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  • Spotify Corporate Office Headquarters

Spotify Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Spotify Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

76 9th Avenue
Suite 1110, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10011 USA
Corporate Phone Number: Online Only
Email: Online Only
Customer Service Number: Online Only


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  1. Never ordered it and appears that they have been charging us for the use of spotify. how can they charge when the possible person who ordered it does not have the authority to order. Would be real nice if there was someone to actually talk to .

  2. I don't even have a clue as to how you don't get prosecuted for at least a half dozen laws that you break every day and how many millions of dollars you scam out of people but be sure of this I am going to start a company called to bust ripoffs . You and Instagram are on the top of the list. I am going after all web businesses that do not have proper contact information. It is high time you guys got right ad to those in California driving up real estate and rental costs because you and your cronies ripoff the very people that you cause to be homeless because they try to earn money the right way by performing a real job and not scamming everyone they can. I know you guys sit in your office ( that by the way is not even in New York) laughing at everyone giving you money and you dont have to give a thing in return. I f it is the last thing I do on earth I will get laws in lace to stop people like you and all the dot com people that rip off by the millions . The day will come when CEO s will be escorted out of their offices in handcuff by federal authorities for the criminal acts you perform saying it is business.

  3. I am being billed for something I didn't order! Spotify is a SCAM! If you see a charge on your cc, call your cc company immediately! Mine told me they get calls about Spotify every day! Sham on the scammers!

  4. I am being double charged at $9.99 per month. How the hell do you contact these people – can anyone get me a number or an email address for Spotify?

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Corporate Office Headquarters