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Crunch Gym Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Crunch Gym Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

AGT Crunch Acquisition LLC

22 W. 19th St., Fl. 4

New York, New York 10011 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-993-0300

Cancellations: 1-866-428-9664

Billing: 1-800-547-1743

Fax Number: 1-212-367-0960

Customer Support Phone Number: 1-888-227-8624

Website: Crunch Gyms

Crunch Gyms competition includes Lifetime Fitness, Planet Fitness, Gold’s Gym, LA Fitness, In-Shape Fitness, Anytime Fitness, NYSC, 24-Hour Fitness, Retro Fitness, Blast Fitness, Fitness 19, California Family Fitness, Snap Fitness, and Orange Theory.

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  1. HORRIBLE SERVICE! I came down there in person to freeze my membership and instead of freezing it they continued to charge me. Hopefully enough people will boycott this gym that it will hurt their business. Now I have to go back in person when I get back in the country and cancel plus fight the transactions on my credit card. HORRIBLE!

  2. I have been going to the Crunch gym for several years in Bradenton Florida and I recently joined planet fitness and the first thing I noticed about Planet Fitness was how clean it was and there were stations for wipes everywhere!. I went to Crunch this morning hoping they had fixed these old machines that grind when you are trying to work out and finally decided this is just not working for me. I saw the sun shining on the machines and there were LAYERS of dust everywhere! OMG I thought! To say I am disappointed is an understatement. I took photos of the dirty machines. I would be glad to share them with you.

  3. My friends & I went to the Crunch Gym on Hole Ave, Riverside, CA to sign-up and were appalled by the reception we received from Sara at the front desk. There were several people standing by the desk waiting to be checked in. She was too busy chit-chatting & laughing to check them in & just waved them in!!! That is some security!!!! We stood there waiting to be helped. When she finally decided to assist us, she had a major attitude. Her unpleasant attitude just made us walk out. No Customer service!! We noticed the gym personnel to be just sitting around laughing, totally unprofessional!!! We are going somewhere else! Crunch, you need to train your employees the art of customer service. It's obvious SARA needs to take a course or 5!!!!!!!! Shame, shame, shame!!!!! I should have done my homework here before going! So many bad reviews for this gym. Pretty appalling that Crunch has not tried to improve their image!!

  4. On the evening of May 1, 2019 at the Toms River, NJ Crunch Fitness a small group trainer was verbally assaulted and threatened by a member from the Toms River Crunch Fitness over workout space for Small Group Training. The trainer attempted to deesculate the situation with the irrational irate member however the member who was out of control continued to use profanity, cause a scene and disrupt not only Small Group Training but the entire gym. Unable to deesculate the situation on her own the trainer sought help from a front desk employee who also became victim to the verbal assaults by the member. Despite being the victim of horrific verbal abuse the trainer continued her Small Group Training Session in a professional manner putting her clients first as she always does. This trainer has worked for Crunch Fitness for three years has had no disciplinary actions nor complaints. Today May 2, 2019 one half an hour prior to her class the trainer was called into the office and without explanation was told that she was being let go. The trainer who was the victim was further humiliated as she was escorted out of the gym. It is appalling to me that as a manager a person who is in a leadership position who should support and represent their staff members would not only allow one of their staff to be treated in such a manner but then in turn fire that staff member. If this is how Crunch Fitness treats their staff one can only imagine how they treat their members.

  5. worst customer service ever ! as the General manager of a year , Jeff, never call a guest a liar ! That is basic customer service 101 ! Learn to fix the mistakes your club makes or the mistakes your misinformation has caused and make them right! Dont blame or put it on the guest ! So unprofessional !

  6. 12/12/18
    To whom it may concern:
    This is a complaint about the receptionist at the Crunch gym on 54th street. This is the third time I am placing a complaint about this individual who continues to exhibit the same behavior.
    The first incident happened when I reached to get a towel and the laundry lady was there putting towels on the shelves. He reached over the counter to dictate to me to leave the lady alone. I only wanted to take a towel. This happened about a year ago but I don’t recall the exact date.
    The second incident happened when I dropped a towel in the basket. The basket was empty; he proceeded to run behind me and with an angry gesture he took the towel and ran upstairs. This happened around the same time of the day as the first incident happened.
    Ever since these incidents every time I come to the gym, he looks at me with a grimace and then smiles only with the intent to harass and provoke me. His motive is that there was an incident with the previous receptionist. This happened when the laundry lady was standing in the front desk talking to the receptionist and I almost tripped because she had a laundry bag on the floor. Both she and the current receptionist blamed me. I assume the previous receptionist informed the current one of what happened and he became prejudiced against me.
    On Dec.12 of this year as I was walking to go upstairs, the receptionist ran from the behind the desk as if he was going to charge at me. I looked back him and asked what his problem is and then I proceeded to complain to the manager. This exchange didn’t go very well because I was already angry with what is happening with this employee.
    On my way out, I stopped at the manager’s office to explain to her what is happening. She never said she will do something about this situation; it appeared to be of no importance to her that is how I felt. She was more concerned about me raising my voice to her earlier. That’s all she cared about basically.
    After I left her office the receptionist run to her office to find out what was said and probably to continue conversing as pals with the manager.
    I left NY Sports Club to come to Crunch because that gym’s quality was declining but never once was the receptionist there rude to me or exhibit such street behavior. The current receptionist should not be working at any service desk: he does not have the ability to fill a front desk position because he lacks the customer service training and skills.
    After complaining twice about this individual, he continues the same behavior. All this proves how bad the management of Crunch is. I have seen up to about five managers so far at that location. It’s up to upper management to have skillful and courteous people working at the gym. Corporate management needs to hire good individuals to manage the gyms the right way. I pay $90 dollars monthly; I go to the gym to relax and not to have to deal with kind of people. This is unacceptable but is not the employee’s fault but the manager’s fault who continues to employ him in that position. A good skillful manager should know how their employees behave and properly supervise them. Once a manager becomes pals with the employees, they lose their authority. Unlike every other receptionist, this individual never says hello when you check in. I don’t really care if he does. All I want is that this stupid harassment stops. I personally believe he should be terminated from this position. I will keep my eye out for other good gyms with good deals to move to. Obviously Crunch management does not seem to care about their customer’s experience hired as long money is being made. I don’t know how other Crunch gyms are managed but I will not recommend this location to anyone.

  7. Well, it happened again!! I overheard at least 5 personal trainers at Crunch Select Gym in Midland Park, NJ talking about how their checks bounced for a third time in less then 3 months!!! How the hell are they still working there? Corporate Headquarters needs to replace him FAST!!!! People are leaving this gym left and right.

  8. My child is an employee at Crunch Select gym in Midland Park, NJ. When the paycheck was deposited into the bank……IT BOUNCED!! Are you kidding me? And this is not the first time (3 times in the last 2 years), in fact, 90% of the staff checks bounced!! Not only is this ridiculous, but it is a criminal offense. I searched up info. about bounced checks. If it is under $500, it is considered a misdemeanor. However, if 3 or more checks bounce within a 5 day period…it results in a 2-year felony charge!! This owner should NOT be an owner of any gym. In fact, he should be in prison!!! My friend, who is a member, overheard the trainers one day saying that some of them were asked not to deposit their checks right away because there wasn't enough money in the Crunch account to cover it!! I really hope the corporate office gets in touch and comes down on this guy fast….before I do!!! Totally UNACCEPTABLE!

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