Extended Stay America Corporate – 4 Phone Numbers

Extended Stay America Corporate Office Headquarters


11525 N. Community House Rd., Suite 100

Charlotte, NC 28277 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-980-345-1600

Fax Number: 1-864-573-1695

Customer Service Number: 1-980-345-1600

Reservations: 1-800-804-3724

  • ES in Henrietta, Rochester is not equipped with pots, silverware, plates and cups. How are you to cook in the rooms without pots. Room smelled of cigarette smoke, but yet stated that this is a smoke free hotel. The staff was friendly but there was nothing they could of done to help me cook my meals. The main fact for me to stay there was to cook my own foods. I will never stay in another Extended Stay ever. I bought Lysol and sprayed the whole room just to be comfortable. Disgusting

  • I was degraded called multiple names, the manager in Greenwood ran our card without authorization, he charged us more for a room then we were paying and when asked why said because I don’t like you and laughed then continued to run my card without permission twice again and for $1000 dollars and continued to laugh about it I’ve called corporate numerous times they always say district manager will contact you in 48 hours I’ve waiting now a month and still nothing, because of this and then taking my money and not contacting me this has several affected my kids, the customer service my family has received from this location and corporate are disgusting, this company will rob you then never contact you no matter how many times you try to contact a higher up manager!

  • Scammers and thieves are the best why to describe the manger and front desk workers at the tukwila south center washingtion branch ,, I tried to pay my bill on its due date but they said no i dont owe anything for 4 more days and then when i went to pay they said i was late and owe $226.00 extra dollars. I cant belive they would do something like that and theres no way to prove that they said what they did,so im screwed out of the money.. DONT EVER STAY AT THIS TRASHY PLACE THEY ARE CROOKS.

  • Me and my waisted about3000 in 2 of these esa hotels when have been tryonh yo get into their eppp program bit nevet get the right rating or lowestrate..or we r being told wr habe to pay 2,000 up front on the same dau we book it..some othets say different….they give you perks and points towards your booking but every time you go to use it yhey vant find it and u van only use it online…then they day you cant extend your stay if you did not book it at the front desk…you can never get a hold of higher staff and much more my wife anf i habe a new born baby and we need and appartment but while hete at esa we cant keep paying 100 a night

  • Extended Stay Germantown Town Center is the absolute worst place I've ever stayed at!! They have big roaches plus Me and my family were bitten up by bed bugs and the bites turned into blisters with clear fluid posing out. They were so itchy!!!! Second, the front-office assigned my family to a room that was under construction…?? So we had to stand outside with our bags and wait until front office came with a new room key. Third, the chain on the toilet was broken had to keep lifting the top up to flush the toilet and NO HOT water . Had to move to 3 different rooms. The trash cans outside stink and are filled with smelly trash with flies. The manager could care less and didn't do anything to fix and was very rude. You will be better off staying at the Extended Stay in Gaithersburg avoid this place at all cost!!!! Building 300 is infested with bed bugs and roaches. Nobody will do anything so I'm forced to come to corporate

  • We have stayed at many Extended stays because we were always happy with them. The one in Anchorage Alaska midtown is awful. I felt scared and dirty sleeping there. Blood on the bed dishes in the hallway people everywhere and loud. Very unhappy!

  • Conveniently, the website crash on me as I was making the complaint from the Elmsford Extended Stay. (see above)
    April 2018: Refrigerator leaked and was replaced two weeks later.
    The replacement leaked even worse (water all over)
    Made formal complaint and still no resolve
    May 2018: Pervert peering in window from the parking garage to our room and my fiancé told me, I turned to look out the window and the perv left. (nice security)
    April and May 2018 the rate went up twice in two weeks $100.00 (NO NOTICE).
    May 2018: I spoke with District Manager (Lisa from Corporate) she basically discarded my issues with the equipment, the weekly increase. What a waste of effort. Being business savvy and customer focused, I take some ownership in choosing to stay, but I am leaving this place. I told the District Manager that I had better service at Motel Six and the level of service should be indicative of the price on pay. (Am I wrong?) Her response was, that is your choice.

  • Worst experience at a hotel I have ever had. Shower didn't work. The clerk couldn't present a receipt for keeping my $100 deposit. So is she scamming me, the hotel? Needless to say the poor management definately shows in the employees actions and condition of the hotel.

  • I was over charged and have been trying to get a refund for over a month now I will give this company 7 more days. If not I will call the BBB Richmond, VA. The Chesterfield, VA location is ran so poorly with weed smoking and no toilet paper. No training and no booking. I am so over trying to get my $118.95! Someone will pay me that is for sure! Pissed off, I will call the local news station that helps people in these situations!

  • June 22, 2017 @ 2:43 pm

    My Declaration: I shall "NEVER" use this hotel again!

    I reserved several rooms (10) and received individual confirmation numbers so that the guests coming in town can put the rooms in their names and provide their credit card so that my credit card wouldn't get charged. It's my mom's & aunt's (they're twins)70th Birthday celebration. Well…let me tell you that as of yesterday the hotel did not have my reservations and is booked for the scheduled dates that I reserved rooms for.

    I have spent the last two days on the phone for more than 3.5 hours trying to get the hotel to rectify this situation and no resolve. I called the hotel directly to make the reservations and they had Sales to make the reservations for 10 or more rooms so how is it that my rooms are not in the system? It's a mighty good thing that I wrote down each and every confirmation number.

    If this doesn't speak to the lack of professionalism and absence of customer service then here are more details:

    1. On 06/21/2017 the Front Desk at the Hotel contacted Ms. Wendy Cozzi, District Manager, regarding this issue with a request for callback to me for resolution. I have received no reply.

    2. There is no Manager at this location.

    3. There is no point of contact beyond Ms. Wendy Cozzi, District Manager only a corporate number to which you have to pray to get a good rep to assist you (I did).

    4. I am so bummed at this point…..

  • Your location on pike street in Lawrenceville, GA had roaches, bedbugs, blood splatter on ceilings and walls, blood splatter in the corner of bathroom and a tooth was found on bathroom floor.

  • I would to express my deepest gratitude to the extended stay at 2221 Rio rancho Blvd Rio rancho New Mexico. my name is Edward Zavala, a certified travel agent. I had my daughters wedding on 10 Jun 2017. Plans had been made for people coming in from California Texas and Florida for the wedding to stay here. All guest arrived and signed in to there reserved rooms on the 8th of Jun 2017 without any problems. On the morning of 9 Jun 2017 I Received a phone call from extended stay, it was the manager Theresa Alivera. She just wanted to comfirm with me, if there was anything else that myself or my guest needed.Out off the hole time that I have been a travel agent, and I have stayed in a lot off hotels,never have I had somebody greet and check on me and my guest and the manager at that. being the father off the bride, you have no idea how much pressure she took off my back. I WILL RATE extended Stay with exceptional marks and recommend it to everybody.Being 30 minutes between Santa Fe and Albuquerque, stop by. 505-892-7900.

  • Let's start with the Friday night check in Indianapolis, IN 9370 location. 1 desk clerk, completely sold out for the weekend. First, I had to wait 1.5 hours just to get a CUP and kitchenware from the lobby and had to go down and get it myself. I went to use the iron to touch up my clothes for the weekend as I was speaking at a professional event and the iron leaked water all over a cleaners garment. Had to switch entire wardrobe around for the weekend.

    Saturday, I return to my room with an eerie feeling that something wasn't right. Items were moved around but the room had NOT been serviced. Everything was as I left it and the energy just didn't feel right…wait for it, wait for it….

    SUNDAY MORNING, I wake up. Today is the day I go on stage so everything needed to be perfect. As I prepare to put on my make up, several make up brushes, makeup and eye shadow are missing. All ladies know that we are very methodical when it comes to our make up and that was very disturbing. Someone came into my room, rambled through my things "shopping for what they wanted" and then didn't even have the decency to even clean the room?

    Now THIS morning, I go to put on my belt and realized that I've been belt-jacked as well!!!! NEVER EVER STAY HERE!

  • I have been at the Extended Stay America for 8 weeks at 6100 Dutchmans lane, Louisville My. It a sorry ass place with hapless management. The maids rearrangethe pillows to make it look like they have cleaned the room. They didn't take the old towels and give me new ones or wipe anything off. I'm paying 357.00 PER WEEK you would think for that much you could get your room cleaned once a week properly. The so called breakfast is non existent consisting of granola bars and if you can get there within 15 minutes before every body fills their pockets and there is no more left. One night some Spanish guests were having a party in the parking lot and running extension cords from the second floor to the parking lot for lights and loud music. This is a terribly run Motel and I would advise anyone not to stay here.

  • Stayed one night and I'm covered in bites. Don't know if it's flees since dog hair was everywhere or bed bugs. Did give us a refund but no apologies, no Concern, no checking on us. Had my clothes and blanket away. Now I'm headed to doctor in the morning.. I am furious. Emailed them and no reponse. Bad customer service.

  • I rented a room for the weekend of February 25th 2017
    i have had a family emergency and I need to cancel but Im told that because I rented it in advance that I only have 24 hours to cancel. well if I had of known that I was going to have to cancel 3 weeks later due to an emergency I would have waited and been a walk in, cause I don't known about you but im not able to see the future. I don't expect to get everything back but I do expect to get atleast i night back. we stay at one of your places every year I would hate to stop going to your places.

  • I have a huge serious complaint and issue about my stay at the extended stay in Appleton Wisconsin. The General Manager that your corporation has hired is a detrimental personality as well as a liar. He has been rude to me since i have been at this location and has constantly lied on me in retaliation which has now caused me to be homeless all because i have had to contact corporate on him numerous times complaining about his rude and crudeness and inability to listen to a paying guest. He has disrespected me and my intellegence on to many times and has displayed ILLEGAL actions by authorizing someone elses credit card for my room when notes clearly told him that he must contact that card holders owner before aithorizing it.I called once again and filed a complaint on him and corporate must have contacted him but the front desk clerk Molly is the one who reversed all extra charges that was made on the card by Jason back to the card. Yesterday i got a highly unprofessional call to my room by supposedly the regional director by the name of Mike Lindsay to not my working cell phone like it should have been made to but to my room that i rent at the property saying that Jason said i had been rude which if I was rude to him it was due to his rudeness to me and always thinking he is right when actually he is not and obviously has no idea what he is doing on this job.Now this is a serious issue to me one because i was lied on two its highly unprofessional and unacceptable for any so called regional director and general manager to operate in this manner and once again due to Jason and lies he has told a paying customer is homeless in a state they are not from. Everything at the front desk is video tapped and recorded period which is a good thing since now detrimental harm has came my way on behalf of EXTENDED STAY CORPORATION which is unacceptable once again. I had a reservation made for Friday the 6th of January 2017 which Jason and Mike took upon themselves and cancelled it. Now this is an issue period. This is a serious and detrimental situation period and honestly now i do not feel safe staying here period on behalf of this corporations employees they have hired as GM and Regional. My life is in jeopardy because of EXTENDED STAY AMERICA. I am requesting that the amount of $1,815.06 be refunded to me due to this horrible ordeal that i have had to experience due to your Appleton establishment since you as a corporation have so called decided that a guest who is pating great money is so called rude to an incompetent lying person that is the GM and a obviously not to sharp Regional Manager who obviously is in cahoots with the GM. I need to be reimbursed or compensated one way or another. This is a legal issue at the same time and i wouldn't be surprised if other people contact this property and corporation as well behind it being a legal problem for endangering a human life

  • I am currently a gurst of the Extended Stay America in Appleton WI and I must say that their GM Jason Wolfe sucks. He has the worst customer service skills ever and he takes it freely upon himself to run peoples credit cards freely at his will which is not professional or right and I am frankly sure highly ILLEGAL. Everyone in the world has two ears and one mouth which means you should definitely listen more than you speak. He acts as if he knows what he is doing and refuses to listen to the paying guests about their concerns. Jason Wolfe shouldn't be anyones general manager at all period. On the other hand Molly the front desk attendant is the best. She is very knowledgeable very attentive and also has impeccable customer service skills fit and more becoming of a general manager. I pray that to save future guest a huge inconvenience and insure a pleasurable stay at this location Jason Wolfe be removed from his General manager position and Molly takes the position of general manager

  • I had the absolute worst experience at the Extended Stay-Yorba Linda. We booked through Hotels.com and when we arrived the gal(cecila) was extremely rude and said we did not have a reservation and they had NO rooms available even though I showed her my confirmation in hand. We called Hotels.com and they called her and all of a sudden all was cleared up and they all of a sudden had rooms available….She point blank lied to us. Then upon check out they billed our personal credit card triple the charges for a room that was prepaid already through Hotels.com. I am still fighting with the Hotel to get the credits back onto my credit card. The Hotel manager (Angie) was too busy cleaning the rooms(WHY?) to take my calls but When I finally got ahold of her she was the only one that was nice to me and said she would credit my account for charges but I have yet to see the credits show up on my card and of course she is not working today to tell me what she did. I contacted Hotels.com corporate and filed a complaint also….This Hotel was dirty and not as pictured. We will NEVER EVER stay at an Extended Stay ever again no matter how cheap.

  • I am a customer who is staying at an Extended Stay in Santa Rosa and I'm witnessing the staff members talk about the customers and treat them like crap I say that a lot of hotels in my life while I have traveled but I've never gotten such poor treatment as I've gotten from The Young African-American woman at the Extended Stay in Santa Rosa CA man called me a b**** totally inappropriate and called me ungrateful as well as a bunch of other people who were getting breakfast and then proceeded to talk about them like they weren't even there you're representing a company that you work for and you're going to talk about the customer and slip them off while there's a camera in your lovely totally inappropriate I'm shocked and I will never be coming back here I will never recommend this place to another person again this is not professional this might as well be a motel run by children with a bad attitude this is not the kind of customer service I want ever again they need schooling and manners 101 here

  • Its even a worse place to work for. If you have stock I suggest sell. They are laying people off left and right cutting back on everything. I'd look elsewhere for jobs and a place to stay I was a customer for awhile, no longer

  • Horrible customer service. I called the Stockton March Lane hotel to have some receipts e-mailed to me and the girl at the front desk hung up on me. Then when I called back the phone rang so many times that it went to the answering service, who was no help at all. How unprofessional is this company! All I know is our employee will not be going back to this hotel. They are filthy, unprofessional, and rude. What a mistake on my part even making this reservation in the first place. I would be embarrassed if I had an employee representing me or my business in that manner..Shame on you!!

    • I agree with you . Such poor interaction with the customers and poor planning skills I came up to my motel room and it wasn't even clean what is this casting for the amount of money that I'm paying to be here this is disgusting

  • I'm writing to tell you about a recent experience I had at one of your hotels. I'm a young woman who was staying on business. I chose to stay at an extended stay for a few weeks after I moved out of my condo and was waiting to move into my new home so I could work. I checked in to the extended stay in Woodland Hills, CA and immediately something felt funny. I went up to my room, which should be condemned by the health department, it was so filthy and smelled like cigarettes. I went to the front desk to change my room and the desk clerk said "I really wish they would stop spraying it to mask the smell and just fix the problem". Red flag! He assigned me a new room and said go check it out. I proceeded to get my luggage from the first room. I got on the elevator with 2 other people, one being a man. I had my phone on my hand and he asked me if it was an I phone 6 (red flag!). We all got out on the 3rd floor. The woman in the elevator had gone a different direction, however the man was following me. I thought, great he's going to rob me or push me into the room or something. I turned around and Screamed at him and he got scared and ran away. I called the front desk immediately and gave a description and said I needed to check out I didn't feel comfortable staying there. The clerk at the front desk basically said he wasn't going to do anything do find the guy. I waited in the room for a minute, my heart pounding out of my chest until I went down to get a credit and get the hell out of there. The front desk clerk said "people come around here all the time smelling like weed and prowling the hallways looking for a hook up." When I booked at extended stay I booked because I thought it had a good reputation of being nice and clean for an affordable price. I didn't book there to stay on a brothel. Something needs to be done about the security on your hotel. People can't be prowling the hallways preying on young women. In this day and age security especially at hotels should be heightened. I was absolutely appalled at the way the staff handled this situation. I will never stay at another extended stay ever. I wanted to make you aware that this happened so it doesn't happen to anyone else. Something must be done.
    Thank you

  • This is the ESAmerican in South Aurora, CO.
    The stairways are filthy, the grounds littered with thousands of cigarette butts, empty liquor bottles strewn about…
    I had a tool box stolen the second day I was there; I was bringing in some boxes to my room and my tool box was the next item to bring up…well, in a matter of minutes it "grew legs" and walked off.
    I'm angry, disappointed, and sometimes scared of my "neighbors".
    Next door to my room, some chain smokers moved in and I complained to the front office and nothing has been done. I'm asthmatic and the second-hand smoke is a noxious and dangerous event.
    The last straw for me, was the Manager deciding on her own, when the "Grab and Go" breakfast items would be available…which means going on 5 days now, no fruit or oatmeal packets.

  • I have never been the one to write reviews but I have been staying at the extended stay america in californa off of ventura and winnetka (woodland hills location) due to gas company relocation. I'm not here to complain about the service charge for room cleaning (which I thought would be apart of staying at any hotel) Or the fruit Flys that continuesly keep coming back into my room (from where I don't know, considering I don't have any food in my room) but I'm actually here to inform others that I have been waiting in front lobby for over two and a half hours. For what u might ask? My key card isn't working and I need a new one, now this all would have been resolved within 2 minutes had someone been at front desk. I'm currently 8 1/2 months pregnant I've had to use the bathroom from the moment I arrived. I normally get up for work around 5 a.m. It's currently 4 a.m. So it looks like I won't be making it into work tomorrow. I have called corporate number (310) 730-1056 at least three times now I have spoken to a Jill, a Bethany, and dont remember the first woman I spoke to but after speaking with jill I asked to speak with a supervisor only to be told the same thing that customer care rep told me; that the only thing they are able to do is send my message via email and txt to whoever they have on file And here I am yet again hours later still waiting. I just don't understand if it was an emergency situation then what would they have done to reslove the situation differently? I'm baffled at the way this situation is being handled, completely mind blown and I have to say I will never suggest extended stay america to anyone I know, have known or will know. This has forever left a bad taste in my mouth. Completely discussed with experience and business.

  • I Guess all Suburban Extended Stays are the same. Kennesaw, GA location off of George Busbee is one of the worst hotels I've ever stayed in. I will they will NEVER receive my services as a customer again. I have stayed here for an extended period of time, and after they have slightly raised prices to supposedly make improvements, everything is still the same. Dirty, Smelly, roach infested, police here every week. Vending machines and Laundry Machines take your money and their response is to write it in the book so when the vendor returns they will give you your money back, but guess what, you will never get that money back! They will give you every lame excuse that they can as to why you haven't received your money. That's not the worst part.Their tiny refrigerators that have no space to store anything, doesn't even work to keep your food cold, Their stove top burners take forever just to heat up, Don't expect water to take showers because they turn it off every week for "maintenance", housekeeping doesn't know how to clean your room and don't expect clean towels, pillows and mattresses are crap as well as stained furniture, holes in the walls and dirty air vents that haven't been cleaned since the establishment was built, expect your bathtub to be black, you have to turn the cable wire to your television to get a clear picture, and don't expect to get any ice because there is only one in the building and half the time doesn't even have ice in it. Staff is unprofessional, good luck waiting at the desk for someone to service you. You constantly have to get your room keys reset because for some reason in which nobody can seem to explain, they always get shut off. Oh and don't expect to get any WI-FI connection in which you pay money for. This place is a joke! Would NEVER recommend to anyone!

  • obviously if they cared they would respond to your complaints bad or good…but its big chains making big money…so u dont matter….

  • I book a two night stay (October 30th and 31th) at the Extended Stay on 1920 Ivy Creek Blvd., in Durham, NC. I was very disappointed the first night when I walked into the room! #1 There was a HUGE spider on the wall between the dresser. I called the front desk to have them come spray the area, and they told me that they do not spray for insects. I had to attend a funeral early on the 31st, and I did not want to stay up late after traveling 9 hours from NJ, just to check in to get some rest at 7 p.m. on October 30th! About 9 p.m., the spider had move to an area where we could kill it! #2 The bathroom was soil (toilet) and one large towel had a hard yellow grain of RICE on it! That means, it was not clean. I did not feel like going back and forward with the front desk, so I walked down to the front desk and requested new towels. #3 The front desk attend, on the morning of October 31st and at my checkout Sunday morning, November 1st, was very unprofessional, meaning, no matter what you asked her/he, they had an unpleasant attitude. I'm not that type of person. I am pleasant to everyone at all times! When I came back to NJ, a few days later, sent a complaint in to that location, and to-date, I have not receive a response! Therefore, I will send this complaint up to the Corporate office of Extended Stay of America, and hopefully, I will get a reply. dkm290@comcast.net

  • Since our Stay here Location : Houston Engery Corridor Between Park Ten and Hwy 6 and I-10. Robert and Kimberly Broeker which are the ones making the complaint!!!!! Since we are stay here til my self or my husband fines a job,we are staying out one of your Suites. The first Day we Started to stay here after we unloaded eveyrthing a we got settle in; the next day we had too move again to another room, and yes we have 2 dogs one is a service dog as well. so, a week later I complained about the construction work that is going on about them slamming something down on the above floor at 7:00 am. Then 2 days later they moved us again. Its been a big hassle of moving things back an forth packing an very frustrated and then the following day when we moved too the 3 floor un packing an really getting tired of this. So, the next Day Maintance came an banging on the door like it was the Police at the door and we open it and he says their is water flooding down too the Second Floor, so he fixed it and I wasn't able too take a shower for 8 hrs. then today knocking on the door too see if their was any leaks coming through the ceiling. Wow, This is a Nightmare!!!!! I wish we would be accommodated to a bigger Room with 2 Beds with Sofa with the same Price we are paying right now for a Studio. This would be more appericated too help with our Exstended Stay with your Place . Thank you and God Bless. My Email is: kimbrookscutler@gmail.com

  • all of the above comments r 100% true, its sad and I know cause I worked @ the Waltham ma location til 9/1/15..never again will I put myself thru that misery and after 6yrs from 5/9/09, I went above and beyond the call of duty to receive absolutely zero credit for my efforts….absolutely disgusting employee treatment ;(

  • my house keeper, Joshua Woobright, went above and beyond cleaning my room. The rooms here are so awful that a housekeeper should NOT be limited to 15 mins. Kudos for Josh caring, cleaning my air filter, mold in shower, back behind the fridge, etc.

  • I just had a one night stay on July 25, 2015 at the Extended Stay in Memphis near the airport on Corporate Dr… I have never had an bad experience at any hotel like I did at this one. This was na weekend stay for my mother that turned 80 and we wanted the comfort of home. Well we had one room with 2 queen double beds. We all woke up at 4am to leave because we were all bitten by bed bugs or fleas, but we have bumps everywhere. The stove top had burnt food still in, the microwave was dirty, the shower curtain was dirty and mildew on it, the mirror on the sliding closet was broken, the iron did not have a cover on it, the iron holder was hanging off the wall, the bath tub was not clean, they did not have any pillow cases on the pillows, ….the door did not have a number on it but since my room was suppose to be 300 I had to guess I was at the correct door since the room across the hall was 301. There was a lady with her door open playing very loud music like we were at a concert and she was burning inscents and more mother had to encounter that smell. We left earlytried and I tried to check out but no one was at the front counter.

  • After a very long day of traveling, I checked into the Extended Stay America in Rio Rancho NM. It was late so I decided to go to bed as I had an early appt. in the morning. I neatly folded down the bedspread and over to the side and noticed the bed-blanket and sheets were poorly made, but as I was tired, didn't give it any more thought and just went to bed. I left early the next morning, returning to my room at about 10:00 PM to find the towels used to shower that morning still on the bathroom floor and the bed unmade. I called the front desk and was told they only change the linen once a week, to bring the used linen to them and I would receive clean linen. The next morning I decided to make the bed before leaving for the day and guess what was in the bed linens? A USED CONDOM !!!!

    In all my years of traveling, in Europe, the Middle East, numerous cruises, and in the US, I have never had one complaint about any place I stayed at, but this is just so DISCUSTING that I felt I needed to report this to the Health Dept. of NM. I was given numerous phone numbers to call, never reaching anyone except for one voicemail, requesting a return phone call. That was two + weeks ago and still no call back!
    These people are handling money, credit cards, computers, and everyone's soiled linen, then handing one "clean?" linen.
    As if this was not beyond filthy, they had the audacity to thank me for choosing their hotel and offered me a certificate good for one free night at any of their hotels, "pending availability"! They even said they were sorry that the room did not meet my expectations!
    HOW DOES SUCH A COMPANY STAY IN BUSINESS?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I started staying at Crossland hotel in the Fossil creek area of North Ft Worth over 4 years ago. I stayed there 3 nights per week. I ignored the hookers and the drug dealers that lived there because the room was worn but clean. I got stuck numerous times on the second floor because of elevator problems but I finally moved over to Extended Stay after getting stuck in the elevator one Sunday evening. I stayed at Crossland for about two years.
    The experience at Extended Stay was better and I stayed there until about 3 months ago. I stayed at both hotels and because on my frequency they gave me a discount.
    About 5 months ago the room rate began to climb and at the end Zack would no longer give me a discount. This seemed a bit unfair since the quality of the rooms had not changed except for new beds that were no better than the old ones. Also almost every room has toilets that leak 24 hours per day that is disturbing while trying to sleep. At the same time he did not even offer me an AARP senior citizen discount. The straw that finally broke my back was his curt response that I got from him when I told him I would go back to Crossland (he was managing both hotels at that time) for the cheaper rate if I could have a room down stairs and not take the chance of the elevator not working. He said absolutely not. There was no concession after all the money I have spent with your organization.
    I have found that I can drive way cheaper than staying in any hotel so I drive 200 miles per day and it takes about four hours per day but my bed and homme is way better than your two facilities.
    Robert D. Bard, OD, FAAO, ONS

  • Can I get the email addresses of the corporate HQ? wish I would have seen these comments before booking this hotel – needless to say we cancelled the remainder of the trip after the first night stay.

    I recently booked a three night stay for my mother through the 1.800 number. I explained to the individual who took my reservation that my mother was receiving cancer treatments twice a day and if there was anyway I could get my mother checked into her room early. He advised me that shouldn't be a problem and to contact the hotel directly in the morning.

    On the morning of April 15, 2015 I contacted the front desk and explained the situation concerning my mother and her scheduled treatments. I explained that I would like to get my mother checked into a room after her morning treatment so she could rest and hopefully take a nap before her afternoon treatment. She told me that WOULDN'T be a problem that they would have a room available at noon.

    At approximately 3:00 p.m when I was finally in an area where I was able to access my calls from my cellphone I had a panic call from my husband. He informed me that the hotel staff wouldn't allow my mother into a room. I immediately called the front desk and spoke to a lady by the name of ARIEL. She told me that a third party wavier needed to be sign before my mom would be given her room. I IMMEDIATELY asked to speak to her supervisor. ARIEL had the NERVE to chuckle as she transferred me to Assistant Manager Lupeline Tagaloa.

    Needless to say at this point I was EXTREMELY UPSET over the treatment of my mother. I was NEVER EVER INFORMED AT ANYTIME ABOUT A THIRD PARTY WAVIER until I spoke to the Assistant Manager. I explained to her that I would try to get down to the hotel in the evening depending on traffic and living over an hour away. I was told that would be fine.

    This made absolutely NO sense to me considering I had my mom booked at this hotel for three nights and they had my credit card on file. At approximately 8:48 pm that same night I received a call at my home from ARIEL. She told me that my mother would be kicked out of her room at 10:00 pm if the third party wavier wasn't signed. I explained to ARIEL that Ms. Tagaloa told me everything was handled. Again ARIEL told me I had until 10:00 pm and HUNG UP ON ME!! I called back three times and as soon a ARIEL knew it was me she HUNG UP!

    To make a long story short NEEDLESS to say I had to call the Brea Police Department to assist me into the front lobby to keep the peace. When I arrived in the front lobby at NO time did ARIEL have me sign a third party wavier she just charged my credit card for the full three nights. She also refused to give me her last name.

    When I arrived home I was told by my husband that shortly after I left my mom called the house. She told my husband that ARIEL woke her from a sound sleep and told her that she needed to be out of the room by 10:00 pm.

    On Thursday, April 16 I arrived to pick my mom up to take her to her cancer treatments. We went to speak to the assistance manager before we left and she didn't have time for us!!! I told her I would be back to take my mom to different hotel. When we returned not only did her hotel key not work they charged us a late fee on checking out!!!


    I also e-mailed the CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER MS. A. FIMOWICZ at Corporate Headquarter on 4/22/15 along with CEO DONALD STUMP on 4/27/15.


    • Hello,

      I am at an extended stay in orlando. Only after being treated so horribly here is it easy for me to believe what you went through. These people, especially the managers are from another element of live…one I hope to never visit again. Obviously they don't care at all…but they should because they have to walk in their own shoes and carry their horrible attitudes around with them every where they go. I have a lot of badness going on in this south corner of the country. It is shameful they treat people so bad…but they will pay one day.

      Be at peace.

  • Good morning and please note: I have used your services for years and the service is declining. Word of mouth the best source of reputation and the hotel help and service to the customer has changed so much. I transferred from one hotel to another to get better rate based on the information given by the staff. If I would of know that I could stay where I was I would of done so. Now that the service at the other hotel is bad, I can't go bad to my original hotel because they raised the rate. I have lived there for 2.5 years prior and been here between the 2 two hotels for almost 8 months. You would think that you could extend the courtesy to me at the same rate. I am retired and looking to safe to move to an apartment, but with the rate I have, it makes it difficult for me to safe and still had to go to work to maintain my place. I am very disappointed with the call center's response and employee. I spoke today with a Supervisor named Ann Marie and a rep named Rebecca. Not really helpful at ALL !!!

  • I recently had cause…unfortunately as it turned out, for an extended stay at ESA… it was without a doubt the most god awful experience I have ever had! and I travel ALOT, hence stay in alot of hotels. The pipes in my home burst, causing me to have to stay in this particular hotel as it was close to home and I have a son in high school who I needed to get back and fourth. i have now been here for 3 weeks, and feel completely stuck and at thier mercy. Started with the first room they put me in, the refrigerator froze solid everything in it… total loss… I dealt with that for a week or so, then was moved to another room. Day one, no hot water. Called front desk, they sent up maintenance…to to avail what so ever…two days of cold showers later, they moved me yet again. after beeing in this rrom for aboyt 3 days, and in the hotel for over 2 weeks, I get a note under the door, that basically reads like this… you are being charged for smoking in rm 204, and 217, and we will not move you again as a result. LOL… Im speechless! I quit smoking exactly 4 months and approx 2 weeks ago, it will be 5 months on the 26th… no small feat… AND, even when I did smoke, I NEVER smoked in my home. Which obviously begs the question, WHY would I chose now when I know I can be "fined" for it, to smoke? Bottom line… I wasn't smoking! And the rooms…all 3, that they put me in, smelled so god awful bad, that I don't know how anyone could deduce one smell over the other to begin with! To add insult to injury, I never once complained about the 130 some odd dollars in food I lost as a result of their inadequate "accommodations", or the fact that I had to move again, and again…after already being displaced. Unbelievable! So I went down to the front desk, spoke to melissa, gm…and got nothing but HUGE attitude…. I also attempted to contact their corp offices, to no avail as no one there bothers to care one way or the other. Then, I went down to desk again, to ask for an accounting of my bill so far, as 3 weeks later, no one has bothered to give me receipts. Noticed the room charges were all over the map. the quote I got when reserving room was 84… it then quickly went to 89…then 99 one wwek they billed me 695…the following it was 899.. huh???? oh yeah… and then there was that 250 smoking charge. could not be more livid if my life depended on it! The audacity..the balls… unreal! its not over yet… there is simply NO WAY I'm laying down or bending over for this BS….

  • on Feb 28, 2015 I checked into the Extended Stay in Columbia SC in the Fort Jackson area. I went into the bathroom to discover tissue in the toilet and it would not flush then there was a wet wash cloth and hand towel on the sink and tissue in the trash can. So I picked up the phone to call the desk and the phone didn't even work so I had to call from my cell. I was switched to another room. but what's the purpose of housekeeping?

  • Here's my delightful experience with Extended Stay America, 3715 Pelham Rd
    Greenville, SC. A couple days prior to my stay I made a reservation with a rep in central booking, not the front desk itself. These are reps that work for expedia, priceline, etc…A guy answered and said, "Extended Stay America, how can I help you?" I heard laughing and screaming in the background. I figured its a rep working out of his home, somewhere in the country and maybe those are his kids, he has friends over etc. The thing is, he sounded high…like he was smokin weed. Never the less I gave him my info. But the next day I saw there was no confirmation from Extended Stay in my email. So I called the front desk of the actual hotel this time and they said there was no record of my reserved room. So I reserved the room with them personally. I got my confer# and was set. The day I was supposed to stay I called at 6:30am to cancel as the weather was not permitting. They cancelled and sent me a confirmation# and I got it in my email. The day after I saw my checking account was charged for the room, $69.54. But they had sent me a cancellation for $71??? I figured out that the rep somewhere in the country, had charged me, but pocketed the money. The central booking said they have NO WAY of finding out which of their reps took my call, so this guy could do this again and again. Extended Stay refuses to refund my money. I will be calling corporate on Monday. That said I doubt they will give my money back either as there is no record they said of them taking the money out. I have my bank statement with THEIR store #, they even confirmed its their store, but say THEY have no record of it. Sooo I called my bank to file a complaint and my bank is refunding me. THE BOTTOM LINE: NEVER use an online booking rep. ALWAYS ask if it's the front desk of the hotel you want to stay at. Any one of these reps around the country can steal your credit card info and not book your room and so says central they're just going on a trust policy lol. WTF??? I will ALWAYS book from the front desk of the hotel I wish to stay at from here on out. On top of this that guy has my credit card info so Ive gotta cancel my card now. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  • i stayed at the crossland economy studios in winston salem nc and it was awful
    the only up side of this hotel was JOY AND AMBER they are both very nice with outstanding customer service skills they always greet you with a big warm smilling and a hello how are you,not sure why they both work in such a crappy hotel, maybe you should let them run the hotel ,
    the morning staff is very rude and nasty they make me not want to ever book a room with extened stay again when i checked in i had the worst experience ever ROBIN, JOSHUA AND CARLA were the worst part of my stay, they all are very rude and mean not friendly at all i cant believe they work in customer service at all carla never has a smile on her face , when you come to the front office to ask for somthing she gives you this nasty look rolls her eyes and walks away to get the item without say i be right back or anything , i walked into the office and no one was at the front desk but joshua peeked his head around and told me to hold on carla was in the restroom i waited for more then 4mins to get service and the whole time i can hear JOSHUA AND ROBIN in the back talking and laughing while i waited , and well ROBIN all she does is smoke cigarettes and cuss all day long everytime im leaving or coming back she is standing outside smoking,the housing keeping never change or wash the blankets on the beds the just change the sheets and pillowcases,
    this hotel has guest that live there that PAN HANDEL for a livning, which is probably where the bed bugs are coming from all and all this hotel sucks they need new management ones who actually care about the up keep and cleanliness of this hotel , i have been calling corporate office about this for more then a week and still i havent gotten any calls back from them please fix this problem and you would probably be a 5 star hotel

  • I am staying at extended stay in indiana, the address is 5350 W Southern Ave, Ive been here about a week , I've noticed that the night manager is very rude to the employees, and
    disrespectable,also to the guests, and to the people on the phone.

  • I am staying at extended stay america in indianapolis the night manager is very rude and disrespectible to the employees and guests

  • I am currently staying at the Hillside, Ill location and my experience is horrible. I have been paying cash for a week at a time. I have to leave town for 3 days and I asked them to refund the 3 days and keep the other 4 days reserved for Sunday. In short, the management staff has no ability to make decisions or solve customer issues. The grab-n-go breakfast bar wasn't stoked right for 3 days. The answer was that the order didn't come in. Why doesn't management go to the grocery store and get the items until the order comes in. I sent an email to management and asked for a call and received an email back. I asked for a call. My key keeps deactivating. I can't use it at the back door closet to my room. The clerk's response was ": we have been having problems with that lock." my answer is why not put a sign up to let the guests know and put a service call in. I asked the hotel manager for a call and did not receive one. After two days I called the hotel and spoke to her. She was zero help. I asked for the district manager's phone number. It took 5 minutes to get. He didn't answer his phone. I called the corporate number and waited 20 minutes to speak to someone who was polite and transferred me to the VP of customer relations, whom I left a message for. I would have been spending about $4000. for accommodations till mid December. Now I will spend it elsewhere.

  • I wish you hired a maids that knows how to clean & throw some money for training here in stockton. I' ve been staying here but cleanliness is getting worse

  • Extended stay does NOT like disabled veterans with service dogs. Hotel says they are ¨Pet Friendly¨ but that is not true. I am disabled with a service dog, not a pet. When I requested a handicapped room and explained I had a service dog, I got the BUMS RUSH. The man´s attitude changed and it became quite clear he didn´t want me staying there.

  • Extended Stay America Vancouver Washington is the worst hotel ever. The GM Rachel is the worst she had mouths the other employees and tells them that she is going to fire them. I think she is the one that needs to be fired she is the worst GM ever.

  • 8-30-14 Renton, Washington Extended Stay America is terrible too. The room (#216 smelled like vomit, the toilet didn't work properly, and the lines and service at the front desk was terrible. I complained twice about the toilet and was given a plunger and told there is only one person on duty and they stay at the front desk. Breakfast was all in plastic packets, no fruit, yogurt etc. Don't stay at this chain. Hallways were dirty and they appeared to be housing homeless families on vouchers. Now, I don't have anything against being homeless, but I'd wish I'd known this when I made the reservation.

  • Extended Stay America-Braeswood-Med Center Houston Texas
    8/05/14 – 8/9/14 I made arrangements and reserved a room. We arrived on 8/6/14 at 5:30 PM. I mentioned to Llia-GM, that we needed to check in. We heard a dog bark and our grandson mentioned he did not like dogs and she gave him a dis-gruntled look. She confirmed the cost and I said, that does not sound correct. I needed the room, so I took it. I mentioned we will need cooking utensils, plates and etc.; she said she would have them taken up to the room.
    On the way up to the room on 8/6/14, I noticed a BIG spot in the center of the slow elevator floor and you could feel the elevator jerk while in operation, I mentioned that to the front desk. The clerk made the, I don’t care attitude with his eyes.
    Two hours had gone by and we still had not received the pots and etc. We needed to eat, so I went downstairs to get an update. Chris said he got busy, so I took them up to the room myself. He asked me to bring the tote back.
    My wife made a comment that the pots were dirty and greasy, as well as the dish drainer they were placed in, so everything had to washed, before they could be used. We had not eaten since 2.30 PM that day.
    The stay so far was very disappointing! I thought since ESA being in the Medical Center would take pride in customer service, but I WAS WRONG!!
    On 8/6/14, I noticed that the room entry door did not close and lock easily and the bathroom door did not latch did not fit into the strike plate. The toilet lid would not stay up.
    On 8/6/14, my wife attempted to open the sofa bed for our grandson and it would not fully open due to the space. My grandson mentioned that the sofa bed was very lumpy. When I made the reservation, I was told by the agent that customers said they were comfortable!
    On 8/7/14 at 8.15 AM, I noticed the spots on the elevator were still there, so I mentioned it to front desk again and housekeeping.
    On 8/7/14 at 4.15 PM, I asked Chris for fresh towels and he mentioned they were being washed and he should be ready within the hour (5 PM) and would take them up to our room. I told him I was very upset! I waited up around 6.30 PM and never received the towels. I needed to showered and get ready for the next day. I had to go to the front desk again! I was given towels for 2 people, not for 3. The towels were rough! We ended up having to share towels, not very hygienic.
    8/7/14 the manager was at the front desk and I told her my situation and mentioned I would not be able to give my stay a "10". She said that was fine and I told her the issues I was having. She offered to come up to the room and check out the doors. She saw the problems. She said the problems would be fixed on 8/8/14. The door key cards no longer worked, so I had to go back to the front desk and get a new pair of key cards. On 8/7/14, my grandson was carrying a toy that he had just been given by his cousin. One of clerks called the toy “Stupid”. This was very UNPROFESSIONAL and DISAPPOINTING to us!
    On 8/8/14, I went down to get some coffee (6.45 AM) and both coffee pots were emptied.
    On 8/9/14, I went down again the next morning (7.15 AM) to get coffee there was none, so I asked the clerk to brew some another wait time.
    While, I was waiting for the coffee to brew, I spoke to a customer who was unhappy. He said the staff does not care and he and his wife would not stay there again. After he checked and went to his room. He tried to turn on the AC did not work, so he had to move to another room.
    There were bags of trash sitting outside the exit door that lead to pool. They were about 10 feet from the door, partially blocking the walk way and an accident could have occurred.
    On 8/8/14, after my grandson finished swimming, I noticed there was "POOP" in the pool. I looked at it very, very closely; it was not leaves or debris! It was human feces, in the pool!
    I made a BIG MISTAKE in choosing this hotel to stay while in Houston Texas! I was there to liquidate my parent’s estate. These issues added more stress to my life!

  • I am a CLC member and a Board member at the NAACP. And what I have found out about Extended Stay America in California by visiting four location is that they are not ethically diverse by the people they hire. We have launched a study by visiting location through out the country and found that there hiring is bias and not geared to hire Minorities. We hope that this is not the case, but if so then we will make sure that this matter be brought to the attention of the DOJ.

  • Extended stay in Katy Texas has raised the cost already 3 times this year. I was told that I have a locked in price until the end of the year. I ask the front desk for the corporate number and they said I had to go through the district manager first. I have stayed at this one since July 2011. I am hardly ever here because I travel a lot. Have had my vehicle broke into 3 times and when I questioned about putting more lights up for security they said they would look into it. I think they put up one light. Front desk shuts down at 11pm. Fire alarm goes off the front desk after hours doesn't know how to shut it off. I will post after I talk to the powers to be. No loyalty to the ones that stay. I have had better service and communication in third would countries.

  • I just did a 6 week training class in St. Louis Missouri and they put me and my roommate up at Extended stay in Earth City. I have never ever had to stay at such a filthy/ghetto place in my life…all the reviews are true…. stained carpets, dirty walls, dirty tub, filthy kitchen and the customer service was horrible…they would roll their eyes at you like you were bothering them on their cell phone when you needed anything which was all the time…..I could go on and on but 6 week of this was horrible

  • On good authority! Employee treatment at Extended Stay America- Stockton,Ca. is very bad.. Do not seek employment at this location if you expect to receive any consideration. working conditions stink.

  • I have got you all beat…

    Checked in and was given a smoking room (I specifically asked for a NON smoking room).
    the room was dirty, found hairs on the pillows, the bathtub was disgusting and it looked like it hadn’t been cleaned or vacuumed in a week. Please see attached pictures

    -I was moved to a different room that same night and that room was cleaner than the first.

    -Tuesday 7/15/2014 night around 9pm I was laying in bed when I heard someone use a key card to open the door to my room, luckily I had the latch on the door so they didn’t walk right into my room. The explanation I received for this was they had never changed my room in the system from 337 to 354. I assumed since they made keys for the other guy who tried to come into my room that my keys were deactivated and when I checked, they were. So I had to go to the front desk and get my keys re-issued.

    -Wednesday 7/16/2014 I returned back to the hotel after working all day, around 6PM to find that everything in my room had been removed and the room was cleaned. All my clothes and personal belonging were placed into the storage room next to the hotel lobby. I can’t believe someone actually went into the room and touched my personal belongings without contacting me (they have my phone number) first. This was very confusing and frustrating because I am in the computer as having a check out date of Saturday 7/19/2014. When I went down to the front desk to retrieve my items there were items missing such as:
    ● MacBook Pro wall charger
    ● New Ipad wall charger
    ● Bottle of Armani Code Cologne
    ● Tooth Brush

  • I think this franchise is the worse ever they treat people awful and that is me putting it mildly. The property I stayed in had so much gossip going on and it was from the staff. The way that they talked to each other and other guests about other guest was horrible. Then most of my stay I observed that they was to busy with one another that the guest suffered. This is the one in Hazelwood Missouri

  • My family and I were at Extended Stay America in Elk Grove, California from 07/10/14 – 07/14/14 and it was the worse experience ever. First of all the policy that they do not clean your room or change sheets unless you are staying more than seven days is crazy and they do not inform you of this until you have paid and call down to the desk for someone to clean or bring clean towels. If we have known this up front we would have left. Next when I was down stairs I heard a guess complaining because her kitchen sink was backing up due to sewage coming up. They told her that they have have to call manager to get approval for a plumber to come and take care of the issue. Well that lady was furious because she had already waited over an hour. Back to my complaint the water did not stay warm when taking a shower we were bascially taking cold showers. I have never been so happy to get out of an establishment in my life. Then this morning 07/15 mind you we have checked out of the hotel my husband goes up and checks his credit card and they have debit his card for two more nights and we are no longer there, which he did not give them permission to do if there was any descrpecency we should have been phoned.

  • I agree, we had the worst experience, this nasty ass housekeeper named Tracey was to busy flirting with guys and taking selfies than to give my kid a clean towel I will never stay at this Las Vegas Boulder location again.

  • We recently stayed at the Indianapolis-Northwest-College Park property. At least 1/2 of the rooms have been refurbished and have new carpet. Those rooms looked great. The staff was exceptional. I want to especially thank Joshua Garis, General Manager, and Dean Wilfon, Manager. These two guys have a very high level customer service attitude. We were there for a wedding, we had 10 rooms booked and arrived over 3 days. We constantly switched rooms around to give older family members better access and fussy family members the new rooms. Throughout it all there was never a complaint, only smiles and helpful people. The staff here takes care of their customers. If you stay, just ask for one of the refurbished rooms. Josh and Dean, thanks for making the stay great!

  • This place needs to be shut down!! I stayed at the Chicago/Midway Extended (torture) stay. I will list the problems that I had:
    1. 18 Hallway lights were out
    2. A shooting in the parking lot
    3. Ants in the kitchen
    4 The front desk is only open from 8am and 11pm
    5. Dishes were put back dirty
    6. Staff was beyond rude
    7.Empty Beer cans and Trash left in the entry doorways
    8. Car windows were smashed
    9. My call was never returned about the ants
    This place sucks!!

  • "My experience at the [XXXXX] branch has been one of the worst" seems to be a common element with the comments herein!
    What in the h–k is going on?
    1st, I can see your blowing fluff meaning what you advertise / say is not what you do! I believe that's fraudulent!

  • My experience at the San Ramon branch has been one of the worst. It started out a month before my arrival when I was trying to make reservations by calling the hotel and speaking with Emily. First she told be the daily rate and stated she couldn't give me the rate that your hotel website shows. Second she then tells me she sees a corp discount for the company I work for, but couldn't give it to me? To make things easier for me, I just called your 800 # and made the reservations and was provided the rate showing on your site plus corp discount plus requested early check-in. When I called Emily 1 1/2 before my check-in asking about the early check-in I requested, she stated they had nothing for me but would speak with head of house cleaning and for me to call back in an hour. Finally when I arrived 2 hr after my first call, they had a room. Emily was great checking me in, but didn't tell me anything about the hotel like I've experienced at your locations I've stayed at. The morning of check-out I was walking through the lobby to pack my car and Emily was at the coffee counter ringing out her sleeve in the trash can laughing saying she just dunked her sleeve in the coffee for the customers to another girl who was sitting in the chair in the lobby with her kid. When I came back in from packing up my car, the girl in the chair was now behind the counter in non hotel attire talking to Emily stating the maint guy was laughing at her because she came to work looking tore up? I have no clue if she worked at the hotel or not! Then an hour after I was on the road back to LA I noticed by phone charger not in the car and realized I left it. I called Emily and asked if they could send it, she replied " We don't usually do that, but I will see what I can do and will call you back". The next day was Monday and I still didn't have a call back from Emily, but received a survey in my email. This is when I filled in all of my concerns with the staff I mentioned above and also the room. The coffee mugs in cabinet were stuck like sugar residue was left and coffee was running down the side of each coffee mug(not cleaned). The toilet sprayed water out and there was something sprayed on the bathroom door. With in an hour of me filling out the survey and submitting it, Emily called me. Stating she was sorry and will be sending the phone charger I left. Stated she will be more professional next time I stay. When I said Thank you, there was silence ( i was expecting her to say something else), but she just hung up. She didn't even say Thank you for the feedback, nor did she even say bye! Now I let it go a couple of weeks and still no charger. I've had people asking time and time again, why do I keep staying at your locations ( Pleasant Hill CA, the other San Ramon location, Long Beach, Torrance, Old Town Scottsdale, Phoenix Biltmore location). After all of this trouble, my Aug 1st-3rd trip to Scottsdale I may have to stay at the Homewood suites or the Residence inn.
    This place does not care about your experience. I was on hold for 1 hour for guest relations to document a complaint to find out they only have 2 guest relations reps that answer the 800 line. I had to speak with a booking agent which they have plenty of, to document my concern and was advised a guest relations rep would call me back shortly.

    Instead I get a email from the District Manger(see below) which only address my phone charger and nothing about my expereince or stay:

    Dear Mr. Simmonds,

    I wanted to inform you that I received your comments regarding your recent stay at the Extended Stay America in San Ramon, CA. I have made contact with the hotel and they do have your phone charger. We will get this mailed out first thing tomorrow morning. My apologies for the inconvenience. Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions or concerns.



    Mark C
    District Manager

    Extended Stay America


  • my name is tahirah and I work for 9804 and I have been working there for over a month and still haven't been paid im missing 3 checks crazy right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • you guys think straying there is bad try working there and not getting paid for a month because they never put you in the computer system. they owe me 122 hours and at 9 dollars an hour they owe me 1098 dollars tell me that not crazy

  • Hi – yesterday my family and I relocated from Atlanta, GA to Tampa, FL for jobs related reasons. I checked into your Extended Stay location on West Spruce Street in Tampa at 8pm. preparing for my first day at work the following day my family and I went to bed early at about 10:30pm. The room is in dark and about 2am I get up to use the restroom, turn on the lights and there are ROACHES covering the kitchen and the bathroom floor. Many little baby roaches, which make me, feel very uncomfortable. It is 4am, I haven't been back to sleep since the incident and I'm up writing this email when I should be resting for my first day at work tomorrow.

    I'm disgusted and frustrated because the hotel operator (or whom ever answers the phones at 2am) doesn't speak English, It may just be me but after seeing all of these roaches the slightest feeling of something crawling on me gets me annoyed, I have the lights on so I cannot go back to sleep, my wife and my 11 month old baby is here with me and we have a huge amount of be longings that may be saturated with roaches by the time we check out. I am not pleased with this stay.

    Thank you,

  • I sold my home and haven't found a new one yet so unfortunately I'm stuck here at extended stay San Dimas ca. The manager is lazy and rude.he raised the room rate without telling me. I have talked to the so called corporate office and they promise to get back to you which never happens! I even emailed the ceo. Sent him pictures and still no response. I'm going to extended stay motel 6 …it's cheaper and they take care of their guests ! Good riddens.

  • The worst thing possible. BED BUGS!!! Yes I stayed at this hotel and was excited perfect location and the rooms looked lovely. To wake up to critters sucking blood out of my skin! Im extremely quimish and just the tought makes me wanna throw up! How dare they allow this to be okay?! Ive called corporate but no one answers the manager could care less. Something has to be done or I'm going to my attorney..

  • My van was stolen from inside the Hotel Parking in Miami. Cameras were mot working that particular night. Someone who was staying there also said they had their van stolen from there 1 week prior. They found his van 3 days later and he had to pay $400.00 to get it out of the Tow Storage place. If you ask me this sound like an inside job to me. Funny thing is police don't seem to care..,

  • Everything what You have written is true!..managers with no level, no experience, no qualified, no studies at universities…liars! remove them as soon as possible if You do not want to waste your investment shortly!!…suburbs locations westmont, naperville, romeoville are disgusting, evaluate your managers cause they are non professional, they're nothing!

  • New Orleans Kirstie the front desk staff talk to loud they tell and talk loud people do stay on the first floor can hear you and done do work and need rest

  • Made me my 2 yr old son and a Boston terrier in a pet taxi sand out side in the rain so we could have vlean sheets was very rude said we could not wait in the lobby roaches are still here copkand for two days no bug spray on the weekend plus vomit and cigarette butts outdide my door dog has gotten sick a couple times from eating I try ti keep them picked up but when someone vomit s on them well still no one has came to clean it up and I told them hours ago Skinner Jacksonville fl grossesed ever

  • Wow…now I am having second thoughts about working for this chain. I mean, I've read every comment posted here, and I am horrified! I am awaiting a response from the Interim Manager at a location, regarding a PT front desk position as I write this. He indicated to me, that there is a great deal of "turnover" as the people hired for Front Desk positions, are there for paychecks and not a whole lot more. Now that being said, having no experience in the Hospitality industry, but having a business degree and background, having dealt with many clients, vendors, attorneys, and the like in my past working life, I have to say, that I would NEVER be rude, discourteous or unprofessional in any way to anybody staying in a property I work for. I would only treat guests with the utmost courtesy and kindness as I would expect to receive from the staff of ANY property/hotel chain I would be staying at. I guess I am a rare breed, one of a kind. Again, THAT being said, I am returning to the workforce after several months and this opportunity came up to interview at a location in my state. I hope I do in fact get the position, so that I CAN make a difference in that particular property and change the perception of how this chain is viewed by its guests. To me, customer service is key, and if I get this job, that will be THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of my job there. I PROMISE!

  • i agree same thing happen to me as well with bob and Ginny very rude they don't know how to run a hotel you asked for a towel they give you attitude about it STAY AWAY FROM BRAINTREE MA

  • September 14, 2013
    HORRID! Nasty! Ignorant staff who said "Expedia don't know this hotel. They promise stuff we can't deliver." Was transferred to three different rooms before we found a working air conditioner. Then the room was nasty, nasty, nasty. I have picutres of the molded grout and soap dish in he bathroom. There was a gross used dishcloth stashed in one of the drawers in the kitchen. There was just dust, cobwebs and general nastiness everywhere. The 'king bed' was actually 2 twin beds pushed together onto a queen bed frame! When my husband sat down on it to put on his shoes it dumped him onto the floor and it came apart! We were so disappointed b/c we had stayed there at Christmas time when it was under a different management/parent company and it was very nice then. We couldn't believe how a place could go to hell in a handbasket so quickly. WE WILL NEVER STAY AT ANOTHER EXTENDED STAY.

  • Extended Stay Tampa Airport North: This is the WORST hotel I have ever had the displeasure of staying in. A) ROACHES! B) The thermostat is broken with a flashing exclamation point on it. It has been this way for two days. C) Some of the regular, standard, ordinary cable channels like USA and ESPN disappeared the second night I was here. D) Whatever that is growing in the bathroom on the shower wall. E) The giant stain of indeterminate origin in the chair in the "sitting area". F) The rust/germ/bacteria party inside the vent of the A/C unit being blown all around the room. The first full day I was here I was unable to connect to your "complimentary" low speed internet. Im sure there are several other infractions which I am choosing to leave undiscovered at this time. This is horrendous. It is incomprehensible how you find it in good conscience to charge anyone to stay here. I do expect to be contacted regarding this matter. I will NEVER recommend anyone stay here EVER in life. In fact I will be doing quite the opposite. I have taken very clear pictures of each of the above mentioned issues and will be sharing them generously. I would love to be able to forward these photos to corporate as well so they are aware of the state of this property. In addition I will be notifying the front desk of these problems in less than 4 hours. I truly wish to have all monies paid to this property refunded immediately. Had I known your property was this bad I would sooner have slept in my car. I am severely disappointed in the entire Extended Stay America brand.

  • I stayed at extended stay america in Hampton Va. and it was horrible . At the entrance there were people sitting on the sidewalks as if they were in a park,there was dog feces around the doorway. My reservations were lost,i was given a room with a smaller bed than i reserved. So i,m gonna file a law suit to get compensation for my lack of service.

  • TO ANYONE AND EVERYONE THAT HAS EVER STAYED WITH EXTENDED STAY HOTELS!!!! Pay close attention to this! If you have had a bad experience with your stay at one of the many properties and you decide to contact Corporate,don't even bother! All your complaint does is go straight back to the MANAGER of that property. No one at Corporate takes care of the matter they brush it off and expect the hotel itself to fix it. These people do NOT care about their guests, everything is revolved around how THEY can make more money off of us. Get to know a few of the Front Desk staff and they will tell you. Why? Because they are unhappy as much as we are! Don't believe me? How many of you have gotten a Be Our Guest Certificate??? Maybe a few got all their money back, but that still doesn't correct the issue. It is a tactical way of getting guests that are complaining, off their backs.

  • to whom it may concern, you have the worst ad on tv. I have stayed in many hotels, and never was a coffee pot in the bathroom

  • I was wondering what the rules and regulations where regarding employee and manager being friends and having "hangouts". And who I could speak to about that in regards to a boss and front desk rep. having a rather too much a a fun time to get out of hand experience. I do not wish to get anyone in trouble or of in jeopardy of their job, however I am not taking to this lightly when i received an apology from the boss via text.

  • We booked the Columbus, Ohio Lake Club Road for nine nights beginning Friday July 12, 2013. On July 16, 2013 while asleep at the Extended Stay America Hotel on Lake Club Dr, My wife awoke from her sleep to find her body completely bitten and marked. She woke me and we determined that the room was infested with bedbugs. We captured and saved several of the insects. We also took pictures of the marks and bites on my body. We went to Wal-Mart to get insecticide. Upon return we asked to be moved to another room. The night person was not helpful and stated assisting us was not her job. Only after we threaten to call the corporate office and we showed her the bugs did she offer another room. The room that was offered was not clean , with a bullet hole in the bedroom window nor was it the same as I paid for a nine night stay. Now we will be up all night with two boys until 7 am and the manager arrives. Terribly dissatisfied and contemplating legal action.

  • I'm leaving the sterling heights,michigan extended stay america hotel very soon the place is a mess,and whats worse is the manager mark.I heard him talking to a guest with total disrespect. The guess was telling him about how dirty his hallways was, with dirty hand towels and trashbags filled with garbage and showing him the pictures that to his phone. The manager told him that he really did not need to hear that today. WHAT A SHAME, AND REALLY SAD.

  • Me and many others just stayed at an Extended Stay on Palm Parkway in Orlando, Florida. Stay tuned for my assessment not only here in the states, but also abroad in South America and other countries.

    People don't expect to check in and then find out renovations are going on a few days after they check in when they made reservations months in advance. This happened at the one on Palm Parkway in Orlando. The way people found out was the noise woke them up.

  • so get this is what I found at the bottom of there motel site and this is such a LIE ……………………………………….if you're looking for clean, comfortable accommodations with extra space, convenient amenities and affordable rates, you'll find it all at Studio Plus Deluxe Studios®. Whether you stay for a night, a week or even longer, you'll be surrounded by all the comforts of home. We offer studios that are larger than typical hotel rooms, with plenty of work space, a fully equipped kitchen, and on-site laundry. Everything for those who enjoy a comfortable room at a great rate. That's real value.

  • how can u have a customer service number if u cant talk to someone to make a complaint…….And also I am staying in cary nc at the hotel they woke me up at 7:30 AM for a inspection thwy did not inform anybody about the inspection and also there water is off wtf…..I have a meeting in 45 mins I cant shave or take a shower this really sucks… But I will say this the front desk clerk mrs.carol was really nice she is way to qualified for this hotel. the carpet in my room looks like is has not been shampooed in years stain all over the place the floor is coming up by the tube the floors are sticky there is no elevator I have to climb three flights of stairs to get to my room and because they offer ice trays in the rooms doesn't mean you shouldn't have a ice machine… I stayed in room 303

  • im an employee of the hotel chain and i would have to say as a GS/NL attendant the work is so much more than what you actually get paid for. I recently stayed at another property for a weekend as was digusted that the hotel was in the condition it was. The bathroom clearly was not clean, roaches crawling on my feet, also in tje dishwasher, and outside of the door. Because I had been moved two times previously, I stayed in the room went to a local store a purchased cleaning supplies to clean the room. I took pictures and forwarded them to my manager. As of yet nothing has been done or said about the issue or even an option to get back at least one nights stay credit. Because I need this job until something better comes along I cant disclose my name and location. However I can say the property I work at maintains GREAT Customer Service and Cleanlimess….Although I believe each person across the company that works Guest Service/Night Laundry should be paid at least 11.50 p/hr as they do the job of two employees sometimes three!

  • We had a gift certificate to stay one night because when we were in Miami at the Extended Stay, they tested the fire alarms for hours two days in a row. There was no warning or apology for this. All they did was give us a a one night certificate, which we would not be able to use in a one year time frame anyways. So we stayed at Maple Grove Extended stay for the heck of it. When we got there the room, a King with a living room, was dirty! I means towels and garbage everywhere. The bed was a mess. We called to the lobby to inform them. Again, no apology. We got downgraded to a Queen room with no living room. It reeked of curry and was not clean by my standards. There were pubic hairs on the bathroom counter. It was embarrassing for me as I had brought a friend with. The staff was not apologetic, they gave me excuses instead. I thought it was becuase I was in Miami that the buisness was being done so poorly. In Minnesota, we have higher standards.

  • I don't know what to say… I'm reading all of yours complaints and truly what I can say in my name is I AM SORY… I am new employee in this hotels. I am in housekeeping jobs over eight years, and know what are my do's and don'ts, but here… They don't have enough items ( soaps, greeting cards, etc. ) allways short with linen ( any type) so we must to wait for someone from front desk to put it in washer ( one ) ,and to dry … about folding I don't want to talk .
    One day one from ladies is tell me ( btw she work there over 4 years ) that she rarely checking under of bed when she cleaning… So you can imagine what you can find under, from previous guests . I don't want to continue any more, cause I still must to work here. I have family, and I need money, it is hard to find a job, even with experience … So God bless you all and please , understand that all workers in that hotels are not that much bad ,like you think … Thank you in advance

  • oh by the way this is a TEXAS location i'm speaking in regards to, i dont want to give the city but try & figure out which one please..because the managers and the ones over them are not good at all..i only know manager that is extremely true to her title & i'm no longer under her it's someone new..I still need my job and always will..but i can't take this anymore, some more recongnition need to be heard & noticed..it's extremely fustrating not being able to say who i really am..

  • well to all of u who have made the comments.. i totally agree with u all the way as far as 80%..because i am an employee for one of the locations..my position is night laundry..which also includes being the overnight front desk clerk, sweeping, mopping, washing dishes, security officer, cleaning the front desk area, washing all & drying all of the linen..doing stained linen..taking out trash walking the hallways, walking the parking lot, answering the phone, making reservations, stocking carts that the housekeepers can do, filling chemicals for thier carts to clean with as well. dealing with guest that will be rude to you for no reason at all for a mistake that the morning & evening clerks have made..sending a guest to a room that was on the list as being clean and ready and find out its dirty when they come back to u.then u have to go and check all the rooms to make sure they are clean before u move them to another room..but most of u are unawear of the over night duties & u treat them bad for no reason at all..we dont even get recongnized by our bosses..all they care about is just sleeping during the night..and whoaaaaa dont let me add corporate to it..they are just as bad..u have loyal employees that do want to do the work and they treat them bads well..we are the ones that get it even worst..when we come in everything is suppose to be in place all we should have to do is just check in the late arrivals..there should be no last minute reservations done online period because they are suppose to be checked in at 3pm the following day, but do they allow us to do it that way..no they dont..its hell to a certain extent, but i am very grateful that i do have a job, thank you Lord..

  • The memphis location n quail hollow road is unbelievable. Very undesirable elements all around the hotel, employee working the desk seen coming in and out of rooms at all times of the day and night?? seems to be a drug and hooking haven. not a place to stay or even drive close by.

  • From the looks of these comments I need to find somewhere else too go. This it's supposed to be the best place in Little Rock for the best price but this one is horrible. The front desk clerks are more professional than the manager. The managers STEAL!!!! Not only does this location not know who to how conduct business professionally, but I can't get corporate or guest relations too care about the problems we have here. I'd there is any other choice choose it. They only want your money.

  • They are heartless employers as well my sister worked for them for seven years. She was a very loyal employee who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer .She had been on sick leave for three months. She was fired and told her position had been eliminated. They do not care about their employees or their customers.I wish someone could do an expose on this chain of hotels.


    • I have called over a 100 times in a six week period. My credit card overcharged, $600stolen from my room, 4days later mgr pulled key code, no one enter, cover up,counterfeit money given back as change, dope dealer brother is mgr. Dope dealer lives in mgr suite, stabbing, gun shots,fire alarm and now a death, every week prices go up and up, if you disagree they locked you out of the room,get your personal possession after they gotten anything of value,. Class actions law suit,high way robbery,blackmail, office staff ..cross land Lawrenceville ga doesn't honor any discount to veterans,or ext stay discount.according to office staff they aren't responsible for thefts vandalized vehicles,or security's. Cover up all the way to corporate. Health department raw sewage running between buliding,elderly quest territories, mgr put them out on the street

  • What a place we stayed at in Elmsford, NY. We were dislocated from Sandy since the storm and needed a hotel that took dogs. When I made the reservations I was told it was a FEMA approved hotel. After I seen my weekly charge of $908 after the first week I was shocked. I was told that they would only charge me $60 a night. Managers said don't worry we'll get this taken care of. No they didn't and when I called the corporate office they said they would get back to me I'm still waiting after 2 months. While at the hotel someone had a small fire in their room that cause the sprinkler system to go off and it took the fire department 3 hours to get it off. We stayed outside in the cold and later were told to another hotel everything would be taken care of. It only got worst after that because now we were being charged by both hotels. After a number of unanswered calls to hotel and corporate no one has called me back. It's not over for these scumbags. Getting to the rooms…OMG what a hole in the wall….All I could think was how bad it must be for the poor people that live in the projects. The chain has huge problems and when I get done with them…I hope they get closed down.

  • Look at this, I am sick and went to Memphis and stay at the Extended stay Deluxe on Horizon Lake drive. I book on their site in Nov. With the thk17 discount. 17 percent discount for membership. I stayed 65 days which was a month longer than I wanted but had no choice. When I checked out I am sappose to get my 17 percent back but Randy the General manager Refused to give it back. I should receive $416 back but not only did they not give it back today. They locked me out of my room unless I paid them another $85 and they owed me $416. He Refused to give it back even when I should him my reservation and agreement from their website. I don't know what to do. I am trying to call corporate and only getting messaging. Please help me as I am checking out tomorrow. If I don't get my money back they owe I cant buy my medicine now. HELP HELP T Sharp

  • Wow, hard to believe these comments are about the same chain we have stayed in several times in the last year. Stayed in San Carlos and Palm Springs in October and Las Vegas and Reno in April. All 3 sites were recently redecorated and lovely. Very clean and comfortable. In all cases the staff went out of their way to make sure we were happy.

  • This room was nasty and gross beyond my wildest imaginings…Beer SOAKED carpets still wet around the entire room. The sheets on the bed smelled clean yet the yellow stain was a gross factor as were the blood stains on the pillow case. I did enjoy the 2 mints on the bed though I was hesitant to touch anything in the room. Unbelieveable they are still in business

  • I need to know who to contact about a hotel that treated me like a criminal! After multiple attempts to try to have staff explain my bill, they would not give me a set price on the room rate, they would not explain to me why they charged my credit card the amounts they took, & then to top it off. 8 days before my intended departure date, the desk clerk demanded more money from me & said I had 1 hour to vacate the premises. The police showed up at my door & threatened to arrest me if I didn't the clerk money right then. According to my quoted rate & the hotel receipts I have, I have over paid this hotel by at least $100! I, at the demand of the police had to give my last $200 to the desk clerk so I wasn't arrested, the cop wouldn't even look at the hotel receipts showing I owed no money. I was told to sleep in my car & leave the premises. I can not believe that happened to me last night. Please, can anyone direct me on what I can do about this. Please

  • After reading some of these comments the Crossland in Waukegan, IL, falls right into the picture.
    Repairs I do not think this word exists in their vocabulary. The management would rather increase my rate than fix the water leaking into the bathroom all night long.
    Constant police presence because we have had overdoses, (guest have died on this property), robberies such as assualt & battery on guests, shady characters, & working women if you know what I mean.
    Guest Service Representatives that do not know what to do, I mean really do not know what to do! Other GSR that talk about the customers, wow, what about privacy, better yet "The Creed" posted on the wall, who follows that?
    The rooms here are decreipt, bed bugs & beds that are older than dirt.
    Remember the "Bates Hotel" in my opinoin this is what this place reminds me of scary, getting there.

  • I stay at your hotels all the time and find them to be a step above the rest. With around 20 stays a year at your properties I have been quite satisfied until recently. I stayed at your property at 6th and Kipling in Lakewood, CO from Oct 10th thru the 16th and found the room to be dirty and decrepit and the staff to be less than friendly. I made my reservation online and the hotel refused to honor the online reservation rate I still had locked in on my IPhone. The lamp was broke in the living area and lighting was horrible. The room was not clean and comfortable as you advertise and this is not similiar to previous experiences I have had with your hotels over the years. Neither the toilet or shower worked in the first room I was assigned and I was advised that I never should have been rented that room as it was out of order due to plumbing issues. Are you kidding me?

    • Phony Management in all your locations, non professional Hotel Managers in this chain! Did they get Master Degrees to perform positions such Hotel Manager, District Manager, etc..??? There is no a professional vision of business, just a poor will to get things well done. It is justified to invest $450 millions at high risk ?? Managers with only A DOMESTIC VISION OF BUSINESS!…BE CAREFULL!!

  • How can corporate management be allowed to hire their girlfriends. Personal favors and the girlfriend has no experience. This is unfair to those people that gave experience.

  • 18800 San Ramon Valley Blvd San Ramon Ca
    stay away from this dump. Extended Stay does not care about repairing anything. They rent to some of the worst. The latest a convict (rm 258) that boldly let's everyone know he is fresh from prison and has two strikes against him. He beams with joy stating he is on PAROLE. He hangs around daily with his shirt off displaying his body art that he proudly tells anyone that will listen how he got the tattoos while in prison. If you have kids stay away from here. Horrible environment, not safe. Cars and trucks are not only broken in to but also stolen from parking lots. The police are here on a daily and nightly basis. You are may also call San Ramon PD and they can tell you all about this dump. This Extended Stay will make no repairs for you NONE. Extended Stay shame on you for having no respect for good customers, shame for taking money but providing horrible service, shame for allowing criminals to live around good hard working people and families.

    One good note….One of the cleaning ladies (Hispanic decent) is not only very nice and sweet but also a very hard worker and does her job very well.

  • I am a travel agent who just received a scathing report from a client who stayed in the Anchorage Extended Stay America Mid Town location. It says they showed a TOTAL lack of interest in any of the many problems they encountered while there for 4 nights. They refused to honor the reservation price that had been confirmed via computer in writing. It was dirty, maids never came to clean at all, BAD…BAD…BAD!

    • the maids didnt come because you have to request their services. and then pay extra for it. but even if they come to clean they do a horribly unacceptable job. youre better off bringing a jug of bleach along if you ever plan on staying there…

    • AnonymousNovember 9, 2012 at 6:06 PM
      It says not only in the advertising but they also tell you at check in the room is seviced once a week, but doesnt happen

  • They don't care about their guest this will be the last time i stay in one of these hotels and I've been staying in one for the last year.

    • They never answer they don't care about customers just making money. they are terrible. absolutely terrible. I would not recommend them to anyone to stay at any of their hotels. the rooms are crappyy the service is crappy. they have no manners when dealing with customers. I received one # for guest relations 980-345-1892 if that helps anyone.


    • I agree my room was broken into and I can not reach anyone to talk to I leave message after message. No Reply. THIS IS THE WORST HOTEL AND CORPORATION. No customer service

    • Let it be know:
      Extend Stay Maryland Heights Lackland: Is a joke the front desk staff is extremely untrained robots that have no business dealing with the Adult public.
      I have stay there over three weeks at one time and daily the customer service decline to such a low. One evening around or about 9:20 pm 5/23/2013 I returned after a long day of work. Went to the front desk some one behind the desk with an long unfriendly face yell to me from behind the desk as others in the lobby turned to see he was point at and yelling to. Look at me as the person said / yell to me that if I was there for new / fresh towels there was none. Then he said the towels in the back were for in the morning.
      Just great customer service skills and what a policy for the Extend Stay to have guest can't get fresh towels as needed. When there are clean towels available.
      Perhaps during check in the Extended Stay Maryland Heights Lackland should tell guest that there is a cut off time to obtain fresh linen.
      I stay in room 103 a handicap room.

    • Extended stay america in Cumberland GA is even worse. The staff is rude and unkept. The attendant Candace yelled at me, called the cops to kick me out because She did not like the way I talked back to her (after she yelled at me). I was denied a manager, she ignored me standing in front of her. Candace the front desk attendant

    • Believe it or not the extended Stay in Houston was great. I went ahead and scheduled another reservation for Columbia,Mo and it was the worst. The hotel stink really bad, no housekeeping service. I was told if I wanted a house keeper, I needed to pay $5-7. My brother room was terible, the ended up giving him two rooms and charging for one. The breakfst was terrible. The workers didin't know what they was going and they wasn't claen. How can someone clean your room, when they come to work dirty already. I've been on hold for 3 hrs and no one answered.

    • St. Louis airport location lone eagle drive. PSA this is the worst, gross, most disturbingly raggedy hotel I have ever been inside of. My experience: check-in front desk lies and states they have NO rooms available for the weekend because my reservation magically disappeared out of their system…but because im a SMART traveler I already had my reservation saved in my email….poof a room appeared. Not the room I reserved but a non-smoking handicapped room…I didn't mind just a little irritated. A rain storm passed through st.louis for about 20 minutes..omg the room flooded and the generator blew..my two year daughter, and 13 year old nephew where freaked out! No apologies…actually gave me extra towels to clean the wet bathroom floor…as is that wasn't enough on my last night at 3 am my room fire alarm is going off…I'm in shear panic trying to get my child up and out the hotel only to find out it was the neighbor guest burning POPCORN to a crisp…ok non emergency turn this damn thing off…NO the alarm rings for 30 minutes….this was unbelievable…that wasn't the end they had the nerve to offer me an additional DAY…thanks but no thanks. This was by far the worst experience of my life. So much for my vacation. I'm calling the BBB and anyone else that will listen…that's my new mission to expose this chain

    • I am having difficulties at this time with the corporate office and local district manager. My 3 children were at risk of harm at one of the properties and I had to contact the police. At this time I have not had my money refunded to me and it is Christmas can someone assist me with who to contact. Thank you

    • Good luck!! All the hotels is run by 1 manager that has to do it all, the front desk is only there to take your money, the rooms are filthy because they abuse the poor housekeepers with 20-25 rooms just to save labor cost.thats the true behind scenes, 1 porter with 3 hours a day.they are structured to make money only, at the end they work every employee a… off, when it comes to holidays they dont even give them anything, forget if you request time off, they send you thru a tube, now with that said, they dont take care of their own employees, do you think they will take care of the public…it'sall about the money. "DO NOT STAY AT THOSE HOTELS" YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! Btw to answer the question call 980-345-1600 corporate number.

    • The Extended Stay on 7979 Fannin street in Houston is disgusting. It is worse than a motel for 20 bucks, and they charge $89. They say they have breakfast and its all expired breakfast bars. The bathroom is moldy, and the carpet and floors are sticky and stained, they never clean the rooms, nor provide extra towels, soap or toilet paper.


    • I am a CLC member and a Board member at the NAACP. And what I have found out about Extended Stay America in California by visiting four location is that they are not ethically diverse by the people they hire. We have launched a study by visiting location through out the country and found that there hiring is bias and not geared to hire Minorities. We hope that this is not the case, but if so then we will make sure that this matter be brought to the attention of the DOJ.

    • My wife and I moved to the Dearborn, MI area for a job and stayed at Extended Stay Dearborn. The idea was we'd stay there until we found an apartment. Our room was reserved 2 weeks ahead of our arrival. We arrived after driving over 1,000 miles. The 1st 2 rooms they gave us were both super filthy and stank of trash. I even called the night before and the same day of our arrival to make sure they still had our room and it was prepared for our arrival. They reassured us they would take care of us. We needed a wheelchair accessible room. However, all of their available wheelchair accessible rooms were filthy. The night person, Tamika, did an excellent job and put us in a non-wheelchair accessible room for the night. She prepared a wheelchair accessible room for us. We moved into a clean wheelchair accessible room the next day. The next morning, the front desk promised us a free night for the inconvenience. On the sixth day, I went to the front desk and asked if they had given us our free night on our account. The hadn't given us a free night yet. So at the point they stated they credited our account for a free night. So we were all set to stay for 8 days instead of 7. Note: the front desk person, Bree, never asked me if we were staying another week or if we wanted to extend our stay. At this point we're thinking every thing is great and we will stay an extra night, then extend another week on day 8. On day 7 we woke up and were preparing for the day. We were excited to start our day, because it was our 4th month of being married. As we were preparing for our day, there was a very loud banging on our door. It was Bree from the front desk yelling at us. She was yelling for us to leave immediately. She went further to tell us if we didn't open the door right away she would call the police. We were looking at each other thinking "what in the world is going on?". There was no problem, but there's Bree banging on our door, yelling at us, threatening us with the police. We did nothing to deserve being treated like this. I told her through the door we were not dressed yet and we weren't prepared to open the door. She took that as a threat and threatened us again, that she's call the police if we didn't open the door immediately and leave. So I opened the door even though I'm only wearing my boxers. Upon opening the door, I saw 2 little girls employed to clean the rooms across the hall. They were like 8 to 10 yrs old. They were standing there staring at me in my boxers as Bree was enraged and yelling at us to get out and leave the property immediately. I tried to tell her we were staying until we found an apartment, but she just kept telling us to leave NOW!!!! or else she will call the police. We could not believe what was happening and that we were being treated like animals totally unprovoked. So of course we wanted to get to the bottom of this and get the issue straightened out. So we got dressed and went to the front desk to talk to the manager. We got to the front desk and Bree continued to speak to me very nasty so I raised my voice to her demanding to speak to her manager. She became absolutely enraged and yelled at me telling me to not speak to her like that and she is going to call the police right now. She had her manager on the phone at that time and refused to let me speak with her. We waited for the police and Bree made up some elaborate story about us. Total liar! We tried to tell the police how she treated us and created this entire situation all by herself. They didn't listen to us at all. So we packed up and left and we'll NEVER return to any Extended Stay. Our civil and human rights were violated. What is our country coming to if businesses can treat people like this and get away with it. I recommend to everyone, to NEVER stay at any Extended Stay of America…it's not worth the hassle. You can find much better for just a few dollars more.

    • Stayed in the Anhiem 1742 S Clementine St/ by Disneyland/
      There was no one working there at 7:00am to check out, and the person fixing the
      coffee etc did not know how to speak english/ they where Illiterate and People where
      getting Really MAD that knowone was there. How can any corp think they are making money by hiring people who do not know how to HELP their Customers. This is the Story of the DOWN GRADE of the NATION. Plus my EYES where SWOLLEN from something is the Venilation system?

    • Reserved a room at Extended Stay at 11211 N. Black Canyon Hwy. Phoenix AZ.
      When we got there after driving for 6 hours and working for 8 hours, I was told our room was given away. And the person behind me, his room also. They couldn't tell me why. The worst untrained staff, rude, and could not give me any explanation. I gave him reservation number, he looked at me and said, I don't have any rooms!! I RESERVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!. Does anyone care about customers anymore?

    • VERY UNSATISFIED Called the reservation number to make a reservation in Cordova, TN 8110 for Cordova Center Dr. 38016. Was quoted a price and then I explained I had AAA or AARP did they take these for discounts? I was told yes and was also informed about a perks program that was free to sign up and that would give me 15% off. After making my reservation being told and confirmed my price per night that I would be paying, the email they send you about the perks program you fill out and send back is a joke they did not disclose this information during the phone call and the email with your confirmation # tells you the price you will pay. My confirmation # did not match the price I was given. We chose this hotel because it gave us the best price and was close to everything we needed. Very disappointed and will never ever choose this company or any of its affiliates.

    • Extended Stay America in Centennial near Denver is a dump….gang members out front, pool was green, hallways were filthy…literally filthy,…room was dirty…lobby had trash everywhere….front glass door were so dirty you couldn't see through them….lobby staff was heavy set…slow….and rude… We wouldn't stay in an Extended Stay America anywhere in the United States ever again….what a fkg dump!

      Steven Frost