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Affordable Dentures Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact Affordable Dentures and Implants Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Affordable Dentures and Implants – Dental Laboratories, Inc.

Official Address:

4990 Highway 70 West

Kinston, North Carolina 28504 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-252-527-6121

Fax Number: 1-252-527-1157

Customer Care Phone Number: 1-800-336-8873

Website: affordabledentures.com

Affordable Dentures’ main competitors are Aspen Dental, Lovett Dental, Heartland Dental, Great Expressions, Castle Dental, Coast Dental, Western Dental, and Comfort Dental.


How do I get a refund from Affordable Dentures?

Affordable Dentures and Implants does not offer refunds. However, you may call them at 1-877-254-2024. Let them know of your concern and the company should address the issue.

Is there a lawsuit against Affordable Dentures and Implants?

Yes, there have been several lawsuits regarding Affordable Dentures. Including this one in Kentucky.


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  1. Hi, I initially started my denture process in May 2022 at the Affordable Denture in McCalla, Al. In November I called about getting fitted for my permanents and at this time the receptionist said they were not gonna have a dentist and to call back in December. I called back and they had sent all of the McCalla patients to the Affordable Denture in Trussville,Al. I get an appointment over there on Dec. 14 . I was not very happy about this because I had never seen anyone at this office and they were gonna be the ones to make my permanent dentures. I liked Dr. Wes at Affordable Denture in McCalla he knew what he was doing. I was not happy about getting moved in the middle of my denture process. So I go to Trussville and they had to redo my try-ins 3 times. I was very upset. I was there from 8 am to 1:00 pm and nothing was accomplished. I was so upset I told them that we needed to start over again with new impressions another day. I came back on Dec 17 for a new trial in. They were better but I still wasn’t that happy about them. They went ahead and made the permanents. They are awful. They are still crooked and bulky and ugly and big and they stick out. I cried all night because I was so upset. I do not want them to redo them I want a refund because I don’t feel they can get it right at all. Affordable Dentures needs to make this right.

  2. The McCalla, Alabama branch. I rated 1 star out of sympathy for the staff. My satisfaction is a 0. I had an appointment for a month for a follow-up fitting for an upper denture. They called the day before to cancel. They said no dentist was available in the office. I asked to reschedule. Lady said she didn’t know when they’d be available but went ahead and booked for today 11/29/22 at 8 am. I get there and go to the door at 7:50. The door is locked. There is a sign on the door saying they are closed through 11/29/22, and “sorry for the inconvenience”. I received a confirmation text the day before. I called a couple of numbers and behold they forwarded me back to the McCalla office. Someone picks up and says yes they are open. I go back to the door and go inside. about 5 other people show up. After almost an hour we are informed that they do not have a dentist in the office. They are “calling corporate” to try to get one. Later they tell us that a dentist is coming at 10 am, 2 hours after my appointment. Given the trouble I’ve had getting an appointment, I stuck it out. In the interim, people who have 9:30 appts start to show up. At about 10:05 this guy walks in and just starts walking to the back, before introducing themself as Dr. so-so. A few minutes later I am called back and directed to an exam “room”. I see the “dentist” milling about and I hear him ask if he ever worked at an ADI before. He said he had worked at one in Montgomery one time. My tech sees me and asked why I am there. I’m here to get a 2nd soft liner for my denture which is grossly too big with my mouth shrinkage. She starts to assist. She and the other staff tried to be kind. She takes my denture and leaves to prepare it. In the meantime, this “dentist” has parked himself in an office right across from where I am with the door open and his phone on speakerphone. I proceeds to talk for half an hour, no exaggeration – I started recording with my phone. He and his business person friend talk about everything from not needing or not being able to get a liquor license, to remodeling someplace, to speculation about how lucrative having a marijuana license was going to be, to the final topic of his friend’s lady friend. After more than 30 minutes of this phone exposure, he stepped out and saw me staring his way. The tech during this time put in a new soft liner and had a timer set to go off when it was ready. He came to my area just as she took the denture out of my mouth. I told him how unprofessional he was and that I would not allow him to do any work on me. I repeated back to him some of his thrilling conversations. I was disgusted. He’d been there over 30 minutes and done no work. We had been sitting there over 2 hours past the time of our apt. already. This is the only “dentist” they could find to come in. Thanks but no thanks. I regret ever coming to this place. Do not come to the McCalla location if you are wise. I’d like my money back but know that this won’t happen. Go somewhere else, please. I did feel sorry for the staff because they were in a bind not of their making. Then seeing this jerk calling himself a “dentist” made me even sorrier for them. I am thankful for the Lord helping me through today.

  3. I have not heard back from affordable dentures and implants the office that I was going to was in Waukegan Illinois and they have closed and my work is not finished who can I contact to get legal help?

  4. I paid 6400 the full cost of my extraction and dentures upfront. I had my teeth pulled on 11/1/22 I received a temporary denture which is off-center. The two front teeth are on the side of my mouth’s center point. I want to have them remade and I wish to take my business somewhere else for the final dentures that I have prepaid 2800 dollars for. Thank You

  5. my wife has been in pain for the last 6 months or more numerous trips to adjust the dentures also she had to go to another dentist to perform work that affordable said they did. we have documents of work performed by oral dentist. will be getting legal assistance to recover our financial losses.

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