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  • Air Canada Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Air Canada Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Air Canada Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Air Canada Centre 7373 Cote Vertu Boulevard We Saint-Laurent
DORVAL, QC H4S 1Z3 Canada
Corporate Phone Number: 1-514-422-5000
Fax Number: 1-514-422-0296
Customer Service Number: 1-888-247-2262


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  1. Our flight from Toronto , YYZ, to LAX, experienced a very uncomfortable flight.
    we checked in online the night before our flight, and seats were confirmed,
    then suddenly our seats were changed, reserved seats were 26H and 26J, these seats are selected according to the airfare we paid, then midnight we received a text and seats were changed to 36B and 36C, second seats to the last. so in short our original seats were given to other passengers, changed seats were close to toilet, kitchen section , plus the the male stewards talking so loud, very inconsiderate to passengers. To mail all details to Corporate Office .

  2. We lost our baggage for over 45 days while travelling with Air Canada (and another foreign Airline through Montreal) from Toronto for abroad and we havent received any compensation. We have been knocking the doors / trying to reach / check online all along and we felt helpless / frustrated / upset / stressed out in addition to the additional unexpected expenses (abroad) we had to incur abroad as all our dresses / materials for our entire intended period of stay abroad. We shall think (rather not prefer Air Canada) multiple times before we have to use Air Canada for any of our future travel for sure

  3. You know it would be wonderful if your airline had a cleaning crew who boarded each
    flight before it took off and really cleaned the seats and up right tables. I have
    frequently seen wrappers crushed cookies and sticky gum on the seats which frankly
    is disgusting…. you want to be number one or what? Frequent flyer

  4. In Feb 2019 I purchased two tickets to Vancouver from Hartford, CT for a Sept 2019 departure.
    I paid a $297.56 (US) fee for Comfort Economy seats. I received a seat conformation email showing Comfort Economy seats.
    When we boarded the plane, we were placed in Standard Economy seats by Air Canada.
    I have written several emails to Customer Service requesting a refund for the Comfort Economy fee since we did not receive the confirmed seats.
    No satisfactory explanation has been given for not issuing to me the fee refund for a service I did not receive. The matter is clear and straightforward.
    I paid an extra fee for a service that I did not receive.
    Please issue me a refund of $297.56 (US) as early as possible.

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