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Sonic Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Sonic Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 

Sonic Drive-In Restaurants


300 Johnny Bench Drive

Oklahoma City, OK 73104

Corporate Phone Number: 1-405-225-5000

Fax Number: 1-405-280-7568

Customer Service Phone Number: 1-866-657-6642

  • Get your stores properly staffed, make sure the place is clean, make sure your managers are nice, in other words, get your act together. Mine was closed today because there were not enough workers. So they said. I got something to eat at a place next to the sonic and as I was eating, I saw 3 to 4 employees come back, from where ever, at the same time. I thought okay, I should be able to get a drink. I pulled up and the girl over the speaker told me they were closed because there were not enough workers. Really! There were 4 people in there. They could have at least asked what I wanted! Did they all go to lunch at the same time? I know for fact that their manager is out due to surgery, and their lead had the day off. Are you paying workers to just sit in there and get their paychecks? I know the lead would never have allowed that to happen. This location was in Hillsboro, Oregon, Near Cornelius pass road. Do you even read these comments? Do you care? SEEMS NOT

  • For several months the Sonic restaurant located in Huntsville Alabama on Sparkman Dr. Has been offering only drinks during the last hour before closing. This has been extremely frustrating for the local night shift healthcare workers in this area. Please do something about this issue. This has been an ongoing problem.

  • We live in Slaton, TX and I'm sad to report that our local Sonic is in terrible shape—both physically and service wise. The windows are always filthy and as I go to the drive-up window to receive my order, most times they are playing around and not paying any attention to their customers. I've heard then hollering at each other screaming obsenities at each other and not even attentive to their customers. I am very disappointed in the way Sonic has become. I would appreciate it very much if you would address this urgent need for this Sonic. Thank you!

  • I like working at sonic but it would be nice if you offered direct pay to an account I have bills to pay and it isn't fair to me or my family get with the program it's 2022. Thank you

  • For a while now in Shallowater TX, early in the morning the stalls are blocked forcing going customers to only go through the drive thru. At noon, it is the opposite. Drive thru closed and stalls open BUT many of those have cones to prevent using. Yesterday the end 6 stalls had cones including the handicap stall. We were told because of staffing shortages it was necessary however, there were 6 cars in the employee parking. We are curious why at peak hours with people circling and leaving because they can't even pick up the pre-paid App Ahead order or just a drink, why is management blocking accessibility by placing cones at drive thru and stalls keeping away business. Many people I have talked to in our little town have just stopped going or using App Ahead. Getting a morning drink or meal is near impossible before going to work as the wait is so long in the drive thru with stalls blocked even though order was placed and paid on app just waiting to just pick up. Lunch is near impossible with only part of the stalls open and drive thru closed. We want our Shallowater Sonic to succeed and remain because it is our only take out option. This is causing many of us going into Lubbock after work to get afternoon drinks in Lubbock at other businesses as it is quicker even though having a drink or snack on the drive into Lubbock would be more enjoyable. If this is a new company policy for Sonic Corp, then I understand no changes will be addressed. However, if it is not a corporate policy, possibly someone could help the local management. Thank you in advance for looking into this matter.

  • Well where to start,… Sonic located at 2910 Lurleen
    Wallace Blvd., Northport, Al 35476. 1st) Do not stop
    by here if you only have 1 hour for lunch because you
    will still be waiting when your lunch break is over.
    The service is really very slow and It shouldn't take
    45 minutes to an hour for a hot coffee, medium diet
    dr. pepper, bacon breakfast burrito and large chili
    cheese tots. I mean we sat and waited 48 minutes and
    when we got to Sonic we were the only ones there.
    2nd) the coffee was so watered down it tasted awful,
    nothing like coffee should be. I mean you order coffee
    you expect it to taste like coffee. 3rd) Didn't get
    an Plastic wear to eat chili cheese tots with, I guess
    they expect you to eat them with your fingers (gross).
    If they had been regular tots no problem but they were
    chili cheese tots. Didn't have time to eat there because
    of waiting so long so once we got our food we had to rush
    back to work. I guess we should have checked the bag for
    plastic wear but when you order food you kind expect the
    plastic wear to be in the bag. I mean that is part of their
    job, right. I don't think I will be going back to this Sonic
    ever again and that is a shame because me and my family have
    been eating at this Sonic for 30+ years. This isn't the first
    time we've had bad service here. It literally has been the
    last four times we've been there so today wasn't just a one
    time thing it was the fourth and the last time. I have spoken
    to other people about eating at this Sonic and they have the
    same complaints slow service, food not cooked properly like
    meat no be done all the way and other things. It's just bad
    service and bad business.

  • My wife and I are sitting at our local Sonic in Georgetown Texas and watching the kids zip in and out carrying orders. My question, could you in some manner provide the ability to add a tip to these industrious little beavers that work so hard at a time when few are answering the call. It would be such an easy way for a customer to say thanks for the hard work they do. Thanks

  • Perry Oklahoma Sonic has shown "temporarily unavailable" for app orders for the past few weeks. It would be nice if they'd fix this, or you'd permanently remove them from the app.

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