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Aspen Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Aspen Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Aspen Dental Management, Inc.

Official Address:
281 Sanders Creek Parkway
East Syracuse, NY 13057-1307 USA

Email: customerservice@aspendental.com

Corporate Phone Number: 1-315-454-6000

Fax Number: 1-315-454-6010

Customer Care Phone Number: 1-866-724-8823

Website: aspendental.com

Aspen Dental’s main competitors are Affordable Dentures, Lovett Dental, Heartland Dental, Great Expressions, Castle Dental, Coast Dental, Western Dental, and Comfort Dental.

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  1. I am so very upset about the work and mistakes have done to me with my dental treatment. East Tenn
    I do not want to call a lawyer I would like to try to get help
    My name is Annette

  2. I have been an Aspen Dental patient over 5 years off and on. Most the work was checkups and maintenance. In August I went to them for a toothache. They told me that I would have to have 3 teeth pulled and partial dentures top and bottom. I knew when they pulled the two top teeth I would need top partial dentures but only had 3 teeth missing on lower but insisted I need lower partial dentures. The day of the extractions we were having stormy weather. As soon as the extraction started my teeth started to break and shatter. The dentist working on me go so frustrated she went out to tell my husband that I would have to go to another dentist that they could not get my two upper teeth removed. It was storming at the time and my husband explained in a not too gentle way what he thought. Another dentist came and pulled one bottom and one upper tooth but the last tooth broke so badly and left the root in my sinus. She told me that she would not go further because the root was in the sinus. They gave me my partials and told me to wear them for 24 miserable hours. After the swelling went down, I had gone back for adjustments and told them they didn't fit and when technical assistant looked in my mouth she said she didn't see a problem. OMG, she wasn't wearing them. I went back 4 times and the tooth with the root wasn't healing so I went to another dentist who is currently fixing the mess. DO NOT GO TO ASPEN. Their pricing is cheap but so is their work. It isn't cheap if you have to keep going back.

  3. I am a Aspen Dental patient. No problem with extrations, crowns, partial and cleaning as I paid for those. My partial after only 3 months has broken and needs adjustments. Went to office with 4:00 appointment, 1 hour later no dentist and office does not know how much longer I will have to wait. I was driven as I thought a migraine headache was coming on 1 hour to the office as none in Delaware by my husband and we brought our dog as they said it would be like a 5 minute appointment. Over 95 degrees outside, husband had to run the car to keep himself and dog cool. After 1 hour with no answers I left and have to reschedule. I moved some of my customers to get to the appointment, now they will work without me moving my customers. I have tried working with them, but with no payment now as warrantied they don't want to help.

  4. As I read all the negative comments about Aspen Dental for customers I'd like to add one for those of us who have tried to apply for a position there. I am not a medical or dental technician. I was trying to apply for a position in my local area where I would manage the business operations of an office as a "Practice Lead" or a Regional Office Manager, I'm just an exceptionally experienced leader who delivers tremendous financial results coupled with BEST IN CLASS CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES AND BUILDS LONG TERM CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIPS as well as long term team members. Sounds like a winner for Aspen, right? Nope, can't get anyone to call me back. I found two random people on Linked In. One of them gave me some good advice and one really tried to help me. I won't name them since, after all I've seen about Aspen Dental, would probably endanger their jobs and I don't want to do that. Hey Aspen Dental. If you read this I would love to help you fix it but as a ROM my position might not have enough impact. If you're serious about fixing a lot of these issues people like me can help though I doubt that you'll take anything seriously. Mr. Fontana, as the CEO, I hope you get to read this. You have people who want to work for you and who will help you. I don't know if you see feedback or not but I sure would like to talk to someone who has a say in who you interview. I've also got 6 plus years working in the medical field running a successful senior health care program that had ALL medical and business operations reporting to me. I save it from being closed. You might want to talk to someone like me. Just a thought.

  5. My husband also made the mistake using Aspen in Martinsburg,wv. Have been waiting for over 2 months for arefund of over 500.00 for billed teeth that were NOT pulled. They keep saying the refund will come from headquarters in NY,but we are just going to get a lawyer involved to get our money back. I agree NEVER NEVER NEVER use aspen,they are the worst,and will get very rude when questioned about billing.

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