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  • Coast Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Coast Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Coast Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Coast Dental Services, Inc.
Official Address:
2502 Rocky Point Dr., Ste. 1000
Tampa, FL 33607 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-813-288-1999
Fax Number: 1-813-281-9284
Practice Support Line: 1-813-288-1999
Customer Care Phone Number: Contact your local office.
Website: coastdental.com

Coastal Dental’s main competitors are Aspen Dental, Lovett Dental, Heartland Dental, Great Expressions, Castle Dental, Western Dental, Affordable Dentures, and Comfort Dental.


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  1. Your Newberry Square Office needs some oversight. The mailbox is always full so I can't leave a message. Whenever I do get a person, they say they cannot help me and will forward my request. They say someone will call back. No one has ever called back. I've just had to reschedule a tooth extraction because of this. This office cannot find the referral they gave me for an Oral Surgeon. They've lost the information I just gave them yesterday, and I cannot get my x-rays or information pertaining to them. This is no way to run a business or an office. Your customer service is terrible!

  2. CHECK YOUR BILLS AND YOUR CREDIT CARD: The Bloomingdale Office overcharged us $600.00 plus and now we are trying to get a refund. Also they charged our card which is still not posted for the same day. AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS. VERY UNETHICAL DENTAL PRACTICE. I WILL BE GOING TO SMALL CLAIMS COURT IF I DON'T RECEIVE MY REFUND AND THE ADDITIONAL CHARGE ISN'T REMOVED FROM MY CARD. CALLING AND CONTACTING DOESN'T WORK.

  3. This organization is a joke. No customer service from local Tallahassee Office on Tennessee Street or Headquarters (except Wanda who took my information and sent an email to someone else to call me doubt they will call). You can't speak to a person only leave a message if the mailbox is not full. Local office voice mailbox is always full and they have the worst customer service skills of any medical office I have ever been in. Would not suggest this organization to my worst enemy.

  4. After having yet another problem in there New Tampa office I decided to call there corporate office to put in a complaint. I have now called the number provided 3 times and left them a message once. I finally get a call back for them to just say there sorry and to transfer me to another extension which I left another message. This is very unprofessional. The dentist at this office is great and upfront with my daughter but the receptionists have no idea how to do there jobs. CHECK THE PATIENTS RECORDS AND SEE IF THERE DENTAL PLAN HAS BEEN PROCESSED BEFORE CALLING AND WASTING THE PATIENTS TIME AND GAS!!!! I live a half hour away WITHOUT traffic. ALSO, DON'T DELETE APPOINTMENTS AFTER CONFIRMING THEM OR MAKE US WAIT AN HOUR ONCE A TIME IS SCHEDULED. BE MORE AWARE OF YOUR PATIENTS AND THERE TIME. THIS PLACE HAS THE WORST CUSTOMER CARE!!!! My daughter got treated better in the hospital by strangers.

  5. I visited the Morrow, GA Coast Dental office. Believe me when I say the supervisor is so unprofessional that it is unreal. I just wish I had read the reviews before I spent my money there. Are they not trained in customer service? I will be contacting my insurance company to let them know what type of business they are supporting.

  6. Tried to write corporate office with the address listed above…..8 days later, it was returned "incorrect address" I wont give up. If anyone knows of a better address, please advise. #ArmyVet

  7. The WORST dental corporation ever. I thought Greenberg were bad, but they make Greenberg look very classy. They will put you on hold and forget about you. You can leave messages until your face is blue and they MIGHT return your call a week later. HORRIBLE. I thought maybe it was the individual office that might be bad, but it's every location including Orthodontic care. They are rude, don't answer their phones and if they do, like I mentioned earlier put you on hold and forget about you. We saw Dr. Vaca in Tuscawilla and they are the most unorganized and unprofessional people I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. DO NOT GO TO COASTAL DENTAL.

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