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Tires Plus Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Tires Plus Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Bridgestone Retail Operations, LLC Address:
333 E. Lake St.
Bloomingdale, IL 60108 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-630-259-9000
Fax Number: 1-630-259-9158
Tires Plus Total Car Care Consumer Affairs

2021 Sunnydale Blvd.
Clearwater, FL 33765
Customer Service Number: 1-800-440-4167
Employment Fax Number: 1-727-441-3795


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  1. For 35 years I have been going to Tires Plus for service. Had work done at the Green Bay,Appleton in Wisconsin. Last 12 years in Okeechobee Florida. Since covid I do not recognize this company based on the quality of service lately.
    Purchased the road hazard for my tires and recently charged $35.56 for the replacement tire. $15 of that was tax? No reference to the tire was on that invoice? Having some legal experience in Tax laws this is not correct.
    During that visit they mentioned I needed a $1515 brake job. Took it to the Lexus dealer $605 and the highest rated mechanic in the area and had the brake job done with a synthetic oil change for $400 .
    This is the third type car is "dangerous to drive pitch" and find out its not true. Done with Tires plus. My entire family (6 vehicles) are done as well. I do not want a call from a manager or a supervisor. I am convinced this is how they do business.
    I am part of the business board and community in this town. I will be on a mission to destroy Tires Plus in this city. With out fail I will accomplish this.

  2. I have been a customer of Tire plus at 1066 Richard D Sailors Pkwy in Powder Springs Ga for over 10 years. They have a system of appointments for services { which is fine with me} The problem is that they do not respect the time of those appointments. Yesterday{Tuesday} 3/28/23 I requested one of those appointments for 9:00 am { Wednesday} to service my 2003 honda odyssey { Wheel Alignment, Wheel Balance, tire rotation and check on brakes } I brought the vehicle at 9:00 am Wednesday, talk to Mr. Eric Daniels { store Manager} He asked me if I have an appointment, I said Yes. He told me that he will give me a call when the services to the car were done. At 2:00 pm I called the store inquiring about the vehicle, a lady [ I did not get her name} said that they were only waiting for a mechanic to check the brakes { all the other services were already done}At 3:15 pm I arrived at the store talk to Mr. Eric Daniel asked him about the car and stated that they need to do the wheel alignment, I brought to his attention the conversation with the lady{ his co worker} on the telephone at 2:00 pm. I asked him if they have done any service to the vehicle because it was in the same parking spot where I left it at 9:00 pm. I was very upset with him because after 6 hours they have not done anything, I told him that I did not appreciate his dishonesty, he could have told me that morning that they were busy or had not approved my appointment the day before. I told him that when GLENN was the store manager none of that happened. I also said that the store is offering crappy customer service. He took this expression personally and said that I disrespect him. I did not do such a thing. I am very upset that Mr. Eric Daniel has no idea how to treat and respect his customers, it does not take 6 hours to do these services, and on top of everything he lied to me saying that they only need to do the wheel alignment when in reality they did not touch my car. I need to be refunded my money for my Wheel alignment {lifetime} for my TWO VEHICLES. I will not visit that store with lousy and frustrating service == NONE SERVICE++

  3. I've been a loyal customer of Tires Plus for many years. Until a year or so ago, I dealt with the Galeria location in Sparks nevada. The manger Steve cthere retired and the service suffered to a small degree I live in South Reno and I still took all my vehicles to the Sparks location. Now I've tried to deal with your location on south Virginia street in south Reno. I will never ever return to this location and will change to your competitor across the Charles Swab. Latest example, I have an appointment this morning at 9:00 to have the $1000 worth of tires I bought from my out simply rotated. I'm still sitting here at 9:45 and there are only two people working and one is standing around talking with the guy at the front desk and has been for 10 minutes. Not only will I never come back to this location, I will see to it that everyone on social media stays away as well. I'm very upset about this, since I've been a loyal customer for years, but this is not only the worst I've ever seen, but t try his location will be out out of business if corporate don't get it turned around immediately.

  4. Hello, my name is Arden Sorensen I called a store in Fort Lauderdale at 6221 powerline rd. Phone 954-267-9594 I had to order a tire because I have run flats. When I got to the store I had to pay for it and was told it would be delivered by noon and to come back to have it installed. Now I get back and they tell me I need to come back tomorrow morning to install the tire. I tell them I have to get it done today because I work tomorrow. They inform me now that I have to wait until they get to it. And that is going to be hours. I don’t and can’t drop it off because I can’t have anyone pick me up or bring me back. I don’t feel they told me the correct information and then they just treated me wrong when they had to install the tire today. I have always bought my tires there, I think I should stop using this company if this is how you treat your customers.

  5. 20-year customer relationship over in 1 visit. my business uses 20 tires a year typically plus the services. today, tires, fuel filters, oil change, radiator flush, and tire sensors. some of the raunchy music I’ve ever heard and I thought I enjoyed almost all of it, but I was wrong. I was supposed to get the lifetime alignment package also. I was charged for it but when I asked for the alignment report, they said my truck was too big for the bay to complete it. I asked if I should get refunded, and they then decided to refund me. then the new tire sensors didn’t work, they said to drive 4 miles for it to work. I drove 10 and went back. 4 people tried to get them to work and the 5th told them how to add the program. that took 2 hours. I can’t get the feeling out of my head that I’ve been ripped off. my company won’t be back again, ever.

  6. Well after being a good customer of Tires Plus for many years, they have finally seen me leave for the last time. I went on line and priced 4 tires. Called the location I've been doing business with for 10 plus years and ordered them. That afternoon, I received an email with the tires, and all the additional costs. To my shock and surprise it was almost twice the price that was advertised. This morning I went to the store and spoke with the "guy" at the front desk about the price differences. He shrugged his shoulders after about 5 minutes on the computer and boringly said, well the prices you have from this print out are the outdated ones. Duh??? If they're outdated, why are they still on the Tire Plus website? I told him I wasn't going to pay twice the price for those tires and to cancel my upcoming appointment. Again, he seemed bored and said, well ok. Looks like the tail is wagging the dog. Don't go to Tires Plus if you want an honest deal.

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