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Jefferson Dental Corporate Office 

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Jefferson Dental & Orthodontics Corporate Office in the United States is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Below are comprehensive details about Jefferson Dental & Orthodontics, including their address, contact numbers, and a brief overview of the company.

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Jefferson Dental & Orthodontics Corporate Office: Overview

Jefferson Dental Corporate Office

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A Snapshot of Jefferson Dental & Orthodontics’ History

Jefferson Dental & Orthodontics has been providing dental care services for over 50 years. Established with a commitment to making quality dental care accessible and affordable, it has grown to include numerous clinics across Texas, offering a full range of general, cosmetic, and orthodontic services.

The Dental Care Industry and Jefferson Dental & Orthodontics’ Position

In the dental care sector, Jefferson Dental & Orthodontics competes with other dental service providers like Aspen Dental, Smile Brands, Affordable Dentures, and Pacific Dental Services. It distinguishes itself with its patient-centric approach, providing personalized and compassionate dental care in a comfortable setting.

Jefferson Dental & Orthodontics’ Focus on Patient Care

Jefferson Dental & Orthodontics is dedicated to delivering exceptional patient care. The brand emphasizes the importance of oral health, offering state-of-the-art technology and services, and ensuring a positive patient experience at every visit.

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Jefferson Dental & Orthodontics Corporate Office Complaints, Reviews, and Feedback

We encourage you to share your experiences with Jefferson Dental & Orthodontics’ dental services, clinic environment, and customer care. Your feedback helps others understand the company’s operations and commitment to providing high-quality dental and orthodontic care.

Jefferson Dental Confusion

January 5, 2024

I am filing a complaint on Jefferson Dental because, on December 7th, 2023, I made the appointment with your appointment setters, and I specifically told them that I am on a fixed income, and I just needed one tooth repaired where the cap came off. I was in pain, but it was manageable at the time. But the part where the cap came off was sticking out of the tooth causing my tongue to bleed and that hurt. So, the appointment was set for Dec. 9th, 2023 @ 1:00 pm.

So, I went in there and the first thing they did was extensive x*rays. This took over 10 minutes to get the vast array of X-rays. I was wondering why they were doing that but did not say anything because I figured they knew what they were doing. So, I finally met with the dentist (who was a very personable man), and he proceeded to tell me what all my teeth needed. There were extensive problems with my teeth. He discussed a partial plate for me and how much the approximate cost would be. I was still waiting in confusion as to when we were going to discuss the tooth that I came in there for…

So, the one thing that the dentist and one of the other technicians told me a couple of times during my appointment was that it was imperative to get regular teeth cleaning because it can affect my heart health. I had a heart attack last October, so I believed that they would do teeth cleaning, but they did not do the cleaning at all. The dentist told me they could not do anything to help the tooth that I came in for because I had to go to a specialist/oral surgeon to extract, which I can understand. That is not my issue, but at this point, I guess bewildered would be the word to describe me as I was trying to understand what was going on. Looking back now I think that if I had known what was going on or if someone had communicated better to me why I sat in that chair for so long, with no one around, it would not have seemed so confusing and scary.

During all of this, I asked the dentist to file down this tooth with the broken cap; the main reason I went to Jefferson in the first place. So, what he ended up doing was filing down the broken capped tooth, but he only filed down the temporary repair kit (which I purchased from Walgreens, called Temparin Max), that I had on my tooth to prevent my tongue from further injury. Other than the oral surgeon, he offered no solution to the tooth that I went to Jefferson for?!

It was now close to 3:15 pm, I had been there for 2½ hours so at this point I just wanted out of there to, pay my bill, which was $109.00. I paid with my Care Credit card. So, back home, and two weeks later the statement I received from Jefferson, says that I owed an additional $290.90 for the diagnostic. Then, noticed that the statement showed that my card had a charge of $138.10 on my card, which I did not authorize! I authorized that $109.00! She somehow added $29.10 to my credit card without my consent on that very day, after I was already back home! I realize that $29.10 is quite a small amount of money, but it is the principle that she can put any amount she wants on my credit card, and I have no say. That part is wrong!

I am retired on a fixed income through Social Security. I cannot fork out this kind of money for basic needs, much less all these extra costs when I went to Jefferson for a simple procedure on one tooth. If this is standard procedure to do these diagnostics, the appointment setters should then tell potential patients that the initial charge will be in the $300-$400 just to see a dentist. My best friend recommended Jefferson Dental to me, she said she always had a positive experience with you but, I feel taken advantage of by Jefferson Dental.

If this were one issue, I would certainly not have written this letter but there are at least three or four here that I feel need looking into. The primary issue is not understanding what has been going on for such a long time, with no communication from anyone. I am so fearful of dentists as it is, but I did not need the added feeling of confusion & plain feeling lost. As well as getting home to find this visit cost me $429.00 for nothing done to the tooth that I needed help with…


Down right theft of funds

November 27, 2023

I was fit for a new top denture in September of 2022 when my appointment came for the third step in the process they canceled the appointment. I went by the office numerous times but they were always closed. Now it’s November 2023 and I called the corporate office and was told I had to get a refund form from the dentist’s office although it’s closed when I contacted them again the person on the phone stated she would contact the claims department and file my claim for $1090.00. To date nothing from Jefferson Dental, no calls, emails, or written contact.



November 2, 2023

Mason Rd office in Katy, TX gets a new office manager every 2 months. Complaints never get resolved because of high turnover. I paid my portion plus for a upper denture and lower partial. Lower partial was not delivered and the office did not bill my insurance and now they want more $ when actually I am due a refund. Office manager, Gracie, is very rude and does not know the names of all the former office managers. I have spoken to so many managers that tell me they will look into it and then they leave. Where is the money that I paid???


Jefferson Dental Home Office RE: Elise The Office Manager On 8th Ave!

August 26, 2023

The OM is trash and doesn’t deserve to have the title of office Manager!!! I’ve had so many issues with JD all because of the OM!! I went in for a cleaning only to be told I couldn’t have a cleaning done because I needed an exam done first! So of course they said they couldn’t do the exam today because the provider was full!! 🙄 So I took off my job( losing money ) only not to be seen! My blood is boiling!! I’m so irritated!! My whole issue is why in the HELL would the OM schedule me for cleaning if I need an exam? I’ve just had an exam 2 months ago!! So why do I need another exam 2 months later!! Make it make sense!!! I’m over this trash of a dentist’s office!! I feel they’re trying to charge my insurance for more money!! Jefferson Dental on 8th Ave is TRASH!!!!’ I gave it one star!!! I wish I could give -0 stars!!!


Jefferson Dental is No Good Alejanse No Vayan Aqui.

December 13, 2022

No legit corporate office. No legit way to contact whomever “owns” this sham business. Traveling dentist from one location to next. Dentists and staff are not monitored or watched by the company. Eats low income families. Devour low income families. No way to get ahold of any dentist WHEN they destroy your jaw, teeth, and infect your whole body. Le destruyen su vientes, la quijada, causan infecsion. Una nunca sabe quien lo va ver. Y cuando le hazen halgo mal, olvidaze. No puede comunicarse con nadie. Es un horror. Esta compania ni tiene ofecina ni lugar donder comunicarse cuando lo mandan a la chingada.

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