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  • Reach Out To Sirius XM Corporate Office – Review and Complaints

Reach Out To Sirius XM Corporate Office – Review and Complaints 

How To Contact Sirius XM Corporate Office Headquarters

Sirius XM Radio Inc.
36th Floor, 1221 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-584-5100
Fax Number: n/a
XM Customer Service: 1-800-967-2346
Sirius Customer Service: 1-888-539-7474

Sirius XM 70's Channel is Terrible

Rated 3.0 out of 5
March 30, 2023

Hi ,

I have Sirius XM radio in my Jeep . Being 65 years of age I listen mostly to the 70’s station as most of my friends my age do as well. But the biggest drawback is the music selection picked out is terrible. I rarely ever hear 2 songs played back to back that i like which is sad to say. The 70’s station needs more songs that rock like Hocus Pocus by Focus, I’m Just a singer in a Rock and roll band, and so on. The 70’s station used to play , Shame , Shame , Shame by Shirley and Company and i haven’t heard it played in a long time. Sometimes i drive 70 miles round trip and the 70’s station music disappoints me and i think to myself , i just can’t believe it, this channel should be blowing me away and it’s not . Once on the 70’s channel, they played, ” Jukebox from hell! ” Which I actually liked. And why is the 70’s station listed with top 40 ? The 70’s station said ” You wanted more Kasey Kasum so you’re going to get more ! ” Myself i never wanted it to begin with . I’d rather have , ( Talk free Music . )

I also wish there was a Doors channel , Jimmy Hendricks channel, Janice Joplin channel . Those are just a few of my suggestions .

Ed Victoria
Corporate Office Headquarters