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Crowne Plaza Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Crowne Plaza Corporate Office Headquarters

InterContinental Hotels Group
3 Ravinia Drive Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30346-2149 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-770-604-2000
Fax Number: 1-801-975-1846
Customer Service Number: 1-800-621-0555
Reservations: 1-877-227-6963


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  1. My son booked a stay at the Crown Plaza in Springfield, IL for Mother's Day weekend so I could visit with my daughter and my two grandchildren, it was not a good experience.
    I was awakened by the door opening up to my room at 8 am on Saturday the 13. Housekeeping was letting themselves into my room! I repeated that the room was occupied.
    I was in need of rest and I was looking forward to much-needed sleep after my travel to Springfield, IL.
    Later that same day, I came back to the room to rest, and a man entered my room around 3 p.m., I was appalled, a second time in one-day people had entered my room with an electronic card. I felt so unsafe. I could barely sleep on Saturday evening and I wanted to get out of your hotel as soon as possible.
    Also, the bed had a big concave in the middle, the air in the room smelled of smoke & every time the air went on, it smelled of smoke. The elevators were littered and the workout room was at least 90 degrees plus!
    At checkout, these issues were brought up, just a sorry was given, and no receipt. My son paid good money for the two-night stay and no compensation was ever given.
    It is sad that the Crown Plaza’s quality of stay is very poor. I booked my daughter's wedding at your hotel in December 2017 and I had nothing but praise at the time.
    I have no receipt, but a confirmation number # 41079821, May 12 to May 14, 2023. Booked under my son’s name.
    I will be waiting for a reply.

  2. Crowne Royal in Woburn ma, this is the most disappointing experience at this hotel. have stayed here many times but 5 nights this visit is a nightmare. misrepresentation of confirmed requests thru hotel reservations and what was delivered. unclean room, on the wrong floor, HVAC not working properly, no prior information regarding no breakfast service that was included at extra cost, and totally no room service. there has been no response to another email at the hotel level.

  3. The way Crowne Plaza in kcmo is ran and how they treat their chief engineer is downgrading. The office managers do not support or respect the one they call to put out their fires as initiated by them. It is cruel and unhonorable the way the general manager handles and manages his team of employees that their is no team or chain of command of ordinance because he has no guidence to develop a well working system and also seems to appear neither does the assistant. Take pride in your work and aprriciate the ones who follow upstanding workmenship. Not undermine them and and no leeway to opporate what is required then hold them on the chop block because what you are wanting isnt be delivered to your unmanageable standards.

  4. Not knowing where else to file this complaint, here it is……
    We just want to let you know that as long as you continue to advertise with, and support, that jerk, Jimmy Kimmel, my friends and I will no longer be purchasing any of the products you make. Thank you

  5. Hello Araon,

    I wanted to take time to thank you and your excellent staff for taking such good care of our clients last weekend.

    The Travel Company was asked this year to be the designated travel agency for the University of Pittsburgh Pitt Panther Parents. We do all the travel for the parents, alumni and friends of the Pitt football team.

    The Georgia Tech game was our first true away game. We selected the Crowne Plaza in Atlanta not only for its location, but because of our great success with Crowne Plaza in the past. It is typically our “go to” choice of hotels.

    As expected the Crowne Plaza Midtown fulfilled all our expectations and then some. The outdoor pool/patio area was a great place for the parents and alumni to sit and talk. Your convenient and friendly lobby bar with ample comfortable seating also provided a great area to socialize.

    What truly made our stay however was your staff! In particular, the front desk crew. These are the people who are the faces of your property and they did an outstanding job. Lakisa, Leonard, Raynoldo, Tikira and Marsha in particular always seemed to be there to take care of anything our guests asked.

    We have been in the travel business 26 years and it is rare to find even one member of a staff let alone the entire front desk staff as good as you have. You should be very proud of what they do for your guests. In addition, I congratulate the management of the Crowne Plaza for its training program and your ability to retain such good employees.

    All one hundred plus of our clients complimented us on doing an excellent job. Thank you all for making us look so good ! We appreciate your hard work and dedication.

  6. I have never been treated like this . In March, 2017 I made 9 different reservations (guaranteed with 2 different credit card numbers) for staying in November 2017, each being confirmed and emailed back by the Hotel with a confirmation number ( 61887807, 61887791
    61887806, 61887760, 63150870, 63150888
    63150927,63150919 , 63150957 )
    Last friday your people from the Hotel in Puebla sent us an email saying that they tried to make another "credit card authorization" (even when they had already done it in the first place, when I initially made my reservation) and supposedly both credit cards were declined, so they cancelled our reservations without contacting us.
    We contacted American Express, and they said that this is not true. They have no records of your hotel trying to get any authorization for my credit card ( neither my other two friends different cards ) attempt for any charges or any decline from Amex to your Hotel.
    We were affected from coming to your hotel on those specific dates and they cancelled all of our 9 ALREADY CONFIRMED reservations. And as I said, we called amex to prove those charges attempts were NEVER made or any type of authorization request or or declines or any intention to charge anything were ever made to any of the credit cards that were held on file for the 9 reservations.
    This was clearly a fraud.
    An attempt to try to cancel my reservations that I had already confirmed with a low rate and take them away from me to allocate to higher rates.
    I even asked the hotel to send me proof of the declined voucher from Amex and they just sent me a voucher with the last 4 digits of my credit card.
    But I told them that they could have intentionally have made an authorization with different numbers on the first digits of my credit card and just making sure that the last digits were the same from my credit card in order to intenionally have a declined voucher with only the last digits of my credit card matching. The hotel manager told me she would send another document with all of my credit card numbers and she never did. She never sent back anything else. Only some phone number of other hotels that of course right now they were full but not in March that we reserve this in advance
    I will be publiciting and posting this because I know they are reselling my rooms at a higher rate and this is illegal practices because they are taking our reservarions away from us with lies. I am amazed on how you can let anyone use your image and brand doing this kind of things . Because I have proof that you confirmed every single room with a number and email to me reading "CONFIRMED RESERVATIONS". And also that you didn't even tried to charge it so that's a bug fraud. I was a huge fan of your hotels! Well, not any more!!

  7. I recently stayed at the Crowne Plaza in Addison Tx by the Galleria . The experience was very unpleasant . When we arrived there were several cars parked in handicapped parking who were not handicapped with their music playing extremely loud . Hotel staff and management did nothing . That night after we returned from dinner we parked our brand new truck in a well lit area of the hotels parking lot . Also , with the understanding that the hotel had security we should have no worries about our vehicle being safe . The next morning we walk out to our truck to find it sitting on blocks where the wheels had been stolen . So with a well lit parking lot , security cameras , and security guards this should have never happened . If in fact if your hotel's staff/security would actually do their jobs neither would have the other three customers trucks would have had their wheels stolen either . So in just one night your hotel allowed four trucks not just be vandalized …….. they allowed them to have 16 rims/tires removed and wheeled off under your hotels watch . Piss poor to say the least and to be polite . We were addressed by phone only by your hotels security and was told the hotels insurance would be in contact to resolve the matter . Almost $8,000 in wheels and tires from my vehicle alone were taken and your company did nothing . We stay in the DFW area dozens of times a year and numerous other cities through the United States. We will never stay at a Crowne Plaza or any IHG related hotel ever again .

  8. We keep getting notices of some really great rates in Pop-up Ads! We have stayed at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, San Pedro a couple of times prior to going on a cruise and enjoyed our stays.
    We are active on a Cruise Critic Roll Call for our next cruise which is scheduled for Oct. 8, 2017. We are putting together various groups of fellow cruisers for some events and excursions once the cruise begins.
    Currently a sizable group of us are looking to book rooms prior to our upcoming cruise but we cannot seem to find any rates that even start to compare with the advertised rates. I know of at least 3 couples wishing to stay for 2 nights. I recently email the CPH, SP with the following comparisons: Booking a room for Jan. 13 the rate would be $113.68 However to book a room for Oct. 6 thru 8, 2017 the rate would be $170.03. I requested a better rate and while not wanting to be greedy we suggested a compromise of between $135 and $140.
    The reply I received was rather cold, impersonal and matter-of-fact.
    "Good morning thank you for contacting the Crowne Plaza La Harbor Hotel our online rates are the best rates we have I’m sorry I am not able to offer a less discount that what is on our web site. The price online is a good price. If you some of your guest will have a vehicle the best package is the Park & Sail package this package will include the parking while been on your cruise."
    Therefore we are writing to those of you at the Corporate Headquarters, to see if anyone can work with us! Of course we would appreciate the lowest possible rate and it is quite possible that that rate could be made available to other members of our group. On one of our last cruises, after much haggling, we received a decent rate of $141.?? which ended up getting over 23 couples to participate. It makes more sense to have a group of guaranteed reserved rooms that not! But then what do I know as I am just a customer!
    Anxiously awaiting your response to this request.

  9. We stayed the Crowne Plaza Los Angeles Harbor in San Pedro prior to our cruise. Most of our party was stuck in the hotel elevator in the morning for more than 1 hour. To make matters worse, after the initial phone call on the elevator phone to the front desk there was no further communication with those in the elevator. I received a text and a phone call from one of the passengers in the elevator, as my husband was one of the stuck guests, and went to communicate issues to the front desk. The Chief Engineer was passing at the time and was surprised and "happy" that he could finally talk to those stuck. The fire department came, the elevator company representative came and finally they were able to get out. We left on our cruise and upon return, some of the stuck passengers had already received a 100% credit for the hotel room on their credit card. I proceeded to call the hotel manager to get same financial reimbursement. This took me 7 calls to the General Manager. On 2 occasions he promised to call me back once in 10 minutes, and one time in 2 hours. Never did I get a return call. I also left 3 messages with the hotel operator and with accounts receivable. This is totally unacceptable service. On my 7th call, I told the GM I was not going to hang up and that he needs to resolve my issue. He passed me on to a clerk and the credit was processed. I suggested that the hotel change their procedures to include asking stuck guests if they had a cell phone so that any needed communications could continue until they were out of the elevator. She continued to argue with me that everyone was in communication and those that were stuck knew exactly what was going to "free them". That was certainly not the case that day, but your management didn't care to hear that. We will not stay at that Crowne Plaza in the future.

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