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Reach Out To DoubleTree Corporate Office – Review & Complaints 

DoubleTree Corporate Office is located in Virginia, USA. More information to reach out to DoubleTree is listed below, including the DoubleTree corporate office address, phone numbers, and websites. Also, customer reviews and DoubleTree complaints.

How To Contact DoubleTree Headquarters Address and Phone Number

Double Tree Corporate Office Locations

DoubleTree Corporate Address:

Double Tree Home Office – 7930 Jones Branch Drive McLean, Virginia 22102 USA

Doubletree by Hilton Corporate Office Phone Numbers and Contact Pages

Doubletree by Hilton Headquarters Phone Number: 703-883-1000
DoubleTree Main Office Fax Number: n/a
Doubletree Hotel Phone Number for Customer Service: 800-222-8733
Reservations: 800-445-8667
Email: Help & Chat
Website: www.DoubleTree.com
Corporate Website: Hilton Corporate
Jobs: Online: Job Listings
Corporate Stock Symbol: HLT

Double Tree Hotels
doubletree by hilton location

Map and Directions to Double Tree Corporate Office

DoubleTree by Hilton: Company Bio

DoubleTree by Hilton is a fast-growing chain of upscale hotels and resorts, and it forms part of the extensive portfolio of brands managed by Hilton Worldwide. The brand is renowned for its attention to detail, warm service, and perhaps most famously, its signature chocolate chip cookie that guests receive upon check-in.

Origins: The brand began its journey as a single hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona in 1969. Over the decades, it has expanded its footprint, not only across the United States but also internationally, encompassing urban, suburban, airport, convention, and vacation destinations.

Founder: The first DoubleTree hotel was not initiated by Hilton but was incorporated into the Hilton family later in its history. While it wasn’t started by a single iconic founder like some hotel chains, the brand has grown and evolved thanks to the collaborative efforts of numerous key players over the years.

Key People: As part of the Hilton Worldwide family, DoubleTree has benefited from the leadership of several industry stalwarts. Christopher J. Nassetta, the President and CEO of Hilton Worldwide, has played a significant role in steering Hilton’s many brands, including DoubleTree, towards continued success. Under his stewardship, and with the combined efforts of many other Hilton executives, DoubleTree continues to enhance its reputation for exceptional hospitality.

Brand Signature: Beyond its hotels’ aesthetic appeal and service standards, DoubleTree stands out with its unique tradition of gifting each guest a warm chocolate chip cookie upon arrival. This small gesture has become symbolic of the brand’s commitment to a personalized and caring guest experience.

Today, with hundreds of locations around the world, DoubleTree by Hilton stands as a testament to enduring quality, innovation, and the power of a warm cookie to make a traveler feel right at home.

  • DoubleTree Headquarters Address 7930 Jones Branch Drive McLean, Virginia 22102 USA
  • Doubletree Hilton corporate Office Phone Number: 703-883-1000
  • Fax Number: N/A
  • Email: Click Here
  • Number of Employees: N/A
  • Established: 1969
  • Founder: N/A
  • DoubleTree Hotel Corporate Office Directory – Key People: 

DoubleTreee offers online support, email support and phone support. Doubletree corporate office phone number is 703-883-1000. Their support hours are 24/7 – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

DoubleTree Hotel’s Competitive Landscape

DoubleTree by Hilton, a renowned hotel brand, faces a dynamic and competitive landscape within the hospitality industry. In the upscale hotel segment, it competes with established names like Marriott, Sheraton, Holiday Inn Express, Fairfield by Marriott, and Hyatt. These competitors boast extensive global networks and loyalty programs, challenging DoubleTree to consistently provide exceptional guest experiences. Additionally, boutique hotels and Airbnb have emerged as formidable contenders, catering to travelers seeking unique and personalized accommodations. DoubleTree must continually innovate its services, maintain high-quality standards, and leverage the strength of the Hilton brand to stay competitive in this ever-evolving market.

DoubleTree Corporate Office
hilton doubletree corporate office

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DoubleTree Corporate Headquarters Reviews and doubletree corporate office complaints and Praise

See the comment and review section below to read or write Doubletree complaints, reviews or to praise your experience with DoubleTree’s customer service and corporate office.

DoubleTree Orlando FL Unsafe

Rated 1.0 out of 5
January 19, 2024

Unsafe and filthy rooms!

I checked into the Orlando, FL DoubleTree Downtown on 60 SOUTH IVANHOE BOULEVARD for business travel on January 17th at approximately 10 pm EST. I checked into a room on the 9th floor. I used the keycard to unlock the door, I walked in to put down my luggage and I turned around to a strange man pushing the door open and entering into my room. I began to scream loudly and he left the room. I immediately slammed the door, locked it, and called the front desk. The front desk clerk apologized and sent a security guard to my room. The security guard suggested canceling the current room keys and reissuing a new set. I demanded a new room and the security guard escorted me to the 10th floor. He mentioned that vagrants sometimes come onto the guest floors to get warm when the temperature drops. I was shocked!!! Unfortunately, the new room had a strong mildew/moldy pet smell. I asked for another room, one that was hypoallergenic. The clerk says they had no other rooms. I barely slept because of the smell and the thought of no guests possibly roaming the halls. I stacked chairs and end tables behind the door and covered my head with the sheet to avoid the smell in the room. This location IS NOT SAFE NOR CLEAN!


DoubleTree Phoenix AZ Unprofessional

Rated 1.0 out of 5
February 1, 2024

Rude front desk security and staff! Yesterday I called the hotel looking for my husband because he went missing after he said that his mother was sick. However, I called the hotel where he works. DoubleTree at North Phoenix. The staff began calling me ugly and I am a very beautiful woman. They were very rude to me. Something needs to be done because it is very unprofessional to disrespect any customer or client. I am also a rewards member. May God bless your business.


DoubleTree Hotel Refund

Rated 1.0 out of 5
December 19, 2023

I made a reservation for December 16, -18th and had to cancel. I cancel on the 16th @ 9;21 am. I received confirmation through plum benefits stating I could receive a full refund if canceled before midnight. I have been trying for 3 days to get a refund. Your hotel is saying I can’t. This is unacceptable and I will never spend the night at your facilities nor will I recommend it. I will be posting a bad review as well. Here the confirmation number 32347777AAA18951XXX

Karen Love

DoubleTree Customer Service Training Needed

Rated 1.0 out of 5
December 7, 2023

On 12/1, My husband and I and our inlaws stayed at the Doubletree Charlotte, NC Uptown and paid $574 for 2 rooms for 1 night. Upon arrival we were not offered cookies and water like the other customers. Although it seemed petty, I felt like there was an unconscious bias going on. On 12/2, my husband asked to buy a tin of cookies and were told that the cookies were given to airport staff and personnel only. Not sure what that was about since we were trying to buy a tin of cookies. We checked out of the hotel on 12/2 and my husband left his dinner jacket at the hotel, so I called the hotel to ask how we might retrieve it. I was greeted with the nastiest customer service Rep ever. She told me that housekeeping was not there, that I would have to call the next day and that the hotel was not responsible for our items. All that was fine it was the manner in which she said it. She snarked a nice, nasty comment and hung the phone up while I was still talking. I’m still trying to retrieve my husband’s dinner jacket. My advice to new customers is to ask for your cookies at the front desk and be aware of front desk customer Representative’s unconscious bias’. They may mean well but there is a bias if you are not paying attention. Great expensive, luxury hotel but terrible, unprofessional Front desk service on 12/1 & 12/2/2023.

Cheryl Eatmon

Fiance and I were told "unable to accommodate you anymore"

Rated 1.0 out of 5
November 21, 2023

8 Days ago our home burnt down with just the clothes on our back we weren’t sure what our next steps would be so we checked in to the Double Tree close to our home. After 8 days of staying at the facility, my fiancé was walking in from a walk outside and was approached and told the hotel could no longer accommodate us in front of another guest. No explanation was given until the next morning. We were told that I was sitting on the couch and my facial expression was an explanation. My home burnt down losing everything and maybe a little frustration was on my face but to be told we can no longer stay at the facility doesn’t make sense to us.

Riley Webb
Corporate Office Headquarters