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Reach Sirius XM Corporate Office 

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Sirius XM corporate office is located in New York City, New York. Below are comprehensive details about Sirius XM corporate headquarters, including their address, contact numbers, and a brief overview of the company, along with its major and minor competitors in the satellite radio and digital music industry.

How To Contact SiriusXM Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Sirius XM Headquarters – Overview

SiriusXM Corporate Office

Map and Directions To Sirius XM Radio NYC Office

A Snapshot of SiriusXM’s History

Founded in 1990, SiriusXM is a premier satellite radio company in the United States, providing a wide array of music, news, sports, talk, and entertainment channels. Known for its commercial-free music and wide-ranging content, SiriusXM has expanded its services to include streaming music and podcasts, reaching a broad audience through its satellite and online platforms.

The Satellite Radio and Digital Music Industry and SiriusXM’s Position

In the digital music and radio market, SiriusXM competes with streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora, as well as traditional AM/FM radio stations. SiriusXM sets itself apart with its exclusive content, wide variety of channels, and availability in vehicles as a premier satellite radio service.

SiriusXM’s Innovative and Diverse Entertainment Approach

SiriusXM is dedicated to providing an unparalleled selection of audio entertainment. The company focuses on curating diverse content, including exclusive shows and channels, and continuously enhances its technology to deliver the best listening experience to subscribers wherever they are.

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SiriusXM Corporate Office Complaints, Reviews, and Feedback

We invite you to share your experiences with SiriusXM’s services and programming. Your feedback in the comments section is invaluable in helping others understand the company’s commitment to delivering diverse and high-quality audio entertainment.

Sirius XM now has Zero Customer Service

January 7, 2024

The countless hours I have spent attempting to communicate with foreign customer service representatives have brought me to the point of not renewing my subscription to Sirius XM. I am blown away by the utter lack of professionalism, the inability to understand my simple request to renew, the apparent reading from a script over and over, and the unacceptable amount of time it takes on the phone. The website is full of bugs and forces you to re-input your data to the point of picking up the phone and calling Sirius XM customer support, which, as I stated, is a nightmare.

Rob Grass

Sirius XM Please Bring Ken Webb Back

December 6, 2023

Ken “Spider” Webb was an excellent host of the Sirius XM Soul Town morning show on channel 49 and I am appealing to Sirius XM executives to please bring him back in the same time slot that he previously had. I loved his stories about the music industry. He knows so much about the songs and the artists whose music he played. Listening to Ken fed my mind and spirit as I got my day started. I rarely changed channels during his show; just stayed tuned into Soul Town knowing I would learn the backstories to songs and scuttlebutt about the people who made the music. I also appreciated the clever segments that kept the audience engaged like the clues he would drop to make us figure out the title of a song, which he would later identify. There were no prizes; just the satisfaction of knowing the answer and the warmth of feeling connected to something amazing through Ken’s show. He is an expert at cohesively weaving talk and music into perfectly portioned bite sized segments. I also hate the way Sirius XM made the switch from Ken Webb to Smokey Robinson. No explanation. No transition. I wish Sirius had kept Ken on channel 49 and created a new station dedicated to Motown music with Smokey as host. That way listeners could have the best of two worlds. Ken Webb with his extensive repertoire of classic soul music and an exclusive Motown channel featuring those hits would be an ideal solution. I love Smokey Robinson as a songwriter, producer and vocalist. I am not impressed with Smokey as a radio show host. I have been a loyal Sirius XM customer for years and I trust that my request to reinstate Ken Webb will be given serious consideration.

Karin Hopkins

Sirius XM 70's Channel is Terrible

December 13, 2022

Hi ,

I have Sirius XM radio in my Jeep . Being 65 years of age I listen mostly to the 70’s station as most of my friends my age do as well. But the biggest drawback is the music selection picked out is terrible. I rarely ever hear 2 songs played back to back that i like which is sad to say. The 70’s station needs more songs that rock like Hocus Pocus by Focus, I’m Just a singer in a Rock and roll band, and so on. The 70’s station used to play , Shame , Shame , Shame by Shirley and Company and i haven’t heard it played in a long time. Sometimes i drive 70 miles round trip and the 70’s station music disappoints me and i think to myself , i just can’t believe it, this channel should be blowing me away and it’s not . Once on the 70’s channel, they played, ” Jukebox from hell! ” Which I actually liked. And why is the 70’s station listed with top 40 ? The 70’s station said ” You wanted more Kasey Kasum so you’re going to get more ! ” Myself i never wanted it to begin with . I’d rather have , ( Talk free Music . )

I also wish there was a Doors channel , Jimmy Hendricks channel, Janice Joplin channel . Those are just a few of my suggestions .

Ed Victoria
Corporate Office Headquarters