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Honey Baked Ham Corporate Office is located in Alpharetta, Georgia, USA. The company is renowned for its signature spiral-sliced, glazed hams and an array of other quality meats and side dishes. Below are comprehensive details about Honey Baked Ham’s corporate office, including their address, contact numbers, and a brief overview of the company.

How To Contact Honey Baked Ham Headquarters HQ

HoneyBaked Ham Corporate Office: Overview

Honey Baked Ham Corporate Office

Maps and Directions To Honey Baked Ham Headquarters

A Snapshot of Honey Baked Ham’s History

Honey Baked Ham, founded in 1957, has built a reputation for its high-quality, ready-to-serve glazed hams. The company has expanded its offerings to include turkey breasts, side dishes, and desserts, catering to a variety of occasions, from holiday feasts to everyday meals.

The Specialty Foods Industry and Honey Baked Ham’s Position

In the specialty foods market, Honey Baked Ham competes with other gourmet food retailers and grocery store chains that offer similar products. It differentiates itself with its unique honey glaze recipe, commitment to quality, and a focus on holiday and special occasion catering. Honey Baked Ham competes in the fast food sandwich industry. Their competition includes Subway Sandwiches, Pot Belly, Jersey Mike’s, Blimpie, Firehouse Subs, Jimmy John’s, Schlotzsky’s, Which Wich, McAlister’s Deli, Jason’s Deli, and Panera Bread.

Honey Baked Ham’s Customer-Centric Approach

Honey Baked Ham’s success is attributed to its dedication to customer satisfaction, offering convenient, high-quality meal solutions. The brand emphasizes customer service and the tradition of bringing families together with its products.

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Honey Baked Ham Corporate Office Complaints, Reviews, and Feedback

We encourage you to share your experiences with Honey Baked Ham’s products and services. Your feedback in the comment section is invaluable, providing insights that help others understand Honey Baked Ham’s operations and customer service.

Honey Baked Ham corporate office is located in Georgia. More information for Honey Baked Ham Stores is listed below including their address, phone number, customer reviews, and complaints.

Substandard quality of ham

January 4, 2024

We have purchased Honeybaked Ham in California and now in Florida EVERY year. This year our purchase ( about $145.00) was not up to standard – unfortunately, this product was for a party in our home for 50 people. The ham was not glazed as usual and it was VERY fatty throughout the product. There was so much waste that my 1/2 bone-in ham was about a 1/4 ham!!! I am seeing other complaints from the same store ( Ocala, Florida). I am hoping that this will not continue. We had to supplement our ham for yet even more money.

Jan Schwarz

Not the HBH of yester-years

December 25, 2023

Purchased our annual HBH this year as usual from the San Jose store. Talked to many of the same folks in line that I see each year when we line up before daybreak waiting to pick ‘er up. An HBH is a family tradition for us. But this year I would have been better off with a store-bought ham for one-fourth the price. Gone was the wonderful honey-smoked favor. This was more of a ‘Salt Ham’. Called the HBH Customer Service number to ask if I had ordered the wrong ham as it wasn’t what we remembered. Was told that I would have to contact the store where purchased as their outlets are independent franchises. OK, being Dec 24, I did call, 408-247-1501. And someone answered. It was an employee who would sell me another, but didn’t understand when I told him I already had one, that lacked the favoring. He didn’t understand. I asked for the manager and was told he was unavailable. Asked to leave a message for the manager to call me, but don’t expect it to happen as I had to repeat my phone number multiple times. Something about the numbers confused him, and a lack of anything to write a note on. But at least the employee answered the phone.

mike angles

Missing part of $315 Order, drove 2 hr to store, Store won’t offer any assistance

December 23, 2023

12/23/23 Store: 4308 Order: 303339764 I placed my Christmas dinner order: for $315.58 Had to drive into Dallas to pick up my prepaid order. Arrived at my pick-up time to find 3 people were gathering the order as I stood there rather than it already being. Had I not noticed, I would be missing $30 in sandwiches. I walked out missing $32 in ham slices. Called the store, and he said to drive back out. I explained I had to move my shift just to pick up this order and I didn’t have another 2 hours to drive, I’m working later tonight, nor a day as I work this holiday season… he had zero resolve, repeated the store hours, said come pick it up. Had a bad experience last year and now this. I attempted to call the customer service line and was hung up on. Over the last 25 years of buying holiday dinners with Honeybaked Hams, this is my absolute last.

Dana Sherrell

Honey Baked Website will not take orders or honey baked cash points

November 29, 2023

I have called my local store and the 1 800 367 7720 customer service number LUCK in placing online orders or being able to add points. I spent $227.82 at Thanksgiving as I do for the past 4 years. The local store can’t help the rude lady who offered no help in the matter. You may want to fix your website so customers can add their points. They couldn’t add them at the store where I picked up my ham and the woman who I spoke with said she couldn’t. So it’s almost like they don’t want to offer those points. This will be the last year I order from HoneyBakedHams. Your service has gone downhill the past few years I am sorry to say.


Honey Baked Ham - Refund Request for Order #302577730

November 22, 2023

Honey Baked Ham Team, I am writing to address an issue with my recent order (Order #302577730) from the Ocoee, Florida location. Upon realizing that my company’s Thanksgiving gathering was already being catered, I reached out to cancel my order. I spoke with the store manager, Asha, who assured me that upon cancellation, my gift card number and pin would be sent to my email. Unfortunately, this information was never received, and subsequent attempts to resolve this issue with the store manager have been unsuccessful. Considering the circumstances, I kindly request a refund or the issuance of a new gift card, preferably in digital format. I understand that mistakes happen, and I appreciate your prompt attention to resolving this matter. Thank you for your understanding and assistance.

Josh R
Corporate Office Headquarters