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Where is Extended Stay America Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 

How to Contact Extended Stay Corporate Office Headquarters

Extended Stay Corporate Office Address:

11525 N. Community House Rd., Suite 100
Charlotte, NC 28277 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-980-345-1600
Fax Number: 1-864-573-1695
Customer Service Number: 1-980-345-1600
Reservations: 1-800-804-3724
Website: Extended Stay America Hotels

Extended Stay America’s main competitors are Comfort Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Hilton, Fairfield Inn, Marriott, Hyatt, Wyndham, Staybridge Suites, Springhill Suites, Doubletree, LaQuinta, Best Western, Ramada Inn, Embassy Suites, Red Roof Inn, Super 8, Clarion, Homewood Suites, and The Residence Inn.

Extended Stay America Corporate Office

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Extended Stay America Jacksonville FL

Rated 3 out of 5
April 11, 2023

I am currently staying at the Extended Stay America at 6961 Le3noir Ave. E. unfortunately, and this place leaves A LOT to be desired!!!

The staff here is a joke, there are nothing but a bunch of 20-something-year-old children who would like to act like they are in charge until something important comes up and then they don’t want to do a damn thing. The “manager” here Angela Davis who is actually a General manager is the rudest person I’ve ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Since the first time I spoke with her she has been nothing but cold and very short with me. I don’t know why she acts this way, she is in the hospitality business she does know that her job entails dealing with customers….

All this aside really it’s the room that I am having MAJOR PROBLEMS WITH!!! Last night my toilet started backing up so my husband and I have been trying to plunge it, to avail. now all this water came up with a toothpaste lid floating in the water along with human waste. We pay almost $2000.00 a month to stay in one little room the very least this company could do is make sure the plumbing works or have someone on call 24/7. The girl at the front told me that they don’t do emergency plumbing here.

I have a 4 yr old little boy who is severely autistic and it’s unhealthy for anyone to be around this, all I wanted was some help and all I got was an attitude from the front desk. I’m sure that I’m writing this for no reason, nothing will happen, no one will read this and it will just be forgotten about. I am really disappointed to know that extended stay America does not give a crap about it’s patrons and that the employees think it’s ok to be rude to their customers.

Knowing that Angela Davis is a General Manager and how she acts, I know that letter is probably a waste of time, but I still wanted it to be on record that I made the attempt to let corporate know how things in Jacksonville, Fl are being run and how the customers are being treated. We have been here almost 6 months now and in the six months almost that we have been here I have been harassed by a man who was so messed up on he didn’t realize he was on the wrong floor and kept beating on my door from 2:30am until 7:30am and when the police finally showed up they didn’t even give him a trespassing warrant. They knew him and said he wasn’t violent but he was on something and that they told him to go to his mother’s house, they said he’s probably next door at the Red Roof Inn harassing the customers over there. Then just last month I was giving my son a bath and my husband had taken the trash out and left the door cracked and when I came out of the bathroom a man was standing in our room and when I asked him what he was doing he just looked at me and then asked me if I had a wine bottle opener when I told him no and to get out of my room he got angry and started yelling at me so I took my foot and pushed the door shut on him and he stumbled backward. he then proceeded to punch on the front door screaming at me.

The neighbors actually came out because they could hear him screaming at me and they got ahold of the front desk to let them know what was happening. I haven’t felt safe here since the first incident and now it’s 8 pm and we are trying to deal with this plumbing situation ourselves since you guys ” don’t do emergency plumbing here”

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