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  • Royal Caribbean Corporate Office Headquarters

Royal Caribbean Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Royal Caribbean Corporate Office Headquarters 

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
1050 Caribbean Way
Miami, FL 33132 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-305-539-6000
Fax Number: 1-305-374-7354
Customer Service Number: 1-866-562-7625
Lost Luggage: 1-800-256-6649
Guest Relations: 1-800-256-6649
International Phone Number: 1-305-341-0204
Crown & Anchor Society: 1-800-526-9723

  • Hello I am William A. Kowalski I am Canadian and I want to ask you for one of the ships you plan on scrapping for the only reason of no money from it taking to the sea or the CDC or who ever they are not allowing your ships to be taken out to sea with tours. I am asking for the reason of turning one ship in to a floating City that will be a TV show telling life on board a ship with this ships rentals being on a years leased option only and asking for 1500$ to 2500$ for bigger quarters or for families and with more then 2 children this will cost 500 more or less depending on fuel and food prices. I am asking for your older ship that can handle 1500 passengers as I will be employing about 200 people just for laundry the engine room and maintenance a ships Doctor and a school for 1-8 and 9-12 with diplomas for the grads as there education will be as important as any on land maybe even better,but to help with the bills I plan on having this all on a TV show calling it City on the Sea with Discovery Chanel's help and your Crews ship companies logo every were this will be free advertising as It will also be mentioned that you were the ones that sold me the ship instead of scrapping it.With the show and Travel all being part this will be 1500times bigger then below decks and with 1500 to 2000 people on board there cameras will always be rolling with the crews life and the cities people also being part and the school with field trips to town centers to see museums plus the local towns music dancing and countries ways of life.so there will be travel and cooking with any group of people that are in over 100 people they will have 1 meal created by there own local cooking for every one to try 3 times a day buffet for every meal with changes for meals with every one able to have a second to tell the people on TV what they are doing thinking and what they like or hate and this will help me with dealing with complaints.With your ship on TV and it always being advertised for your cruises specials all this free advertising on a TV show can make your company a better profit with this being televised in every country as it will be a world ship where anyone that can afford a years lease can live on board with computer access for the people who work at home this will be a market that can fill the ship alone just with them but some have families and that's where the school comes in and the Doctor with a pharmacist on board for all medications to be given out weekly with a Doctors medical leave and prescribed medication. This TV show is just the beginning for me as I want to get as many fishing ships and big trawlers so I can clean the Oceans of those garbage islands with the nets and barges for a tug boat to bring in to ports for recycling and repurposed paper and plastics and a cleaner Ocean in Pacific Atlantic and Indian Oceans Thank you for reading my proposal.
    William a. Kowalski City on the Sea 1385 15 street west Prince Albert Saskatchewan Canada S6V3S8 1(306)764-6230 Don,t let the Saskatchewan fool you I am from Nova Scotia and have been on a pier most of my life in the East coast and spent time on the Pacific In Vancouver. Once again Thank You.

  • First off I love Royal Caribbean Cruises.
    I used to cruise a lot, and I hope to in the NEAR future. That said I have a suggestion that would be real helpful for people like me who have had over 20 Cruises cancelled, some by Royal and some by me. Mostly by your need.

    The Future cruise credit is great but difficult to use and keep up with, It would be nice it the credit just went into a single bank that could be applied to cruises as they are booked. That way I could just look at how much money is in future cruises, instead of trying to keep up with a spread sheet! Disney does.

  • Dear Royal Caribbean,

    I am a fan of your cruise services and hope that your service worldwide can resume soon.

    My company has designed a system for contact tracing, and wish to speak to someone within your organization to share about the system.
    This system may facilitate your negotiations with the authorities to expedite the resumption of business.

    Appreciate if you can get back to me for more detailed sharing.

    Thank you.

    Yours faithfully,
    John Tan
    Sales Director Home Control (S) Pte Ltd

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