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Reach Planet Fitness Corporate Office 

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Planet Fitness’ Corporate Office in the United States is located in Hampton, New Hampshire. Below are details about Planet Fitness’ HQ, including their address, contact numbers, and a brief overview of the company.

How To Contact Planet Fitness Corporate Headquarters HQ

Planet Fitness Corporate Office: Overview

  • Planet Fitness Headquarters Address: PFIP, LLC – 4 Liberty Lane West, Hampton, NH 03842, USA
  • Planet Fitness HQ Phone Number: 1-603-750-0001
  • Website: planetfitness.com

Planet Fitness Corporate Office

Maps and Directions to The Corporate Office for Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness’ Competition

IPlanet Fitness stands out for its low-cost membership model and welcoming atmosphere. The company competes with other chains like Anytime, Gold’s Gym, LA Fitness, and Anytime Fitness,


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Planet Fitness Warwick RI Shower Issue

January 23, 2024

No hot water for showers for some time!

Love this gym on Warwick Ave in Warwick Rhode Island…

Surprisingly in 2024 we only get at best luke warm water in the showers. As a mechanical engineer, I would fix this issue at a fair price. Please determine the problem and we’ll get this issue fixed. It is just unacceptable not to have a comfortable shower. Many other long-time customers complaining as well. Thanks for your attention here.


Planet Fitness Fix Red Light Machine!

January 12, 2024

I joined Planet Fitness in early Dec for 1 reason…to use the RLT device. When I went in to use it on Dec 18 I was told it was broken & they’d contacted the company to get it fixed. We’re now into almost the second week of January and still no updates on its status. I talked to someone at another Planet Fitness who said I should contact corporate which I’m doing. I’m assuming this is a low priority, and if it doesn’t get fixed for months it’s like Who Cares? The other Planet Fitness said many

customers were going to their place because the Napa location is still down. Someone needs to turn up the heat to get this fixed. I’m holding off on at least 10 referrals I would give if this were to get fixed!!


Planet Fitness Johnstown PA

December 7, 2023

Don’t bother joining Planet Fitness in Johnstown, PA. The 20-22 year old employees feel entitled to blast the damn music (Taylor Swift sucks, yet they love playing her music. Most customers don’t want to hear that crap when working out) and continue doing so even after being asked to turn it down. Patrons working out can’t hear their own music playing through their ear buds. I spoke with the manager who claims employees cannot control the volume level. If you turn the nob to the left, the volume decreases!!! Oh, and the employees don’t walk around the facility to check for soap running out in the showers, and it doesn’t appear that the employees clean the showers as they wreak of urine!!!

Why You dont listen to your customers

Planet Fitness Overpowering Music

December 13, 2022

I have tried for several. Days to get something done about the loud and overpowering music played at Planet Fitness in Pineville N. C. It continues to be played with no changes. So, my next complaint will be to OSHA to try to get some help.

Douglas Mcarthur Fuller

Planet Fitness Music is Too Loud

December 13, 2022

I go to the PF in Natomas located in Sacramento area. I have ask numerous times if they could please turn the music down. The manager said she can’t do that so I requested that she contact the owner and have him contact me as I know it’s a franchise. When I had followed up with the manager about 2 weeks later she told me “that’s not at the top of my agenda” right now. How hard is it I’m pretty sure as a manger she herself could probably turn it down but really just doesn’t care. I realize it’s a $10 gym the facility is nice but I have been bullied there as well but there was never any action taken. The music is soooooooooooooooo loud and I already have my buds turned all the way up not only is it loud but annoying as hell.

Marian N Clark
Corporate Office Headquarters