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Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance, Inc.

Ulta Corporate Office Address:

1000 Remington Blvd Suite 120
Bolingbrook, IL 60440 USA
Ulta Corporate Phone Number: 1-630-410-4800
Customer Service Number: 1-866-983-8582

Ulta Corporate Office

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  1. I hope someone can help me! My name is Sherr Price. I have been a customer with your company for years!! Recently I made a purchase on May 4 on a CC cream foundation and it is to dark. So I am just trying to return it to the Ontario, Ohio store where I reside. However the store is having problems returning the cream with there computer and my card. So I contacted my bank like I was instructed to do and they said that they were using the expiration date of 00/00. So I called guest services and they told me they had the correct expiration date. However the return did the same thing at the store. Guest Services and I have been going back and forth now for 16-17 days getting NO where!! I keep getting told that they are putting in an email to "whomever" and I will hear from someone in 24 to 48 hours and I never do!! I have been told I have 30 days on a return!! This is ridiculous!!! It is a return on a mastercard/debit card!! They will not swipe my card, they said the register does not give them that option and they will not give me cash back!! And I do not want a store credit!! Can someone do something!!! Respectfully, Sherri Price

  2. I was recently at an Ulta store, which I do frequent often. Store is clean, staff helpful and friendly. I did ask a question about "clean" cosmetics. Which companies were better maybe having more natural ingredients, etc. I was answered with some real ignorance and a statement that shocked me and I quote " well, it's not like your are ingesting or eating it". To which I replied so these moisturizers that I put on my skin to hydrate my skin are not absorbed by the largest organ of the body? Then I was told I was getting carried away. I am sure you are aware of studies and documentaries and organizations like EWG ( environmental working group's skin deep database and an app called think dirty which rates cosmetics on how clean they are. There is also the issue of counterfeit cosmetics that some people may look for that are cheap but made in foreign countries where there are no regulations or oversights. On my way out, I met a woman who said she was a cancer survivor and she is always looking for the most natural cleansers, moisturizers and makeup she can find. So we shared some information. This is becoming a big issue with endocrine inhibitors and other ingredient that are not what we want our young people using.

    It would just be nice to have the staff that work in such a beautiful store and do such beautiful work with make up have some knowledge about health and safety of the products they use and not to berate me who brought my 87 year mom in for anti aging cream! She's a doll and the gentleman who worked on her foundation and eyebrows was wonderful. Thank you for your time, I just had to get this out of my system, and I look forward to hearing from you.

  3. I am filing a claim with the Attorney General's office in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
    I visited a salon in knollwood shopping center Ulta.
    I was a blonde going in for highlights.
    My hair was black and gray when I left. It has been nearly two weeks later and I
    am still working to get color back to normal.

    There was an attempt to fix it by another operator and that only made my hair darker.
    They refused to offer me a correction appointment.

    They used Dawn on my hair.

    Very bad attitude and I believe their had to have been more than incompetence here.

    Carrie Weber described herself as district manager who worked for state board of cosmetology did not offer any compensation.

    you have a low rating in this area.

    your salon needs to close. I have paid over 500.00 dollars to get color assistance.

  4. I went to the Ulta hair salon at Centerplace (Store 1033) in Greeley Colorado. on 5/13/23. Under transaction # 8798 with receipt # 911033018798231339.
    The hair stylist Nyki was exceptional. However, as I went to get checked out I realized your company pricing is a shame. I was charged 49.00 for a haircut consisting of combing my hair and taking off 3 inches. No styling, no layers just a plain old cut. Additionally, I was charged 10.00 for a bang cut and I don't even have bangs. I am so upset over the blatant price gouging and while I understand this is a nice upscale store, seriously overcharging for a basic cut and adding a service not provided is beyond the pale! I paid because the store line was backed up and I didn't check things ahead of time because I believed in your integrity, I was gullible and embarrassed to raise a fuss in front of so many people. I guess we will see by your response if you are customer oriented or profit driven.

  5. I recently shopped at the ULTA Store in Carrollwood, Tampa, Florida. I went in to purchase $20 of NYX products which offered a free gift. The store manager was asked by the associate about the offer (obviously she didn't know-more training by manager needed!!) The manager spoke to me in a very abrupt curt attitude and stated that the free gift was gone "first come first serve only" and rudely went on to finish my purchase. Her attitude toward a frequent customer left me wondering why I shop there. In the past other managers have offered another free gift, perfume/cologne samples happily letting me know that my they appreciate me and my money. This particular manager needs additional training or maybe a demotion!! This happened on May 2, 2023 at around 3:00 p.m. I wish I had gotten her name!

  6. I've been shopping at an Ulta store in Allen, TX for several years. I never give out my phone number or sign up for special offers because that's my choice. However, for the third time in a span of two months, the clerks at the store have tried to rope me into giving out my phone number. Here is what they have told me: If I do not give out my phone number, I cannot return an item that's defective. I questioned them about this, and the second thing they told me was that I could certainly bring the item back (if it was defective) to be returned, but the only way I could receive a refund was if I gave them my phone number. This feels ridiculous. My husband worked in retail for his entire career and has never heard of such a thing. Please articulate your policy regarding this matter. In the event the store clerks are incorrect, I would strongly suggest that you have a heart to heart talk with them. I can always purchase this product from a competitor.

  7. I am so frustrated and angry. I am a diamond member and saved for a little over a year to purchase a Dyson hairdryer utilizing my points. Unfortuantely it was not as expected so I returned it. I told the cashier that I would be purchasing another dryer and asked for guidance. She did the return and then asked someone to help me. Not 15 minutes later I went back to the cashier and was told that I did not have any points in my account. She had credited me only 20 (something) points for the additional money I used when purchasing the Dyson, but not the 6008 points FOR the Dyson. The manager called Corporate but was told they can't do anything, that I'd have to wait 24 hours for the points to be reinstated. So I went back the next day. Still no points. I called customer service again today and they said I cannot speak with anybody in corporate that I'll just have to wait. The reason they would not give me my points on Saturday was they said I would then take advantage of their system. I have never done anything like that! Who are they to say something so nasty and degrading. To boot, I was also told that my complaint had not been sent until 4 hours ago. What? I originally made my complaint on Saturday and now it's Monday afternoon. What kind of customer service is this?

  8. I wanted to say how my Friday night shopping went. I meet a very nice and helpful salesperson. i spent $95.00.Then…..
    I was not happy at all to witness their employee's getting searched and patted down in the front of the store. very uncomfortable having to see this. suggestion do it private and walk them out.
    sunday night i was putting purchases away. did not receive a Ulta brand eyeshadow. called the Cotswall store in Charlotte NC and spoke with Atrial. she had me wait on the phone 25 mins so she could look up the security tape i asked her did they not place items left out of bags in a special place she told me they reviewed tapes "they were not just going to give free products away."
    she told me it was placed in my bag. I explained i had 2 bags one inside the other and did not think it fell out i then told her i would not go broke replacing an item i had already paid for.
    but i also said i will never use a Ulta store ever again.Her attitude was offensive.
    not all of your customers or employees steal. I'm an honest person. if she represents your company values i will go somewhere else to shop. thank you and i would appreciate a responds

  9. There Salon is a complete disaster; my attempt of trying to go lighter blonder with highlights has become a freaking nightmare! The first time it took from 11 AM to 9 PM for me to walk out with dark hair, that's right people they added highlights just to go over it with a dark toner bill $230.00. I complained, of course, went in manager did a color correction, of course, it doesn't correct anything it just made my hair brassy. So I thought okay let me try again ( yes my stupid A$$ went back ) Melissa added highlights top part of hair okay yeah okay finally what I wanted walked out with $205.00. Now I went ahead and book the following session because we all know it takes sessions to become blonde/light so Melissa was off but she assured me she would hand me off to her next most trusting person welcome in Taylor, explained my history explained my attempt and what I wanted, she felt reassuring she understood my needs, she went in with full highlights, oh wow yeah there much brighter, yes.. guess what she used a darker toner and jump completely set me back to square 1 walked out with a $305.00 bill. Now they want me to come in to do a color correction yeah so that they can leave me with brassy hair, crap why did I think Ulta was the one to trust, my big mistake. IF YOU VALUE YOUR TIME AND MONEY AND HAIR DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT GO TO ULTA, take your money to a real hair salon, not one that is inside a makeup store where I think they get hired straight out of cosmo school. absolutely NOT!!
    If you want further details or have any question, feel free to reach out..
    At the present time guess what they do not have a salon manager, so I spoke to store manager Gabby who said she'd return my call after she spoke to another manager, following day Gabby didn't follow up, I was the one that had to keep trying to get status. This store has no support, they don't know who to report to, no Salon manager, there all over the place, go an extra mile and go to the Ulta-fremont HUB.
    Stay away from the Ulta Commons.

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