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InterContinental Hotels Group, known widely as IHG, is a multinational hotel company with its corporate office rooted in Denham, Buckinghamshire, UK. Below you’ll find comprehensive information to contact IHG, including their address, phone numbers, and websites. Additionally, you can explore customer reviews and complaints. ihg corporate office atlanta is listed along with their head office in the UK.

IHG hotels corporate office phone numbers and websites – InterContinental Hotels Group

Corporate Phone Number: 770-604-2000
Fax Number: 801-975-1846
ihg us headquarters Customer Service: 800-621-0555
IHG Corporate Office Phone Number: 770-604-2000
UK Head Office Phon Number: 44 1753 972 000
IHG Customer Service: 800-621-0555
IHG Hotel Reservations: 888-653-4858
International Callers: 800-496-7621
Website: www.IHG.com
Corporate Website: IHG Corporate

How To Contact InterContinental Hotels Group IHG Corporate Headquarters HQ

IHG Corporate Office

Maps and Directions To IHG Corporate Headquarters

IHG headquarters Address and Contact Information:

IHG Head Office:
Windsor Dials 1 Arthur Road Windsor SL4 1RS United Kingdom – UK

ihg us hq Atlanta, Georgia USA:
IHG Atlanta Office – 3 Ravinia Drive Suite 100 Atlanta, GA 30346-2149 USA

IHG Customer Service Address:
PO Box 30321 Salt Lake City, Utah 84130-0321 USA

IHG Singapore office:
230 Victoria Street #13-00 Bugis Junction Towers Singapore 188024

IHG China:
22nd Floor, Citigroup Tower No. 33, Huayuanshiqiao Road Pudong New Area 200120 Shanghai, PR China

Overview of IHG Hotel Brands

IHG, a cornerstone in the global hospitality industry, oversees a variety of hotel brands designed to cater to a diverse clientele. Brands such as Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express are household names known for comfort and reliability. Crowne Plaza serves the business traveler, while the InterContinental brand offers luxury accommodations. Hotel Indigo brings boutique flair, and Staybridge Suites provides extended stay options. Together, these brands, among others in the IHG portfolio, showcase the company’s commitment to offering a range of accommodations and experiences.

IHG’s Competitors and Their Notable Brands

IHG, in its quest to deliver unmatched hospitality, faces challenges from global hotel powerhouses. Marriott International counters with brands like Ritz-Carlton and Sheraton. Hilton Worldwide boasts of names such as Hilton Garden Inn and Conrad. Accor offers everything from the luxurious Sofitel to ibis, while Wyndham Hotel Group’s vast reach includes Ramada and Days Inn. Each competitor, with their diverse offerings, provides robust competition in the market, emphasizing the ever-evolving nature of the hospitality industry.

Addressing IHG Complaints

Like any major hotel conglomerate, IHG receives a spectrum of feedback. Those with IHG-specific concerns have multiple channels to communicate their complaints. Directly calling IHG’s customer service, penning a letter to their main office, or leveraging online platforms are all viable options. For a wider reach, the CorporateOfficeHeadquarters.com platform provides a comment section for users to share their IHG experiences, fostering open communication and aiding prospective guests in making informed choices.

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IHG's Gloucester Holiday Inn

September 18, 2023

I must give the IHG’s Gloucester Holiday Inn the saddest rating I have given a hotel/motel in my 50 years of traveling: 1. Air conditioning (AC) is implied and expected, of course, BUT when I checked it on Friday, September 8, 2023, and found the AC broken, no effort was made to fix it…none! I called repeatedly to complain. No one even offered a room switch although I requested it. Yet, England was in a heat wave hitting 32 degrees Centigrade that weekend! When I checked out, I was given a 10% reduction in my room bill! Totally unreasonable for a sadly, uncomfortable stay but it elevated my ranking to an email of 2 on a scale of ten(!)…a 10% higher rating.

2. Your bathtub/shower is in bad need of upgrading to a walk-in shower instead of the old slippery bathtub hazard.

Respectfully submitted.


IHG Hotels Corporate - Pitiful rooms being renovated during our stay

September 4, 2023

Was told my room and others like it were being renovated-seems like a common story with this company. I want to know we’re renovations occurring at Staybridge suites off Parkwood drive in Plano, Texas in or around Sept. 1-5?


IHG Headquarters - I was not told that the hotel was under construction for renovations.

August 29, 2023

We booked a 3 night stay at Staybridge in Rochester, NY to visit with our grandchildren. We arrived to find that the hotel was under interior construction. Pool was closed, several areas closed off, workers everywhere with plastic hanging everywhere. We felt that we should have been told when we reserved our stay. Shame on you! We visit every year and loved staying there.


0 Stars for the Hotel and Less than that for Customer service! Holiday Inn Express Coventry RI

December 13, 2022

We had blocked about ten rooms at 250.00 a night for a softball tournament we attended Aug 5th through 6th. We arrived to check in and went to our room to cool off a bit since the girls had been in the sun all day and wanted to use the pool. The pool was out of order. We go to our room and you could not breathe as the smell was soo bad. We figured it was because the AC was not on, out teammates were in the room next to us and they came in to ask if there was black mold on our AC as well. We looked and sure enough that must have been the reason why it smelled soo bad! Our air-conditioner was full of black mold and at the same time we didn’t have a hand towel in our room. Tried calling front desk (and the manager was rude from the moment we stepped in there) and the phone wasn’t working. So, we went to the front desk to let them know all the problems and they said ok we will change your room. They changed both of our rooms to the first floor we walked in and same problems plus a few more, no towels, air conditioner full of mold and the bedspread was disgustingly dirty! At this point we had to go to play another game so without freshening up went back to the manager and asked for another room and with a long sigh and some side eyes the manager said he would switch the room again. I called headquarters to let them know of our experience and we are a traveling softball team and for the most part we always use Holiday Inns as the teammates always want to stay together and we never had any problems or if there was something minor they always went out of their way to accommodate us. This time the manager was just rude and made us feel as if we were expecting too much! Towels in the room, a clean room and no mold, an ice maker that worked and clean bedding was just stretching it. Well I called headquarters to see if their customer service would be able to find us rooms at a sister hotel as the manager could care less. This was a very busy time in the area as the hotels were mostly sold out. After spending a long time on the phone with headquarters customer service the person I spoke with said that management would make it right and I would be very happy with the resolution…they would call me and let me know how they would compensate for our experience. I waited 3 hours for the phone call keeping my ringer on high and nobody called. Looked at missed calls and nothing…I called headquarters again to see if they had something for us, they called the hotel and they stated that they did call me, left a message to the resolution for the problem and I should check my messages. I checked the messages there were none so both my friend and I who had the worst of it went to the desk and they told me to check my message. I said I don’t have one from you but we are here what are we doing? This was at 6:30 they said well either you take the room that we can provide for you or we will refund you your money! We had dinner reservations and there was no where for us to switch to at this point so we were forced to sleep in a room that they wiped the mold from the AC unit, sprayed with lysol, floors that were not vacuumed, stains on the curtains, on the rugs, the bathtub was dirty and we had two face cloths and 2 hand towels. Unfortunately, we were not able to get a room anywhere at that time and had to suck it up. Slept with t-shirt covering the pillow and the bed felt wet! What really bothers me from all this is that I called your corporate office customer service because of what is hazardous if the Board of health is concerned and they did nothing, nothing to help us! I was actually told by the first one how very happy I was going to be with the resolution. Tell you what I am not! Someone better contact me and make this right!!!!


IHG Unsatisfactory Service

December 13, 2022

I had a reservation made in late March for a business trip. My reservation on 19-22 May 2023 was cancelled with no telephone call or explanation. I called and talked to 2 people without no resolution. Mind you when I called I had 14,800 points and the next day my member points were wiped out. 0 points and the history was erased. The supervisor, Candy was not empathetic. She noted that the cancellation was due to a push back due to opening delay. I asked why were we allowed to make reservations. Why did I have to call in to find out the reason. I told her that the customer service was unsatisfactory. I still have to go to Glendale, AZ, but now I have a really bad taste in my mouth. As a traveler, I have options of different hotels and Candy was not willing to find a comparable hotel with the rate I secured.

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