RaceTrac Corporate Office Headquarters

RaceTrac Corporate Office Headquarters
RaceTrac Petroleum, Inc.
3225 Cumberland Blvd., Ste. 100
Atlanta, GA 30339
Corporate Phone Number: 1-770-431-7600
Customer Service Number: 1-888-636-5589
Email:  Online Only

  • Don't know if this is a corporate decided or a store decision. I usually stop-by the store on the corner of Bee Ridge and Monaloa in Sarasota fl for an apple fritter. The rack was bare for a couple of weeks and now there is pre packaged junk in the display case. You just lost a customer if this behavior continues. I buy my gas there as well. That being said. All purchases gas, snacks, and various other items pick up on impulse will stop. I'll give you another stop but if you haven't returned the fresh baked goods. That will end our association.

  • Store on Fairburn Road in Douglasville, GA has defective pumps. I have had to move as many as 3 times to get one that worked. It happened again today. Lesson learned! Went to shell!

  • To whom it may concern, I was in one of your Racetrac stores in Melbourne, FL and I new I had won a free play and $10.50 on my fantasy 5 ticket by checking the numbers earlier but once the girl behind the counter put my ticket in the machine she claimed that I had only won a free play and then she tried throwing the pay ticket away without showing me, until I said she was wrong the other girl picked up the pay ticket and said otherwise, I don't want to think that I was trying to be taken but hard for me to think not!!!

  • The new coffee machines that were installed on McDermitt Rd and Coit Rd in Plano, Texas are big disappointment. Not even close to the quality and flavor that I have traditionally purchased at Racetrac. The Thermos pumps may be outdated and a pain to maintain but they always produced a great cup of coffee.

  • Your company is known for always greeting the customers when they come in and in the morning that is a great touch to start the day. You just hired a new associate at the Merril Road station in Jacksonville, fl 32277 his name is Alex this young man have no customer service skills period, compared to all the other associates i am not sure if he was sleeping during your training but you may want to evaluate him. I believe this brings your company down, i will not get in details but he is just not there i am not sure if it is because of the midnight shift but he needs to get with the program.

  • Why are RaceTrac employees asking for the CVV of credit cards and asking OUT LOUD in front of other customers this PRIVATE information from customers. According to Laws – it is NOT needed, NOR required yet customers are told it is a Corporate Policy of RaceTrac – so therefore, a Facebook thread has been started to BOYCOTT for our safety your Store until this matter is cleared up. According to the Bank – can a merchant request your CVV numbers? "Is it safe to give out your CVV?
    For online shopping, the answer is generally yes – it’s just simply a good idea to stick with well-known, reputable companies that you trust. You’ll find that most online retailers nowadays do require a CVV for purchases, which is encouraging because it means that they’re actively trying to prevent fraudulent transactions occurring on their site.

    You may also be asked for your credit card security code when processing a payment over the telephone. As with online transactions, it’s usually safe to do this – you just need to be sure that no one overhears the details you give out (so avoid public places when doing this).

    On the other hand, when purchasing an item or service in person, you should never provide the details of your CVV. In fact, there’s no need for the retailer or service provider to request this – it doesn’t show up when the card is scanned normally and they have other ways of verifying that you’re the authorised card holder (signature or another form of identification) should they need to.

    Handing over your CVV for purchases completed offline serves no purpose other than providing someone with the opportunity to steal the information. Because if they were to do this, they’d have everything they need to go ahead and make a bunch of fraudulent online transactions – on you! " Quote – Please PROVIDE a copy of that Corporate Policy or investigate your store located on Cortez Boulevard in Spring Hill, FL for procedures MISHANDLED and customers' private financial information on May 6, 2017.

  • After reading all these comments I would be surprised if any good working person would want to work for this company. This is where I checked before being interviewed. I am applauded that they have this board open to the public.

  • I have been a Racetrack customer for years I have had a ton of request from the people of my town for a E85 pump and the new racetrack that they built had signs for it and everyone was happy now that they are open they said corporate did not want E85 but E15 I would really like for this to be looked at due to the highost demand of E85 in my area I think it would be a better business move then E15 please take a look at this Racetrack Deltona FL 32725 Saxon Blvd

  • I have been a late night customer of your store at Bolton and Marietta Blvd near the water treatment plant ever since I moved to Atlanta. I have seen some very good employees and some that couldn't care less during my many visits to this store. This is a note about a couple of the great ones that deserve special recognition for a job well done.

    At this store over the past few weeks, I have been greeted by the friendliest, most professional police officer that I have ever met. Everyday that I have seen him working, he always has a smile and kind to word everyone. I am not usually complimentary of the police, but after seeing him in action, felt compelled to let you know. The other night, I even witnessed him diffuse a potentially volatile situation. He handled the business before I could even get my cell phone out to record video. I was very impressed. If all all police officers were like him there would be no need for any protests. I introduced my self to him in an attempt to obtain his name. I believe he said his name was Keith.

    In addition to Officer Keith, I would also like to compliment another of the night shift employees for always being so helpful and courteous. Her name tag says her name is Harris.

    If Racetrac had employees like Miss Harris, and Officer Keith in every store, the world would be a much better place. Please pass on my compliments to them.

  • The Racetrac store number 548 on Delk Rd. in Marietta, GA just reopened and has a beautiful building. However, the service is still lacking. The last 3 times I have purchased fuel, the pumps failed to give a receipt. Today, I went inside the store and found a "co-manager". I explained the situation. He said that the cashier would give me a receipt. One 1 cashier was working (out of the 3 stations that were available). There was a line of customers waiting to pay for various items. It seems to me that the "co-manager" who was washing the windows at the time I confronted him should have promptly assisted me with a receipt as well as the other customers who were waiting. This speaks very poorly for the new image that Racetrac is trying to portray. QT has them beat hands down when it comes to customer service.

  • Angry
    Time of the employee shift is 5:00AM, Store at 4751 Sand Lake road is completely awful, Girl behind the counter is either too busy dancing or flirting with the customers to do her work, can't even give back the correct change,place is dirty and also doesn't matter how long the line is the other person is trying to mop the floors around the line, never go there anymore

  • Hi Anonymous, My name is Cheryl and I was fired from Racetrac in 2008. I was an auditor. I worked from 1986 as a cashier ns worked my way up to auditor. It was my dream job, until I got a new boss Ted Donoughy. I had never been written up for anythin until he came along. He fired me just because he didn't like the fact that I knew more about the job than he did. I never received my 401K, My last 2 paychecks, my vacation money. it was all over 25.000. I went into a coma 2 days later. I had gotten the auditor job because even tho owner recommended me.i"ve been screwed ever since

  • The Racetrac located just outside of Tampa near Cordova Road has an employee named Sumer. She offered great customer service and she did it with genuine joy. An experience I will always remember.

  • It happen again the store #191 told me the lottery machines turn off at night an do not come back on until 6 am I guess each manager has there own rules racetrac DOES not why I can not cash in my tickets in the morning Please tell me WHY

  • Ok I went to store #191 this Wednesday morning an was told could not cash in scream off tickets until after 6 but yesterday I went same time an cash in some so what is going on here please tell me

  • The Racetrac located at McVilla and SR 436 in Apopka has a problem. Every Monday night there is some sort of car club that meets there. They play their music obnoxiously loud and block every parking place including every gas pump. I'm tired of it. It used to be my favorite store to go to but I will not go there again. I find it hard to believe management allows this sort of behavior which negatively affects business. Luckily they opened two Wawa stores close by so they can have my business!

  • This company lost all respect from me today. My family and I (used to) frequent this gas station because it is close to my home. At 8:00 tonight, my husband and my mom went into the Racetrac located on the corner Toledo Blade and El Jobean in Port Charlotte, FL. They were buying beer and the young man at the cash register asked for ID. My husband did not have his driver's license with him since he was not driving so he showed his retired military ID. The cashier proceeded to tell him this was not a valid form of ID. My husband served this country and sustained injuries causing him to be medically retired from the Army. This young man was very disrespectful in his tone against my husband and made him feel as if he was being insulted by telling him this ID (that he went through Hell to earn) was not valid. My mother spoke up and told the cashier that he was being disrespectful to a combat veteran. The young then proceeded to flip my mom the middle finger! I encourage the management to look into this and get that child out of their location…we will never visit another Racetrac. Sadly, this one employee has ruined the company name in our eyes.

  • Do the people who work at the 10360 Beach Boulevard location in Jacksonville, Florida know how to update the gas prices on the Roadsigns? One or more prices are always wrong according to the prices showing on the pumps. This goes on for days before they get corrected! Why even have a Roadsign, it is almost useless.

  • 1/28/2016 Store #77 Harrison King

    Good afternoon & thank you in advance for your time. I wanted to reach out to you today to tell you about my experience at store #77 in Carrollton TX with a Mr. Harrison King. First of i'd like to say this is my go to gas station, it's in between my office and apartment and I tend to stop here once every other day but that is beside the point. I arrive today around 4:40PM after work on my way home, I picked up a pack of gum and asked for the change, from $10 to be put on the pump. There was no issue as the never has been in the past two years I've been going here. I get to the station and the gas does not start from the pump. Not an incredibly unusual occurrence, so I call for an attended to no avail. So I walk back inside to see what the issue was to be 'greeted' by Mr. Harrison King who says there was a problem with my card and I had to swipe again. He assured me that I would be refunded and that was just 'the way it works' What Mr. Harrison King doesn't understand is that was the last $10 available until tomorrow and that money was for the gas to get to work and back. When I calmly express my dissatisfaction with the situation, Mr. Harrison King tells me that maybe I should go to quick-trip next time! I was absolutely applaud, I had been going there for two years because I always had great service, I would go out of my way to stop there the service was so good. I let Mr. Harrison King know perhaps next time I will go to quick-trip, "trust me, you won't be missed" Mr. Harrison King exclaims. At this point I am bubbling. I ask Mr. Harrison King to please provide me with his name, he writes "Harrison King" "#77" and "### ### ####" which rang to his personal cell phone number. I understand a ten dollar transaction is not going to break the bank but to be disrespected like that in public is grounds much worse than a complaint. I am extremely disappointed that I will now have to find another morning convenience store. Again, thank you so much for your time and allowing myself to rant,

  • 1/28/2016 Store #77 Harrison King

    Good afternoon & thank you in advance for your time. I wanted to reach out to you today to tell you about my experience at store #77 in Carrollton TX with a Mr. Harrison King. First of i'd like to say this is my go to gas station, it's in between my office and apartment and I tend to stop here once every other day but that is beside the point. I arrive today around 4:40PM after work on my way home, I picked up a pack of gum and asked for the change, from $10 to be put on the pump. There was no issue as the never has been in the past two years I've been going here. I get to the station and the gas does not start from the pump. Not an incredibly unusual occurrence, so I call for an attended to no avail. So I walk back inside to see what the issue was to be 'greeted' by Mr. Harrison King who says there was a problem with my card and I had to swipe again. He assured me that I would be refunded and that was just 'the way it works' What Mr. Harrison King doesn't understand is that was the last $10 available until tomorrow and that money was for the gas to get to work and back. When I calmly express my dissatisfaction with the situation, Mr. Harrison King tells me that maybe I should go to quick-trip next time! I was absolutely applaud, I had been going there for two years because I always had great service, I would go out of my way to stop there the service was so good. I let Mr. Harrison King know perhaps next time I will go to quick-trip, "trust me, you won't be missed" Mr. Harrison King exclaims. At this point I am bubbling. I ask Mr. Harrison King to please provide me with his name, he writes "Harrison King" "#77" and "214 790 3571" which rang to his personal cell phone number. I understand a ten dollar transaction is not going to break the bank but to be disrespected like that in public is grounds much worse than a complaint. I am extremely disappointed that I will now have to find another morning convenience store. Again, thank you so much for your time and allowing myself to rant,

  • 98 north race Trac night manager
    Destiny Garrett is the rudest manager in this company
    She dates the employees secretly allows them to break rules on the clock less than a month ago two employees were fired for lottery issues she refused that she knew about this happening even tho she was currently living with one of the employees that was terminated she drinks on the clock in the beer cooler smokes weed in her car and us in general liar when it come to being nice to guests that come in here and yes I know it's not owned by race Trac but they still see this

  • Let me start out by saying..i go to Racetrack every day of the week and most times 2 times a day..iv purchased every mug..and all the promotional gear.. How come you only sell the Bacon egg and cheese biscuit once a year..and only for a short time..maby its a cost factor..But every one i talk to wants them back..all the time..they fly off the shelf..if its making money.why wouldn't you keep them in stock..even the employees want them back.they are Delicious as are all of the breakfast items..better that any of the fast food places..if its a loss leader..i understand..if not..we want them back..im in the Pinellas county aera Florida..

  • I frequent the store located at 2335 Marrietta Blvd, Atlanta, GA. Usually my experiences are pleasant and blissful. On 10/3/2015 at approximately 14:30 I stopped by to purchase a drink and encountered a third shift Manager who was rude, unprofessional, and relatively unpleasant. I'm assuming she was perturbed because her relief didn't report to work.If customers continue to be treated in this manner, I'll rather drive 5 miles from my house to get gas and other miscellaneous Items.

  • I want to thank you very much for the free coffee for the month of September for Teachers!!!! This is such an incredible gift!!!!! I will definitely be sad when October arrives!!!!!


  • I was at your recruiting event at Prime Osborne Center in Jacksonville, Florida. Very nice talking to your representative there and was under impression he would be getting back to me to discuss your Manager Trainee program. I am looking to change my career and interested in further checking your company out. I have 20 years of service, so leadership is important to me and would even like to go as far as maybe being a trainer for your company someday.
    Please give me some direction so i may continue my quest.

  • Shame on racetrac for discontinuing their bean and cheese burrito and replacing it with one that has meat in it. It was one of the only hot food items that was vegetarian. We stopped their multiple times a week for our lunch break. But now we are going to QT for their cheese tequitos

  • Have recomendation. On corner of hwy 60 an alturas rd . Bartow fla. Would be a good location for a store .it's only gas station bergen bartow and lake Wales and the truck drives stop thier alot. Also about mile down road csx opened up a truckING business.

  • Racetrac takes advantage of their employees…Overworks their managers and associates…. pays them a terrible wage. And then if you get sick, forget about it… asking for a day off as a manager is like pulling teeth. And then to top it all off, we work 10 to 12 hour shifts with no break at all… I worked shifts where I pulled 14 hours without having time to eat anything because we were too busy. The company is a joke. The regional managers are idiots. They make over 100k a year to come into the stores and tell the managers they need to work harder even if they have been working their asses off all night. They don't reward the people who deserve it…

  • I am commenting on the store at the intersection of altamesa blvd and Hemphill Rd and I'm referring the assistant manager older lady, glasses, short gray boy cut hair I don't remember her name I was so upset by this lady her customer service was very very poor I simply asked for a price/total of my transaction so I could have it all together when I came back with my ID she said no I don't know the price so I asked so it doesn't show the price when you ring up items ? Let's say you were to ring up a soda it's not going to show the price this b word said that's not a soda I said I never said it was I'm saying if you were to ring up items/merchandise/anything your store sales whether it be food tobacco soda miscellaneous items you can't give the customer the price ? She began to point out the small screen facing the customer said do you see this this is all I see and I personally find that hard to believe considering fountain drinks don't have a break code on them I wanted so bad to curse this lady out she made me so mad I wanted to floor the car into the store and it's not the first time this so called manager of race track has been cranky I'm one who values good customer service and this lady did not I hope people over her read the comments she really made me very mad I see why QT doing better good customer service and friendlyness goes a long way with business

  • Store 988 . 801 W Royal Lane Irving,Tx. I WENT INTO THIS LOCATION THIS MORNING AT 5AM. NOONE STSNDING BEHIND COUNTER WHILE PEOPLE WERE IN THE STORE. I was in a hurry and the Store Manager, Marcus, seemed agitated that he had to walk up from the back of the store to tke my money for gas. I handed him $40 and i said very clearly "$40 on number 7 please" he takes my money i walk out to the pump and tried to get gas but it did not work. I went back into the store and asked will you turn on the pump?i go back out to the pump it still did not work. I go back into store and asked "what is your problem why won't you turn on pump #7" he replied because you said #7. This is a complete lie and i told him no i did not i said #7. Then i go back out to the pump, he still did not turn it on so i went back in and told him to turn on the pump and go back out to pump and he still woukd not turn on pump. So i go in and ask to get my $40 back and left. You shoukd really screen the people you put in charge of your locations. This manager is a complete jerk and bad for your business and mine as well.

  • The Racetrac at 2227 Highway 92 W. Auburndale, FL 33823Store 1091 , has major customer service issues and treats customers very badly. An associate Andrea, put bloody tampon trash in my face, when I asked her please not to. Tonight I went to the Winter Haven, Florida store to get a refillable cup. They didn't have one so they called the Auburndale store, they said they would hold it for me. When I got to the store there was no cup. The shift manager Tiffany and associate Samantha left the associate on the floor alone, because they saw me in line. The line was long. I don't like how I was treated as a customer. These issues needed to be addressed.

  • So far my racetrac experience sucks… They messed up my schedule, tried to make me work during school and on top of that I am yet to receive a single paycheck after 3 weeks.

  • I GO TO RACE TRACK EVERY DAY 3 TIMES A DAY..I have purchased all the mugs and racetrack accessories.. My problem is the ice machine that the fountain drinks run through is broken at three different locations in my area this causes the sodas to be flat!!!this has been going on for over a month..although the employees are courteous and they tell me they're waiting on maintenance to come repair the problem for over a month..there is no sign on any of the machines that says fountain drink machine is not working because I'm sure they would lose a lot of money so people get a drink get in their car and leave and don't realize that they're $2 drink is flat…! This is totally unacceptable.. People depend on your services every day I don't care if it is just a measly soda from the other hand do spend quite a bit of money each month and I do like RaceTrac gas stations but this has to be fixed.. All three of these locations our family brand new stores I will list the locations here..6951 49th st.n Pinellas Park..FL..
    12574 66th st.Largo.FL
    8650 Ulmerton.rd.Largo.FL
    I told the employees then I would contact corporate and try to have this matter resolved this is not a courtesy problem this is a maintenance issue this is my first attempt to resolve this issue thank you

  • I left racetrac almost a year ago, and since moved. I have not been able to get my w-2 and would love to be contacted as to how I can get a copy of it. The number listed from searching Google for the corporate headquarters goes to store support and I dont know the extension. Please contact me on my cell phone or email. 469-271-1408 / mdpopiel1@Gmail.com

  • Yesterday, Jan. 12, 2015, I filled my car with gas at the Jefferson, GA station. I paid at the pump with my debit bank card. I received a call from my bank shortly afterwards asking if I had made a $300 credit card purchase at a Douglasville Food store (in Douglasville, GA) about 15 minutes following the gas purchase. The bank was alerted to the purchase being made in another town so quickly…and the amount was suspicious. I had not of course. I feel my card info was stolen at that pump. I had not used this particular bank card in over 2 weeks. I called the store and spoke to a man who claimed there was not a manager on duty that he would have to do. I explained what had happened. He seemed nervous and quickly dismissed the incident without asking for my name or number. I thought this was strange being that I wanted to talk to a manager. I have since filed a police report, but thought you might want to investigate. I was shocked that is was treated like "no big deal" to the person who worked there!!!

  • the racetrack at Plano Parkway and Coit Road in Plano Texas has MarkTen cartridges that all expired the very beginning of Octoberinstead of the employee putting them in the trash or taking them off the shelf he put them back on the shelf somebody needs to teach their employees how to rotate by expiration date

  • I often purchase the cold deli sandwiches from the RaceTrac on Lafayette Street in Gretna, Louisiana. The sandwiches are very reasonably priced and tasty; however, lately they have been packaged with a cardboard tray bottom which saps all of the freshness out of the bread. I know everybody is trying to save money and cut corners, but please bring back the original all plastic containers. I probably will not buy any more sandwiches until the packaging can be remedied and I used to buy lunch for two days out of the week.

  • store 2378' a special thank you to Darrell the manager on the register for being so kind on my visit to your store. it did not go unnoticed.

  • i was at the racetrac on curryford rd and dean rd orlando, florida;
    i guess they allow their graveyard shift male employees to smoke pot when they are on break;
    it was a young male that came around the corner of the building with a big puff he let out
    the smell makes me sick, and i was so mad i left
    DON'T THEY DRUG TEST THEM?????????????????

    • Shouldn't make you anymore sick than cigarette smoke, which is marginally harmful (greater by a degree of SIXTEEN) and SHOULD be illegal.
      Also didn't Florida just BARELY uphold the band recently? It's certainly not going to last through next voting season.

      RaceTrac employees are almost never screened as the job does not involve very many laborious tasks.

  • I want to let someone know that I never received a teacher appreciation card and my fellow coworkers at my school didn't either. Is there any way for us to get one? We would really appreciate it. Thank you

  • Watch your staple food purchases for how much sales tax RaceTrac charges. Went to Austell Georgia store #660 on 9/10/14 and attempted to purchase a pint of milk that cost $1.35. Milk, like eggs, bread and other foods are exempt from the Ga. 4% tax and only the county tax is added. Cobb County tax on food is 2 cents on a dollar but RaceTrac charged 0.08 cents instead of 0.03 cents. Think of all the money they're keeping! Store manager was standing right there and said "that's how it's programmed into the system, there's nothing I can do about it.

  • I was a manager for this company it was a great place to work for but the no breaks policy is horrendous the employees that smoke are given plenty lg opportunities to get a chance to fulfill their habits whIle the rest of us aren't able to. When I left the company I have a 3 weeks notice and worked each and every day my last day I was not able to come into work be cause of orientation at my new job I told my store manager about this and he told me to do what I had to do now I have been labeled a termination even though I called out 8 hours before my shift the politics

  • I worked for Racetrac for a few years, and I would give anything to be back there. It, like any job depends on what you put into it. To me she sounds like a negative person, and that personality is not needed at Racetrac when working in customer service. In my time at Racetrac i suffered with drug addiction, they paid me my full hourly wage while i was in a rehabilitation center. Regardless, the company will do for you what you do for them.

  • The auburndale store in fl owes me money everytime I'm there they say they have no pennies or change I want my money back!

  • My purse was stolen at a ractrac in baton rouge,Louisiana the manager was rude and very arrogant. They refused to show surveillance cameras to police! They obviously care less about their customers.

  • I've really been looking for this energy drink called revive. It's extremely good and works miracles. I really hope racetrac starts carrying it. They can really profit from it. Unlike those deadly red bulls and monster. Revive is actually good for you.

  • I stopped at the RaceTrac in Dallas and the pump made me pre-pay inside wouldn't take my debit card at the pump, which has never happened to me at RaceTrac, I pre-paid for $30.00, received the receipt for $30.00 but $99.00 was taken off my debit card… I can NOT get a resolution from this I know to some people $69.00 isn't much money but it's the point, how may people have this happened to and they didn't pay attention, I would rather pay a lawyer more money than $69.00 to let RaceTrac get away with this…….KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS AND BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN OBTAINING FUEL AT RACETRAC…………….

    • I am new to site and know your post is a little dated. I always contact my bank when something posts that I didn't authorize. They usually put the amount questioned back in account while they investigate. I have always gotten my money back and never had a reversal. I bank with Wells Fargo. I hope this helps.

  • The store manager at turkey creek florida always has an attitude and the whole store reflects her attitude. I am a frequent visitor there but seriously reconsidering. I've been in there some mornings where the other employees greet her and the store managers attitude would be like yea whatever. I guess racetrac is seriously only about the bottom dollar. Thankfully the new wawa is opening up soon and will be moving my funds to them.

  • The Denton Racetrac stores are tolerable at best. I used to go to Dallas Drive, but too much negativity towards non-whites in that store. I go out of my way to go to Fort Worth Drive or QT.

  • Hey my name is Daniel ruela I been going to race track for the past 6 year I love it there but now I hate it there I always bought 52 oz drinks Noe they barely have coke drinks there y'all need to get better suppler or something I am thing about going to quick trip and here my number in case you need note info 6789395697

    • Daniel are you in georgia? I noticed your area code. Just wongering. We had a bad experience also this morning at RT. Not wanting to sell my husband cigarettes. He displayed his licenses and said they couldn't sell them cause the person in front of him asked for that brand. Omg really. Then the manager was rude and said call the f-ing corporate office. Ive worked in customer service for many yrs and if we spoke to customers that way we'd be fired.

  • So disappointed on cashier Schneider located on 9620 Harry Hines blvd Dallas Tx 75220 so call manager but seriously to be a manager he needs to get his dumb attitude together… he was being races, my wife is a US citizen and was treated horrible by this man Schneider and refuse to sale whatwe wwere trying to buy.. we were discriminated upfront everybody…..

  • At about 9:00am this morning I went to the Racetrac at 801 Royal Lane, Irving, TX. to use the restroom and get something to drink. When I went into the restroom I noticed they were out of toilet paper. It looked like they had been with the amount of paper towels by the toilet and on the floor. When I approached the lady at the counter to tell her that they were out she acted like she didn't care and tried to get rid of me. I feel like she was thinking I was there just to use the restroom and not buy anything. After that THAT'S exactly what I did…she didn't deserve my business. See that's why QTrip gets my business.

  • Racetrac SuCKS!! They could care less about there employees set u up for failure management sucks and the promotion list is bull..

    • Especially fort worth district whew they suck! Qt is better plus qt has more variety with more of the larger stores

  • Dear sir or madam,
    At approximately 4pm sunday march 2, we exchanged an empty propane tank for a full one at the location on Saxon blvd closest to I-4 in Orange City Florida.
    I use this for my mobile food vending business. Upon attaching the tank to my truck we noticed that the tank would not despense propane although it was full. Therefore, our equipment would not operate on that tank. We returned to the same location with the defective tank, still full, and the reciept at 9:10pm the same day, 5 hours later, to ask for an exchange for a functioning tank.
    The sales associate called the third shift manager Carlos to handle the situation. We explained our dilemma and were immediately told that there was nothing that he would do to rectify our problem. We explained that all we wanted to do was exchange the tank or get our money back. To which carlos again replied he would not do because the seal was broken. We again explained that the only possible way to ascertain that the tank was faulty is to break the seal and attach it to the unit. Finally after he beligerantly denied being able to rectify our dilemma, he stated that he would have to email someone to authorize the return of tank or tender. We waited 40 minutes being while totally ignored and not givin any information as to the progress of the inquiry or any information what so ever. When I asked Carlos if we were waiting for an answer to the inquiry or what was going on I was asked to leave the store for being rude. About 15 minutes later he proclaimed he was going to proceed with the return of tender and our original empty propane tank.
    I have been a loyal Racetrac customer for over 15 years but I can assure you that I will never patronize any of your establishments again if this type of customer service is what you enable.

    Gary B Baeb
    407 729 9963

  • I was in Racetrack this morning an employee threaten us with physical harm and told me toget the hell out of her store (store number 454. employee name Rachellelets see how Racetrack handles this

  • It seems to me reading all these commets that racetrac hires a bunch of RUDE WORKERS.How come mangement does nothing about it.There are alot of other places that would love the business.Boycott Racetrac.Pass the word

  • Racetrac is a money hungry company that doesn't care for their customers or their employees. They hide behind their fake smiles.

  • I went into the new Racetrac on Coit & McDermott in Texas. The customer service here was terrible. I asked if they stopped carrying 16oz 18pk bud light cans. Jonathan said he stocks the shelves and just works here. I was puzzled at his ignorance. He just works here!! I then asked the swing manager (can't remember name) and he didn't have a clue either. Not one of them went into the cooler and checked to see. This was on 1/3/14 about 6:00. I buy a lot of products from here. I won't be back!!!!!!! Since when is it ok for an employee to tell a customer I just work here!!!!!!

    Keith Bear

    • Your question applied to ordering, not anything an associate or entry-level manager would be able to tell you. Whether or not a store carries a product in the beer cooler isn't knowledge they are privvy to for anything but what is currently available. Venders, not the store, decide what is carried, so if they were to stop carrying your product the employees would have no way of knowing this.
      Your story is also bizarre to me because Jonathan and the swing manager are the same person.

  • Went to the racetrac on forest ln and 75 in dallas tx . There was an employee there by the name if denise whom was extremly rude to customers. No smile or thank you and her coworker seemed to just stay out of her way. She holds her hands up to customers faces as to tell them to hold on. Hopefully the manager will see the the cameras and notice it. She is rude and I will not be back it ws embarassing for me to even watch her treat people that way.

  • I have used the station at 1004 East University, McKinney, Texas since the day it opened. The station, on the outside, has since gone down hill substantially. When I filled up there December 27, 2013 there was considerable trash around the pumps and in the parking spaces in front of the building, and no paper towels at any of the pumps. It was like going into a junk station, and was extremely disappointing.

  • I used to love Ractrac! Then my husband got a job as a GM at one, and we were so excited to finally have a job where they tell their managers they only work Mon. thru Fri. from 6-3. We thought we would finally be able to make plans and do things as a family because every other manager job he had, had the worse hours. We thought Racetrac would be the place to be because it sounded like they strive to be one of the best places to work. Then reality kicked in!!! As soon as he was out of training they mad him a guest manager in a store so the GM could take a month long vacation from it. The GM is a horrible woman, and the staff at this place suck. Now he is working every day, even at night, he has to go in on weekends because no one in the store shows up to work. We can not do anything! They ruined Thanksgiving for us because he had to work through because no one came in! Now its looking like Xmas will be ruined as well!!! He was only supposed to be working about 45 hours a week, and he's been working about 70 hours a week. He fired a person for not showing up for their shift and corporate hired them right back. If Racetrac corporate does all of the hiring for the stores, and doesn't allow them to do it in store then corporate should be the ones who have to cover all these shifts when the losers that they hire don't show up. We thought Racetrac was going to be different, but they are actually worse. At least the other places had a schedule with the crazy hours on there. At this place he is just on call like a doctor, and you never know when you'll be working. Please stop ruining our holidays!!!

  • Night shift manager at store #95 in Port Charlotte Fl is extremely rude and obnoxious. Never has any coffee available and if you ask him to make some he tells you to have a different kind all the while he is busy flirting with the young girls. Myself and a vast majority of my employees frequent racetrac every night. No more talking to corporate doesnt help. So I am taking my corporate account somewhere else.

  • Just wanted to thank you for the free coffee week in Ocala FL. That was very thoughtful. PS. Would you consider offering the QnA coffee Brand? Thanks again for all you do.

  • There always seems to be a long line with only one register open. Shift manager is always staring into his computer, other two employees are sweeping or reloading the hotdog station. I frequent numerous locations in central Florida and this always seems to be the case. Assign one floor person for cleaning and restocking, two on the registers, and wake up the manager when additional help is needed.

  • Racetrack on Buckingham in garland..Ever since they hired Whitney as a night manager she never has any coffee available. Every other night manager did.then when I asked she just laughed at me like it was a joke.I would never go there again and I've been a loyal customer for over eight years.

  • WHY DO you NOT have cameras OUTSIDE your stores????? I almost got hit in the parking lot and it is total BULL CRAP because of instances like what i went through. NOW i have NO evidence!!!! GET CAMERAS ON ALL YOUR 24/7 STORES!!!!!! The one i am referring to is the one in brooksville on cortez blvd, near i 75.

  • Race trac in orlando by forthsy rd. And colonial ,you"re managrr jose needs a visit from a district manager,very abusive with his employees, crazy hours to them I urge you to look for better people to manage your stores. Great employes need good managers!!!!not abussive ones…please make sure you look good into it,thanks.

  • I have finally had enough of the TERRIBLE customer "service" at our local Racetrack store. My husband and I have been daily customers there for over six years now. The store is directly across the street from my house. From now on I will go out of my way so that I NEVER enter that or any other Racetrack AGAIN!
    We always enjoyed great customer service until a few months ago. There is a new woman who works the night shift and she is so incredibly rude to customers. It seems as though she goes out of her way to do so. The first experience I had with her, I cut her slack. Maybe she was having a bad day. After multiple, very unpleasant encounters, I've had enough. She is miserable and downright rude! There is just no excuse for her behavior. Monday, I will be personally calling the corporate office. Hopefully they will be able to display better business practices and customer service skills than their employees.

    North Courtenay Parkway
    Merritt Island, Florida

  • Race Trac
    620 E Berry st
    Ford Worth tx
    This !!!Store Marager young girl have Attitude not know how to treat people choose this company need to hire better employees

  • I think it's terrible that Racetrack can have different prices on their gas when were in the
    same county and have the same taxes in Citrus County Florida. We have three stations in our county. One in Inverness,10 miles, from Crystal River and 1 in Homosassa 8 miles from the
    Crystal River one. Inverness say's it's because they have more traffic. That's BS as they
    all are terribly busy. I usually have to pay more in Crystal River. It's not fair. I will look else where. I know corporate doesn't care about a small place as Citrus County Florida

    • Ractrac,located on West 192 near Celebration,Florida is suffering. Good prices and location. However the new management, if allowed to continue will reduce revenues and make paying clients go across the street. The ones that buy gas for the cars and fleets,cartoons of cigs,gallons of milk,etc, like the small discount, but the females buyers and business males and vacationing families find peolple drinking out front of entrance and exit ways,disturbing. Beening asked for extra money and cigs at the pump is not normal. The management/security need to step up tell them to move on/off property. The law has chased them off the corners and they find Ractrac to be ok to pander/loiter. Maybe even do commerence…..Forward to Risk Department.

  • Race Trac in Melissa Texas Stopped by to get gas, the message at the pump said to "see attendant" I went inside and the young man told me the card reader was not working, so he pre-charged me $50.00 in gas. I only used $38.50 and went back inside and he gave me a credit for $11.50. When I got my bank statement, it showed that the credit had been issued, but that it was re-applied. So they got $50.00 from me. I called the manager and he said it was an issue with my bank. I called Race Trac corporate and spoke with a "Janet". She was extremely rude and tried to tell me that I must have gone back in to the store and swiped my card again for $11.50! Seriously? She would not let me fax her my receipt and my bank statement. I spoke with the manager again and he was just as rude. He said he would get back with me. He never did! My bank cancelled my card because they said it had been tampered with. I am still waiting on a refund! This happened on 4/29/2013. Tony Pettis store manager and Janet at corporate are two very considerate people and I can bet that if this was their money, they would be getting it back in a hurry!

  • The Racetrac in Burleson on Alsbury needs a manager that is kind and experienced with customer service. An older man getting coffee one morning and there was no creamer. He ask the manager of the store where was the creamer and the manager responded back to him "how should I know I don't use it."
    I was beside myself. This man whose name is Victor, is rude. I am a manager of a large company and have been for 22 years. I visit this store often and am amazed at times what I see. You need to listen to emplyees that work there and find out how he treats them. You have several customers that have stated they will not come in the store while he is there. This is unexceptable

  • I like RaceTrac and their local station is closer to me than my local QT. But time after time, when I stop there for the convenience of the proximity, I stand in line and wait while one or two employees are stocking or working at the 'desk' behind the counter. I am always flabbergasted as the line forms to several people and the employees seem completely unaware while they do other tasks. This is actually joked about amongst my friends as we comment on how that *never* happens at QT. If there is more than one customer in line, they call out for another employee to come to the counter… and they do! They drop everything and hustle to another register. The difference in this one customer service effort is extremely noticeable and appreciated by customers. I think RaceTrac needs to emphasize this to their staff.

  • the Race Trac on loop 288 and Brinker in Denton Tx is terrible customer service sucks. I was in there for a hot dog the buns hard as a rock ask for couple of fresh ones waited 10 minutes still had no fresh buns. But the people working had time to BS. Flors are alway nasty and sticky its turn in to a horrible place to stop at.

  • Thank you for the Coffee coupons received today by mail. I enjoy a cup of RaceTrac coffee almost every morning and it is thoughtful of you to reward your customers.
    Again Thanks
    jim Meunier
    Athens, Ga

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