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IHG USA Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact IHG USA Corporate Office Headquarters

InterContinental Hotels Group
3 Ravinia Drive Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30346-2149 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-770-604-2000
Fax Number: 1-801-975-1846
Customer Service Number: 1-800-621-0555
Customer Service Address
PO Box 30321
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0321

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  1. I had a reservation made in late March for a business trip. My reservation on 19-22 May 2023 was cancelled with no telephone call or explanation. I called and talked to 2 people without no resolution. Mind you when I called I had 14,800 points and the next day my member points were wiped out. 0 points and the history was erased. The supervisor, Candy was not empathetic. She noted that the cancellation was due to a push back due to opening delay. I asked why were we allowed to make reservations. Why did I have to call in to find out the reason. I told her that the customer service was unsatisfactory. I still have to go to Glendale, AZ, but now I have a really bad taste in my mouth. As a traveler, I have options of different hotels and Candy was not willing to find a comparable hotel with the rate I secured.

  2. Had 4 room switches in 5 days, no working air conditioners, running water, clean towels not available at times. .IHG not interested in making a loyal customer happy just insulted me with 2500 points What a joke its 50,000 points for 1 day.

  3. The floor in the room was filthy. There were food crumbs, dirt and even a necklace! Fortunately I had a pair of flip flops so I didn’t have to walk on the carpet in my socks or bare feet.

  4. I can honestly say there was nothing I liked about this stay. I found the staff at front desk to be very rude, lacking customer service skills and inability to accommodate a senior customer as well.

    I had requested an extended stay w/agent named Katie the night I arrived & was informed to call in the morning around 10:00a. Front desk in the meantime, next morning transferred a call to my room after asking if okay to put call thru. I accepted call. After completing call, I contacted the front desk to confirm my extended stay for another day & was told by the front desk agent the room had been SOLD and I would have to leave by 12 noon.

    I have never been so appalled & treated so poorly to hear I had to leave by 12 noon due to the room was sold without even a consideration that the customer already in room may want to extend their stay! especially knowing the customer had requested the room. If it was a concern about payment of the room as a courtesy could have called to confirm first.

    I believe if I were to ever consider this hotel which after what I experienced, I doubt I ever will again I would want to know that I am safe and secure and would not have to be treated like I was a criminal for expressing I did not want to have to leave room already staying in. I hadn't been in the room a full 12 hours even at this point. The agent was very rude & had the audacity to say she would contact the police if I didn't leave. How rude never once did agent even offer to accommodate me by offering another room or some form of relief for the unprofessional and bad treatment.

    I will never stay at this hotel ever again.

  5. I book 2 suites in Fiji and under pet friendly hotels – this property came out on the search list. After we book the stay I called out of curtesy to inform the property that I m coming with a Service dog. However the personal refuse to accept the Service dog. How is this possible. Emotional Support is disability. I have a card from a Doctor for this. I don't know what can I do. Its a Service dog of 2 pounds. Unbelievable.

  6. DITTO TO ALL OF THE ABOVE. I have been a member of the priority club since 1986. They just stole over 250,000 points and all i got was we are so sorry. I was on the phone with the Philippines for over 2 hours and could not get anyone to even understand my complaint. I will never use IHG again and will make sure of all of my friends understand as well.

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