Crunch Gym Corporate Office Headquarters

Crunch Gym Corporate Office Headquarters

AGT Crunch Acquisition LLC

22 W. 19th St., Fl. 4

New York, NY 10011 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-993-0300

Cancellations: 1-866-428-9664

Billing: 1-800-547-1743

Fax Number: 1-212-367-0960

Customer Service Number: 1-888-227-8624

  • ********* Crunch Garden Grove, CA -NEEDS NEW MANAGEMENT ***************

    If you consider joining this gym, just get the basic membership.

    The evening Hiit classes listed on their website are always cancelled (without notice) while the current coaches that are certified to teach stand around talking.
    The gym owner should evaluate the drop of check ins. Mon, Wednesday and Friday curriculum are not meeting consumer fitness needs. The coaches are great with an explosive intense program however the members are not happy with it. It has been brought to their attention yet still no change. Maybe they can communicate with the evening Tuesday and Wednesday coach for suggestions, improvements.
    There has been incidents where 1 to 2 members will show up for a class and no coach in sight to teach due to the small amount of members checked in.

    In observance, the current staff in the training area at Crunch Garden Grove, CA are definitely not customer nor team oriented. It takes one rotten apple to spoil the rest. I feel the newer current management team lack leadership skills and common sense with managing current staff.

    They do no consider member complaints nor suggestions on improvement. The vibe and energy has changed drastically. Eventually all members will be downgrading their membership to the basic or cancelling.

    On a positive note, the reception do a great job. They greet people, they have vibrant energy. They've done an outstanding job throughout the pandemic handling capacity and maintaining the gym clean.

  • HORRIBLE SERVICE! I came down there in person to freeze my membership and instead of freezing it they continued to charge me. Hopefully enough people will boycott this gym that it will hurt their business. Now I have to go back in person when I get back in the country and cancel plus fight the transactions on my credit card. HORRIBLE!

  • I have been going to the Crunch gym for several years in Bradenton Florida and I recently joined planet fitness and the first thing I noticed about Planet Fitness was how clean it was and there were stations for wipes everywhere!. I went to Crunch this morning hoping they had fixed these old machines that grind when you are trying to work out and finally decided this is just not working for me. I saw the sun shining on the machines and there were LAYERS of dust everywhere! OMG I thought! To say I am disappointed is an understatement. I took photos of the dirty machines. I would be glad to share them with you.

  • My friends & I went to the Crunch Gym on Hole Ave, Riverside, CA to sign-up and were appalled by the reception we received from Sara at the front desk. There were several people standing by the desk waiting to be checked in. She was too busy chit-chatting & laughing to check them in & just waved them in!!! That is some security!!!! We stood there waiting to be helped. When she finally decided to assist us, she had a major attitude. Her unpleasant attitude just made us walk out. No Customer service!! We noticed the gym personnel to be just sitting around laughing, totally unprofessional!!! We are going somewhere else! Crunch, you need to train your employees the art of customer service. It's obvious SARA needs to take a course or 5!!!!!!!! Shame, shame, shame!!!!! I should have done my homework here before going! So many bad reviews for this gym. Pretty appalling that Crunch has not tried to improve their image!!

  • On the evening of May 1, 2019 at the Toms River, NJ Crunch Fitness a small group trainer was verbally assaulted and threatened by a member from the Toms River Crunch Fitness over workout space for Small Group Training. The trainer attempted to deesculate the situation with the irrational irate member however the member who was out of control continued to use profanity, cause a scene and disrupt not only Small Group Training but the entire gym. Unable to deesculate the situation on her own the trainer sought help from a front desk employee who also became victim to the verbal assaults by the member. Despite being the victim of horrific verbal abuse the trainer continued her Small Group Training Session in a professional manner putting her clients first as she always does. This trainer has worked for Crunch Fitness for three years has had no disciplinary actions nor complaints. Today May 2, 2019 one half an hour prior to her class the trainer was called into the office and without explanation was told that she was being let go. The trainer who was the victim was further humiliated as she was escorted out of the gym. It is appalling to me that as a manager a person who is in a leadership position who should support and represent their staff members would not only allow one of their staff to be treated in such a manner but then in turn fire that staff member. If this is how Crunch Fitness treats their staff one can only imagine how they treat their members.

  • worst customer service ever ! as the General manager of a year , Jeff, never call a guest a liar ! That is basic customer service 101 ! Learn to fix the mistakes your club makes or the mistakes your misinformation has caused and make them right! Dont blame or put it on the guest ! So unprofessional !

  • 12/12/18
    To whom it may concern:
    This is a complaint about the receptionist at the Crunch gym on 54th street. This is the third time I am placing a complaint about this individual who continues to exhibit the same behavior.
    The first incident happened when I reached to get a towel and the laundry lady was there putting towels on the shelves. He reached over the counter to dictate to me to leave the lady alone. I only wanted to take a towel. This happened about a year ago but I don’t recall the exact date.
    The second incident happened when I dropped a towel in the basket. The basket was empty; he proceeded to run behind me and with an angry gesture he took the towel and ran upstairs. This happened around the same time of the day as the first incident happened.
    Ever since these incidents every time I come to the gym, he looks at me with a grimace and then smiles only with the intent to harass and provoke me. His motive is that there was an incident with the previous receptionist. This happened when the laundry lady was standing in the front desk talking to the receptionist and I almost tripped because she had a laundry bag on the floor. Both she and the current receptionist blamed me. I assume the previous receptionist informed the current one of what happened and he became prejudiced against me.
    On Dec.12 of this year as I was walking to go upstairs, the receptionist ran from the behind the desk as if he was going to charge at me. I looked back him and asked what his problem is and then I proceeded to complain to the manager. This exchange didn’t go very well because I was already angry with what is happening with this employee.
    On my way out, I stopped at the manager’s office to explain to her what is happening. She never said she will do something about this situation; it appeared to be of no importance to her that is how I felt. She was more concerned about me raising my voice to her earlier. That’s all she cared about basically.
    After I left her office the receptionist run to her office to find out what was said and probably to continue conversing as pals with the manager.
    I left NY Sports Club to come to Crunch because that gym’s quality was declining but never once was the receptionist there rude to me or exhibit such street behavior. The current receptionist should not be working at any service desk: he does not have the ability to fill a front desk position because he lacks the customer service training and skills.
    After complaining twice about this individual, he continues the same behavior. All this proves how bad the management of Crunch is. I have seen up to about five managers so far at that location. It’s up to upper management to have skillful and courteous people working at the gym. Corporate management needs to hire good individuals to manage the gyms the right way. I pay $90 dollars monthly; I go to the gym to relax and not to have to deal with kind of people. This is unacceptable but is not the employee’s fault but the manager’s fault who continues to employ him in that position. A good skillful manager should know how their employees behave and properly supervise them. Once a manager becomes pals with the employees, they lose their authority. Unlike every other receptionist, this individual never says hello when you check in. I don’t really care if he does. All I want is that this stupid harassment stops. I personally believe he should be terminated from this position. I will keep my eye out for other good gyms with good deals to move to. Obviously Crunch management does not seem to care about their customer’s experience hired as long money is being made. I don’t know how other Crunch gyms are managed but I will not recommend this location to anyone.

  • Well, it happened again!! I overheard at least 5 personal trainers at Crunch Select Gym in Midland Park, NJ talking about how their checks bounced for a third time in less then 3 months!!! How the hell are they still working there? Corporate Headquarters needs to replace him FAST!!!! People are leaving this gym left and right.

  • My child is an employee at Crunch Select gym in Midland Park, NJ. When the paycheck was deposited into the bank……IT BOUNCED!! Are you kidding me? And this is not the first time (3 times in the last 2 years), in fact, 90% of the staff checks bounced!! Not only is this ridiculous, but it is a criminal offense. I searched up info. about bounced checks. If it is under $500, it is considered a misdemeanor. However, if 3 or more checks bounce within a 5 day period…it results in a 2-year felony charge!! This owner should NOT be an owner of any gym. In fact, he should be in prison!!! My friend, who is a member, overheard the trainers one day saying that some of them were asked not to deposit their checks right away because there wasn't enough money in the Crunch account to cover it!! I really hope the corporate office gets in touch and comes down on this guy fast….before I do!!! Totally UNACCEPTABLE!

  • I was informed about this website as far as leaving comments for Crunch headquarters. I am so glad because I have to say that this gym is a DUMP!! I used to go to Parisi's Gym, and it was great. Now a Crunch, members are treated like garbage, and they will do absolutely nothing to keep you there as a member. All they care about is how much money they can get out of you. The front desk staff is horrendous, and I do not even want to talk about the gym manager. Plus, the music is awful! The end of October, I am out of there….thank God.

  • My trainer was never availablehen I was scheduled for 90 dollar pt SESSIONS. Then I got a surprise charge for 3 months of training I never received bc I updated my cc for my regular gym membership after my purse had been stolen. The manager, Derrick is a peach.

  • Crunch bought Idaho Athletic Club a year ago. The promises of stepping it up, getting the Clubs up to date, pools & Jucuzzis clean, Jacuzzi jets fixed, Saunas working, clean and repaired accordingly to wear & tear. None has been address, specifically at the Eagle ID location. It is dirtier then ever!!! Nothing has been fixed, club is in a mess, while employees are hanging out in their offices! Last week the showers were ICE COLD for most of the week. No visible notifications as such!! Sauna was warm. Jacuzzi is still not working properly. Pools and Jacuzzi water is grime. Towels availability is unreliable. The Music is blaring in the women's locker room, consistently. When requesting to have it turned down, so one can have a conversation in there, or at least think, we're told that they can't!!! Yet at times the music is at a much lower level!!! The last straw, hence this email, was when one of the long term members requested to have the music turned down, they were told they could take their membership else where!!!!! This is called customer service???? Front of lockers still have soap from when there was an attempt to clean them….Shower tiles look horrid from the commercial product they used!!! I am seriously appalled at the attitudes of the staff at this location!!! Yet money spent on paint, new muscle building equipment and massage beds….go figure…who's going to pay for this, as members are looking for alternative gyms. Yes, newbies to Boise do not know differently….yet, but will eventually once they experience the lack of customer service, club maintenance and promises not fulfilled!!!!

  • The facility in Stanhope NJ, is poorly managed by the kids that work there, there isn't a manager and the owners are clueless or don't care. They are never at the gym and when they are and you say something it's the same old story "things are going to change". Half the equipment doesn't work and they don't seem in a rush to fix anything. In the winter they have the heat up so much that you cannot breath in there and the cleaning people are always there at the peak time clean with the bleach or Clorox. So if you like to inhale those fumes then this is the place to go. In the summer the air conditioning is never on so it's so hot and stuffy, that you almost pass out while working out. The music the kids play at this gym is the worst, and can be very offensive, but they don't seem to notice what the rapper is saying. It would be nice if they played music that makes you want to move, then makes you mad, depressed or walk out the door (which I have). With summer coming and the new years resolution people only going to last another month, you would think the owners would listen to the clients that have been there for years.
    After reading all the complaints it appears that the issue starts at the top and all anyone wants with the "Crunch" name is the money!!! If it wasn't for the great people I have met, and the great trainer I have at this facility I would leave.

  • The facility in Sarasota Florida on University Parkway is so poorly managed it's ridiculous. The facility is not clean, the manager of the group fitness classes cannot organize instructors and the flow of classes. We all pay extra for classes in addition to our membership fee and it's unbelievable how poorly it is managed. When they have people who manage the facility that do a great job, they move them somewhere else. Did you ever hear of "proper training" for managers of these facilities???? You have a large group of very unhappy and angry customers. Better get on the ball and fix this place before you think about opening another poorly managed facility. Word of mouth advertisement is the best, right now it's not good for Crunch fitness facilities.

  • Bad customer service at the Colorado Springs location. The company double charge my account. When I called about it the manager at the gym was not helpful. Just keep repeating that I would need to pay 10days before my due date for my account not to get charge. The reason I was calling because Crunch Fitness double charge me for the annual fee and would like my money back since this was paid back in July when they finally opened!!!

  • Mr. Thompson Today 9-23-17 at approximately 1:15 I entered your gym. I stepped around a guy standing in the aisle right next to the front desk. I turned to see who it was and the guy yelled you got a problem and other choice words. I walked back toward the desk he stepped in front of me trying to provoke a confrontation. I said you were standing in the middle of the aisle so I looked to see who it was. He stepped up to me close enough for me to smell his breath and yelled in my face. "You say excuse me” then proceeded to tell me he would take me outside and beat my ass. I walked away. I went to the desk where the only employee as far as I could see was glued to the computer screen. I said" hey are you going to do your job?” He looked at me obliviously while I explained the situation. Then told me he would “ talk to the guy”. He of course denied threatening me. I no longer wish to be a member of your gym. This is the second time I have been hassled and you and your employees seem to do nothing about it. Did the employee take the name of the threatening member did he write a report? Is there an procedure to protect vulnerable members from harassment and violence. This could have ended very differently I hope you realize how serious this issue is! I hope this will serve as a notice as discontinuation of my Membership. I would very much like to hear whatever response you have to this situation.

  • I have made several complaints about this business, concerning unauthorized charges on my card for the past month and still have yet to be contacted or any attempt to solve this matter. Appalled at the unprofessional attitude of this total business

  • On 04/01/2017, Crunch San Dimas, trampled all over my disability, breaking federal law in the process, as their computer system wasn't flagging my payments properly, and Belen Desantes, the UFC manager threatened to call the police on my for being unacceptable, after she pushed me into a manic state, after telling me she had no authority on the Crunch side of the gym.

  • All crunch fitness locations must have the worse customer service. The Hamilton, NJ location, the owner Evan is ignorant as well as other trainers and some front desk employees. The class are okay, but it's the same moves and same classes from 5 on each day. It gets boring and as for the TRX class, who ever designed the set up needs to go back to design school. This class is only offered once a week and if class is full, we have to do a circuit because everyone is so close and there is no room. They should have spread them out more and used more walls.

  • My two sisters are members of Crunch, Daly City branch, they love to join the zumba classes, but they stop going to Daly City anymore because of Cris who is a teacher of Tues & Thursday classes. Their complaint is Cris is a terrible, unprofessional and has
    a favoritism. He always pick his friends to dance with him on the stage for the entire 1 hour class. Is it what they are paying for the crunch as members to have a good class? What happen if these people got hurt while dancing in the stage? Crunch are liable for their accident. He has to stop using these people just to pretend that is enjoyable, but the truth is he is lazy and tired. The group Manager should talk to him to stop what he is doing, 'coz it's unfair to other teachers who are doing their best to finish the class with their own effort. I'm addressing this issue in behalf of my sisters. Thank you! Ron

  • Crunch in parkway plaza el xajon ca . Worst customer service in a gym. I know they have kids working for them but at least they should train them on customer service skills. Every time you go in they are playing around hanging out at the counter. I decide to cancel my membership and I'm told even though I'm cancelling before my annual due date they are going to charge me my annual fees. Because I did not cancel 10 days before my billing cycle. I canceled 5 days. Then I said so I'm going to be charged an annual membership fee but not have membership for the year. That does not make sense. The girls both try to explain but all they could explain is that I signed for annual fees to be taken out every June 1st. So since I only canceled 5 days before June 1st they took the fee and not 10 days before . I still have to pay my year membership even though I won't be member for the year. I ask if I can talk to someone else she said no there is no manager you can talk to. I ask for a corporate phone number I'm told no they do not have a number for me. Wow. So who handles the financials. She says she doesn't know. Omg I just had to leave because i was so irriatated she was talking in circles and made no sense. Be careful what you sign up for. Pissed off right now

    • First weigh in for 90 day challenge at . #ICRUNCHEDIT!!! Lost -2lbs. And
      Lost – 9.3% body fat.

      Thank you #JOHNMCHUGH my personal trainer and friend you have blessed me with your knowledge positiveness and HOPE. He makes me smile and tells me I'm worth it. Best thing I ever did was join #CRUNCHFITNESS. With all my health issues I have a fighting chance of losing all this weight and get healthy.

  • I agree! I applied at the Fountain Valley Crunch and got an interview with Jamie-Lynn. She said she wanted to have a second interview the following week I called 3-4 times, and when I finally got to talk to her, she said "sorry our sales manager hired someone" why would you have all your managers interviewing diff people all at the same time instead of interviewing 1 person at a time so your all on the same page!!? Then I get a call from Huntington Beach Crunch from the service Manager Tiffany Duncan and she wanted to interview me the following week and wanted me to call her back to set up a date and time. I call the same day she was out but I left a message, she didn't have the common courtesy to call me back at all, so I called once again and she wanted my resume which I'am experienced in the fitness industry btw. I email her asking which day she wanted to interview me and she said "my GM hired someone already" THEY NEED TO COMMUNICATE WITH MANAGEMENT!! why even leave a VM saying you want to interview me if you GM is hiring people himself. One manager should interview one person at a time and if you like them give them a 2nd interview with the GM it's not rocket science!!!

  • I'm sorry but the people who run the crunches in Southern California are morons! I've applied @ Crunch in Lakewood CA, Crunch in Cerritos CA, Crunch Fountain Valley CA, and Crunch Huntington Beach all said they were gonna call me back or wanted to interview me, then when time comes "my manager hired someone" or "I nvr get a call back when they say they would. I'm over it… they give you this false hope or imply you got the position, when you didn't. Their management is NOT on the same page AT ALL. Get it together!!!

  • Crunch is a greedy corporate gym who cuts hours at the front desk so that the corporate greed monsters at the top can get their bonus checks. Just another corporation that can give two you know whats about their employees or their customers. Their customers are just money to their ears but really do not care about you. There are so many self owned whole in the wall gyms that EVERYONE can support. Don't give corporations your money ANYMORE! Plus, crunch raises your annual fee each year…why??? hmmm…why don't you ask the bank account of the corporate employees. That'll explain why you pay what you do. GREED GREED GREED. It is never enough. Corrupt Crunch! Support your local self owned gyms!

  • Crunch is a greedy corporate gym that cuts hours of their poor overworked front desk staff so that the corporate greed monsters at the top can get their bonus checks. Just another corporation that can give two you know whats about their employees and customers. Customers are just money to their ears, nothing more! There are so many self owned, whole in the wall gyms that EVERYONE can support. Don't give corporations your money ANYMORE! Plus, crunch raises your annual fee each year…why??? hmmm…why don't you ask the bank accounts that belong to corporate. That'll explain why you pay what you do. GREED GREED GREED. It is never enough. Corrupt Crunch! Support small businesses! Support small gyms!

  • Corporate, are you reading these comments ?? I was going to complain about the manager at the Rocklin, CA, location ( there is already one adverse posting on him )but it looks like it would be a waste of time.

  • I need to file a complaint. Just dont know where to start. Im in California and i need to freeze my account cuz i got in a accident and had to get surgery. They manage told me i could and when im better we could start up again. 3 months goes by and they charged my account. WTH so i call and supposedly that manager is no longer there. Also he said you can only freeze 3 months but thats no what i was told. Im order to freeze my account he said i have to resend my email i sent to the manager. ( how are they gonna get the email if im resending to the old managers account and there no longer there???) Also the new manager said i have to bring a doctors note saying whats wrong to freeze again. I shouldnt have to give him my personal information about whats wrong with me. Then i go down there on crutches and sign a paper to freeze my account. Well guess what they charged me my monthly fees again. Im so mad. What do i do??? This is crunch hemet California

  • My membership got terminated at the Crunch fitness of Norwalk CT and I got banned from the facility because I had a fitness logo on my jeep that isn't crunch fitness. They knew when they signed me up that I am a trainer and I've had the same logo on my jeep since sign up.

    The way the manager Dan Spano handled the situation was rude and abrupt. As I was walking in with a friend and he was passing me to go to the garage. He yells out. "You! I need to talk to you." Like I was a little person. I have never met him other than see him at the gym. After my workout I approached him at the front desk and he puts my contract in front of me and says. As of this day you membership is terminated and you are banned from the facility because of the logo on your jeep. When I said it was unfair that I was getting kicked out because of my jeep logo. Dan replied with we can refuse service to anyone for any reason. That is not how you conduct business. Treating other people poorly and refusing service for any reason just because you can.

  • One of the two urinals in the men's restroom at the Carlsbad, Ca. location has been out of service for a MONTH. When I brought it to the attention of a male person at the front desk I was told there was no timeline to fix it. What a great reflection of the gym with its one working (for the time being) urinal. I suppose that if his home toilet was not working he would wait a month or more to call someone and have it repaired.

  • 11-16-2016
    Customer Complaint about Fitness Manager, Ali Crosbie.

    On Wednesday November 16, 2016 at approximately 3:00 pm in the afternoon I was in the facility using the barbell performing some deadlifts when a friend of mine walks by and makes a comment about the weight I was lifting and proceeded to smile and walk off. Apparently a personal trainer over heard the comment and decided to give me his personal opinion about how loud I was being and challenged me on my physical ability to lift the weight “ I can show you how to do it since you don’t know how to” I was extremely disrespected by his arrogance and lack of customer service and inability to communicate with Crunch members. He then proceeds to threaten me by stating that he was the Fitness Manager and that he can have me kicked out and have my membership suspended; at this point I walk up to him and tell him “are you serious, do you have a personal problem with me? Or do you have like an anger problem?” He then looks at me and asked me if I knew whom he was and proceeds to tell me to look him up. Keep in mind that this unprofessional and confrontational behavior is happening in the middle of the gym and both of us are being very vocal. I have worked in the fitness industry and I have been a certified personal trainer, I understand that there are policy’s and rules and I have no problem following these rules but to rudely confront a customer and threaten them with removal and suspension is uncalled for ethically and legally I feel as though there may have been some discrimination on the part of the personal trainer I will be consulting legal advice.

    I spoke with Ryan Kowaski the General Manager and told him how disrespectful and unprofessional the fitness manager acted when speaking to me. I explained that all he had to do was use some customer service and speak to me and all of this would have been avoided. Ryan Kowaski explained to me that he would speak with Ali Crosbie.

    Crunch Member, Ruben Maya

    Crunch National City Plaza Bonita
    3060 Plaza Bonita Rd
    National City, CA 91950
    United States

  • The CRUNCH FITNESS in San Dimas CA is filthy. I have complaint numerous times to the manager Tyler regarding not having soap on the shower dispensers for over 2 weeks. I am a health care professional and I find this very unacceptable since as a customer I am entitled to have access to a clean and safe facility. Your staff's lack of concern regarding cleanliness and safety for your customers poses danger to the public. I'm sure I don't have to spell it out to CORPORATE but not providing basic safeguard such as soap can expose people to germs, bacteria, fungus and can cause people be sick. I was told that this facility has been out of soap and has been waiting for stock shipment for quite sometime – this reasoning is unacceptable since many people use your facility. Therefore, with the lack of response from this site/location, I am force to report this matter to Los Angeles Public Health authorities. I have changed CRUNCH locations three times already due to this same issues. I realize that your GYMS are entry level and not considered a high-end gym but my expectations as a consumer is the same – that I should be provided a safe and clean facility to work out and access.

  • I just received a horrible customer service at Crunch in San Mateo location near Whole Foods. They told me if I link into my friend's account it will be easier and cheaper, I did, and they charged my account and my friends's account every month. When confronted with them, the Manager Tamera said that it is not their problem and I should go and talk to my friend. She was absolutely rude and unprofessional. This gym is nothing but fraud.

  • I understand the Crunch in Bonita Springs, FL are having issues with the manager getting rid of some of his good trainers….what's the deal with these people. If you have good people what is the problem!

  • The managers at Crunch have a buddy system and terminate good instructors to get their friends in. Cancelling my membership.

  • Hi! my name is Luis A Nino and I wrote a complaint to Crunch in Naples Florida under kate Rouseau over an employees of her his name is George Lenox. My brother Luis E Nino just came from another country to live here with his family. He asked me for a gym near by , I have heard Crunch in Naples at 6013 Pine Ridge Rd, Naples, FL 34119. I took on Friday May 24/16 and they were really nice to signed him up that day and he has membership to compliance his family as well , not inconvenience or rules. On Monday May 27/16 we went early to the gym and we tried to work out and Mr. George Lennon said that I could not go in because I did not have any ID for policy, we wanted to ask an explanation of why they did not mentioned this things ahead 9since I did not bring my ID . He kept short us our conversation saying "you need ID and you need ID" to the point that irritated my brother who had a good intention and spoke decent to explained why? his manager Mrs. Rousseau was there in front desk with the rest of the customer services but she did not able to intervene until we asked for the manager and then she apologized for the inconvenience and explained and good matter the club position, my brother wanted to cancel his membership and she said that she will be gladly to do so but she can't refund his money because it was 3 days since he join (Saturday, Sunday and Monday) which I don't think is legal he has not even use the facility once…he just signed up. I convinced my brother not to cancel his membership and I explained the manger Mrs. Rousseau that George lacks of customer services skills and he needs manners to treat costumers with a little bit of more respect or dignity. I wrote her an email about the way we felt , however nothing was done to this matter or conduct. I hope Crunch headquarters will be able to read this formal complain of this incident. My next and last step I will write a letter to Crunch Headquarters at 22W 19th, Floor 4th NY, NY 10011 Regards, Luis A Nino

  • April 28, 2016

    Dear John Geary,

    I, Lilian Lopez, Register Nurse, with membership #203524, would like to thank you for fixing one of the bathroom doors that was broken at the North Brunswick Gym, but before it was fixed, when I was using the bathroom the door hit me on my head very hard, there where no "Out of Service" signs outside, warning people not to use it. I went to tell the manager Kevin about the incident, instead of being polite he got mad and accused me of using the bathroom, with a very nasty language. On that afternoon, on my class I felt strong headache, I mentioned to Kevin the manager, he acted very unprofessional and unappropriated. Instead of saying "sorry for the inconvenience" he acted like if I had offended him.
    A manager must treat customers with respect, and polite not using a demeanor language. I bring this incident to your attention, otherwise you will loose members.

    Lilian Lopez

    April 28, 2016

    Dear John Geary,

    Just want to notify you that I went to gym on the afternoon of 4/27/16, the manager Kevin received my check in, and in front of everybody there he gave me a warning saying "next time I will cancel your membership" again very unprofessional and nasty to a lady, I return to him and said "do it now, cancel my membership" I don't want to go back to that gym as long he continues as a manager. He lacks customer service manors, and his attitude towards customersis not of a manager and for that reason I want to cancel my membership.

    Lilian Lopez
    Membership #@203524

  • I am…errr was… a member of the Aurora, IL Crunch fitness. I will warn you to be careful with what you are promised! When they were opening the new location, they were all sunshine and grand promises. I initially want to just sign up four family members to the standard membership. However, Don, the Asst. General Manager told me if I did one peak, the rest would also be peak but at the lower price. I also asked him if two accounts could be frozen for a couple months as those members of the family wouldn't be able to use the gym for 2-3 months. Not only did he say that would be fine, I have an email from him to corporate, which I was cc'd on, requesting the two accounts be frozen. Also, the one contract of the adult peak membership says $9.95 for the first month and then $19.95 for the additional months. I will admit that it is my fault for not reading the entire contract, but it was hectic in the office as it was the last day of the promotion to avoid the usual $40 sign up fee and I was signing four contracts. I saw the first page where it said $9.95 and thought it was good. I had no clue I was being deceived. Anyway, fast forward to the call to the British accented Regional Manager, David. My wife called to ask why the two accounts that were supposed frozen were getting billed and also ask why there were two accounts being billed at the $19.95 rate, when it was only supposed to be one. Long and short is David wouldn't let my wife get a word in edgewise and when she requested the number for corporate that's when the bomb dropped. David proceeded to tell her she …" wouldn't ever have to call anyone at crunch again…" and that "…he was making an executive decision and cancelling all the memberships…" Anyway, she said that's not want we wanted, we wanted to continue using the gym. She was JUST asking about the inconsistency with billing. In any event, make sure you don't listen to anything they say, what's in writing is what matters. Well sometimes, apparently the proof of the frozen accounts I have in writing didn't matter. You've been warned.


  • The North Brunswick New Jersey Crunch Gym is also the same as the previous comments. Called them on the phone spoke with a Nicole who said she cancelled the membership after being charged for 1 extra month. No issue with paying the extra month. However, 3 months later my credit card is charged again. I went in to complain and Kevin their general manager is the most obnoxious person to deal with. He refused to assist me and sand all he can do is cancel my membership again and I have to pay 1 extra month fee. When I asked to speak with his boss he said to "get the f**k out of my club.

  • Gyms management and membership practices tends borders on the reputation of people selling used cars but this situation at the San Francisco Polk Street gym takes the cake. Apparently, someone was impersonating a former manager at that location to sign up memberships. Word to the wise, don't EVER give your credit card to anyone at a gym unless you are 100% sure you will join. If someone says, they will 'hold a rate' for you on training sessions or a promo, if you are thinking about joining, guess what, you just joined the gym.


  • Crunch Gym in Richmond Hill, NY just opened in my area and I am please to say it is quite refreshing. One personal trainer Stephanie , i did a session with is great. I went through a full one hour session with her and had fun.She talks with you and makes it feel like you are working out with a friend not a personal trainer.I haven't been in the gym in a long time and it feel good to not be judged and have someone encouraging helping you.Even though i didn't purchase personal session at that point, i have seen her at the gym several times.If she sees me struggling she offers me help or just simply says she is glad to see me at the gym working out. I will definitely be training with her very soon.

  • I’m very disappointed in the Crunch gym in Huntington Beach, California. The staff are unprofessional. They are more interested in standing behind the desk looking cool and judging customers than they are in keeping the gym clean and running smoothly. The GM leads the pack on this front with her unwelcoming, gruff personality. The machines are frequently "out of order" and the ones that are operable are filthy. In a year of membership I have only once seen a staff member wipe down a machine. I observed a used band aide lie undisturbed under my favorite elliptical machine for a full ten days before it was discovered by one of the staff. The urinals in the bathroom reek badly. Most disturbing of all, is that there were feces (dog, human? who knows?) on the floor where people lay. Having been made aware of the problem, no one on the staff did anything about it! Take some pride in your work!

  • In regards to the Roslindale MA Crunch gym zumba class issue. We have to come here to complain because we were told the manager at the gym can't do anything about changing the schedule back to the way it was or getting another day with the instructor. Odd but whatever so we are here complaining… If you are getting a couple of complaints here, believe that there are a lot of people not happy… We are just a sampling.

  • I don't get it…. I have been going to the Crunch gym in Roslindale MA since it opened. There is a Zumba instructor there that I love and her 2 classes are always filled to the max. She really makes my day and is the only class I take. The class coordinator changed the schedule to try a new zumba dance and put herself in the second day slot and now this instructor only has one day? Many have talked to the manager and the coordinator to get another day back with the other instructor. No go. I am puzzled by this. I don't know of any other place that would change their most popular instructor to one day only and not make customers happy by changing back if they are getting a lot of feedback… I am thinking about going elsewhere and am going to get trial memberships to other gyms to see if I like their zumba classes. This really rubbed me the wrong way. The customer service on this issue from the gym just wasn't handled very well.

  • We are Upset In Massachusetts: I can't believe what I witness last night at the Crunch fitness from a non professional, a rude staff, in Roslindale MA, her name is Monique a so call coordinator. She said to more then 40 members in the lobby after a Zumba class if we not happy with the new schedule to go to another fitness club. After she changed a staff schedule for no apparent reason and we want to know why she she cancel her class. This lady is pushing everyone to the door with her attitude, even staffs are tired of her. Monique thinks she owed the place. The cooperate office needs to talk to them or let these bad apples go otherwise we are leaving. Even the manager David when we called asking for him even he is there he doesn't answer the phone. I am a member there since the open their doors; I left another fitness club to come to Crunch. If nothing done by next month regarding this issues we are leaving. They don't know how to do business, and how to treat customers. They forget if they don't have Customers/Members they will have to close their doors. I will not refer anyone to this place because of some staffs there. More complaints are coming from us expect them.

  • I just joined crunch in Vista, Ca. Today was my first day. They are supposed to open at 5:00am, no employees were there, it was locked up, there must have been at least 15 other people outside waiting to go in and work out. This was a very bad experience for me. I don't recommend this gym to anyone, This is no way to run a business. Very upsetting. People have schedules! they sure do take your money.

  • Terrible costumer service! i joined crunch gym in Garwood, NJ and cancelled less than 8 days later. When canceling my membership i was told by the MANGER, that i would NOT be charged the annual fee ($40) since i cancelled within 30 days of joining. Not only am i being charged for the following month (absolutely ridiculous) but they are still charging me for the annual fee!! The manager was rude and told me if they didn't write on my cancellation form i wouldn't be charged then there's nothing he can do. Extremely crappy place of business. take my $40, because your gym needs all the help it can get.

    • I agree! They are so unprofessional at this gym and would think the managers would be more professional. The employees are more professional than the managers.

  • Crunch Fitness in Diamond CA. promotes and supports predatory sales tactics. On 12/18/15 a Crunch employee Joe Ruffini once again manipulated an 18 year old college student who he verbally verified had no job into signing a re-occurring contract for a Crunch Fitness contract. The student discussed membership,the possibility of training but explained to this employee that she was on Christmas break and she attended College out of state. She would not be returning to CA. until August 2016. He continued to pursue this deal.. even when the student stated she had no job. He asked if she had I.D. and a credit card. He quoted the 19.95 a month for membership and then 270.00 for personal trainer the student stated that she needed to discuss the 270.00 training fee with her parents because her debit card was attached to her college funds. Mr. Ruffini assured her he would wait for the confirmation of ACH paperwork from the parent so charges would not be taken out of the students college funds. Mr.Ruffini was fully aware that this young girl had no understanding or ability to pay for this transaction. He moved forward on 12/19/15 to charge 19.95 and then on 12/21/15 he charged 270.00 to this college students Debit card. This student verbally on 12/22/15 informed Mr. Ruffini that she did not want the Training charged to her account because she knew this was her book fund for school. The parents and this student went to Crunch on the night 12/24/15 and they were closed. The parent returned to Crunch on Sat 12/26/15 to request cancellation of this contract after discovering at the bank that these transactions had taken place. We were met by another older employee also named Joe who introduced himself as the GM of this Diamond Bar location.. he was very aggressive, hostile and rude… he refused any kind of intervention and re-directed us to return Sunday when Joe Ruffini was in. Needless to say 12/27/15 was another day wasted. Mr.Ruffini basically stated he gave her (the student) what she wanted. He was senseless and cocky which turned instantly into an explosive verbal brawl. I am c.c. this memo to everyone to prevent another unknowing college student from being a victim.

  • It's been enlightening to read these comments. I had decided 90% to join our local Crunch (Bellevue,WA) and pay for a year upfront. I just wanted to use the free day to see what the atmosphere was before I actually put down money. I was told by Rob Brooks, AKA manager that he had to hold my drivers license while I worked out. I said I wouldn't do that, and that in this day and age of identity theft, and just plain carelessness, I wasn't going to take a chance. I said I was ready to sign up, but just wanted to try it out, and would probably have done it at the end of my workout. He said it was corporate policy. I asked why, and he said because if someone walked out with stuff, they wouldn't know who it was, etc… I asked what the heck someone could steal, a treadmill, and how would he know they were walking out with stuff. He seemed to think that if I had to pick up my license at the front, that I wouldn't steal anything.

    I mentioned that he could put it on his computer, and would have it, but he wouldn't and was willing to lose a possible loyal customer.

    Screw them. There's plenty of other gyms in the area.



  • They think because there have a certain location and they are cheaper then others, they can get away with everything. Buyer beware, also employee's beware, you don't want to be a member there nor should you work for them. Oakland Park, shame on you.

  • I joined Crunch in White Plains NY. They had a tough time opening, but when they finally did open, I went twice, didn't like it because it seemed very disorganized and tried to cancel. I called, I emailed and I kept getting billed. Then I lost my debit card, so they couldn't charge me any more — YAY! But, wait, I just got a bill from a collection agency seeking $190! Are you kidding me! I paid all those months and did't go, now another bill for not using the gym! Really BAD customer service!

  • Worst company to work for. Immature boss and staff and crunch fitness Newport news, VA…..illegal activity going on and the manager talks about everyone behind there backs and tells your business to all. Management is a joke. So called maintenance supervisor cant keep his own office clean and repaired but in charge of cleaning crew….laughable. Don't work or goto this sorry gym. Managers name is Petra: STAY AWAY FROM HER!….Phony, and two-faced!!!

  • You get what you pay for. Crunch at 19th Street is by far the worst run gym I have ever have had the displeasure of working out in. The Manager, Daniel is just plain obnoxious and wants nothing to do with members. I am amazed with as many choices we have in NYC that Crunch and Daniel are both still around. You cannot continue to treat customers so badly and eventually not suffer the repercussions.

    • Diamond Bar crunch in Ca is the same way. A couple of immature nasty ass hats work there. They are bullies and have self esteem issues.

  • Looks like all the locations provide horrible customer service!!!! I am dealing with over billing and unauthorized payments for the Riverside, CA location. What a JOKE!!!! and you can't get a hold of anyone at corporate. I hate this place!!!

  • I agree the gym in the puerto rico market has horrible managament is sad that the franchised has given the opportunity to someone to run the first gym in pr .and is poorly run .the ceo should visit unexpected and see what the gym is all about interact with the customers. as undercover boss.

  • Incredibly rude and unprofessional staff – cleaning staff has no vested interest in their job and to call them cleaning is a laugh.

  • Do NOT give them a debit card….preferably pay cash. Quitting is hard to do an it is even harder to get them to stop charging your card

  • Love the new Crunch gym in Staten Island. It is spacious and clean and the prices are reasonable. I have the best personal trainer there too.

  • Crunch Customer Service and Corporate Office is one of the worst I have ever experienced. It is a shame because the instructors are great at the Washington Avenue location in Miami Beach but I will never go back nor recommend this gym to anyone due to their non-existent customer service. Your company will gain more business and retain more customers by treating them right and with good care. I've been dealing with issues of continued billing after I had to freeze my account due to being in a car accident. In the process of trying to resolve this situation, customer service reps have hung up on me as well as my bank when they tried to call, they have cut me off, raised their voice, and refused to let me explain my situation leaving me in absolute shock. They refuse to accept any fault and after having to email their Member Service Manager, Jessie Harrington, she would only offer me one-month of free membership knowing that I can no longer workout due to medical reasons. This is not a resolution, it's a slap in the face.

  • CRUNCH IS TERRIBLE — THEY ARE THE WORST AT EVERYTHING EXCEPT HOUNDING PEOPLE!. I have been trying since MARCH to get someone from crunch to acknowledge my new billing information and have gotten nowhere. Then they sick some attorney from UTAH on me who keeps calling me a liar that I have paid everything in full and cancelled my account and says 'I'll call you every day until you pay this – until this is resolved" and they do! Crunch has stated repeatedly that they have sent confirmation that this is taken care of and tell me their records reflect this, but Aldous and Associates keep calling every day. They just want more money that they are ILLEGALLY trying to extort from me. I have contacted the NY AG office since they are looking into these types of things and let them know that this is a CORPORATE-WIDE problem. Their unethical practices have FOREVER turned me off of Crunch! Everyone, CONTACT YOU STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL AND FILE COMPLAINTS AGAINST CRUNCH! THIS WILL NEVER STOP UNTIL THEY TAKE ACTION AGAINST THEM AND HIT THEM WHERE IT HURTS – IN THE WALLET!

  • Please respond to attorney general Eric Schneiderman at 120 B'way NY, NY 10271 800-771-7755 HE NEEDS TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON. PLEASE SEND LETTERS.

    • I am interested in filing a complaint on the Crunch, California. The Placentia location has a general manager who is on a power trip and not allowing me to speak to him as a customer. Is there more information regarding this complain?

  • This I by far the WORST gym I have ever been to! Not only would they not accept my cancelation but they sent me collections and I just got some phone call from a legal office prick trying to collect months of payments. I cancelled this membership. It's a horrible gym and douchy employees. I will never recommend you guys to anyone! And discourage anyone who may want to join!

  • I have been a member of the best gyms for well over 32 years now. I joined this gym when it opened in white plains via referral of a dear friend of mine who is a body builder and going professional, she trained in the Crunch in the City. She told me how clean it was and reasonably priced but the equipment was good equipment not cheap stuff like other budget gyms. I had some financial issues at the time, so I thought it would be a great idea. I was greeted by Steve one of the big managers and he was from Long Island signing up people for the grand opening of the White Plains Crunch. I was promised and assured that the gym would be immaculate, 4 cleaning crews in a day, great equipment and that they would be somewhat selective on members as far as avoiding low class and troublemakers. Well the promises that were made were certainly a blatent sales pitch and lie and I'm disgusted. Firstly, they let anyone in, I have been stared at, given dirty looks by wanna be punks in the gym, people that shouldn't even be there. Originally the first manager Leo was a good guy, he actually did his job, listened to complaints and/or went around checking the equipment. When Leo left to help run a new gym in Portchester he was replaced by Chris, who was good as well, but has since left. There is another manager there named TJ, he is a joke. He nods his head, seems annoyed by complaints. The gym is dirty. it should be noted as a health code violation. There are sewer flys flying around the gym showers, there is a layer of soap scum or film of dirt on the shower tiles. Hair clumps on the floor and an order. The cleaning crew they hire sucks, and they only clean the gym once at night as opposed to four cleaning crews promised. The shower bars are all rusted already, thank god due to a lot of complaints they changed the shower curtains in there which smelled like mold. You get into the gym at 5:00 am. you would think it would be clean, there are dirty half filled water bottles all over the place, equipment that should be put away and hung up on wracks are all over the floor in different places. The air condition I was told was fixed but the gym is not that cool and humid, which is dangerous to people doing cardio there with asthma and bad allergy issues, that was another thing promised well ventilated and a/c in the gym, that doesn't happen. Also broke cable machines that are taking almost 4 weeks to get fixed, it takes five minutes to fix cables in any other gym I was in, but here its 4 weeks so far. This place is turning into a joke, they are starting to loose a lot of members now. I wish I could afford to pay 150.00 a month for the real gym that opened up in white plains recently but I can' t due to bills and a mortgage…But I am disgusted here and disillusioned. Someone needs to do something about this gym and its management. Please do something, it could be a very good gym and utilized well but it is being run into the ground…

  • read some of your comments above. you are on the crunch website. how can this help you? I have experienced similar difficulties as you have. Why not complain to the Federal Trade Commission, better business bureau, state attorney general, county consumer advocate, etc. In other words to organizations that can help you resolve your issues. It's good you complain here for the benefit of others, although it seems to be too late by the time they find their way here to have avoided the problem. Try one or another of these outside consumer agencies. you can also go to small claims court. obviously complaining on this website does nothing to resolve the problem.

  • dont know who to contact..but they took $700 out of account wiyout ihave no rent or gas money and my account over mad..!!!!!!!!

  • Another member at 19th St mentioned to Charlie Ritchie, manager that it was too hot in facility……guess what bully putz tells him? Go join another gym if you don't like it. Charlie, why don't you leave or just get hit by a truck????

  • Brandon at 19th St. You are a nice person. I will miss you. Ferren, I just met you and think and hope you are nice and stay unaffected by that nightmare place. Hope to run into you guys at some point. Crunch misery unfortunately LIVES ON………

  • Do the Crunch loser employees read these comments????? What's wrong with this lowlife company? Mike Neff the out of shape mess that runs main office in his grubby outfits…….understand there are 2 sides to everything you pathetic s—-……

  • Well well well…..IT'S MY TURN. C R U N C H IS NOW THE BIGGEST F'N JOKE GYM. MANAGER AT 19TH ST IN MANHATTAN NEEDS TO HAVE HIS YOU KNOW WHAT SLAMMED INTO YOU KNOW WHAT AND STAFF IN THEIR PAJAMAS AT CORPORATE OFFICE ALSO. Seriously out of shape majority in there. There is a staff member who brings her kid for trainers to babysit and they hate this. Obese kid gets in the way, I tripped over her, and she eats everything in sight. Including food brought in for trainers. Seriously T, keep your child at home. Children don't belong in the workplace. Also, your child hasn't grown. Get that checked out…..Anyway, Charlie the manager is mean as god knows what…..staff HATES HIM, HE'S A BULLY, A LIAR AND DISCRIMINATES AGAINST PEOPLE W HEALTH ISSUES. This gym made up so many rules against me in particular that it made it impossible for me to workout. On my last day I contacted police and reported manager. He came running out of gym frantic hoping he wouldn't get arrested. He should've been put in cuffs and dragged off along with Sammy the snotty front desk 'manager' as he claims to be….Pauline also you should be ashamed of yourself for cooperating with this nonsense. But you have to because you'll be fired if you don't. Karma awaits all of you pieces of —-. Also corporate never answers calls. One must go there and raise hell over the incompetence that this gym REPRESENTS. People: be aware that it is a gym AND THE BEST AND BRIGHTEST PEOPLE D O N O T WORK IN GYMS. KEEP THIS IN YOUR MIND WHEN DEALING WITH MODERATE PRICED GYMS. If you become a member, be aware problems await you. Its standard practice here.

  • the Hemet crunch sucks the management is terrible day miss him for me they're terrible little liars they don't know how to deal with people PR skills are awful where do they find these guys they have no management skills whatsoever I really regret anything they said I was a month to month and they said I had to give him my bank account when I could have just went there a pendulum when the month was up I could have just paid them they're terrible in the liars I'm going to call corporate tomorrow and it'll settle this

  • the helmet crunch sucks in California they misled me any pull money out of my bank without letting me know and then when I ask them why they did that they said that we sign the papers saying that they could but they never informed us of it and they lied and said that they can't change it

  • Just signed up a few days ago in LaVerne Ca. The guy who showed me around first was so pushing personal training.when I told him I really just needed to get in first he immediately handed me of to someone else. My info was put on someone else's profile. When I asked what all my membership included he said he was going to email me everything. I asked how if I hadn't given my email. So I give him all my info and it still ended up being sent to a random stranger. My bank info all but 1 number. I had to get my checking account changed. I am so pissed. Very unprofessional workers.

  • What is wrong with this company.. I cancelled my account and they just began charging me again?? Apparently one of their employees "froze" my account for 6 months instead of cancelling it. When I called them, the manager was very condescending telling me the "rules" of business and how I should have had my gym cancellation in writing. Are they serious?? I seriously have no idea how this company hasn't run into legal trouble yet. How are they still up and running when they've scammed this many people??

  • I was a member with crunch fitness before I severely broke my foot and could no longer do many things I was once able to do. I discontinued visiting but remained an active member thinking I would visit again when I had clearance to go back. I received a letter in the mail after about a year stating I was canceled by default due to inactivity. Shortly following, I received a letter from the Crunch Fitness collection attorney stating they have been attempting to collect my annual due of $29.00. (for whatever reason they did not remove it from my account like all of the previous billings?) I called to complain to the location I had been a member at and they would not answer any questions and said I had to physically come into the building and possibly speak with a manager to have my account handled. I quickly knew they were trying to just get more money out of me. I disregarded all communication after that. I continued to get emails from crunch stating I owed them the annual fee. I then realized they had continued to bill me for a monthly membership that they supposedly canceled due to inactivity. (Why would they not take the annual fee out of my account but continue to bill me for a membership?) As soon as I realized, I called and insisted to speak with someone. I was again told I had to physically be in the location to address my issue. At this time I had a surgery and could not drive for 8 weeks. I told them it was urgent and I demanded to speak with their manager. I was told manager (Pam) was not available but she would call me back the following business day. The following business day, I received a voicemail from the same front desk person stating "In order to be canceled, I must pay the annual fee first." I also emailed my issues to their corporate headquarters and I gave up on trying and was on an unpaid medical leave so I no longer kept money in my account for them to try to collect for the said "membership fee". Several more months go by and once I finally made it back to work, my first check was direct deposited and low and behold, the $29.00 annual fee was deducted from my account! I was upset it has taken this long but thrilled it was over! Almost 3 months out, I check my account details only to realize THEY ARE STILL CHARGING ME THE MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP FEE! I emailed them a copy of my bank statement showing I paid their "annual fee"! I called my bank, blocked them from billing me any more, disputed the last months membership fee and got a refund through my bank for that. Today, I receive an email from crunch stating I now owe them $48.95! I am over their attempted communications! It is now becoming menacing and is badgering at this point. They refuse to communicate with me yet they continue to email me about my "oops" billing. I am also going to be filing a complaint with the New York Attorney General. I don't even care that they have scammed me out of several hundreds of dollars at this point. I DO NOT wish to receive ANY communications from them!

  • Terrible customer service…no one who is in charge to talk with…don't want to cancel my membership unless i pay last months fee….I said I'm cancelling now…i have no paper work stating any policies….water fountain doesn't work machines always broken…they sent anonymous letters stating they were charging me more for my membership…no one to call …no name in the letter…this is completely unprofessional and not the way you treat your long time customers nor any customer.

  • I had a pleasant experience with all the STAFF & TEACHERS I encountered at Crunch Miami Beach on Washington Avenue, but the staff at the Alton Road location was up to par with a routine colonoscopy.

    It was the gym members of Crunch Miami Beach that were the problem. This is a very general statement, but depending on the fitness class you attend, a high percentage of attendees are amateurs to fitness and/or athletic activitity.

  • I canceled my membership before i went to college in August. Recently after coming back home from break i found out they were still charging me. When i called to ask they said they lost my papers so unless i still had my copy 6 months later i couldn't get a refund and it was MY fault since there was no "proof" i came in to cancel. I personally called once. Then i talked to an employee that i had talked to RIGHT after i cancelled my membership on my way out of Crunch. He said he remembered me coming in to cancel and tried to talk to one of the managers but he had no success. Since it was a total charge of $78 dollars and i hadn't used my membership since August 22nd we felt it was extremely unfair so my mom called in. The manager just kept repeating the same thing that it was my fault that i lost my copy even though they lost their copy as well and was quite rude to my mother. Regardless, my recent interactions with Crunch Management have been unsatisfactory and management seems to have no interest in establishing good customer relations so i will never be getting another membership with Crunch and will be telling all my friends never to get a membership there as well.

  • Same deal with the Crunch in Bushwick that said they were opening in July. We paid, etc., and now in December they are STILL not open. They sporadically send an email saying sorry and that it's the NYC inspectors holding it all up. The fact that this is happening in more than one location is super shady.

  • Yeah I called my gym in Hemet, CA to cancel. They said "okay I have your account information in front of me….Okay, you are all set and canceled. Anything else I can help you with sir?" that was six months ago, I have been charged 30$ twice since then to cover the dues for the past six months. I call the gym again and this person says I cannot cancel by phone. That's some great service you guys have! I will never ever return to this gym and I will let all my friends know that this is NOT the place to go.

    • The Hemet location tricked me into signing a contract and now they won't cancel my contract. So now I have to get a lawyer. This is the most unprofessional and dishonest company I have ever seen.

  • FROM A MEMBER FOR OVER 10 YEARS. CANCELLATION POLICY IS A TOTAL SCAM!! BEWARE. Crunch elects to close the gym (NYC location) and then continues to bill customers for at least 30 days afterwards when there is no gym to go to!!– citing a letter they sent out about offering an (unwanted) city-wide membership. Calls to office result in transfer after transfer after transfer to some robotic recital of corporate policy. Emails go unreturned. Flagrant rip off and avoidance of a major customer service flaw. Customers deserve better; and can do better. CRUNCH: NO JUDGEMENTS –AND NO CLUE.

  • Foul, un-hygenic there was a bandaid stuck to the floor in a tanning booth for a month and watched an employee put a member in a tanning booth after i used it without cleaning it.

    • Crunch Gym/fitness Center 90 American Legion Highway Roslindale Ma 02131
      Has a district manager David MacDilbray, speaks to the gym clients, as if people of color are still in the time when brown tone people was subservient. David MacDilbray is currently in the Medford Ma location.
      this location needs to be Picket so the new clients know whom they are dealing with.

  • Initial membership with annual membership,assured month to month payment with no problem to cancel,if had to go out of area.. to work, serve the country. All the footwork and continued to charge. What is so spectacular with gyms gathering individuals information database. Everyone knows war is not the answer.

  • I signed in for the Crown Heights location in Brooklyn in July 7 and they told me that will be open in the first days of August. It is August 15 and they don't even answer the calls, they moved the sales office location and they don't even know when they are going to open!!! I just cancelled my membership. This is a big disappointment.

    • It is now almost the end of September and still nothing. I've been trying to reach out to the number, but no one ever answers the phone. This is starting to come off as being a sham. And to add insult to injury Crunch was quick to take folks money, but they haven't had the decency and professionalism to inform about the status.

    • I'm a crunch member I also signed up for the crown heights location for one of my family members. No money was taken from you, the only time you will start being charged is when you actually go in person and start up the membership. The location is now open I was disappointed at how long it took too but pay for a corporal membership if you don't want the hassle with the essential ones.

  • after reading these comments, I would like to offer my assistance as a secret shopper. I am free to travel the country [at your expense, of course] and evaluate your locations from an unbiased perspective. Since I am an average person, who appreciates good service, and intelligent working businesses, I could just truthfully let you know a layman's experience in your fitness centers. I am by no means, loyal to any corporate entity or pressure, so my input would be pertinent and true. Information that is exact is hard to come by, and information equals $$$$$. Call me, And give me the job, so you can work out the minor issues that are still plaguing your franchises, and costing you customers. Wes

  • Oh Crunch. Chubby/out-of-shape/hung-over personal trainers who, while training, alternate between talking about their hang-overs, looking at their cell phones, watching tv monitors, and taking up too much space and leaving a trail of equipment in their wake. When asked politely to please make room or pick up the abandoned equipment, they respond with attitude. They employ used-car-salesman tactics to make their new customers believe they're getting a great deal (friends I've referred from work have had to endure the tour/runaround/no straight answer crap). It's all such BS! I wish they'd get their act together, because the location closest to my work in SF is so close and the front desk people are pretty friendly and the cleaning staff does a great job of keeping the place spotless.

    • Makes you chuckle when they are not in shape, have no clue what they are doing , not paying attention to their clients and probably are not even certified . As well as try to sell you personal training sessions when you should be the one charging them for a session and teach them how to do their job ! Why gyms hire these people that are certified or in shape makes me shake my head and why they do not question how they arent selling training sessions might be because who wants to look like the out of shape trainer lol !

  • This company sucks. I cancelled my membership last year in December. Now they are charging me again. The idiot manager Brian, froze my account instead of cancelling it. Now they refuse to give me my $$$ back. The customer service on the phone, in the gym everywhere sucks big time.
    This is the gym in Serramonte Center in Daly City.

    • The same thing happened to me I have my proof of cancelation and it shows a zero balance. The General Manager at Seminole Crunch fed me a crock of crap with his explanation that did not make sense. My fees are up to $100.00 now They also did the same thing to my son. I see some people are getting screwed this way also and not having the issue resolved. Well I guess there is only one way to handle this! I will present my evidence and all the harassing emails to the MEDIA and take it from there. I will make sure this is handled and no one else gets taken advantage from Crunch anymore!.

      The Gym Manager Sebastian at the Seminole Florida location was horrible at explaining why I have my cancelation confirmation at zero balance and I am being charged $100 dollars. Well this will go nation wide!! I will not stop until I prove my point across and ensure that consumers are not ripped off anymore!!!!!

  • I also visited the white plains location and they were not professional,… and we were really motivated to sign and join prior to the visit.

  • Terrible customer service at the White plains GYM. Very unprofessional. I would not say all of the employees, but some are very rude !!!
    I had some friends that wanted to actually sign up, and after this experience I don't think they will. Unless something changes. This is very unfortunate because we were really excited and looking forward to sign up and join.

    • It is the same in FTL location even though the crowd is just a regular crowd. Front desk people are just THE WORST. You should just send letter to headquarters and let them deal with their image and employees IF THEY HAVE BRAIN for business.

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