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Loves Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact Loves Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Love’s Travel Stops

Loves Corporate Office Address

10601 N. Pennsylvania Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73120 USA

Loves Home Office Phone Numbers and Contact:

Corporate Phone Number: 1-405-751-9000
Fax: 1-405-749-9110
Customer Service Number: 1-800-655-6837
Roadside Assistance: 1-800-655-6837
Email: Online Only Help Page
Website: Loves.com

Loves Customer Service Hours:

Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm CST; closed Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays

Love’s Competitions and Company Bio:

Loves’s Travel Stops’ main competitors are Wawa, Racetrack, 7-11, Casey’s General Stores, BP, Speedway, and Murphy USA.

Loves Corporate Office

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  1. I am going to sue Loves Truck stops, I went in to take a shower and found a camera. I have called all numbers now posting on social media, and contacting BBB, and turning you into the FBI.

  2. The Loves in Waller Tx, believes in discrimination of people, a hostile environment and firing only certain individuals they don't like. The management team yells at employees and makes them do the jobs of management then tells them they will get raises and never does it. This place is a joke! they go through employees like underwear, the employees are all expendable as long as the management team gets their bonus.

  3. Lover travel stop in lindsay Oklahoma discriminate against people for their past. A manger their isn't write in doing that. He is smokes weed . But dont want to higher any exdrug users cause of their past. Something needs to be done about tha . Cause that can be a law suit. Trying to get the person to file it . Easy win cause alot of love's employees heard him running his mouth about it.

  4. Why is it that absolutely NONE of your truck stops actually have detergent in the bucket for windshield washing but instead it is just dirty water ???

  5. I have put an application in to work for for Loves, But was unable to do the test! For San Antonio, Texas. Can you please send me a link to be able to get into it?

  6. I agree the upper management does none of the work and expects their employees to do all the work, You tell them its too much work and they just dont seem to care. I work at one on the restaurant side. They expect you to run two restaurants with 2 or 3 people if your lucky. Better hope the restaurant manager isn't one of those employees or you are working alone. They dont distribute the work evenly. Not only do you have to work two restaurants you also have to cut and cup fruit for the Loves side of the store and none of the employees over on that side help with it at all. One to three people get stuck doing all the work. They force you to stay after your shift to get work done while they sit in their office. Ive worked their twice and it has never changed.

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