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  • Jersey Mikes Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Jersey Mikes Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact Jersey Mikes Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

2251 Landmark Place
Manasquan, New Jersey  08736 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-732-223-4044
Corporate Fax Number: 1-732-223-0777
Customer Service Number: 1-800-321-7676
Website: Jersey Mike’s

Jersey Mike’s competes in the fast food sandwich industry. Their competition includes Pot Belly, Subway, Blimpie, Firehouse Subs, Jimmy John’s, Quizno’s, Schlotzsky’s, Which Wich, and Panera Bread.


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  1. On 5/23/23 10:16am I placed a customized order at my nearest Jersey Minkes 34074 on 4055 Broadway NYC 10032-1516 ticket# 01-002587-99-017189. One sub was a reg #2 with the Rosemary Bread and the second was a #2 mini with white bread. When the order arrived both subs were on the rosemary bread which prompted me to call the store and informed the manager, my order wasn't correct. The manager at first apologized and said she would credit me the mini and gave me her cell phone number to send her the pic which I did, minutes later she texts me back she wanted a pic of my colleagues' sub which she ate, and I informed her my colleague Pennelope Duda ate it. The manager didn't respond, and we waited for the credit on her cc and today we both checked, and nothing was credited. I texted the manager today, and I have not heard back. The mini was $6.79 w/o tax, but it's the dismissiveness which I don't appreciate. The poor customer service and lack of follow up. This is a new shop in Washington Heights and I have compared it with Harsdale NY and Washington Heights has a lot to grow, and I get it however be more attentive to customized order specifics. Often times they don't include the banana peppers and or replace them with pickles which are two different items. I am very particular about my subs and I am totally unsatisfied and my mood changes when my sub isn't prepared correctly. You can check out my account and see all the times I have ordered JM, I am a huge fan.

  2. There are Labor Violations going on at the Okeechobee, FL store. This owner also owns a store in Sebring, FL so I'm sure it is happening there as well. First, the employees 1st checks are shorted hours. When it was pointed out to the owner, her response was "Well all you do is watch when you are training, you aren't really working." Then she has Mandatory Meetings every month and tells staff that they will be fired if they do not attend. However, she does not allow them to clock in. These meeting last 90 miniutes plus! If it is mandatory to be there, then it is mandatory to pay them! She also docks ALL the employees tips if a customer fails to pick up their phone order. This has nothing to do with not taking the order properly or not getting a phone number. In Florida it is a violation of labor laws to dock pay for walkouts…which is essentially the same as not picking up the order! And when tomatoes went bad because they weren't rotated properly, she sent a message to all staff that she was taking all the tips and would stop all tips if anything like this happened again. Okeechobee is a small country town. If the residents knew hat the tips they were giving to the staff were not being given to the employees, they would be furious. Not to mention that the majority of her staff are high school students that she is fully taking advantage of because they do not know any better. She also does not provide the employees with handbooks and does not complete the I-9 within the mandatory 3 days of starting work. Sometimes its more then a month later. Please contact this store to correct this. My next step will be to contact the department of labor which will result in an audit and huge fines. Thank you.

  3. I am extremely disappointed in the way the Jersey Mike's in Raynham, MA handled my 17 year old son who wanted to work for the company. My son applied and was interviewed by 2 managers and was then offered a position. We went in together to fill out tax forms and additional paperwork. He was told he would be contacted in the next week for his hours. After a few days no one contacted him so he went to the location to follow up. The manager was there and still did not have hours for him, but did provide him with a code to use for the employee discount. My son continued to follow up for 3 weeks with no one giving him a schedule and saying that they were waiting for his paperwork to be entered. Finally after 3 full weeks he went to the location again. This time there was a new manager who told him that there had been some management changes and she would be looking over his paperwork and getting back to him. Still no response from the manager…. Finally he called AGAIN and spoke to a DIFFERENT manager who basically told him to apply other places and he no longer had a positon.
    This was to be my son's first job and to have an experience like this is one of the most unprofessional experiences I have seen from a company in a long time. Being a hiring manager myself I am appalled! I would NEVER treat a potential employee this way and what lesson is this teaching my son or other employees that work there. I will not be returning to this establishment. I work closely in the community at a non profit organization and plan on letting everyone know of my experience at this place. There is a huge sign that can be seen from the street that says "Join our winning team" all I see are a bunch of unprofessional people who don't care about their employees or customers.

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