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Find Affordable Dentures Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 

How to Contact Affordable Dentures and Implants Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Affordable Dentures and Implants – Dental Laboratories, Inc.

Official Address:

4990 Highway 70 West

Kinston, North Carolina 28504 USA

Affordable Dentures Phone Number: 1-252-527-6121

Fax Number: 1-252-527-1157

Affordable Dentures Complaint Department: 1-800-336-8873

Website: affordabledentures.com

Affordable Dentures’ main competitors are Aspen Dental, Lovett Dental, Heartland Dental, Great Expressions, Castle Dental, Coast Dental, Western Dental, and Comfort Dental.

Affordable Dentures Corporate Office


How to get a refund from Affordable Dentures?

Affordable Dentures and Implants does not offer refunds. However, you may call them at 1-877-254-2024. Let them know of your concern and the company should address the issue.

Is there a lawsuit against Affordable Dentures and Implants?

Yes, there have been several lawsuits regarding Affordable Dentures. Including this one in Kentucky.

Attn Find Affordable Dentures Corporate Office

Rated 3 out of 5
May 29, 2023

I am too very discouraged and feel I was tricked into the sales pitch nonsense. I was not at all in an environment that I felt comfortable in. The front was very rude with an attitude of I am perfect .. ugh ridiculous. I was told that they accepted PPO Dentemax in which was told the day of payment they didn’t. bull **** .later told me they didn’t accept it.. huh I was so upset and felt it was a fraud

Darcy Toves

Find Affordable Dentures Complaint Department

Rated 3 out of 5
July 29, 2023

Take them to small claims court. (no lawyers aloud in there) I know, it’s max damage is $5000. You and them will both represent your selves. No lawyers. But you can get a judgement and ruling in your favor. Once you have that, you might be able to get a lawyer to take the case higher. In small claims you’re just looking for relief for that “satisfaction guarantee” they have. Later with a lawyer, go for mal practice.

File a complaint with the American Board of General Dentistry. Try to go for their dental license. When you get that first judgement, report it to the American Board of General Dentistry and keep them informed of any further judgements you can get.

You can file a regular lawsuit your self. Educate your self. You have the proof in your mouth. You don’t need to be a legal genius to state your case, present documentation(most important). It will look like a national company railroading an individual and judges don’t usually like that. David fighting Goliath.

Go to another dentistry and get a proper diagnosis of ALL the issues, and get it in writing. Then do it again at another place. Get at least 3. That documentation is the most important. You must establish through the dental community that you received way less then what is considered “industry standard”. THAT is how you make the case.

Big D

Attn Find Affordable Dentures Corporate Office

Rated 3 out of 5
December 17, 2022

Hi, I initially started my denture process in May 2022 at the Affordable Denture in McCalla, Al. In November I called about getting fitted for my permanents and at this time the receptionist said they were not gonna have a dentist and to call back in December. I called back and they had sent all of the McCalla patients to the Affordable Denture in Trussville,Al. I get an appointment over there on Dec. 14 . I was not very happy about this because I had never seen anyone at this office and they were gonna be the ones to make my permanent dentures. I liked Dr. Wes at Affordable Denture in McCalla he knew what he was doing. I was not happy about getting moved in the middle of my denture process. So I go to Trussville and they had to redo my try-ins 3 times. I was very upset. I was there from 8 am to 1:00 pm and nothing was accomplished. I was so upset I told them that we needed to start over again with new impressions another day. I came back on Dec 17 for a new trial in. They were better but I still wasn’t that happy about them. They went ahead and made the permanents. They are awful. They are still crooked and bulky and ugly and big and they stick out. I cried all night because I was so upset. I do not want them to redo them I want a refund because I don’t feel they can get it right at all. Affordable Dentures needs to make this right.

Diana Prude

Afforable Dentures Complaint Department

Rated 3 out of 5
April 20, 2023

Since March of 2020 I’d been going rounds with Affordable Dentures in Redding Ca, when I finally went in to get the few teeth left in my lower mouth. They gave me a pill to sedate me for the procedure, I didn’t know until they wheeled me out. Covered in blood all down myself, mouth full of gauze. I had passed out during the procedure, I woke up as they wheel chaired me outside to my ride. Then upon getting my lower dentures, there so crooked no one’s mouth is shaped that way. So they did the impressions when I was passed out, after the hell they put me through. I was very sick for months, not able to deal with them over my dentures. So about a year later when I recovered, I tried contacting them. They said it’s been a year, they won’t help me. I tried getting ahold of them again, they never called me back. The person I delt with was very mean and unprofessional, so since I’ve been stuck with no lower dentures or teeth. Medical only covers dentures every 5 years, so they won’t help me either. So I’m trying to find help in getting my lower dentures, I’m low income 60 yrs old and can’t eat or smile. With Covid it wasn’t as bad going out in public, with masks etc. now that masks are no longer mandatory in places. I really need and want my lower denture, still can’t ware the top without the bottoms denture. I can’t afford a new one, I don’t know if anyone will help me. I’m at a loss as to what I can do, I really want affordable dentures to replace the horrible twisted crooked denture they did to me while passed out. Even though it’s years later, I want them to see the horrible denture they think I can ware and use. If anyone saw it, they’d know there’s no way my jaw is twisted like the denture. They should still be held liable for giving me crap twisted denture, so what can I do now ??

Deborah whitten

Affordable Dentures Complaint Department

Rated 3 out of 5
November 7, 2022

I paid 6400 the full cost of my extraction and dentures upfront. I had my teeth pulled on 11/1/22 I received a temporary denture which is off-center. The two front teeth are on the side of my mouth’s center point. I want to have them remade and I wish to take my business somewhere else for the final dentures that I have prepaid 2800 dollars for. Thank You

Dawn Woods
Corporate Office Headquarters