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Tractor Supply Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Tractor Supply Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Tractor Supply Company
200 Powell Place
Brentwood, TN 37027 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-615-366-4600
Fax Number: 1-615-366-4686
Customer Service Number: 1-877-872-7721
TractorSupply.com Online Store: 1-877-718-6750
Consumer Credit Cards: 1-800-263-0691
Business Credit Cards: 1-800-559-8232


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  1. I was an employee until today, I would get to work ahead of time, do my job as trained, but I “pointed out”. Why are so many employees miserable there? Pressure, overtime, threats to get production numbers up. I was working overtime running 101% (per supervisor) instead of saying great job, it was, I need more out of you keep it up. “REALLY” TSC values on Ethics#1 and Respect #2 are being abused by your management team. TSC shakeholders would not approve of management “gaming the system,” more than likely for their bonuses. Team members are being recognized for false numbers, that is why I left last night, I thought about it for a few hours before I left early. Knowing I’m doing 5 to 8 tasks a shift running around 80 to 100%, the right way. Same time others gaming the system is moving 3 to 4 tasks a shift and running 100 to 340%. Gaming the system is very easy, I refused to go along with it, and all management at this location knows and will encourage it, even act on it themselves, to get their numbers. Process to game the system “fool the system” by scanning multiple products first and last labels before its picked, the system thinks you have already picked and credits you, then go to down time and put the labels on then. This has bothered me for the past few months, so I visually tracked it. If TSC wants to cut back on stores receiving wrong product, shortages by mislabeling or just not receiving product, I know this because while I’m picking, the labels are still on the product on the pallets, so pickers are instructed to cover up existing labels. TSC is losing 30% plus in labor. “Imagine” it may even solve your overtime, along with putting less stress and pressure on the Winning Attitude #4 on TSC Values. I’m not asking for my job back. TSC Values are being abused and the labor force is taking the blame. It’s your Management team going against TSC Values, along with your HR team members. You can’t ask the fox to watch the coup or where the chickens went and expect a true answer. Do you know why you do the right thing?
    That’s easy. Because it’s the right thing to do. You should put that on your Mission and Values list.
    Good Luck.

  2. I work at Tractor Supply in Chipley Fl. And we have an assistant manager that is a bully and mistreats the employees pretty bad. In one day she had 2 people quit. And others have left as well. I did enjoy working for the company but because of her I no longer like it and am looking for a new job. Coworkers have spoken out and it keeps getting ignored. Funny thing is she is supposedly on her final write up. But both the store manager and the District Manager will do anything about it. It is sad that Tractor Supply supports bullying and abuse of its workers. I will no longer encourage anyone to work for this company and be subjected to the abuse it supports.

  3. Your website is too frustrating to use. Wrong Information. Just lost a 2+thousand dollar purchase. Website ran me away. Too many problems to list. Just runs off customers.

  4. In April 2021 I took my Trail wagon to TSC in Athens Texas and the manager said they would repair it for no charge. In December I received a call from the new manager saying that my UTV was at the store to pick up. I asked if it was repaired and she said NO and you need to pick it up. I asked what they were going to do for an adjustment and I was told there would be nothing she would do. Is this the way that TSC should treat customers? I think not. I would be willing to purchase another UTV from TSC if I could get some kind of adjustment in price. We currently buy a lot of cattle feed from TSC but plan to start shopping else where if this is the way good customers are treated. You may contact the manager in Athens Tx for the information.

  5. Recently My wife and I went into the Tractor Supply Store in Ontario Ohio to buy a 54" Zero Turn , there were only 2 left so we quickly wanted to put one on layaway until I got paid again. We put down our $067 and some change but the cash register girl on the checkout receipt added it instead of subtracting it. It went through Tele-check that night for $4,881 dollars so the check bounced. If we had that much in her account we would have just paid for it. Anyway her bank returned the check and then it was resubmitted twice more racking up NSF charges to her bank account until she went to use her bank card and it was declined so she investigated and that is when she was brought up to speed. She looked at the layaway slip and it was right she got a copy of the check and it was right except for the embedded imprinting from the cash register. We took it in to the Store and they said they would look into it and that we still had the mower on layaway. in the meantime Tela-check started calling us wanting $441.00 for the returned check and said that we would not be able to write a check anywhere until they were paid that. Since we had not heard from the store we thought we were still okay. We finally checked back with the store they said someone else came in so they sold it to them without checking back with us. We went into the store to actually purchase it and arrange for it to be delivered. They said they would order another one in but in and that was last FridY the 2md so we are still in the dark both with the Zero Turn and the Tela-check

  6. Tried to post a comment but apparently you are trying to protect a supplier and ignore customers. Here is what your site blocked claiming I had an ad blocker (which I did not have):
    The Earthquake tiller did a nice job until it stripped out a brass gear, four bearings twice in one year (no tine shaft seals), costly. I also tore off a tine and they are out of stock until mid July this year. Had to hire a welder to fix temporarily. Finally the worm drive shaft is failing and it is no longer sold. My tiller now appears to be a total loss. I can't recommend the tiller or its maker for these reasons.

    It is sad, we loved Tractor Supply and the store near us. But today, I went out and spent over $500 on a new tiller at another retail store. Sometimes a company's employees protect their jobs at the cost of allowing quality and customer service to go out the window. I hope it doesn't eventually destroy Tractor Supply. I could have used my Tractor Supply credit card to purchase all the equipment I need but this mess drove me to open a business account with another vendor that met my needs today. Best of luck to your web comment censors.

  7. I live near Mocksville North Carolina and I went to the Tractor Supply there, looking for hydraulic fittings. Your name is missing leading to some degree. I went to the isle where these were located, out of a shelf of about 30 hangers of price tags their were 7 fittings hanging there. What has this country come too??? You want people to shop their but your inventory does not reflect that statement. The Lexington, North Carolina store and the Clemmons, Winston Salem Store all have poor management as far as looking after the stores inventory!!!!!
    Really disappointed in you!

    Joseph Pickett

  8. My local stores are a sorry excuse for a store. I'll avoid the store in Hazard Ky and also the store in Jackson Ky. If all the Tractor Supply stores are as bad as these two I don't see Tractor Supply being in business much longer.

  9. 11.17.20
    Just a TAD disappointed with TSC online ordering. Did my first order last week. Was informed Saturday night that the order was ready to pick up. I had read somewhere the store hangs on to the order for 2 days. Called the morning of day 3 to make sure product was still there. Not only was product not there but, there wasn't even a record of the order being returned.
    TSC needs to rectify their short time frame for picking up an order. As a first time customer, they have succeeded in sending me to my local ACE hardware store.
    If I use TSC again…I'll go to the store directly. I have a good incentive to stay away from their online ordering.

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