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  1. This is the absolute WORST dentist I have ever been to!! I went to the office in North Olmsted, Ohio and NO ONE in that office does their job! Sue is LAZY and doesn’t care about patients! I don’t know how a worthless piece of trash like her could be a manager of an office! My toddler is smarter than her and would probably do a much better job quite frankly!! I wish that I had other options with my insurance. So it either go to these HACKS or have a messed up grill. The fact that I told them that I was trying to get some work done by the end of the year to use up my insurance benefits and they haven’t even tried to get me in!! I HATE Sue!! I think she is a horrible person!

  2. I'm at my wits end with this company, they were so nice at first. my son needed braces and they worked with us and financed them. It was to be a 2 year thing but we were the luck ones and he only needed them for one year. with that said. I asked for a credit!! a few months go by no credit and I'm still making payments. I call again and now they tell me that they are going to credit me back $1,250.00 yahhh. that should bring the loan to zero and we are all none. Yah Right, no credit yet to ward the loan now we are in Oct. I have to call again and this time everyone is either at lunch or out for the day. this went on for a few days of nothing. then out of the blue I receive a bill from Bright Now. it has a credit of $797.64 Plus a charge of $500.00 (Adj On-Increase Pat) is all it has on the invoice. and it has that I must pay then $117.97 ?? yes that right you do the math. it comes out to $297.64 but it's still not my bill we were never there in Oct. and come to find out the loan company they found for me it their company. (that was nice of them) so I call them hoping they can help me out ?? NO, they only can talk about what you own them!! in my eyes nothing in their eyes $976.96. I don't know what to do next.

  3. I used Bright Now in Crystal River Florida, before that in Spring Hill Florida. To say the least They try. The last dentures I got, this year were so bad they kept my mouth sore and sometime bleeding. They tried to "Adjust" them but they just jerked me around since I am 76 yrs old and they didn't seem to care. I was due a cleaning and 2 days before the cleaning I got my usual reminder call and I told them I would be there on time and waiting. The next day, the day before the appointment at 5:45pm I got a call and was told that They were cancelling my appointment . I asked why and was told the person who was going to clean my teth QUIT and I had to call back for an appointment, What They canceled And I have to call, I thought I was the customer and they should be asking me if a date they had in the future was acceptable. No, maybe in a month you can call and ask was the reply.
    Keep in mind the dentures they made were now starting other teeth to start hurting they can't fix it and now I get a cancelation with no reschedule date. Somethig is ROTTEN at Bright Now I would say. Oh, I do not own them a penny and never have I have always walked out of the office with all bills paid in full. Guess money is overflowing there if they can cancel paying customers.

  4. I went into a Bright Now Dental in Northern California for a set of dentures. I had lived with an upper well made denture for many years, the time had come to get a full set of dentures and a new smile. The dentures I received were made horribly. Very thick, bulky, there were little wirey hair like areas all over the dentures, the teeth were huge. They did not fit my mouth at all. The upper denture is less than satisfactory, but it stays in my mouth and is functional. The lower denture never fit and wouldn't stay in my mouth. The Dentist attempted many times to drill sharp spots and used a white filament material to help the fit. Unfortunately after several attempts to fix the unfixable product, the dentist suggested they make a reline. This was after a month, and now they wanted to charge for a reline. I was not comfortable to have the same laboratory make a reline, since the first one was made so badly. I refused to pay for another lower denture. And suggested that they have me see a denture specialist (denture prosthetist) which was ignored. The dentist had the reline made again, and it was made worse than the first one. After over 2 years, I am left without a properly fitting lower denture. I have requested that they make a new denture with the expertise of a specialist or mail me a check to fund a lower denture with a different provider. So far, I was offered my out of pocket fee for the lower denture at $495.00. Still working towards a resolution. I am not feeling very confident that my problem is going be resolved without a fight. Will never recommend this Dental franchise to anyone.

  5. I have a care treatment for two crowns that contain a $150 "Cosmetic Enhancement" charge that is somewhat understandable for teeth that would be seen when I smile, and I paid for it, no problem. Now I have two crowns needed in the bottom, rear molars that will not be seen. I am told I have to pay the $150 charge each, because that is a fee that includes "materials" as well. I say "Balooney" and am shopping around. Oh, I also have charges on the quote for "Core Buildup" at $85 per tooth. when I asked about that, they said "it is some material we use to build up the core" Well, duh, what is it? Cadaver bone? Gold? Silly Putty? They said " That's just what we charge….. "

  6. If you deal with Bright Now Dental especially their office in Chandler, AZ make sure that they are billing the correct insurance and on time. My daughter and I had been patients' with Bright Now for about 5 years. The last 2 years dealing with their billing process has been terrible, but to find out that each time my insurance had changed, they were not updating my insurance in their system and now 2 years later I get a collection notification that my daughter ortho bill went into collections. And its due to the office filing the claim late…..

  7. Yesterday I went back to bright NOW located at Town and Country Village in Phoenix AZ for my routine cleaning. I thought this time around my visit would not be as lengthy as my previous visit. It was worst. This is it, I WILL NOT be returning. I arrived at 2:30 for my 2:40 cleaning and I did not leave until 5:45 pm. After my cleaning, I waited at least 45 minutes for the doctor to come in and check my teeth. The sun was setting as the doctor arrived. Doctors assessed my teeth and concluded I needed about $8700.00 worth or dental treatment. Only half of this summary, was based on a limited medical assessment. This was and will be my LAST visit documented with this dental office (Franchise?)….Shocked and Bewildered in Phoenix AZ

  8. I came in to one of ur office today and I asked the assistant how it was Being an assistant she said I love it interacting with people doing different procedures it all fun. I said well u assistants get paid good money for what u do for us patients. Dealing with patients yelling at u or gettIng mad cuz they don't understand something that ur trying to eplain to them. The assistst looked at me and said no not here we don't. We don't get paid enough for what we as assistants go through. It ranges from $ 11-$12 an hour.I said are u kidding me…. that's horrible.

    That's not fair to ur assistants for them to get paid so low I don't know if I want to go back know what they go through and then get paid so little.

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