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  • Hilton Garden Inn Corporate Office Headquarters

Hilton Garden Inn Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Hilton Garden Inn Corporate Office Headquarters

Hilton Worldwide, Inc.
7930 Jones Branch Drive
McLean, Virginia 22102 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-703-883-1000
Fax Number: 1-703-883-1000
Customer Service Number: 1-877-782-9444
Fax Number: n/a
Reservations: 1-800-445-8667


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  1. I am staying at when your hotels. Portland Oregon on airport Way the Hilton garden inn the only gentleman working the shift comes out and tells me I can't park my trailer in my rig sideways in the parking lot I had to park it in the very back where things can get stolen when there's plenty of spaces up front your Park my trailer very rude very and caring I am staying here because my mother was in the hospital and got released ICU furthermore the man threatened to call the cops if I didn't move my rig and have it towed which I think is very uncomfort as when your employee being rude to their customers the ladies work today shifts told me this man was very rude to people now I see it for my first time I think something needs to be done by this man he should not be able to get away with talking to customers like that and pushing them around

  2. Every few months we love to stay at the Hilton Garden Inn in Sandy, UT. We only live 45 minutes away, but love to soak in the hot tube in the room. This has been a treat for the past couple of years. On Feb. 27th we stayed for a valentine/birthday/anniversary trip away. We were placed on the 5th floor, which we normally are assigned to the 2nd or 3rd. Let me share with you what occurred. First, around 10pm the hotel fire alarm went off. I was soaking in the tub. We jumped out & got dress thinking we were needing to be evacuated. We noticed no one was outside & tried 3x to call the front desk. Then we received a call that rang 1x around 1am in our room. The worst part was the bed was so uncomfortable, it was the worst night we have ever had. Spent part of the night in the bathroom reading a book. My body was sore from the bed. The next morning I tried to soak in the tub thinking that would help with the pain. Today is 3/4/2021, my hip still hurts & I have been on medication all week. Thinking about going to a chiropractor or something. Just wanted to make you aware of what occurred on our relaxing time away from our busy lives. Not sure we will be back.

  3. We recently visited the Hilton Garden Inn in Cleveland OH. Our main goal was to be in walking distance of Progressive Field. We drove all the way from NM to watch the Indians play. Needless to say, after being in the car for a couple of days the convenience of the HGI caddie corner to Progressive field sounded perfect, no need to get back in the car to drive. The hallway had an obnoxious smell, we had to hold of our breathe from the elevator to our room. The room was clean. The bed on the other hand was unacceptable. Once we got in to go to sleep we both rolled to the middle, it was like being in a taco shell. The next morning we let the front desk assist know of the problem. She informed us that she would put in a report. We left the room for about an hour and when we returned we were greeted with the maintenance man in the room. He informed us that there wasn't really anything they could do because they don't have other beds to replace it with, but he did let us know that he would flip the bed and it should be better. As they (my boyfriend helped) flipped the I noticed stains all down the side of the mattress. Like some one had gotten sick and didn't make it to the restroom on time. GROSS!! The maintenance man apologized for the inconvenience and said he would talk to the front desk to see if maybe he could get us free parking or some kind of discount on the room. That never happened. This went on for 2 more nights. The morning that we were checking out of the room my boyfriend walked up to the front desk, key in hand mind you, to check out. Before he could say one word the front desk assist rudely said "we are booked, we don't have any rooms available". No "Hi, welcome to Hilton, how can I help you this morning?". He let her know that we just wanted to check out and also mentioned the situation with the bed. Her only response was "we couldn't have done anything anyways we were booked those nights and wouldn't have been able to change rooms for you."
    I have been waiting A LONG to be visit Progressive Field and Hilton in some way ruined what could have been a perfect trip!

  4. My sister and me stayed at home 2 in Conway ar. After we check out they said we was smoking in the room we ask them did they found something that made them think we was smoking. They said no it just smell like it. I was charged 250 they called us by name

  5. How do I get in touch with the Real Estate Department? I am a real estate broker and have a property listed in Texas that would be great for Hilton Garden Inn Hotel?

  6. To be honesty i don't see why and how the hilton garden inn located in jonesboro,ar still open and passing inspection with all that mold and mildew built up in they rooms,they laundry is not wash the proper way,the head of household is real rude,they gm got her picks and favorite,that hotel is not clean to me anytime you can check into a room and it's stains and hair on your bedding and they do not change they pull out beds they will not clean a stay over unless you're in the room i just don't understand why have'nt nothing been done about the problem and it urks my nerves how they treat they housekeepers up there them ladies work to hard in them rooms to get treated poorly by they supervisor…i wouldn't recommand no one to stay there or work there cause it's not right i done stayed and worked in a hilton and it was nothing like this oneee

  7. May 13, 2016
    Trying to make a reservation for an event in Daytona Beach, was told that corp. does NOT allow the hotel to book in advance. Can only be after the last event, before the event you want to book…. ???? What is this? We have stayed at this hotel every year for last 4years & now a new policy ? this stinks. So A big event with thousands of people come to town & you really hope that you will be able to get a reservation where you want to stay. Sad.

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