IHG USA Corporate Office Headquarters

IHG USA Corporate Office Headquarters
InterContinental Hotels Group
3 Ravinia Drive Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30346-2149 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-770-604-2000
Fax Number: 1-801-975-1846
Customer Service Number: 1-800-621-0555
Customer Service Address:
PO Box 30321
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0321

  • I can honestly say there was nothing I liked about this stay. I found the staff at front desk to be very rude, lacking customer service skills and inability to accommodate a senior customer as well.

    I had requested an extended stay w/agent named Katie the night I arrived & was informed to call in the morning around 10:00a. Front desk in the meantime, next morning transferred a call to my room after asking if okay to put call thru. I accepted call. After completing call, I contacted the front desk to confirm my extended stay for another day & was told by the front desk agent the room had been SOLD and I would have to leave by 12 noon.

    I have never been so appalled & treated so poorly to hear I had to leave by 12 noon due to the room was sold without even a consideration that the customer already in room may want to extend their stay! especially knowing the customer had requested the room. If it was a concern about payment of the room as a courtesy could have called to confirm first.

    I believe if I were to ever consider this hotel which after what I experienced, I doubt I ever will again I would want to know that I am safe and secure and would not have to be treated like I was a criminal for expressing I did not want to have to leave room already staying in. I hadn't been in the room a full 12 hours even at this point. The agent was very rude & had the audacity to say she would contact the police if I didn't leave. How rude never once did agent even offer to accommodate me by offering another room or some form of relief for the unprofessional and bad treatment.

    I will never stay at this hotel ever again.

  • I book 2 suites in Fiji and under pet friendly hotels – this property came out on the search list. After we book the stay I called out of curtesy to inform the property that I m coming with a Service dog. However the personal refuse to accept the Service dog. How is this possible. Emotional Support is disability. I have a card from a Doctor for this. I don't know what can I do. Its a Service dog of 2 pounds. Unbelievable.

  • DITTO TO ALL OF THE ABOVE. I have been a member of the priority club since 1986. They just stole over 250,000 points and all i got was we are so sorry. I was on the phone with the Philippines for over 2 hours and could not get anyone to even understand my complaint. I will never use IHG again and will make sure of all of my friends understand as well.

  • DO NOT use their cards unless you want: to be ripped off of points and overcharged for stays, be treated horribly by offshore customer service agents, be lied to by customer service agents, never have a resolution to a discrepency, be put on hold for way longer than necessary and more. The only thing good about the program is the app to book a hotel. After that the whole program is useless.

  • I wanted to take a moment to recognize the superb customer service I received during a very difficult moment in my family's life.
    On Thursday, September 7th my 17 year old daughter was forced to evacuate from Florida (where she is attending college) due to the impending threat from Hurricane Irma. Because flights were impossible to find, she was left with the option to try to make it home (in Michigan) by car. After 12 hours of very stressful driving, she needed to be able to stop somewhere and rest for the night. Understanding that hotels do not typically allow minors to check in unsupervised and since she did not have enough funds on her debit card to pay for a room herself, I knew that finding a hotel room for the night would be a challenge. I called IHG and spoke with Louis (sp?) and explained the situation. He spent almost an hour on the phone with me to locate a hotel that would be easily accessed along her driving route and would allow her to check-in. His assistance was such a relief from the stress of the situation.
    After finding a room that we could reserve for her at the Hotel Indigo Atlanta-Vinings, I contacted the hotel directly to ask if there was anything we could do to ensure that my daughter's check in process would be simple and if there was a way that I could make sure her room charges would be applied to my credit card. The front desk supervisor, Charisma Johnson explained that I could complete a credit card authorization form but because the business office was closed for the day, it wouldn't be taken care of until the next day. When I explained my daughter's situation, she went above and beyond to make sure that the credit card authorization form would be taken care of immediately. She also made a note on my reservation to indicate my daughter's situation so that she would have a smooth check in.
    Unfortunately, my daughter was never able to make it to the hotel that night. Because of the lack of gas available, she did not have enough fuel to make it far enough north. However, the care and attention given to our situation was commendable and I wanted to be sure that these two individuals received special recognition. As a mother of a daughter who is away from home from the first time and worrying about her making it out of the state before a dangerous storm hits, I am extremely grateful for the assistance.
    Thank you

    • This is how all customer service representatives should treat the public. It is what their job title means. Unfortunately there is too much mean-spirited behavior and careless treatment of the public coming from customer service representatives these days. It is a cultural shift for the worse. Very disappointing and disheartening to say the least. I am grateful you and your daughter had a successful encounter to your very stressful event! Kudos to all who made it happen.

  • On 12/25/2017, we were staying in a suite at the Holiday Inn Oceanside at Vero Beach. My sister also had a room at the hotel. We left the property to spend time with our family and returned at 8PM that night. Our suite was on the first floor at the junction of the pool entrance, a stairwell and the path to the beach, lot's of foot traffic. Apparently, the housekeeping staff was working until 2 that day for limited service. When we returned to our suite, the door was propped open with the security lock holding it open, and all the lights were on. We did not go in, we thought we were or were in process of being robbed. We stayed outside while my sister ran to the front desk for assistance. The security guard arrived quickly and informed us that our room entrance was on film and he reviewed it and nobody entered our room. I immediately questioned how in the five minutes that they were notified of the issue, could he review 6 hours of film. Naturally, he did not have an answer for that. He did then tell us that the maid clocked out at 1:45 and our room was her last one. She actually abandoned our room, leaving it open to the public with all the lights on!! The Hotel Manager was called, but he did not find it important enough to come down, or even speak with us. His only comment the next day was that he was sorry, it was inexcusable and we would be compensated for one of our nights. The aloof manner in which this situation was dealt with is horrible.

    I have just been notified by your corporate office that in addition to my negative experience at this hotel, but my data has been breached. There was no offer to provide credit monitoring, or anything else, just telling me to watch my bills.

    This company is an example of poor management, deplorable customer service and inadequate staff training. A corporate nightmare!

    • Are you a conservative white person? Have you been having any other strange encounters with people and companies? It sounds like possible no-touch stalking. You can look up gang, controlled, or mob stalking, it is all the same. It is domestic terrorism by the Left. Just keep an eye out for escalation of "strangeness", you might be a targeted individual. I am not saying you are, just that you might be and if you are, you'll know sooner or later.

  • Taking my EARNED points is theft. What IHG did is illegal. A class action lawsuit and negative national publicity is coming. I NEVER acknowledged receipt of any email notifying me that you were STEALING my EARNED points. I was not afforded the opportunity to mitigate my damages. We will see you in court.

  • It's like playing a basketball game. Your team scores 100 points and the referee takes away all of your points and says that he changed the rules. Actually, it is worse than that. It is like someone STEALING money fro your savings account at your bank. A class action lawsuit will be required. What IHG did is illegal. They stole something of value from us. I never agreed to this when I signed up in 1986.

  • Similar experience as William Staines and Mary Ann Hall. It is just as if someone stole money from my savings account at my bank. I have been a member since 1986. I never got an email or responded to a certified letter or email identifying the change in policy. I was not given a chance to mitigate my damages. I suggest a class action lawsuit. The negative publicity will definitely hurt IHG.

  • I had 387,659 points that ended Jan 7, 2017. Customer service said they sent out an email to me as a warning they were about to expire. I never rec'd an email or would have booked a hotel locally and stayed in the room as not to lose my points. Piss poor quality of customer service. No sympathy what so ever. Sad…. I will stay at another hotel chain that will stand behind their product.

    • Class action lawsuit required. I had a similar experience. Unable to mitigate my damages. IHG will suffer from the negative national publicity. It is just as if they STOLE money from my savings account at my bank. What IHG did was NOT legal.

  • Last year after I booked a hotel I was asked to be transfer to get a good deal for me and my family. By then, my experience with IHG had been great so I said yes. This lady over the phone seemed to be nice and offer me a deal for $249 dollars for 3 nights in a nice totally renewed Holiday In or any other Holiday property there so I took the offer the only thing I needed to do was to go to a presentation and I said yes. This year in January I called to book my hotel and found out that the only hotel I was able to get was the Holiday In Universal Orlando and that I needed to go with my husband or I was going to be charged with $300.00 and I had no idea. I still booked my hotel and schedule my appointment for March 8 At 8 am. A week before my reservation I called Holiday in Universal and I was told the hotel was going to provide the transportation to go to that presentation.
    The day I arrived to the hotel I wasn’t told nothing about it so at 7 am on the March 8 I went to the reception and talked to Rafael and he said there was no information for me from the Orange Lake, he had the information for the other guest they were going to the presentation but nothing in my name also informed me that transportation was not provided. I asked him for the location where we needed to go and he wrote it and also put it on my phone and it was 8505 W. Irlo Bronson Mem. Hwy. Kissimmee so rushing we went there and got there at 8 am but the receptionist said it was not the right place so I needed to go to the convention center so we got there 10 minutes late ( I asked to the receptionist to call them and let them know we had the wrong address and that we were on our way but she said it was not a problem for them if I was a little late but she did not called) so when we got there they said that I had to reschedule because they could not do it. Besides all, the lady was very mean and the only thing she was interested to know was how much money my husband made and she called my husband to tell her (it was vey bad, we were treated very bad and the lady was super rude to me, my husband makes between 75K and 100K, we are a normal family but we were treated worse than homeless people) and after she was very rude she gave me a number to call to reschedule. So I did called and told the lady the only day I was able to go was that day because the other days I had schedule and prepaid for discovery cove all inclusive and that was a lot of money. But she said the only day she had was the next day and had no other option so I took it and then after talking to my husband I called them again to see if I had any other option and she said no and she was just going to charge me $300. After that, I realized this is all a scam your company has and get people with lies and then just charge them. There is no flexibility of any kind, there is no customer service help, it was the most terrible experience I ever had, I learn that big companies just want to get more money by scamming people. Just got back from vacation and I’m going to make sure nobody falls into this lies and suffer what my family and I suffered. I will post this in all the social media and I will make sure my friends, at the school reunions, at work, at church and every were I go people will know about this.

  • I have been a loyal customer since the early 1980's, but recently was told that my hard earned 500,000 reward points had been cancelled just days prior. Just recently retired, we had planned to be able to finally enjoy these points. I can find no evidence of a 2015 email pertaining to a timeframe for keeping these points. Had I had ANY idea that these points could be lost, I would most certainly done whatever was necessary to retain them.
    These facts have fallen on the deaf ears of any customer service representative I have contacted, with absolutely no sympathy.
    That is a damn poor way to be represented to anyone, and particularly to loyal customers. W. S.

    • Legally, IHG can't just steal our EARNED points and say "we sent you an email". It is JUST LIKE robbing my bank account! A Class action lawsuit required.

    • Class action lawsuit required. I had a similar experience. Unable to mitigate my damages. IHG will suffer from the negative national publicity. It is just as if they STOLE money from my savings account at my bank. What IHG did was NOT legal.

    • I will go in on the class action suit with you—I just found out they stole my points too and I did not receive any notification either this is one highway robbery company.

    • Within recent weeks, I experienced the same "surprise" termination of points without notification or due process. I'm trying to get beyond the 'deaf ears' response or the challenge of communication with IHG's offshore call centers. Coincidentally, I checked into an IHG property which represented that rooms had personal property safes; and this check-in experience was one month prior to the so-called points termination deadline. Not knowing my points were at-risk at that time, I moved to another hotel with personal property safes and it was not an IHG property. I shared the IHG confirmation number of this experience with IHG Customer Relations. Again, "deaf ears" and insensitivity on the part of IHG Customer Relations.

      I would be curious to see, and will monitor, if a class-action suit is filed. It would have my support!!

    • IHG sent me an email with my points balance 1 DAY before my points "expire" without ANY notice in that email they were going to expire THE NEXT DAY!
      Pretty crappy how they treat their "Loyal customers"

  • kenpryor@yahoo.com hi, upon staying at candlewood in manhattan ks.
    >last year 4-2015 I worked out a price with melanie, the business mgr at the
    >hotel, at a price of $1,540.00 per month as I stayed 7-months, which was
    >perfect and was treated good,I came back 5-15-16 and I was informed i still
    >had the same price as last year, and im still here and was planning to stay
    >for another 2-months,last sun.the room cleaning had never been done,first
    >time this has happened, I figured they were busy,monday came and still not
    >cleaned and i was out of towels, tues,midday i called the office to find
    >out if they were going to clean my room and i was informed my stay was over
    >and i was suppose to be checked out!, to my surprise i told the desk mngr i
    >never told anyone that! so she tranferd me to the bus.manager she told me
    >the same thing and they were going to raise my rent $240.00 per mon.to
    >$1,780.00 if i was to stay longer, just feel this is un just way to do
    >buisness and to treat a loyal customer,as a lanlord my self with a small 12
    >unit apt, building i would rather have a decent rent coming in than a empty
    >room bringing in -0- which this hotel is rarely full, btw/ they did bring
    >towels and changed my bed sheets tues. but didnt clean or sweep, no paper
    >towels, not even bag in the trash can!! just having a hard time getting
    >over this, i am a 55yr. old man that works 12-14hrs. a day and am very
    >respectful of all the employees and not caused any problems with anyone. ken

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