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  • Celebrity Cruise Line Corporate Office Headquarters

Celebrity Cruise Line Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Celebrity Cruise Line Corporate Office Headquarters

1050 Caribbean Way
Miami, Fl 3313 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-256-6649
Fax Number: 1-305-374-7354
Customer Service Number: 1-800-256-6649
Reservations: 1-800-647-2251
Lost Luggage: 1-800-256-6649
Captains Club: 1-800-760-0654

  • I have no doubt anyone at the helm will read or answer this remark. We had the most disgusting and disappointing cruise to Antartica!!!!! The ship sails with propulsion problems and it has been doing so for months???? Ports were cancelled before we left. We were only told about it when it was to late to cancel! we were hostages and treated like criminals. We have not been compensated and Celebrity has refused to give any compensation or deal with this issue Be Aware horrible customer service.

  • fresh off an an Alaskan cruise, aug. 5-12, 2016, on the solstice. great ship & crew. no complaints other than the way they use the main foyer area as a dance floor & the very limited selection of sugar free desserts. my wife & I like to ballroom dance. only one, 2 hour session was offered, more if you consider the ridiculous idea of dancing in the congregation area of the ship foyer. there was only one type of sugar free cookie & a single flavor of ice cream per day. while in port in Skagway there wasn't even that. one evening after dinner, they offered a very tasty cherries jubilee with ice cream on top. delicious. other than that my only choice was again, a single flavor of ice cream and a cookie.

  • We are both members of the Captains' Club. However, Celebrity continues to send emails and written correspondence addressed only to my husband. I have brought this to their attention and the practice continues. How inconsiderate of a large corporation ( with a woman president) to insult me every time they omit me from their correspondence. I make the travel plans, not my husband, so their practices have cost them a customer.

  • Booked a 10/8/16 European cruise on the Constellation 2/26/15 with final payment due 6/26/17. I have booking confirmation in my hand to prove. When she tried to pay the balance, she was told that they had cancelled my reservation on 6/25/16. Spoke to their resolution team twice. What a joke. They are unwilling to do anything. 1st. and last time to use Celebrity and never again on RCL.

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    Corporate Office Headquarters