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How to Contact Kum and Go Corporate Office Headquarters

Kum & Go, L.C.
Address: 6400 Westown Pkwy.
West Des Moines, IA 50266
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-515-226-0128
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-515-226-0128

  • I frequently visit a kum and go in thronton, the new one that was just built 2 years ago on grant. I usually have no complaints because the staff treats me with so much kindness, like family. There have, however been multiple times where I have witnessed the GM berating the employees in front of customers. It makes me upset because you can tell that it hurts the employee, but they keep their cool and continue to do their duties with a smile. I love the company, but I dont like seeing a person in such a high position treating their staff like that.

  • I have a question: I have worked at Kum & Go for 13 years now, so when I approached semi-retirement age–I called and asked about my medical insurance and would I be able to keep it when I dropped my hours because of my Social Security benefits–I was told that because I had been there over 10 years, that even if I only worked one day a week, I could still keep my medical insurance. Well, yesterday when I went to get my monthly meds, the cost was $317.00–and I had no idea why–it is usually around $50.00–ok, I was told today when I called corporate hat because I now work less than 30 hours a week–medical insurance will no longer be available to me. Why wasn't I told that when I called and asked BEFORE I SEMI-RETIRED??? I need answers. I had insurance last year–so can I not just pay for it and keep it?? I noticed on my paycheck that Vision and Dental is still being held out of my check–so why can I not also pay for medical as well??? Can someone please explain al this to me?? #395 Jonesboro, AR

  • Today my Father and I stopped at the K&G location in Nixa Missouri, on Massey Street. We stopped at the wheelchair ramp, as I am in a wheelchair. Before we could get the keys out of the ignition, an associate leaned out the door and yelled at us that we could not block the wheelchair ramp, and to either pull it forward or back it up. She did not bother coming out to ask us if we were going to use the ramp, nor did she wait to see if a wheelchair was to be unloaded. I found her overall demeanor to be quite rude. I am not very comfortable going in many places in a wheelchair, but since I have been a regular in thi store for years, I did feel comfortable stopping there. But not after that business. I went next door to the grocery store and purchased 5 $20 Visa gift cards, and $50 worth of lottery tickets. I also wanted a $50 gas card, but I will be purchasing that tomorrow at a different gas station. It would have been a $200 sale for your store, but not after the whole ramp thing. Sign me, KAME & WENT!

  • I need to file a complaint on Kum & Go #0520
    2604 16th Ave
    Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
    Store 319-362-1398

    On Feb 1st at apprx 1130pm I went into this facility and the ATM was not functioning. But as a resident in this neighborhood for 15years I know alot of the employees that work there and requested 2 purchases with 20.00 returned. I've done this in the past and actually if Howard hadn't been so rude I might have drove around for my other 20.00. But from the start when he rang my beer and I didn't include my soft drink he started talking to me in the most unprofessional way.

    First it was well we don't owned the ATM as I told him the only reason I was doing this as it was broken. But honestly in front of a line of people his total demeanor was so unnecessary that ultimately I was surprised and upset and asked his name. He told he had worked their 8 years. I have never seen him before but all he had to do was tell that next time he wouldn't be able to assist with 2 transactions requiring money back.

    I would really like you to view the recording and advise me of why he was so rude.

    Kelly M. Gibson

  • I always go to the location off of Austin Bluffs in Colorado springs
    4512 Austin Bluffs Pkwy
    Colorado Springs, CO
    They used to be friendly, and made me feel welcome now the staff (a few in particular) are rude and the looks I get make me feel very unwelcome. If I am bothering them that bad there is a 7-11 right across the street that would love my 20-30.00 dollars every morning. I am also realizing that the staff that are nice are running for the hills. HMMMM I wonder why.

  • The Kum and Go in Plentywood is horrible, the new so called manager has fired everyone, is kicking customers out of the store, yelling at what ever employees he has left. The town is in an uproar because the amazing store it once was is now in shambles. The store is filthy, no food available for the early morning hours. The District Manager has been made aware of what is goin on but yet again does absolutely nothing. This store needs a new manager, people who once again care about this store. Many people are not even going back in there due to the rude treatment to the employees and the customers that this manager has been constructing. The Head Quarters need to step in stop this before the store is no longer. They are losing customers at a high rate, many posts on facebook from customers who have witnessed the managers behavior towards customers and employees which includes, screaming, name calling, and telling people what he thinks of him because he cant be touched by the District Manager or HQ. I used to work in this store many years ago and its heartning to see it going down hill. Please HQ, if you get this message, please help our little store in Plentywood, Montana become what it was before you brought this unfriendly, non-manager material man into this store. I know this store brings in lots of money for you as its right on the main road and is constantly buisy. ) Please send someone other than Kevin(DM) into this store to clean it up and bring back a manager who cares about the store and the customers. We are a small town and need Kum & Go. It has provided employment for many until this Manager guy came in and fired people for absolutely no reason. PLease do your best to bring our little store back to a place where people want to come. Thank You

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