Sirius XM Corporate Office Headquarters

Sirius XM Corporate Office Headquarters
Sirius XM Radio Inc.
36th Floor, 1221 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-584-5100
Fax Number: n/a
XM Customer Service: 1-800-967-2346
Sirius Customer Service:1-888-539-7474

  • XM radio is a joke. The customer service reps are all from south America and do not understand English. I even once had them cancel my service. (I do not know how they came to that conclusion). It cost me a re-activation fee as the activation rep said he sees notes that I called and canceled. (I DID NOT). The service is horrible. just purchase a cellphone with unlimited data and use .977 music or spotify and get free radio.

  • I recently cancelled all my services and will not be back. Because, ch. 25 Classic Rewind and Carol Miller. One morning she had the nerve to use her platform for her own political views. She made the comment she will never play Ted Nugent on her show because of his political views and lifestyle. Carol Miller, you claim to know all about classic rock. Regardless of Mr. Nugent's life style and views, he is huge to classic rock. He's definitely bigger to music than you will ever be! I can not support a company that allows this type of behavior. I have spoken to other listeners who feel the same and they have cancelled all their services as well. On a side note, your customer care via telephone is horrible. You can't understand them with their foreign accents! But what ever you have to do to save money. You won't be getting anymore of my money!

  • Had to bother Corporate(& one of my shows airs weekly w/ repeats on S/XM)after spending yet another waste of 3-1/2 hours y'day attempting to deal fruitlessly with S/XM's Activation head(that's what he claimed) who then brought in C.S. alleged supervisors. We were offered by C.S. a 6 month trial for our new Ford Fusion that didn't start until late 8/23/16. Just rec'd in the mail a computer-gen'd form letter now claiming it would be turned off 10/22 meaning their promised "6 month free trial to all S/XM channels" was only for not even 2 months proper. This trial also didn't have anywhere close to all of S/XM's channels to check out finally, take notes on to promote/plug in my syndicated newspaper & magazine columns besides plugging on my 3 weekly terrestrial(AM, FM) shows-again one of which also airs regularly on S/XM as one of it's many platforms. I was passed around(with three dropped/lost hangup calls on S/XM's end) to count 'em, 8 alleged supervisors y'day with zero resolution. And no guarantee that our DEPT "6 month free trial" wouldn't improperly go off Saturday. I don't get paid on/for the show airing on S/XM but I also don't have to scramble for paying sponsors, etc. And I've always promoted/plugged S & XM right when they first broadcast as competing Sat. outfits. Amazing content & shows, clarity,–well, that's when I get it. There's been times for 3 days/row there's no audio(no Sat. obstructions either, just open spaces)& just the graphic "Recalibrating." Other times, the "searching" graphic & zilch audio(ie-no service). Sign me, totally frustrated at always being outsourced., Dr Mike Lano, DDS, MS
    Sports and Arts Photojournalism Globally Since 1966

    I have been to Howard Stern's NY studio when friends have been interviewed, and S/XM is an incredible facility. Too bad their C.S., etc aren't as terrific in my experience and apparently for many others online herein.

    • Not sure why it was changed down above to just "DEPT" when I said "offered directly by Sirius-XM's Customer Service when we had problems"

  • I am working pro bono for an artist that is far more popular than the likes of recent channels added, Tom Petty, Garth Brooks (coming soon) and trying to get his personal channel added to SiriusXM Programming. I have made five phone calls, three chat sessions and still cannot find the proper person to get started with the necessary paperwork. CAN ANYONE GET ME TO THE RIGHT PERSON??!! PLS Send contact info to

  • Typical media hypocrisy. Free speech is only supported when they agree. There was no violence implied in Thor's comments. I also called Listener Support to voice a complaint and "Francis" did not have a good enough grasp on English to understand my issue. Kept jumping from script to script until she hung up on me in confusion. In plain English…. If Glenn Beck does not return, I will cancel my subscription and with millions of listeners there must be many thousands more like me. Maybe if enough cancel you will need to fire a few of your spineless lawyers and management.

  • I'm with all of you. I chatted with a customer service rep and was on "hold" for at least 15 mins while he told me to be patient – without telling me he drops off the line and puts me on with someone else so I can start my story ALL over again. Others I know have received promotions and when I asked about my account, they said it all depended upon which sterio you have in your car. SERIOUSLY? If it says SiriusXM on the stereo, I should be able to discuss my account! I think they need a package where you can pick what you want. I just received a chat response that says "I really wish I was able to help you with my issue." This coming from the new person. NICE. I will contact corporate office – if not bye, bye. I lived without it before and I will live without it again.

  • The never ending customer service. The never ending bait and switch. The never ending phony deals. Just a few reasons to give up the service. Yes I did!

  • I purchased a new vehicle Dec. 2014, drove off the lot and called SiriusXM customer support to transfer my services. They told me they would open a new account since I received a free trial with my new vehicle, and close the old account. The agent opened the new account, but left the old account open. Its been a year, 13 mos. to be exact, and I was debited for 2015 January 1st. Today I see a monthly charge on my credit card and call them. Turns out not only have they been charging me for 13 mos. on a vehicle I no longer own but the supervisor denied a refund! SiriusXM owes me over $300! As far as I'm concerned they stole that money out of my account when they failed to close the previous account.

  • We did not appreciate them deleting "escape" from their program…It was commercial free and beautiful music…they said the replacement program had was as good as ESCAPE….Wrong. We are cancelling when the contract is up…Thank God we paid the seriusxm by check…I'll have no problem dropping them….

  • They get one star because there isn't an option for zero stars. Sirius XM is the most pathetic company I have ever dealt with — worst than AT&T. They can not deliver radio to my truck, telling me I have to call the 855 number to have a refresh signal sent to my radio. Really? Every time I drive I have to call the 855 number? I used to be a Sirius subscriber from 2011-2013 and had no issue. I canceled the service and fell for their low rate six month offer in 2014 and again this week.

    I get the free two week Sirius radio they put out every so often with no issue. After the two weeks, I pay for the six month plan and I get no radio. Here is what happened after five calls to their pathetic customer support:

    1. They keep telling me it's my Bluetooth interfering with the radio (I tell them Bluetooth is off… oh, and I received Sirius radio during the free two week trial with Bluetooth on with no issues). They respond again, Bluetooth is the problem.
    2). They had the wrong radio ID even though I'm a returning customer.
    3). My radio is bad (Gee… works for the two week trial).
    4). My satellite receiver is bad (Gee… works for the two week trial, oh and I get channel 1 all the time). For those who don't listen to channel 1, that's there commercial that is always available. They seemed dumbfounded that I received channel 1.

    Their response? We will send you a refresh signal. Really? You did that four times yesterday. After the refresh signal, my radio works. I go home, turn off the truck, go eat dinner, come back out and no radio… but it works just fine during the two week free trial – never have to do a "refresh signal" during the free trial period.

    I tell them over and over, it's not the radio or the satellite receiver. You have a provisioning issue with my account. Their response? Your account is fine, it's your radio. Wow… what a bunch of pathetic incompetent idiots! BTW, had the same issue and outcome in 2014… had Bluetooth during the 2011-2013 period, no issues.

    I kept asking the rep why I seem to get the channels during their two week freebie period with no issue but when I pay for the subscription I don't???? Her lame answer is because it's free. Huh?

    I have to raise my voice just to get them to cancel the subscription. They play the transfer me to three different customer reps only to tell me "we'll refresh your signal."

    Thank God for social media where I can continue to inform the public about my experiences with this worthless company!

  • SIRIUS – Will rip you off I promise you. They owe me $215.00 and will not return it. They had over $260.00 Paid in advance. They turned my service off because they sent me a bill for $60.00 and I didn't send them a payment. Then it started. I tried to discuss this problem of why they disconnected me when they had all this money. Boy was that a Joke. They are masters of double talk. You know I don't need there service I just by my CD's and I don't have to listen to there commercials on there commercial free radio. Just remember, Buyer Beware!

  • It took me 3 hours to activate my trial. They accused me of already activating it. Next they accused me of knowing the previous owners. And then they tried to accuse me of buying my car from the previous owners. This is ridiculous. Then the manage Jonathan (319 mp) was so rude. He said that he was the only Manger willing to talk to me! This is absurd. I have had sirius radio on my previous 2 vehicles and I have never experienced this. I appreciate the last gentleman I spoke with. He was nice as ever! But our call dropped. 4262P (JUSTIN) IS AWESOME! HE DID IN 5 MINUTES WHAT TOOK 2 HOURS WITH THE MANAGER.

  • It took me 3 hours to activate my trial. They accused me of already activating it. Next they accused me of knowing the previous owners. And then they tried to accuse me of buying my car from the previous owners. This is ridiculous. Then the manage Jonathan (319 mp) was so rude. He said that he was the only Manger willing to talk to me! This is absurd. I have had sirius radio on my previous 2 vehicles and I have never experienced this. I appreciate the last gentleman I spoke with. He was nice as ever! But our call dropped.

  • XM Radio SUCKS they don't bend over backwards to help their customers at all. When you ask them a question about changing your payment date all they say is they cant because that's the way the system is.

  • I made an incorrect bill payment to this company whom I don't even have an account with. It's been over a month and I still can not get my money refunded.

  • i have just tried to get some customer service from sirius . i ended up talking to half the people in the philipines . still no customer service . i asked every philipino that i spoke with to transfer me to a customer service rep in the united states . none would comply with my request . i just called sirius hq. in new york and got an answering machine . i requested a call back . i am now thinking about calling the u.s. states attorney for that district and asking them about the legalality of not being able to talk to a person in my own country when doing business .

  • I subscribed to Sirius because NO COMMERCIALS I don't listen to reg radio because I hate commercials I don't watch TV because I hate commercials. I have Siriusxm in my home and my cars. On a road trip I noticed they ARE playing Commercials. When I arrived home I started to listen closer to the program and logged 17 commercials from 1:35pm to 3:00pm
    Jan30,2014 I sat down and logged these commercials
    1:35pm My
    1:36pm some football/basketball 800#
    1:37pm :Magic jack
    1:38pm Adam & Eve Adult products.
    they went back to the program
    2:32pm I hate steven Jewerly
    2:34pm Carbonite .com
    2:36pm again
    2:38pm Michael rose or Rhodes basketball #800 caberat
    They went back to program
    2:51pm I hate steven singer Jewerly
    2:52pm Famous casino gold cigars
    2:53pm My
    2:57pm sports
    they went back to program
    This is far from commercial FREE maybe what they mean by commercial free is we pay for Siriuosxm and the commercials ARE FREE!!!!!
    I placed a call to the Corporate office on 1-30-14 concerning this issue ,they transferred me to a VM
    I left a message requesting a call back!

  • First of all sxm is only in north america (including Canada) and that is it. so why do they outsource??? Always support your own kind before going outside your own kind. Try doing this, get a promo in the mail ie, 86$/1yr or 6/24$ or even 5mo/20$ and let the rep get past the recurring part and simply request a future deactivation date (There is a different thing they read about no recurring)(also request a invoice). Be firm and tell them that's all you have done in the past and you know it can be done.Then when the plan ends, wait a week, call in again stating you got this promo in the mail (read the same promo you previously received) act like its the first time and i've found out there is no questions ask, they just do it. this avoids all the cancellation run around. and no credit card. it took me a few years but finally got it down.

  • This company on how they run there business is a HUGE joke! I will never give them my credit card information ever again. These foreigners don't even take down detailed notes when they talk to you on top of that I talked to a supervisor last night (that promised he would not withdrawal any money out of my account, I checked the next morning and he sure did take the money out. So today I asked to speak to the supervisor Jose again they have no clue his contact information. RUN RUN RUN don't give these fools your business.
    ********************The CEO needs to reconsider hiring foreigners to represent his company************************

  • Just spoke with a customer service representative and the phone cut out in the middle of our conversation. Had to call back go through the menu prompts again and get another person. Billing arrangements were discussed last year and completely changed for this year. And they don't care. I think they are using a VOIP system which is very hard to hear and picked up about every third word. Very dissatisfied with the service.

  • That is because they put profits above customer service. They get you signed up and you get screwed on billing . I know all about this first hand myself.

    • XM Radio charged me for over a year for services I never received,

      my bill is well over 1K for unauthorized charges
      I have a dispute in with citi bank and cancelled my service today, what a grossly inept managed company

  • Why is it when I call customer service with a problem I end up with someone in a foreign land that I can only understand about every third word? It's exasperating and it has me on the brink of canceling all three of my radio's. Also, why is it when you are having your payments taken out automatically every three months Sirius can't email a customer a week in advance just as a reminder that it is due to come out. Granted we know that it comes out every month on the 28th but like the old saying goes, "out of sight, out of mind". It sure would make life a lot easier for us "old folk" with short memories.

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