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  • DoubleTree Hotel Corporate Office Headquarters

DoubleTree Hotel Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact DoubleTree Corporate Office Headquarters

by Hilton Worldwide, Inc.
7930 Jones Branch Drive
McLean, Virginia 22102 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-703-883-1000
Fax Number: 1-703-883-1000
Customer Service Number: 1-800-222-8733
Fax Number: n/a
Reservations: 1-800-445-8667


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  1. I recently stayed at the Double Tree Resort by Hilton Hollywood Beach. Unfortunately, the view from my room was disappointing, but I was able to tolerate it. However, the bathroom bowl was running all night which made it impossible for me to get any sleep. To make matters worse, there was no hot water in the shower and I had to take an ice-cold shower. Additionally, the two towels provided were minuscule and inadequate for drying off. When I went to the gym on Sunday at 9:00 am, there were no towels available. To top it off, this was the most expensive Hilton I have ever stayed at and it was by far the worst hotel experience I have ever had.

  2. I called Doubletree in Grand Junction, CO to make a reservation. I was about an hour from the hotel and I made a reservation for my husband and me. I was quoted a price of $152.20. When I got there and tried to check in, I found the reservation had been made for one person and that was my husband. The man at the desk kept saying, "We can't let some random person check in for someone". He'd already seen my ID which has the same last name as the reservation. My husband came out of the restroom and was asked if I could check him in. The man at the desk ran my credit card and it was $25 more than what I had been told over the phone. I had been assured that the $152.20 included the tax. When I protested, he said we would get it back later if we didn't charge anything to the room. Parking was also $12 which I had not been told. My husband said "cancel the reservation". That was on Thursday, April 13 and I have not received my refund as of April 22. I want my refund.

    I was extremely disappointed in the way I was treated. I wasn't "some random Person" trying to check-in. I had made the reservation and I had made it for two people. The man at the desk was rude. I've never had so much trouble trying to check in at a hotel as I did that night. I would definitely not recommend that Doubletree to anyone. Depending on your response will determine if I recommend any Doubletree. We often stay at Hilton chain hotels but that may change.

  3. Author: Kevin K. Smith Stayed at Doubletree Sacramento CA July 2nd+3rd 2022
    DO NOT BOOK A ROOM(S) HERE!! First, automatically pay $10 a day to park, there’s no security, there were huge metal dumpsters and pallets of R-13 insulation around every corner of the parking lot. Was told by an employee they were having to tear out asbestos in the walls in one part of the hotel, Not Good! On to the condition of the room we stayed in #4319. Upon entering room, bad smell, indicates to me the carpets have never been cleaned and the a/c filters are filthy. Both true! The vents were caked with dirt and mold, everything metal that could rust in the bathroom had rusted, sprinklers, vent covers, etc. Bathtub, no way to take a bath, there was no metal stopper, rubber stopper, nothing to hold in the water. The tub is slippery and dangerous yet, they have a small sticker affixed claiming they were treated with anti-slip materials…this is extremely dangerous in a porcelain tub and if they were treated at one time decades ago, there is no more anti-slip treatment left on bottom of tub. The lever above the tub drain didn’t even move up and down if there were a stopper, this also applied to the bathroom sink, no stopper to soak bathing suits or fill sink. I called front desk to ask about a bathtub stopper, they had nothing to offer. No USB ports in the rooms,lamps, on desk, I didn’t think I needed to bring an outlet charging block for my phone and IPad charger, had to buy one. No TV guide in channel line up, no laminated Chanel guide in room….they don’t have them, they typed it on a piece of paper and delivered to the room an hour and a half later. Back to the vent covers and air quality, this room smelled the entire time of my stay, it smelled musty and funky. The ducts have probably never been cleaned, the vent covers were covers in filth…I’m sure the filters had not been changed but why bother if they’re cycling through filthy vent covers, the draped were old, dusty, dirty, stained, hooks missing, used my wife’s hair clips to keep the sun from beaming in each morning. The bathroom cabinet door was hanging off and wouldn’t stay closed very well, the bathroom door frame at bottom of door and door molding had rotted away over the years. Literally no upkeep or maintaining the quality of the rooms has been done over the years…but there should have been. The decor, drapes, carpets, towels, all outdated, old, not fresh or clean looking. The flat sheets covering the beds and hiding the white comforters was a facade, there were a few small blood stains on the comforters on both beds and no fitted sheets at all so,the sheets end up on the floor when sleeping, last morning, saw two small bugs in the bed. This was the final ‘yikes’ moments for me. We stayed in the section of the property called ‘Folsom’, the name of the prison comes to mind, the letter M at the end of Folsom placard had fallen off so someone took a marker and wrote an ‘m’ that had faded out. All tacky, all dirty, all outdated and not good considering they charged us close to $270 for a two night stay. The front desk staff claimed each time we called which was about 5-6 times that they were going to be remodeling by next year 2023, my thoughts were…then don’t charge the exorbitant prices if the rooms are trashed and outdated now! Never going back to a Doubletree property again.

  4. Huntsville, AL Doubletree. There are so many causes for this complaint. I will address in chronological order. 1. The room I requested is not the room we were given. I asked for 1 room with 2 beds. I got a 2 room suite with 1 bed and a filty pullout couch with food crumbs. 2. The room wasn't clean. 3. Desk said manager would call and he never did. 4. The AC was so loud we couldn't stand to listen to it run. Weather was lows in the high 80s while we were there. The AC sounded like an army tank. The ceiling tiles around the AC were coming down. 5. They piped music to the pool area all night long which kept us from sleeping. The pool is open to the sky but surrounded on all 4 sides by the hotel wings. The first night I called at 2 am and they turned it off. The next night at 3 am they said it was not possible to turn it off. 6. Part of the issue with noise from outside was that the sliding door/window was in ill repair and allowing noise to pass. It was the worst Doubletree I have ever stayed in. And I won't stay in another one at this point. The whole place felt sketchy. Picutres available.

  5. did anyone else see what their colo hotel put up refusing to serve armed service personal and their families. you might as well add their friends too. you wouldnt be here with all your money without them.SHAME ON YOU!

  6. They refuse service to military personnel and their guests at their Colorado Locations. DO NOT put anymore money in their pockets when they cannot support the troops and service people who give their time and life to protect and serve us. SHAME ON YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Typically a kitchen manager is reserved for someone who runs a single kitchen that serves relatively simple food. For example, a kitchen manager would be found in fast food, diners, and quick service casual dining chains (like Chile’s .) A sous chef is typically found in restaurants, hotels, country clubs, and catering companies. Depending on how big the organization is they can be anywhere from 2nd to 4th in command. They are typically more hands on than executive chefs and executive sous chefs. But like the kitchen manager they are often in charge of day-to-day operations, scheduling, some ordering, and they are the lead line cook. Also there are often multiple sous chefs in one kitchen. Bear in mind that when I talk about the larger operations like hotels and catering companies there are often multiple kitchen and multiple department. Further there are people found in food service operations in hospitals, schools, and businesses who’s job title may be assistant food service director. The simple answer is that every organization has comparable jobs with different job titles and different job descriptions. A qualified candidate may be sous chef in one place where they may be a kitchen manager in another.

    So why is it that Huntington West Virginia's Doubletree disallow's Chef's or Sous chef's? I have been repeatedly pushed down in my abilities when I was hired to formulate recipes, help create menu's,
    and now that they have one I have been demoted to cook.

    I have been told we are only allowed to have a Food & Beverage director and a kitchen manager.
    They want every employee in the kitchen to all do the same tasks,
    which in turn does defeat the idea of having a kitchen manager title.

  8. Good Morning, on the 23 of November, 2019 we were invited to a 90th birthday party in your Double Tree hotel in Reid Park, Tucson, AZ. We wanted to advise you of the amazing time we had there, not only at the party but the accommodations. The check in staff was warm and friendly….the room was amazing, and the party room was clean organized, serviced well and the food was always available and hot. The restaurant within the hotel had amazing service although I failed to make note of the name of the people who were working they were excellent. Thank you for your good service, I will always use your facility when staying in Tucson

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