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McAlister’s Deli Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact McAlister’s Deli Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

731 S. Pear Orchard Rd., Ste. 51
Ridgeland, MS 39157
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-601-952-1100
Fax Number: 1-601-952-1138
Customer Service Number: 1-601-952-1100
Website: McAlister’s

McAlister’s Deli competes in the fast-food sandwich industry. Their competition includes Pot Belly, Jersey Mike’s, Blimpie, Firehouse Subs, Jimmy John’s, Quizno’s, Schlotzsky’s, Which Wich, Subway, Jason’s Deli, and Panera Bread.


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  1. I live in Lubbock, Texas and I love the food from McAlister's. One time I ordered my usual food from my usual location, but I didn't receive a brownie, even though I paid for it. It wasn't a huge deal but I did send an email and I was told that I would be refunded and that I would receive another brownie for free. Never happened. Then a couple of months later, I ordered McAlister's to be delivered where I work. Not only was the brownie missing this time but so was the sprite that I ordered. This order was from a different location. I've complained again, but like last time, I was told that I would get a refund and I would get a free brownie and sprite, but like last time, that hasn't happened. I'm extremely disappointed in how my complaints have been handled!!! While I know that I don't need brownies or a sprite, the thing is that I ordered them and never received them. It's extremely unprofessional and very frustrating!!!! I feel like your company can't be trusted at all!!!!!

  2. Im at a McAlister in Amarillo tx and every other table has dishes and food just plain dirty and total of 4 customers,,something is wrong here , McAlister is always top notche restaurant but I don't know now….

  3. We order quite a bit from this store. Today, like other times, their website was down so after struggling with that for a while, I called the store. First time no one answered. Called again, and got a very unfriendly young lady to take my order. Last time we ordered from their, they got the order wrong. Seems like this store has gone down hill. Used to be a lot better service wise and all orders need to be checked to make sure they are sending home the correct items.

  4. I had a horrible experience with McAlister's Deli located at 2314 SE Military, San Antonio, Texas 78223. I mistakenly placed an order at the incorrect location. I went to this location to pick up my food and I was told to drive up that my order was still being made. About 10 minutes later, she came out and asked my name on the order. Another 15 minutes went by and called in the store and asked about my food. I told them I had been waiting for 25 minutes. I was told that they were behind. I told her about 20 people had picked up their order and were all there orders supposed to be ready before mine. I was told that she has no idea how orders are scheduled. I asked to talk to the Manager (Adam). When he got on I told him I had been waiting for 25 minutes and what was going on Then said he did not even have my order. I checked my receipt and that was correct. So I asked him why they let me sit out for 25 minutes and no one told me that. After that he became extremely rude and kept raising his voice and said well I just now have time to even look at yours. He was zero help and could care less that I was sitting out there. I hung up and left. I hope the Owner knows what kind of person they have managing in their store. With his attitude, I'm sure they will lose more customers. I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO THAT STORE.

  5. I saw the email today that stated Get Your 2020 Tea Tumbler FREE in the heading/subject area of the email.
    I scroll to see the picture/ image of Snag a FREE 2020 Tea Tumbler on June 17th

    I rush to get to the nearest location in Ocala Florida and wait 30 mins for the store to open. I wait in line and they place my order for the FREE 2020 Tumbler and ice tea and I am told that I needed to place an order.

    I had been able to get a FREE Tumbler for several years with no purchase required.

    Just a suggestion for next year, if you are doing this again next year, maybe put that you must have an ORDER to receive the FREE Tumbler in the subject area of the email, and on the image. Instead of half way scrolling down the page of the email. so sad I was unable to get a FREE 2020 Tumbler 🙁 : ( : ( : (

  6. How about how McAlister's is partnered with Door Dash. Expects us to deliver hundreds of dollars worth of food, but yet keeps the tip that the customer meant for the driver delivering their food. I delivered a 279$ order for 13$. Took me 3 trips to my van just hoping for that tip to pop up. Turns out every Dasher who has ever done a catering order for McAlister's has suffered the same. It's not right. Start giving the delivery person the tip that was meant for them. Or McAlister's will have a delivery service temporarily. Us dashers don't deserve to be treated like that.

  7. I visited the Hot Springs McAllisters Deli on Central Avenue today. When we walked in the empty tables were littered with trash. The tables had not been serviced. That should have been our sign to turn around and leave. But since this used to be one of my favorite places to eat… I went to order I specifically asked if there were onions in the Chicken tortilla soup due to food allergy. The cashier said it was only placed on the top. I asked her to please leave the onions off. When I received my order a customer came over and said that the chef had placed onions on top of my soup and in the soup itself and that when the cashier said something to him about it; he dipped them off the top and the soup was served to me. The customer told me because she said she heard me tell them about the allergy. Then the manager tried to tell me it had been a bad day. A bad day doesn’t make up for serving a customer a food they were allergic to and in a malicious knowing manner after being told I was allergic. I feel that it was very malicious and had the customer not told me I could have been sick and sent to the hospital. A bill that I would have had to pay because they were having a bad day. With days like this; maybe the Deli needs to be reassessed and new staff replace the current one

  8. I am emailing about McAlister den hill I was an employee and I called in to tell the manager that I had orientation at another job and that I would try to be there after that. He didn't relay the message and the other manager that was expecting me,they fired me instead of the manager getting wrote up for taking the message and not telling the manager that was going to be there when he left,then they hired me back and the opening manager called me in to work Nov.25 and another manager came in and asked what was I doing there. First of all she needs to learn how to talk to grown people and she needs to learn how to respect other people because just because she is a manager does not mean she can belittle human beings because that is what she does

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