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Affordable Dentures Corporate Office 

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Affordable Dentures Corporate Office is located in North Carolina. More information to reach out to Affordable Dentures is listed below, including the Affordable Dentures corporate office address, phone numbers, and websites. Also, customer reviews and Affordable Dentures complaints.

How to Contact Affordable Dentures and Implants Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Affordable Dentures and Implants – Affordable Care, LLC

Affordable Dentures Corporate Office Address

4990 Highway 70 West Kinston, North Carolina 28504 USA

Affordable Care, LLC

629 Davis Drive, Suite 300 Morrisville, NC 27560

Affordable Dentures and Implants Corporate Office Number and Customer Service Number

Affordable Dentures Phone Number: 1-252-527-6121

Corporate Office for Affordable Dentures Fax Number: 1-252-527-1157

Affordable Dentures Complaint Department: 1-800-336-8873

Affordable Care – Parent Company: 1-800-664-8212

Website: affordabledentures.com

Affordable Dentures Corporate Office HQ
affordable dentures corporate office north carolina

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Alternatives to Affordable Dentures

Affordable Dentures competition includes brands like Hudec, Aspen Dental, Bright Now Dental, and Western Dental.


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How do I get a refund from Affordable Dentures?

Affordable Dentures and Implants does not offer refunds. However, you may call them at 1-877-254-2024. Let them know of your concern and the company should address the issue.

Is there a lawsuit against Affordable Dentures and Implants?

Yes, there have been several lawsuits regarding Affordable Dentures. Including this one in Kentucky.

Affordable Dentures Greenwood South Carolina

February 29, 2024

The receptionist was the only female to show kindness to this customer.

Barry Priester

Affordable Dentures Miscommunication

February 15, 2024

Miscommunication! I received services over 4 years ago. After having found out recently that a tooth was left in after having been told all teeth were extracted for replacement dentures after they were paid. I had no knowledge of this information until recently informed and seeing an x-ray, which was never shown to me in the past. I was advised they would ‘fix’ the issue with me paying $250.00. I left the office informing them I would seek legal counsel. Not at all satisfied with the outcome!!

T Avery

Affordable Dentures Rip Off

January 29, 2024

Spending over $11000 for snap-in dentures started ok then after they got the money the BS started waiting for hrs just sitting there the last time I went I waited for 2 hrs and nothing so I got up and left, trying to make another appt tried 3 days in a roll no reply or nothing so filed BBB complaint

john miller

Afforable Dentures Complete Incompetence

January 28, 2024

Complete incompetence and fraud! I cannot even list in this review the number of screw covers I’ve gotten from this company. I’ve invested over $20,000 for crowns and bridges, that have left my teeth totally destroyed in an excruciating pain that I’m worse off than before I started. I’ve reached out to them now for six months and have been mocked with no reply. I’m contacting a lawyer and have already filed complaints through the insurance company. They’ve done illegal and double billing, they continue to try and extort money for me for services not performed, put into my mouth appliances that were never agreed to that are ill sitting and have left my teeth with some kind of infection that smells so bad it has destroyed my life. I would not recommend this place if it were the last place on earth!

Tammy Patterson

Affordable Dentures Error

January 25, 2024

Not Organized!

In January 2023, I went in for a consultation and was informed the price would be $6200 to remove 10 teeth and get a full set of dentures. I applied for Care Credit and they gave me a loan for $5000, I paid $1500 upfront.

I continued to get my alignments and in October 2023, I got a call from the office stating they received an email from corporate stating I have a balance of $1500. I was ambivalent.

Somehow someone made a mistake, They were so eager to get the loan money from Care Credit that this office, did not notify me until months later.

I was sick back in November and had a Family emergency. I got a call on Monday stating the corporate office is sending my balance to collections.

How can they send me to collections when my services are not complete and the Dr was paid more than she should have if they are terminating the service?

I will take them to court, file a complaint with the BBB, and whatever else because this was an error on their part and something seems fishy to me.

Michelle Jones
Corporate Office Headquarters