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LA Fitness Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Corporate Address and Head Office:

2600 Michelson Drive #300

Irvine, California, 92612-6536 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-909-392-1063

or 1-949-255-7200 and press #5

Fax Number: n/a

Email Address:

Stock Symbol: Private Company


La Fitness is a California-based chain of gyms and workout centers. La Fitness has locations in most US States. LA Fitness has purchased its former competition, Ballys Fitness.

LA Fitness’s toll-free customer support phone number is 1-800-600-2540. The company does encourage users to use its technical support system and help forums on its website.

LA Fitness’ competition includes Lifetime Fitness, Planet Fitness, Gold’s Gym, In-Shape Fitness, Anytime Fitness, 24-Hour Fitness, Crunch Fitness, and Orange Theory. is not associated with LA Fitness. This website is for informational and review purposes only.

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The LA Fitness in Lindenhurst does not clean the pool. We complain all the time and nothing gets done. They locked the water temperature control and the pool water is always cold. The hot tub is constantly out of order. To pay extra money to have a pool, hot tub and sauna but not be able to enjoy them is a waste of money.

Oh wow , how disappointing to see these comments , LA Fitness in Woodhaven Michigan started off as a great new gym in the area unfortunately not one thing has been fixed since it opened , several machines remain broken for simple cable replacements , there is probably 20 pairs of dumbells missing , every piece of leather needs replaced on all the benches and machines. I’ve told management about these simple issues to be fixed and it’s been two years now and they haven’t touched a thing . It’s sad to think such a big company is run so poorly . Looking for a new gym 🙁

My name is AnnaMaria Vippolis,ihave bean a member of L A Fitness for over 3 years,on 8502 Cooper Cree in Sarasota,FL,The place is very clean all the time.The equipment,outstanding,I enjoy very much,the classes and the STAFF,Carmen,Lynn,Elizabeth,Tracy,Leann,and Maryjo.The reason of this E Mail,is to let u know my experience with 1 of the staff.Her name is Ana,on Friday May,10,i was at GYM to attend a Yoga class,There was a zumba class,Ana was the person to lead the class,the music stop,same of the Ladys are coming out,i assume;the class it,s over,i woulk hinn,plase my MATT and bag on the floore.Ana woulk toward me,aloud telling me that i was very rude and get out,grabbing my stoff and fallow me to the door,trowing it in the floor,i tuned back and told her that was i wound remove it if she ask me.Very aloud,she said,i am not down jet,and the next time u do this;I WILL HAVE U TROWING OUT,,THIS BEAVER AND ATTITUDE FROM 1 OF THE STOFF; Its,ARRANGES,ARROGANT<AND INSOLENT.I am very stress out by bean treat in such miss respect from this person,She should be remand that THE MEMBERS ARE THE ! THAT PAYS FOR HER SALARY,OR FIRED.Thank u,Anna Maria Vippolis.I would like to her from u.

Please understand that as a member of LA Fitness I understand the business end of our Club and in no way am I saying that our Gym is not a good one because I think its about a 90 out of a hundred. Unfortunately I have been suggesting the rehab of our Sauna in the Men's Locker rooms for quite a while so as not to suggest that any one person is responsible for the upkeeping of the Sauna. Its very Dirty as in Stained wood beyond cleaning and even as simple as a floor matt has not been replaced what seems like forever that I can remember . Please take this suggestion seriously and help us out at the Walpole Ma. Fitness Center Thanks a Very loyal Member.

There seems to be a lack of wanting to keep their members happy with clean updated equipment and clean bathroom facilities. Ive noticed in many of their gyms that is a common problem. The only way this will change is if they actually listen to their members or we start going else where. Maybe if they lose business they will actually start to care.

AT La Fitness in Lake success NY. The workout room has boxing bags with a sign "Do not Kick the bags with your feet" Twice in the past month there have been men kicking the bag with their feet just before 4:30 PM body works class. This is dangerous, that bag can swing and hurt some one. I went to Four(4) of your staff and 1/ I received blank stares, and 2/ when I spoke to (2) managers they didn't even know the sign was there and didn't bother to check. That center is becoming dangerous because no one in management is doing their job. How can I feel safe when I have men kicking bags 5 minutes before class? The type of personnel you hire is really becoming very low grade.

this is the third time I enter information. I cancelled San Antonio Office membership on April 4, personally. I was assured no further charges would follow. May 9, charged $87.93 a month after I cancelled. I called San Antonio office, they said not their fault it was Corporate and to call Corporate. I called Corporate on Jun 8, they claimed not their fault call San Antonio. Manager "Tina" at Corporate was not helpful and disconnected the call.

SAn Antonio, TX Blanco Rd Gym, Cancelled my membership on April 4, 2018 personally. I was assured no further charges on my debt card would follow. May 9, 2018 charged $87.93. Called local San Antonio office, they claimed they did not charge it was Corporate to call them. I called Corporate talked to "Tina" claimed to be Manager of Customer Service. She blamed Local to call them. I told her Local told me to call Corporate. I told her I wanted refund, she said she could not do it. I told her I would contact BBB, she told me have a nice day and disconnected the call.

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Diane Pritchard and I am a member of LA Fitness in Lexington, KY. I attend group classes there three days a week. Last night, April 2, 2018, the attached photos show the condition of the equipment room when we arrived for the 5:45 p.m. class. Apparently the floors had been cleaned (first time I can remember them being cleaned in the four years I have been a member), and the cleaning crew haphazardly tossed all of the equipment into the room. Neither the cleaning crew nor any LAF staff member bothered to clean up the mess before classes began. After I threw a fit to the manager (whose name I can't recall,) three LAF staff members organized the equipment. As you can see from the attached photographs, we could not even get to the mats.

Additionally, as you will see from the attached photographs, the equipment is in deplorable condition. The weights are losing their protective covers and the mats are torn and ripped. About 4-5 weeks ago I mentioned all of this to the manager (the same one I spoke to last night) and she "was not aware of the condition of the weights because she never went back there." And when I mentioned the condition of the mats, she said "I just got some in, but I haven’t put them out yet." To date, there are still no new mats.

As you will see from the photos, the classes are always full (24 people last night at 5:45 pm) and there is never enough equipment. We never have enough mats and we are constantly searching other rooms for 7.5 lbs weights. Many times the instructor's microphone does not work and there is only one fan in the room. There are times when the air conditioner is not working properly and that one fan just does not help.

I enjoy the classes and the instructors thoroughly. But the condition of the gym is inexcusable. If we are paying our monthly dues, what does that money go to? It is obviously not to used purchase new equipment.

I am happy to discuss these matters with you further, and welcome any response you have. Your immediate attention to this matter is greatly appreciated. I hope to hear from someone soon. Thank you.

3/19/2018 for all the letters corporate receives it's clear they will do nothing to keep customers happy. The Somerdale NJ gym still doesn't have noodles for the pool, the t.v. system and equipment are old, don't properly work. One man repairs several gyms instead of one per. Few variety in classes, still no evening Pilate.

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