subway Main Office: 325 Bic Drive Milford, Connecticut 06461-3059 USA

Subway Home Office in CT New 2023: 1 Corporate Drive, Shelton, CT 06484 USA

Subway Headquarters in Florida New in 2023: 1000 Sub Way, Miami, FL 331126 USA

Subway HQ Phone Numbers and Websites

Subway Corporate Phone Number: 203-877-4281

Subway Corporate Headquarters Fax Number: n/a

Corporate Email: info@subway.com

Corporate Stock Symbol: Not Listed – Private Company

Subway Customer Service Number: 800-888-4848

Website: Subway Corporate

Subway Restaurants Company Bio

Subway is famous for its chain of restaurants that serve sub-sandwiches and salads. Subway offers a healthy choice of non-fried menu items. Subway is the premier sandwich restaurant chain in the US. Subway’s Customer Support Phone Number is 1-800-888-4848. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.


Subway’s Competition

Subway competes in the fast food sandwich industry. Their competition includes Pot Belly, Jersey Mike’s, Blimpie, Firehouse Subs, Jimmy John’s, Quizno’s, Schlotzsky’s, Which Wich, McAlister’s Deli, Jason’s Deli, Honey Baked Ham Restaurants and Panera Bread.

Subway Corporate Office Complaints

As a global leader in the fast-food industry, Subway inevitably encounters a range of feedback. Customers with concerns specific to their Subway experience have several avenues to voice their complaints. They can directly contact Subway’s customer service, send a written complaint to their headquarters, or use various online platforms to express their concerns. Moreover, CorporateOfficeHeadquarters.com features a dedicated comment section where individuals can detail their Subway encounters. This transparent communication helps potential patrons make decisions based on shared experiences.

Subway Corporate Office

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Subway steak sandwich and not fresh bread baked every day. Steak too spicy.

Rated 1 out of 5
August 6, 2023

subway store number #6839-0 and 2 more subway restaurants in Hazard Kentucky. They used leftover bread for the next day to serve customers. I can tell the difference. They are putting something in their steak and makes it too spicy. They just started that lately. I am very upset because I am a regular customer but will not be eating there anymore unless this problem is solved.

Eva Combs

Subway skimps on steak meat and adding way to much mayo on purpose

Rated 1 out of 5
August 12, 2023

5th or 6th time they short us on steak meat. We don’t get it, the subway in Snowhill and another one in Greenville always put plenty of steak meat on our subs, but the one here in Farmville NC skimps us badly, i I don’t know if it’s customary to do this, idk, but we pa 24 dollars for two footlongs and they put two containers of steak per sub, they add it on there and spread it with a spoon and then drizzle on extra mayo, meanwhile the subway in snow hill put these big scooper fulls on it and its double what we get in Farmville. It’s totally not worth it for 23 dollars. Then I called them and told them about it and they said to bring the rest of our sub in and he’ll give us new ones. They said that we said we’d bring it in the same day of our purchase, which we did say but couldn’t make it, so we called 2 days later and the guy said he wouldn’t do it cause we didn’t have our subs, which we didn’t. The subs he made us were probably worth 7 dollars each.

Elaine Hendrix

Subway Workers in Rittman, Ohio are rude

Rated 1 out of 5
August 12, 2023

I was at your store in Rittman Ohio 44270 yesterday August 11 and I went to order she asked me what I would like and I told her I wanted 3 large BMT sandwiches on Italian bread she and I repeated my order and for the second time, she said what and the 3rd time I told her to clean her ears out but what is funny was the other girl heard my order so I had to step next door at the auto repair shop so when I returned they kept their back to me and was whispering to each other and pointing at me and I was really set back and when came time for the toppings she asked me and I said everything and once asked what I wanted on them I said everything and she repeated everything and I said just a bit louder yes everything and after I got my sandwiches some old bitty said in a sarcastic tone of voice. I am 68 years old and stand 6’2″ I had a stroke about 12-16 months ago and this is for my soft voice I did not come forward with this and I am a proud person and they should have been nicer but in Rittman fast food only has a couple of places worth eating. I will never step foot in this subway again. I had a carpet installation crew for 35 years and not 1 complaint. I just thought you might want to know.

Roy D Roden

What an awful experience attempting to contact Subway

Rated 3 out of 5
March 16, 2023

What an awful experience attempting to contact Subway. But I assure you that it only confirms my decision as a lifetime customer to no longer support or purchase Subway sandwiches or salads. I wanted to ask why you eliminated sweet onion and brought in a teriyaki sweet onion dressing that is awful!!! I guess you could have just added it to the lineup of dressings without eliminating the only topping that many of us come to your store for!I was surprised to learn after creating a salad without the bowl or chopping that everything about my salad would be different today and it was awful! Everything is layered in a small bowl not cut up and a little bit of dressing on top for 8.00 plus dollars you have got to be kidding! And having no dressing choices. You have lost my business entirely and my family we lived the sweet onion dressing and have had many subs and salads!

Big mistake! I am sure there are many more that will just leave without telling you that’s the reason but I just had to let you know… when companies don’t care about their customers well bye bye company! Bye-bye, Subway! Just like your total digital experience… done!!!


Durango Colorado Subway franchisee left the location in a mess

Rated 3 out of 5
March 28, 2023

Hi, My name is Deborah Klein, I have made several attempts to reach anyone at your corporate headquarters. This is a legal matter, I had a building in Durango Colorado that was being leased to a Subway franchisee. The lease is not between me and the franchisee but between me and Subway Corporate. The store number of the leased building is 51956. In March of 2022, the franchisee walked out the door, leaving the business, never to be heard from again. After several months and complaints from

the health inspectors, I had a locksmith open the doors of the building. Food was still in the walk-ins, bread in the oven that had turned black. I sent a certified letter to Corporate and never receive any correspondence back. I had an attorney send a letter and still no response. I have e-mailed Chris Ball, in legal at least 5 times with no response. In December I received a call from James Martin from New Haven, CT , phone number. Mr. Martin assured me that he was on top of this issue and planned to get it settled.

Deborah Klein
Corporate Office Headquarters