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  • QVC Corporate Office Headquarters

QVC Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact QVC Corporate Office Headquarters

QVC, Inc.
1200 Wilson Dr.
West Chester, Pennsylvania, 19380 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-484-701-1000
Email: Online Only
Orderline: 1-800-345-1212
TDD: 1-800-544-3316
En Espanol: 1-800-328-0890
Qvc.com: 1-888-345-5788
Customer Service Number: 1-800-367-9444

  • I have been a loyal customer for almost 30 years..purchasing thousands of thousands of dollars. I have not been able to get into my account online. I have spoken to CS form Qvc ‘s number, and have called corporate twice. I need to get back into my account to print out some returns, but no one is helping me. Therefore I am going to close out my account as soon as I receive my last few orders! Qvc doesn’t care, then I don’t care. They’re going to lose a lot of business between me and friends, but they don’t care!!! Totally disgusted!

  • why does QVC allow host to drink alcohol on the job? heaven forbid that a host have an accident on the way home and someone gets really hurt. Can QVC get sued? after all they allowed the wine drinking. And seriously I think Jane Tracey has a drinking problem. I wouldnt want to be on the road when she gets off work. This might sound petty to some, but to me know….I lost an aunt to a drunk driver.

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    Corporate Office Headquarters