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Spotify Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
76 9th Avenue
Suite 1110, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10011 USA
Corporate Phone Number: Online Only
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spotify corporate office headquarters

  • Never ordered it and appears that they have been charging us for the use of spotify. how can they charge when the possible person who ordered it does not have the authority to order. Would be real nice if there was someone to actually talk to .

  • I don't even have a clue as to how you don't get prosecuted for at least a half dozen laws that you break every day and how many millions of dollars you scam out of people but be sure of this I am going to start a company called to bust ripoffs . You and Instagram are on the top of the list. I am going after all web businesses that do not have proper contact information. It is high time you guys got right ad to those in California driving up real estate and rental costs because you and your cronies ripoff the very people that you cause to be homeless because they try to earn money the right way by performing a real job and not scamming everyone they can. I know you guys sit in your office ( that by the way is not even in New York) laughing at everyone giving you money and you dont have to give a thing in return. I f it is the last thing I do on earth I will get laws in lace to stop people like you and all the dot com people that rip off by the millions . The day will come when CEO s will be escorted out of their offices in handcuff by federal authorities for the criminal acts you perform saying it is business.

  • I am being billed for something I didn't order! Spotify is a SCAM! If you see a charge on your cc, call your cc company immediately! Mine told me they get calls about Spotify every day! Sham on the scammers!

  • I am being double charged at $9.99 per month. How the hell do you contact these people – can anyone get me a number or an email address for Spotify?

  • My account got hacked and Spotify sent an email address out to confirm the change, I responded NO, this change was not made by me. AND they are still not fixing it!!!

  • My grand daughter did this and we canceled it and are still getting billed, will contact the attorney general's office in maine

  • I'd also like to know how to stop them charging me. Its been 4 months now and I've cancelled my card twice! Im not sure how they keep charging me for something I dont have!

  • I have never gotten premium with spotify and yet im getting charged for it, i don't even have an account so i cant even leave an email to stop payments. tell me how i can put a stop to this since i don't even use the damn service.

  • Just got charged 98$ I had the free version and never gave them any credit card info at all this is fraud! I have talked to my lawyer and have called the police and will be contacting the attorney general

  • Just called CHASE (Freedom). The "Dispute" department is going to reverse the $10.59 charge and "block" further charges to my card. I am wondering if Spotify is an arm of ISIS. They sure act like it.
    BTW, the telephone number provided by Cahse to NYC connects to a radio station. What complete BS!
    May the whole bunch of thieves at Spotify rot in Hell! ! ! !

    • his is what the website gives as a "contact number"> What a dispicable group of AHoles.
      Customer Service and Support

      Help site. Check out our help site for answers to your questions and to learn how to get the most out of Spotify and your music.
      Community. Get fast support from expert Spotify users. If there isn't already an answer there to your question, post it and someone will quickly answer. You can also suggest and vote on new ideas for Spotify or simply discuss music with other fans.
      Contact form. If you cannot find any solution in Help or in the Community, and would like to contact Spotify Customer Support, you can submit a query using the contact form.
      (Write a letter to NYC when the company is located In Belguim?) <<<<<< STUPID !

  • I have a real gripe….Some F#ck Stick has grabbed one of my photos off Facebook….and is being advertised a weekly recommended playlist…1. I want to know who this person is. 2. I wanted removed Immediately.

  • I'm reading all these comments and the one thing that is screaming to me is that everyone getting billed that hasn't signed up for Spotify all has Chase credit/debit cards, Hmmmmmm……..


  • My Chase credit card has a 9.99 charge on it April 2015. Didn't recognize it at all and didn't know what "Spotify" even was! Now that I look back at several statements, little charges of .99, etc. have been charged. NICE SCAM!!!!

  • Yep, my card was charged the last two months for Spotify $9.99. I had nothing to do with it. Just called Chase to cancel and get a new card. Also counted the above mentions and it looks like at least 28 Chase credit cards have been hacked. I asked them to look into it!

  • I got billed 3 times in a little over a month on a SW Chase Card. Common thread here. I called to cancel current account. Does Spotify just keep thier hand open but do not ask why? How do they stay in business legally? Funny they have a link directly on thier site to file a complant…Pathetic…




  • I have 2 charges of $9.99 on my Bank of America credit card. I did not make these charges and I have notified B of A to refund the charges to my account. I don't know what kind of a company ADY*SPOTIFY USA is or what they do but I want these charges stopped now. I have cancelled my credit card and will not get a new one until this mess is cleared up. I have tried calling 646-837-5380 and it goes straight to voice mail and says the person at ext. 7000 is not available, please try back. I have tried calling several times and its always the same answer.

  • Spotify charged my credit card in December for $9.99 and I had never even heard of them until the charge showed up. I notified my credit card company of this fraudulent charge.

  • What is Sportify? I got $0.99 charge from ADY*Spotify USA 646-837 5380 NY from my Chase card. How can they know my card number? Or they attached Chase computer system?

  • Got charged $1.06 from ADY*Spotify USA – Chase confirmed other clients experienced similar issues and quickly rectified the issue. No clue where this came from.

  • I have Spotify charged to one card, then the .99 charge showed up on a different, rarely-used Southwest Chase card. I forgot to call about it right away and a couple weeks later, I got a fraud alert about a $29.90 charge from Chase. It was not a charge I'd made, the card was in my wallet. The rep cancelled the card for me and said crooks will try a small amount to see if you're paying attention and then start running up bigger charges.

  • Same thing charge on SW Chase Card of 9.99 Dec 3rd and 9.99 January 3rd. Cancelled card with Chase and awaiting a new one.

  • I got 2 charges, one for $.99 on 12/10/2014 and one for $1.06 on 12/25/2014 on my Chase card. Called Chase and the representative said that they are familiar with these unauthorized charges.

  • Same $0.99 charge on my unused Chase Credit Card. First transaction on 12/15/2014 in the amount of $0.99 and the second transaction on 12/26/2014 0.99 in the same amount of $0.99.

    Details of the transaction:

    646-8375380, NY 100110000 US
    Online, Mail, or Telephone transaction

  • I just had some fraud charges cleared up by Chase last month. Card was reissued to me, never used it. Now my statement shows this:
    ADY*Spotify USA $0.99
    Print 646-8375380, NY 100110000 US
    Online, Mail, or Telephone transaction

    I have no clue what this charge is, and have never used this card yet. Second problem with Chase card in 2 month.

  • Same thing here… Charge on Chase CC from "ADY*Spotify USA" for $0.99 Jan 1 2015. I have never had a Spotify account. Sounds like this is a Chase security breech? Chase fraud dept agent said "oh yes, I have heard of these charges. I'll cancel it right away". Sounds like Chase need to admit to something…

  • Chase Southwest card only 2 weeks old, got a $0.99 charge from ADY*Spotify USA on 12/31. Never heard of them before.

  • Ditto. Chase Freedom card with charge of $1.06. Waiting for same fraud on my other Chase Card! Asked Chase what they were doing about it and basically was told "nothing" They did cancel my card and eliminate charge but that's not enough. Answers needed

  • Chase Southwest card was charged with 0.99 on 12/30 like many others. I haven't used the card in months. My Chase Freedom card was stolen within days of activating it early in December. That means it was either stolen in the mail or hacked from Chase. Seems to me there is a hack that Chase is not sharing with us.

  • I too received a $.99 charge on my Chase account on my December bill. Chase must have been hacked by these people. I have never even used the card they charged against, as it was a replacement on another fraud a year ago.I reported to Chase fraud, just got another new card, which I think I am going to cancel if any more fraudulent charges show up.

  • I received the same charge, I called Chase and they cancelled my card and are sending a new one. Looks like a bunch of Chase customers got hit all at once.

  • I also had the same 0.99 charge on my chase credit card. I want to know if we got screwed from Chase who compromised our info to these bad people or is this from another store breach?

  • This people they get any chase card no. and charge anything. I cancel my card and I want to tell this jojos to find a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I had to do the same with my Chase CC. Big hassle! And the rep I spoke with in the fraud division didn't seem to know anything about other people getting hit with charges from ADY Spotify USA. Just look how many have posted on here. There have to be a lot more.

  • I also found a transaction for ADY Spotify USA on my Chase card. Called Chase and they said that they thought it was an attempt to by someone else to test their ability to charge things with my card, and that more fraudulent transactions would follow. They cancelled my card and will issue me a new one. Extremely inconvenient as I am travelling, but they will send it to my home on Monday. Don't know what to do until then, and I won't be home on Monday anyway.

  • I just found transactions for $.99 and $9.99 for "ADY*Spotify USA" on my Chase card as well. I never gave Spotify my credit card info, so not sure how I ended up being charged. In any event, the card has now been canceled.

  • I am having the same problem with getting an answer out of spotify. Not publishing any phone numbers to contact them is despicable and highly suspicious. I want my money back for something I have never used and I want them to answer my questions on their contact form.

  • Spotify or Hackers, either way card has been canceled and charges reversed. When the charge is the first charge on a card in over 14 months, you know it's a scam

  • I received a charge on my Chase CC on 11/12/14 for ADY*Spotify USA for $10.91 the notes are: 646-8375380, NY 100110000 US Online, Mail, or Telephone transaction. I have no idea what Spotify is and I am not sure how they got my CC number. Sounds like there may have been a breach in Chase CC?? I am going to try and dispute this!

  • I think everyone who is having issues should file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Maybe then they will get their act together.

  • I just received a statement on a Chase Bank Account Charge Card that has never been activated.

    07/27 ADY*Spotify USA 646-8375380 NY 9.99
    07/27 ADY*Spotify USA 646-8375380 NY 9.99
    07/28 Spotify USA 877-778-1161 NY 9.99
    07/29 Spotify USA 877-778-1161 NY 9.99

    I do not know what Spotify is, I have called all of the above numbers and cannot get a human to talk to. Get this cleared up. I did not order it, do not want it, and will not have it. Thanks

  • wow this is happening to me also………I canceled after one month of trying it and they are continuing to charge me,,,4 months later!!

  • Don't you just love the new corporate America that operates whereby they have no phone numbers to call or a way to reach them other then online form e-mail via their website, if you have a problem or an issue?

    It sucks! Shame on you Spotify!!!

    • I can't believe this is actually happening to SO many people!!!
      I THOUGHT spotify was a cool legit business…obviously I WAS VERY WRONG!!!

  • I am paying for ad free Spotify but I get ads between songs. Have contacted them – no response. Contacting my cc and cancelling. AE is quite good about complaints – they have always complied aor assited with problems.

  • I have cancelled my spotify and I'm still have been billed for 4 months!I have tried calling every number possible and spot to different departments. I even called my credit card compnay and informed them of the situation and the fraudulent activity on it. They will not stop billing me. Kansas City, KS

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