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  • Sirius XM Corporate Office Headquarters

Sirius XM Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Sirius XM Corporate Office Headquarters

Sirius XM Radio Inc.
36th Floor, 1221 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-584-5100
Fax Number: n/a
XM Customer Service: 1-800-967-2346
Sirius Customer Service: 1-888-539-7474

  • XM radio is a joke. The customer service reps are all from south America and do not understand English. I even once had them cancel my service. (I do not know how they came to that conclusion). It cost me a re-activation fee as the activation rep said he sees notes that I called and canceled. (I DID NOT). The service is horrible. just purchase a cellphone with unlimited data and use .977 music or spotify and get free radio.

  • Had to bother Corporate(& one of my shows airs weekly w/ repeats on S/XM)after spending yet another waste of 3-1/2 hours y'day attempting to deal fruitlessly with S/XM's Activation head(that's what he claimed) who then brought in C.S. alleged supervisors. We were offered by C.S. a 6 month trial for our new Ford Fusion that didn't start until late 8/23/16. Just rec'd in the mail a computer-gen'd form letter now claiming it would be turned off 10/22 meaning their promised "6 month free trial to all S/XM channels" was only for not even 2 months proper. This trial also didn't have anywhere close to all of S/XM's channels to check out finally, take notes on to promote/plug in my syndicated newspaper & magazine columns besides plugging on my 3 weekly terrestrial(AM, FM) shows-again one of which also airs regularly on S/XM as one of it's many platforms. I was passed around(with three dropped/lost hangup calls on S/XM's end) to count 'em, 8 alleged supervisors y'day with zero resolution. And no guarantee that our DEPT "6 month free trial" wouldn't improperly go off Saturday. I don't get paid on/for the show airing on S/XM but I also don't have to scramble for paying sponsors, etc. And I've always promoted/plugged S & XM right when they first broadcast as competing Sat. outfits. Amazing content & shows, clarity,–well, that's when I get it. There's been times for 3 days/row there's no audio(no Sat. obstructions either, just open spaces)& just the graphic "Recalibrating." Other times, the "searching" graphic & zilch audio(ie-no service). Sign me, totally frustrated at always being outsourced. Wrealano@aol.com, Dr Mike Lano, DDS, MS
    Sports and Arts Photojournalism Globally Since 1966

    I have been to Howard Stern's NY studio when friends have been interviewed, and S/XM is an incredible facility. Too bad their C.S., etc aren't as terrific in my experience and apparently for many others online herein.

    • Not sure why it was changed down above to just "DEPT" when I said "offered directly by Sirius-XM's Customer Service when we had problems"

  • I am working pro bono for an artist that is far more popular than the likes of recent channels added, Tom Petty, Garth Brooks (coming soon) and trying to get his personal channel added to SiriusXM Programming. I have made five phone calls, three chat sessions and still cannot find the proper person to get started with the necessary paperwork. CAN ANYONE GET ME TO THE RIGHT PERSON??!! PLS Send contact info to Chad@CreativeDevSol.com

  • Typical media hypocrisy. Free speech is only supported when they agree. There was no violence implied in Thor's comments. I also called Listener Support to voice a complaint and "Francis" did not have a good enough grasp on English to understand my issue. Kept jumping from script to script until she hung up on me in confusion. In plain English…. If Glenn Beck does not return, I will cancel my subscription and with millions of listeners there must be many thousands more like me. Maybe if enough cancel you will need to fire a few of your spineless lawyers and management.

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