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Jimmy Johns Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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Jimmy John’s Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 

Official Address

2212 Fox Drive

Champaign, IL 61820 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-217-356-9900

Fax Number: 1-217-359-2956

Customer Service Number: 1-217-356-9900

Website: Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John’s competes in the fast food sandwich industry. Their competition includes Pot Belly, Jersey Mike’s, Blimpie, Firehouse Subs, Subway, Quizno’s, Schlotzsky’s, Which Wich, and Panera Bread.

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2 times I have gone to the store on North 30th in Omaha, and encountered the same sour woman behind the counter. The first time was when we entered, she shouted in an unpleasant manner "WE ARE NOT OPEN YET!" We were a bit surprised then that the door was open. The next time around we ordered 3 sandwiches, and when she was done making and wrapping them, she just laid them on the counter without a word, eye contact, a thank you or a bag and napkins. She clearly hates her job and it shows. We were never rude at all, yet she was.

I have a complaint about all of your stores and your tuna subs. I know that the tuna comes in pre-made with onions mixed in. What is your solution for people who want to order this and are allergic to onions?? None of your stores management can answer this.

Antioch Ill:
The counter person who was waiting on me was fine but when I asked for her to give me two $5 back instead of a $10 the sandwich person(Scotty) was very rude and said we dont give change. I said just ordered a sandwich ( thinking he must of thought I just walked in for change) . The girl at the register said she could give me change when she opened the door again. Scotty reluctantly opened the drawer and again made a point to be rude. I was then in the parking lot and waiting to finish this review and his other counter people came out to continue to harass me and was yelling at me to get out of the parking lot. Very unprofessional and lacking customer service. They were so disrespectful. Obviously they do not know what custtmer service means.

Two people I work with got very sick from eating at your Downtown Detroit location just this week. One has been out of work for three days now.

Dear Jimmy John's,

I teach in Des Moines, IA, near your Fleur store. One of the events I have planned for the last week of school is a classroom garage sale for my fifth graders. I told them one of the items they could purchase is lunch with me, and I would order from Jimmy Johns. I was thinking only one or two students would want to purchase that $20 item with their class bucks, but now many have earned the $20 and want to spend it on lunch with me.

Just wondering if you would ever be able to help out so I don't go into retirement too broke.

Thank you,
Betty Wolfe

To whom it may concern, The manager of the Rowlett, TX store, Katie, has served my family well and gone above and beyond to serve. She has gotten orders and school orders completed, forwarded me a sales receipt promptly and followed up with the outcome. She should be noted as a valued employee.. and we appreciate her work and dedication to her job and your company. KUDOS to you Katie, Rowlett, TEXAS Thank you for serving us WELL!

A Cooper

In your TV ad none of your employees are wearing gloves. They are handling food with their bare hands. Where I live that is a health violation. Shame on you.

I hear the slicer smells like death. You will kill someone with food poisoning if you don't get your employees to do their jobs. The managers are horrible. You pay them too much.

As a worker for Jimmy John's (currently), I can say that I'm VERY unsatisfied with management. I'm currently being punished for being ill which ended up causing me to be sent to the ER because of said illness. I went from 30+ hours a week to below 20 hours a week because I've missed two days with working with them. Jimmy should not allow people to open stores who can't afford to pay their employees. We can't even have a tip cup out because we "make too much as it is". I have people constantly looking for a tip jar to tip us because they see how hard we work every day to make sure their orders are correct, and if we mess up, we fix it. I'm also always getting complaints about one of the managers about how rude he is to customers and his employees. I also find it annoying how we have to greet each and every customer as they walk in and when they walk out. People give you the most horrified looks, and some have even walked out because they think it's creepy- and it really is! And for goodness sakes, you have to ASK for napkins for a delivery because they're "too expensive". No. No they really aren't. I'm very upset with my store, especially for being punished for being ill! I do not get paid enough to be expected to be perfect. I provide for 5 people because there is only 2 of us in this house capable of working, and I do not have time to play games. I will be looking for a new job and I do not, and will not ever recommend working here to anyone.

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