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  • Norton AntiVirus Corporate Office Headquarters

Norton AntiVirus Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Symantec Corporate Office Headquarters

Symantec Corporation
350 Ellis Street
Mountain View, California 94043 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-650-527-8000
Customer Service Number: 1-800-441-7234

  • I have an issue myself I'm trying to get hold of the main team or ceo about this there annual plan is not 12 months its 11 month's and could change ur payment. they put me in – and will not help me with overdraft fee bc they took my payment a month early they refund me the money for sub that is higher then it should tho they should help with overdraft fee because it is there system that took money out early. I don't think I'll stick with norton much longer if the main team will not help. that is they to really care about ppl.

  • I have to ask, while I am very pleased with Norton, I keep wondering why you feel it is necessary t send me warning telling me my device, phone, is not secure? When I tap ignore, you tell me I really should address the issue, kind of an oxymoron if you ask me. Like many people who have either an IOS or Android product, the device by Apple or Samsung has an automatic update feature which updates automatically at night while on the charger when I am asleep, I really do not think we need your warnings.
    I sometimes think tech geeks sit in dark back rooms and have no idea there is a real world outside

  • Well Norton has been taking money out of my account credit car since 2012 twice a year over 3000 dollars I cancelled in 2011 and now I'm going to sue them for this act I don't even have anywhere to use there service who do I contact in charge

  • I just got an email saying I owe $350 for software I did not order. When I called customer support, I spoke with a man with a heavy Indian accent who told me he had to get into my computer to remove the software. When I told him I would not let any I didn't know into my computer, he got rude and told me he was going to hang up on me. At that point I asked him where he was located and he said "California." I then asked him which city and he told me "California City." When I called back to speak with another person, I asked him his location and he said "Thailand." I think they all are liars, who expect you to roll over and let them do who knows what in your computer. I have no intention of paying that bill and will find another company and cancel my existing account.

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    Corporate Office Headquarters