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Marriott Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Marriott Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

10400 Fernwood Road
Bethesda, MD 20817 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-301-380-3000
Fax: 1-301-380-3967
Email and Chat: Contact Page
Website: Marriott Hotels
Customer Support Phone Number: 1-800-721-7033
Marriott Hotel Reservations: 1-888-236-2427

Marriott’s competition includes Hilton Hotels, Hyatt, Holiday Inn, and Ritz Carlton Hotels.

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  1. Element Tampa Midtown – Tampa, FL,
    I am a Veteran in a wheelchair, I have stayed at many of your hotels but this was the worst for being in a wheelchair.
    Who ever designed your room placement needs to be in a wheelchair and have some common sense. Or learn ADA rules???
    I get off of the elevator and push down the hall turn right then left and push to the farthest room at the end of a very very long carpeted hallway. Can you please tell me why you put the wheelchair room this far from the elevator???? This is a very dangerous fire hazard as well??The door going into the room does not meet ADA rules either 3lbs opening. That door was very hard to open from a wheelchair. Very Heavy no assist on the door?
    The water in the shower is too hot for someone that is paralyzed with no feeling. The water was so hot good thing I'm very careful after 40 years in a chair to feel the water. It would have burnt my feet very bad.
    I would like a call from you to explain why I am so upset. The room was nice but the bed was not at the proper height either.
    I just cannot believe no one has complained about this before or if they did nothing has been done.
    Please give me a call at 386-801-6969 you will probably have to leave a message due to your not in my phone. Please leave your # and I will call you back.
    I would like to come back and have someone get in the elevator and push to that room to see if they could do it.???
    Signed one Very upset and sore shoulders customer.

  2. During the past 24 months We have had nothing but issues while staying at a Marriott Resorts. Wrong bills with dinners being charged to us, rude front desk staff, M club serving high cal junk food. As titanium member reservations staff are unwilling to assist. Instead, I was told to call the hotel direct from the United States. When dealing with Marriott staff and properties. I expect better when someone is expecting a tip. I feel like management refuses to address customer issues and resolve.

  3. Why did the Orlando property host AFPAC
    conference on 2/25/22? When will corporate release a statement to the public and to the shareholders?

  4. Upon arrival at the location and entry into my room, I noticed food debris and trash on the floor. I immediately contacted the front desk and was told by the clerk that she'd be right up to vacuum the floor. She did come up right away and vacuumed the floor even though there were still some food particles left. I had not been in the bathroom up to this point. After the desk clerk left, I discovered the toilet was soiled as well as the floor surrounding the toilet. Also, the shower had obviously not been cleaned. I attempted to call the front desk several times but did not get an answer. So, I promptly went down to inform the desk clerk of the uncleaned bathroom. She told me, "There are no more rooms available and that I would not be receiving a refund." I asked her to contact the general manager to which she said she does not like to be disturbed at this time of night nor could she get her phone number because it was in her cell phone and she did not know how to unlock her own phone. I then asked if she could give me a note acknowledging my refusal to stay in an unclean room to which she said she would not give me a note. Subsequently, I contacted the local authorities in an attempt to ensure that had some documented evidence of the situation. I was informed by both the Sheriff's department and the city police that since this was a non-emergency and civil in nature, they could not respond. The following day I called the hotel to speak with the general manager, Ms. Tracey Jemison, who was aware of the situation but had obviously been given misinformation by the clerk and was told that she refused to give me a refund but that she would award me 2000 Marriott Rewards Points which she said was comparable to the amount I paid for the room. I have been a loyal and satisfied member (Gold Member) for many years and this is the first time I have experienced this level of poor customer service from a Marriott property. Your help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Marriott Griffin Gate in Lexington, KY is aweful. It would take me too long to count the reasons I will never stay there again. Really bad customer service. Really bad rooms.

  6. This past week we stayed at the Fairfield, in Strasburg Virginia. The front desk associate was a Laine Anderson. Laine, did everything professionally, and went above and beyond, on our behalf.
    She located the right room after an exhausting search, and was quite positive and pleasant, throughout my check-in process. I have stayed at several properties but Laine, is the type of employee who should represent Marriott, and its values.

  7. 18 June 2021. DISTRIC MANAGER DISRESPECT TO A GUEST <> I have been on an extended stay due to repairs at my home. I really enjoyed it because of the convenience and facility. I am a Senior Citizen, A retired military officer (JAG) and Attorney At Law. I decided to put my card on the front door of my room. Then one day the card was gone. I assumed one of the maids accidentally knocked it off. This happened 3 times. Each time I replaced the card. Then one day as I cam back to the hotel from a errand a short man with dark skin color had my card in his hand. He said here. We do not allow people to put these on the hotel room door. I said "Oh. So it was you. He said "I told the clerks to take it down." I asked if he was one of the managers. He said yes. He did not introduce himself. We chatted for a bit courteously. I informed him that people with heavy excavation companies seem to be bullying us with there large equipment and trailers. I said one of them actually vandalized my vehicle to intimidate me. He said "you have no proof". I said these people are attempting to intimidate us. They did it to me. They will do it to others. I just want to report it. I later called the front desk to see who he was. He did not introduce himself and he did not give me a card. I then learned he was the DISTRICT MANAGER AND HIS NAME IS JACOB. He is very courteous and nice. He is professional too. BUT WHY DID HE NOT INTRODUCE HIM SELF AND GIVE ME HIS CARD?? Here is my advice to all UNDERCOVER DISTRICT MANAGERS >>> DO NOT DO WHAT JACOB DID. IT DOES NOT REFLECT WELL ON YOU OR MARRIOTT. It is fine if you want to be undercover. BUT THEN DO NOT CONFRONT GUESTS. HAVE YOUR STAFF DO THAT. That is proper hotel etiquette. I also called and left him a voice mail and sent him an email voicing my observations of the meeting. It was very pleasant. But it was an unusual way to resolve the situation. Thank you. 18 June 2021.

  8. Constant calls from Hyatt and Marriott Hotels-won a free stay- someone I know stayed with them and gave them my info. BOLOGNA I don't stay in these hotels nor does anyone I know. Stop the Harassments and stupid phone calls. I don't think much of either company and with all of the bugging and fake calls I will NEVER stay in the hotels. If you need customers that badly try a different approach. Honest employees and lower rates help. NOT CONSTANT PHONE CALLS

  9. Your company is just like all the other rag and intrusive companies who invade our lives with BS calls! The area code spoofing is a very cheap approach! I used to have high regards for the Marriott company, however, who ever uses these automated phone BS calls is no longer even on my radar.


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