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MainStay Suites Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact MainStay Suites Corporate Office Headquarters

Choice Hotels International, Inc.
10750 Columbia Pike
Silver Spring, MD 20901 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-301-592-5000
Fax Number: 1-301-592-6157
Customer Service Number: 1-877-424-6423

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  • I stayed at Mainstay in Virginia for 16 days while I waited for my house to be ready. Mainstay placed a hold on my card for an additional 818.96 even after charging me 2,094.12 for the stay. The hold of the 818.96 remained on my bank account for almost a month. The Mainstay GM had no urgency and kept saying I would have to wait until it clears on its own. I was in the process of relocating where all of my money was accounted for and I received no help to resolve this. Do not stay here if you have other options. After several attempts from my bank, my bank was able to rectify the issue, no help from Mainstay. Mainstay does not have good customer service. I expect more from a GM.

  • HORRIBLE reservationist online!!! Named is Jefferson & i.d. # is P12263, if he's telling the truth. It took nearly an hour to get a reservation because of his inability to understand English, muchless speak English. It was HORRIBLE!! Constant having to repeat ourselves. I finally took phone away from hubby & let him know I was done with his nonsense … he'd better start listening & paying attention. The internet gave us a wonderful rate, he argued that it doesn't exist … after about 30 minutes, maybe more … GEE WHIZ!!! he FOUND that rate. He has NO business being on a telephone ever for ANY business! Then to boot we asked for king beds & get reservations … for double bed!! Really folks!! REALLY!!!

  • YEAH, WHAT THE OTHER GUY SAID!!!! Manager is very rude and abrasive… He thinks your credit card is his personal slush fund…have confronted him, but he will not stop..pay more, stay somewhere else.. casa grande, az

    • I was just ripped by the manager. I called and cancelled on the 30th of April my reservation was for the 6th of May. He said I didn't cancell and charged me for the 2 night I had reservered. I think he is pocketing the money. His name is Dave.

  • Stayed at Mainstay suites in Bossier City, LA. This was the worst hotel stay I have ever encountered. Had I not already gave them $1200.00 For our week stay I would have stayed elsewhere. First morning we found a man passed out in his car with the windows rolled up in 100 degree plus temperature. We informed front desk who acted like I ruined her whole day because now she had to deal with this man. My husband is a police officer and it soon became evident that we were staying next to a drug dealer who was actually living in the hotel. Friday morning we were leaving our room and three people where standing at the drug dealers door smoking pot. We made our way through the pot smoke and arrived back to a very shady man by our door. I had enough and went to the front desk told them what was going on and demanded to be moved. She gave me two sets of keys to other rooms to check out, walking through this complex by myself was terrifying. I selected a room and we moved. About 3 hours later at least 9 Bossier City police vehicles along with sheriff deputies raided the drug dealers room. We watched as they drew their guns and raided his room. They were there for about three hours. Please if you travel with your family, do not stay at this place. It is a very dangerous, crime filled complex. We stayed here years before when it was owned by Marriot and it was so nice. I can not believe how the new management has allowed this complex to get so bad. We have numerous other complaints about our stay but I would be typing all day, I think I touched one the most important one.

  • Here in Tioga, ND the 16 or 17 year old daughter(Junior in H.S. to be) of the mother and head of housekeeping which only has housekeeping hours from 9am til 2pm has never cleaned our room in about 2 weeks. When housekeeping finally arranged a time to clean/make beds, replace towels, etc…while my roommate sleeps in the private room some how not even the two queen beds were made in the front room(mine). The minor at the front desk admitted she made a mistake in communication but said "we're busy" when confronted with the question…Why didn't you make my bed(s)?" She thinks her mother/mother's helpers should only have to clean 1 bed even though housekeeping has NEVER gotten with us on the 1 time per week cleaning plan/agreement.

  • This place is simply horrible and unhealthy!! The Mainstay Suites off of Dry Pocket Rd in Greer South Carolina had a very funny smell as I walked in ….immediately went to my room and checked my bed and Bed Bugs are rampant!!! The manager actually checked my bed and did a finger check and busted a bed bug with his finger and blood stained the mattress!! I left immediately to never return again!!!

  • My husband and I were staying at the Mainstay in Mt.Pleasant South Carolina. We had a great room with a great view on the 3rd floor..Everything was nice until I overheard their housekeeping supervisor Kizzy was the name on her nametag rudely insulting one of her housekeepers in the hallway.. Not only that she was being unprofessional because my husband and I were walking pass and she never stopped but the young lady greeted us with a smile even though she was getting chewed out and Ms Kizzy said nothing.. When Ms Kizzy walked away I told the young lady that I was going to file a complaint on her because of her unprofessional actions..The young lady did a great job in my room everything was cleaned and the bed was made nicely along with a very nice fragrance that made our room feel very comfortable.. My husband was so upset that regardless of how nice the room was he wasn't comfortable staying after what we've heard and saw..How could a hotel so nice have supervisors as rude and unprofessional like Ms Kizzy working there.We made plans to extend but changed our minds and checked out… We're staying at the Clarion Inn now..

  • My wife and I just stayed two nights at the property on the border of Greenville and Greer South Carolina. It is a 3 story building, we were on the second floor. After the first night we asked the front desk girl (Mildred) to please move us to the third floor for the next night – the people above us were very noisy. As we were going to be gone for the day, she said she would call us and let us know our new room. She never called. When we got back to the hotel we were tired so we decided to just "hope for the best" for one more night. Returning to our room, we discovered it hadn't been touched. No fresh towels, the trash hadn't been emptied and the bed was unmade. We went down to the front desk to ask what was up and were told "that's our policy, we don't do the rooms everyday". Seriously? So who the hell is supposed to do it?? We then asked for fresh towels at least and we were told "I can't give you any until you bring us the dirty ones, it's our policy." This is UNBELIEVABLE!! What kind of operation is this?? NEVER again will we stay in a Mainstay or probably any Choice Hotel. Motel 6 does a better job than you do, but we'll be staying at a Hampton Inn or somewhere comparable. Bottom line, DON'T STAY THERE.

  • I was on hold for 15mins and called back to talk to someone and then he told me I had to hold for another 8 mins and I was wrong for calling back all I wanted to do was get a room for the nite!

    After having problems with your laundry EQUIPTMENT these ladies refused to assist. One of the ladies actually walked into the laundry room and saw the problem but refused to help.
    As I stood outside the laundry room where the office is very close I heard both the women " gossiping" over 50 cents per machine. I later confronted the women and Stephani apologized and said she will refund the 50 cents per machine but said that the manager will be in later today.



    • We stayed at the same hotel for 3 nights and we're not impressed. 7 breakfast tables for a hotel with over 100 suites? The employees working the breakfast were very nice, but we asked for clean towels one day and didn't even get that. We didn't care about the beds, but you shouldn't have to ask for empty garbage cans and clean towels. Especially when the first night was over $300!

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